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This show was webcast via Live Phish. Reba did not have whistling. DWD's lyrics were changed to "running on my lawn" and "dancing on my field" and was unfinished. The Final Hurrah was quoted in Wilson. Due to the combination of an extended delay to the start of the show from lightning and a curfew for the venue, setbreak was canceled.

The Grid included additional lyrics referencing “Josh,” who was a bartender during Thursday’s show and a subject of banter from Mike for the rest of the Sinclair run.

During the Jam, Mike and his daughter Tessa tossed “I Am Random” pins into the crowd. Victim through Sweet Emotion featured Trey on guitar.

Soundcheck: Sughn Never Sets, Ether, D'yer Mak'er (this soundcheck is incomplete)

SET 1: I Am Random -> Equilibrium, Put Down The Phone, Looking for Clues, My Favorite Mistake, D'yer Mak'er > Crazy Sometimes

SET 2: Go Away > Stealing Jamaica > Mind Mischief > Just a Rose > You Strike My Main Nerve, Sughn Never Sets

ENCORE: Ruby Soho

Looking for Clues contained a Linus and Lucy tease from Mike. Crazy Sometimes contained a Frankenstein tease from Mike and a Theme From the Flintstones tease from Scott.

This performance took place on the Stoke Stage and featured Ray Paczkowski on keys. Waste and More were performed by Trey solo acoustic.

This entire show was performed by Trey solo acoustic. Trey teased Streets of Cairo in Maze.

This entire show was performed by Trey solo acoustic, featured the debut of "Tree," and the first Trey acoustic performances of "Discern," "Walfredo," "All of These Dreams," "Winterqueen," "Steam," "Miss You," and "More." "Discern" had not been played by any member of Phish since Phish's performance on August 2, 2003. "Walfredo" was dedicated to Raul Rekow and "Summer of '89" was dedicated to Trey's wife, Sue.

Soundcheck: work on Susskind Hotel, work on Live and Let Die, work on Susskind Hotel, Mother's Song, work on Traveled Too Far, work on The Grid, work on Live and Let Die, Miss You (The Rolling Stones), work on Live and Let Die

SET 1: Say Something, Daisy Hill Grove, Susskind Hotel [1] > Mother's Song > Susskind Hotel, Morphing Again -> The Field > How Do I Know

SET 2: Sugar Shack, Angatta > Peel, Meat > Sleep to Dream, Tiny Little World, Different World

ENCORE: Black Tambourine > Check Your Pepper

After Daisy Hill Grove, Mike brought his daughter Tessa out on stage to help toss out tiny hands to the crowd, bring out trophies to the band members, and help the band toss ping pong balls to the audience. She continued to toss out the ping pong balls as the band started up Susskind Hotel. Sleep to Dream included a Linus and Lucy tease and Mike quoted Black Tambourine in Check Your Pepper.

Miss You was teased and quoted in Normal Phoebe, which also included ping pong balls being thrown into the crowd. Brick House and Another One Bites the Dust were teased in Check Your Pepper.

Mike and Scott threw ping pong balls out into the crowd during Looking for Clues which contained a How Many People Are You tease.

Eine kleine Nachtmusik was teased prior to Party Time. During Cities, Trey broke a string, switched guitars, and introduced his guitar tech, Brian Brown; Trey then switched to Marimba Lumina while Mike played Trey's guitar. Wolfman's contained a vocal jam, during which the PA cut out and the band left the stage. Wolfman's was unfinished, and after several minutes the band resumed with CDT.

This show featured the Mike Gordon debuts of "Papa Loves Mambo" and "Burning Down the House." The outro to "Take It As It Comes" included various Father's Day antics involving the band members engaging in traditional father activities (playing catch, flipping burgers, reading the paper, etc). "Papa Loves Mambo" then featured Scott's son, Ian Murawski, and Mike's daughter, Tessa Gordon, on vocals. A fire alarm set off during intermission forced a temporary evacuation of everyone from the building.

