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Review by Greenmanwl

Greenmanwl For us couch touring, only constant was not so good sound with the peeps talking throughout as to how great they were for streaming, which is true but still.
Sample, light and moma dance I missed jerking around for a feed. I’ll c(eco em out in the a.m. I turned on and tuned In To a most diff Funky Bitch. For sure Funky and even bitchy, but a little funky bit he vs a great big one...heavy things and theme, sometimes the bar beats 6ou and these two show two sides of being left half full and they do 8t almost happily and then funkily respectively. I always appreciate Brian (Eno) & Robert (Fripp), & relish their playing it with mustard. Mike, sing mock song again at curve ball, but you can be (Alf way to the moon to a possum or roggae or yamar, just sing Baby, sing. For sure the most poppy mike song, but poppy’s are good, just ask the wizard of oz characters who know about that... The Line I like and love what it’s about. Anyone who has played sports and knows about “choking”, this typifies the choker, which I’ve persinally been; again, poignant songs that teach or at least allure is to love and doin the right thang.... I didn’t know reminds me I’m a geek at times woo I g a band who is the same, .who still maybe dream of just being a barber shop quartet? 46 days seemed like they actually had the coal vs how I like it when that c9al gave out and you’re bumming... I think as well after ending shortish, seemed like it needed a walls of the cave or whatever to follow but I refuse to bitch about anything ever, especially Cuz I have 8 shows to be at in person and w8th as few short settled sets where they’re not at 9 vs 11, I gotta say I prefer shows like this the few I can only get audio vs audio and video while couching it, amd for sure vs being there. Of course when I’m there it’s always the last show that’s the greatest anyway.
Again a short second set, second verse same as the first... is This the shortest show of the year? I bet so, maybe among the shortest ever? but again, if it’s gonna be a show that’s only spectacular vs splendoriffically spectacular, let it be one where I’m not at and only found audio, and ok, if its gonna happen anywhere, Texas seems Likely. Throw in that the fans of Austin have always been the most gracious and accepting of material that’s either subpar or is that only they get; Daniel Johnson for example...
Anyway, the second opening Everything’s Right had me happy from first note. Yes, it’s a great jamming vehicle as many say, tonight maybe among the best versions; (this was the diddy with the most type two jamming of the eve) ever in its short lived life! But it more importantly is one of many new and newish songs that have me proud to have such a band as the one ive chosen and has chosen me to be a cult follower for; stillperforming new songs that are relevant and world shifting with their leanings toward making this shing ball of blue we call our home a better place (Bobby/Barlow nod there, tyvm). Also the simplest and shortest lines in a song ever to talk about being here now, vs looking backwards or forwards. Who doesn’t love Down with Desease? I know I do, even when it’s shorter and not as type two as most every one prior. STOPSTOPSTOP. I like my steam absolutely drenched where if I could I’d get out f it yet I’m so happy I can’t. This one while running dimentally supurb, was like when they are cleaning the steam room, like three in the morning, and you’re glad the jacuzzi is working.
Dirt is for sure in my top whatever (can’t commit to a fav, but dirt n ma y ways I enjoy as much as Fluff or even Harpua) And I may prove my actual short time a phan by saying I’m unfamiliar with it only being instrumental and guess what, really short, like dirt is already not long but it was wonderful, you know the words and hearing just the tune without them was emotional in a way I’d not expect. 7 below is choral for me and guess what, a bit short and not as many rapids, really a 4 or 5 below, which sometimes is better anyway... Everyday Wedge and Wilson, and both I’m sure in the top tier in how short they were, but Wilson was something special, it’s one I want to listen to again to try and figure why. Antelope was again, shortish but interestingly odd. Do ya think somebody slipped em all some sort of drug tonight ? A Mickey as they said somewhere once up9n a time, when you dressed so fine?
Loving Cup can’t ever be anything but A+ and it was, although the aforementioned record8ng dudes were positive it was gonna be a Beatles song by how they saw the band when they came out...
So again, only the second, ok, maybe the third if you count the first in Tahoe, show that you hope is the one you weren’t at if you have to have sub superfffic ones, this was one to miss, sorry Austin, but ya all seemed to enjoy it Purdy darn well.
Can’t wait for jersey. Camden Fluff Fee, with a little Mexican Cousin, or do a Puerto Rican Cousin if you like, heck, I think T.T.E. Is ripe for Jersey, but that’s just me. Goodbye and Goodnight, Will


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