SET 1: Yarmouth Road [1]

This free afternoon event was billed as a "Song Dissection" and took place at MASS MoCA's Club B-10. Mike and Scott discussed in detail the process of developing the song "Yarmouth Road" as well as a wide range of other topics related to the development of Overstep. This was followed by an audience Q&A session, the debut of the "Yarmouth Road" music video, and a performance of "Yarmouth Road" by Mike and Scott on acoustic bass and guitar, respectively.

This in-store promotional appearance celebrated the release of Mike's fourth solo album, Overstepand featured Mike and Scott Murawski on acoustic bass and guitar respectively. This performance included the debuts of Long Black Line, Peel, and Tiny Little World.

SET 1: Bird Song [1]

Mike sat in on a second bass for Bird Song.

Prior to the start of the second set, Page provided the score of the Red Sox - Cardinals World Series game. Drowned included Sitting in Limbo teases as well as a Time Loves a Hero tease from Mike. Weekapaug contained No Quarter quotes from Page. During Boogie On, Kenwood Dennard replaced Fish on drums. Possum also featured Dennard on drums instead of Fish.

During Wilson, Trey said he repeated a verse because he was extra excited his friend Rog (Roger Holloway) was in attendance. My Mind's Got a Mind of its Own was last played on December 28, 2010 (109 shows). Prior to the start of the second set, Trey was given a Red Sox jersey (with "Phish" and "13" on the back) and draped it from Page's piano. Waves included a Fuego tease by Trey and was preceded by a "Charge!" tease by Page. DWD was unfinished. Ghost contained alternate lyrics.

Mike teased Sundown in Bathtub Gin. Down with Disease was unfinished. Makisupa's keyword was "Sour Diesel." 2001 contained Sand teases from Fish and Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine and Mike's Song teases from Trey.

Runaway Jim included a Buried Alive tease, Possum included a Beauty of a Broken Heart tease and Taste included a Norwegian Wood tease (all from Trey). If I Could was last played on November 21, 2009 (102 shows).

This show featured the Mike Gordon debuts of the instrumental "Barika" (by the band also named Barika, written by Craig Myers) and "Don't Do It" (Marvin Gaye, popularized by The Band). "The Beltless Buckler" featured a "Speak Softly Love (Love Theme from The Godfather)" tease from Mike. "Soulfood Man" and "Black Tamborine" contained "Chameleon" teases. "Jones" contained "Last Child" (Aerosmith) quotes from Mike.

This show marked the Phish debut of Rhymes. Antelope contained Meatstick, Bug, and Divided Sky teases. Suzy also contained Meatstick teases. After Bug, the crowd chanted "Let's Go Bruins" prompting the band to play in rhythm with the crowd's clapping. During the "Rye Rye Rocco" segment of Antelope, Trey introduced Fish as "Ladies and Gentlemen, on cymbal, Jon Fishman!" after he had missed the band's unified stop in the song.

The first set was Trey solo acoustic excepting “Lawn Boy” (with Russ Remington on tenor sax and Tony on bass), “Let Me Lie” and “Hey Ya” (full TAB with Trey on acoustic). The second set and encore was electric TAB. After “PYITE” Trey noted that he liked the room, even better than “the one across the street” (Boston’s House of Blues is directly across the street from Fenway Park). “Strange Design” was dedicated to Trey’s wife, Sue, and eldest daughter, Eliza, who were both in attendance; the song itself was stopped and re-started.  “Carini” and “Shine a Light” were TAB debuts. “Lawn Boy” was dedicated to Kris Kristofferson, Page, and Janis Joplin.

She Caught the Katy was last performed on July 21, 1998 (323 shows).  Trey used a device that played Sarah Palin quotes during Alaska and after the debut of Pigtail. This show also featured the Phish debut of Birdwatcher.  Back on the Train featured a Streets of Cairo tease from Trey and Hood contained a Spanish Harlem tease from Page.

The end of Cavern was changed to "take care of your boots."

"Spiral" and "Exit Wound" featured Julee Avalone on flute. The encores featured Jenny Hill on sax, Buford O'Sullivan on trombone, and Micah Deterville on trumpet. "Idea" was dedicated to Jared Slomoff.

Ride Captain Ride was played for the first time since December 10, 1999 (214 shows). Stash contained a brief Dave's Energy Guide tease from Trey. Trey sang verses of Fee through a megaphone.

During Party Time, Trey wished "Kevin" a happy birthday (Kevin is the owner of Higher Ground in Burlington). Tweezer Reprise featured band members singing the refrain to Meatstick in place of the Tweezer Reprise lyrics. Prior to Down With Disease, Mike teased the Leave It To Beaver theme. The end of Disease contained a Curtain tease from Mike. Disease was unfinished and My Friend did not contain the "Myfe" ending. Piper contained a Maze tease and YEM included Wilson teases.

This show featured the Phish debut of Lit O Bit (Rita Clarke And The Naturals) and the debut of Dr. Gabel. In Antelope, "Marco Esquandolas" was changed to "Leo Esquandolas," followed by a Page solo.

Break Science featuring Adam Deitch opened. This gig featured the debut of "Spiral" and three Mike Gordon debuts: "Nobody's Home" (Tom Cleary), "Who By Fire" (Leonard Cohen) and "God Put a Smile Upon My Face" (Coldplay).

Let Me Lie made its Phish debut at this show. The first post-break-up Makisupa Policeman notably did not contain a “keyword.”

The Star Spangled Banner was performed from the pitcher’s mound. This show marked the debut of Ocelot and the Phish debuts of Light and Time Turns Elastic. Stash was preceded by Stash, It’s Ice and Take Me Out to the Ballgame teases. Trey also teased Take Me Out to the Ballgame after Stash and again during Limb By Limb. Tweezer contained a Theme From the Bottom jam. After Time Turns Elastic, Trey jokingly announced, “That’s our single.” The Ballad of Curtis Loew was performed for the first time since August 2, 1993 (625 shows).

Trey performed “Sample,” Wilson” and “Bathtub Gin” solo acoustic. During “Gin” Trey took a break to note that Mike had been texting him from the hospital and that Mike’s wife, Sue was giving birth (to their first daughter, Tessa) “at that very moment.” Since she was not yet named, Trey dedicated the song to “Dave Human.”

Rubblebucket Orchestra opened. Tom Cleary's younger brother, Neil, provided vocals for "I Got Loaded." Jenny Hill, Alex Toth and Kal Traver sat in on horns for "Radar Blip."

Bow Thayer & Perfect Trainwreck opened. This tour-opening gig feautured the first performance of the Mike Gordon touring ensemble of Scott Murawski, Craig Myers, Tom Cleary and Todd Isler. Every song in this show was an original or cover debut except "Cruel World" (Max Creek) and Ain't Love Funny" (J.J. Cale): Mike Gordon originals "Another Door," "Traveled Too Far," "Voices," "Andelmans' Yard," "Dig Further Down," and the Phish original "Meat," "Kryermaten" (Todd Isler), "La La La" (Tranquility Bass), "The Walls of Time" (Bill Monroe, Peter Rowan), "She Said She Said" (The Beatles), and "The Time for Loving Is Now" (The Mustangs).

“Sand” included a “Streets of Cairo” tease. “Alumni” contained the alternate lyric “I'm gonna take this warrant and slice you in the eye.” Also during “Alumni,” Trey used Cyro's talk box for the “‘Cause I got a degree” lyric.  “Sex Machine” was a TAB debut. At the beginning of the “Percussion Parade” Trey said "Put it together for James Brown right now!" “Push On” included a James Brown-inspired funk jam.  “Sweet Dreams Melinda” included a brief vocal jam which contained a “Macarena” quote from Trey.

No known setlist

This show consisted largely of improvised music performed by multiple combinations of musicians. The main participants for this show were: Fish (drums); Matt Butler (conductor, percussion); Julee Avallone (flute); Jamie Janover (hammered dulcimer); Peter Apfelbaum (sax, flute, percussion); Jamie Masefield (mandolin); Asher Fulero (keyboards); Scott Law (guitar); and Reed Mathis (bass).  

No known setlist

This show consisted largely of improvised music performed by multiple combinations of musicians. The main participants for this show were: Fish (drums); Matt Butler (conductor, percussion); Julee Avallone (flute); Jamie Janover (hammered dulcimer); Peter Apfelbaum (sax, flute, percussion); Jamie Masefield (mandolin); Asher Fulero (keyboards); Scott Law (guitar); and Reed Mathis (bass). 

Benevento/Russo Duo opened, Phil Lesh & Friends closed. “The Beltless Buckler” was a G.R.A.B. debut. "Dragonfly" contained "Happy Birthday" teases; mid-song Trey said "Happy Birthday to Ben, this last jam is for you." Mike sat in with Phil & Friends on electric banjo for “Brown Eyed Women” and “Next Time You See Me.” Trey sat in with Phil & Friends for the entire second set and “GDTRFB” during the encore.

SET 1: Doin' That Rag, Deep Elem Blues, Brown-Eyed Women [1], Next Time You See Me[1], The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)

SET 2: All Along the Watchtower [2] > St. Stephen[2] > Help on the Way[2] > Slipknot![2] > Nobody Girl[2] > China Doll[2] > Nobody Girl[2] > I Know You Rider[2] > Slipknot![2] > Franklin's Tower[2]

ENCORE: Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad[2], Box of Rain

Benevento/Russo Duo opened, G.R.A.B. closed. Mike sat in on banjo for "Brown-Eyed Women" and "Next Time You See Me." Trey sat in on guitar and vocals for the entire second set and encore (other than "Box of Rain") in place of Barry Sless.

This single set performance was as the opening act for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. This setlist is unconfirmed as recordings of the performance do not circulate.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals opened. A pre-recorded version of “70 Volt Parade” was played over the P.A. as the band took the stage. After “46 Days” Trey introduced the band, noting that Jen had played her first concert with Trey on the Orpheum stage, where she was “de-flowered.” “Loving Cup” through “Piper” were performed by Trey solo acoustic, excepting “Invisible” which featured Jen and Christina on backing vocals. After "The Horse" > "Silent" told a story about the songwriting process between he and Tom Marshall, how they will often start with very different interpretations of songs, and how he originally thought Tom's poem was about Trey's dog, Marley. Trey abandoned “Suzy” after one verse in favor of “Piper.”

Steve Fell sat in on guitar for "Mephisto." Scott Murawski sat in on guitar for "The Beltless Buckler." "Mike's Song" included a "Foam" tease from Marco.

Disease and Antelope were unfinished. During Suzy, Trey introduced Fish as “Johnny B. Fishman” on snare drum, whereupon Fish took a snare drum solo. This show featured the Phish debut of Tears of a Clown. Unfortunately, no one knew all of the words to Tears of a Clown, so they picked a member of the audience to come onstage and sing (prompting Trey to note, “She saved our ass.”). Tweezer contained a HYHU jam at the end (with Trey still on guitar and Fish on drums). During HYHU, Fish introduced himself as “Prince” and added some vacuum accompaniment. Before Terrapin, Trey joked, “Won’t be needing this anymore!” and acted as if he was going to throw his guitar into the crowd, to a reception of lusty boos from the crowd. After Terrapin, Trey took an impromptu poll of the audience as to whether a Fishman tune makes the show or destroys the show, with Page notably coming in on the side of destroys the show, though softening the blow by explaining, "Well, it's a crapshoot. Sometimes it's great, but sometimes... you wonder." Mike, more charitably, stated, “On a scale of two to three, I give it a three.” Before the Drums Jam with Trey and Fish, Trey noted that it had always been a dream of his to start a song with a double drum solo; this was the first known instance.

Heavy things contained Stash teases from Trey. This version of Weekapaug featured a slowed down ending. After Weekapaug, Trey told a story explaining the origins of Weekapaug and ASIHTOS while Mike and Page teased (and Trey sang part of) December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night). The “keyword” for Makisupa referred to a tall, cool glass of soy milk. Possum did not contain its customary build-up intro.

SET 1: Bartender, Crush, Pay for What You Get, Where Are You Going?, Typical Situation, Dancing Nancies

SET 2: Dodo, Trouble > Up and Away, Solsbury Hill, Gravedigger, Up On Cripple Creek, American Tune, Stay or Leave, Oh, Sister, Some Devil, So Damn Lucky, Tell Me Something Good, Save Me, Hey Bulldog

ENCORE: Everyday [1], Waste[1], Will It Go Round in Circles

Emmylou Harris & Spyboy opened. The first set was performed acoustic by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds (no Trey). “Everyday” and “Waste” were performed acoustic by Trey and Dave Matthews, who shared vocals on both tunes. 

This gig commemorated the 20th anniversary of the first Phish show. In the audience, a section of seats were roped off to make way for a music stand. The music stand held a three-ring binder that contained lyrics from the Phish canon, but it did not play an active role in the performance. Ya Mar contained teases of The Tra La La Song (One Banana, Two Banana). At the end of Disease, a video screen descended behind the stage. As the house lights remained down, a 25+ minute video was played featuring retrospective highlights from throughout Phish’s career. Before the second set, Mike brought out a tray of desserts and shared them with fans in front of the stage. Highway to Hell was briefly teased by Trey before Rock and Roll. Weekapaug was unfinished. Tweezer Reprise included lyrics (sung by Trey) from Mike’s Song. Appropriately, the post-show house music was the Beatles’ song Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band (which begins with the lyric, “It was twenty years ago today…”).

Kaki King opened. “Scrapple from the Apple” (Charlie Parker) and “If You Ask Me” (Max Creek) were Mike Gordon debuts. This was the only show from Mike’s 2003 tour made available as a LivePhish download.

This was the second of two separate-entry performances of the evening (late show). Gordon Stone sat in on banjo for "Half Creek" and "Little Maggie."

This performance was billed as The Big Pig Gig, a benefit for The Farm School at Harvard University. This show featured the debut of Mike's original "Take Me Out."

YEM was preceded by a Call to the Post tease from Trey. The YEM vocal jam included Trey singing pieces of Clone (which would be played in its entirety after the vocal jam). This show marked the Phish debuts of Clone, Drifting, Blue Skies, and Final Flight (all of which had previously been played by various band member side projects). Maze included a tease from Page of Summertime (Gershwin). Stash included a Foam tease. The lyrics to Makisupa referenced the fire at the band’s hotel in Cincinnati a week earlier. Trey expanded Page’s nickname to “Leo Kottke” in Ya Mar. Ya Mar also included a Stash tease. Golgi included a Frankenstein tease.

SET 1: You Write the Book, Devil's Heart, Tangled Up In Blue, Emotional Railroad, Down on the Corner, Band From Chicago, Gimme Shelter

SET 2: Emerald Eyes, Season of the Witch [1], You’re the Only One [2], Free Born Man[2], Love Makes You Lose Your Mind [3], Windows[1]

ENCORE: Angel From Montgomery [4], Just a Rose[1]

This show was part of the Wormtown Music Festival. Mike sat in on a second bass for “Season of the Witch” through the end of the show. Kris Kehr played mandolin on "You're the Only One" and "Free Born Man." "Love Makes You Lose Your Mind" featured Glen Nelson on keyboards. Tonya Shylock added vocals to "Angel From Montgomery." The gig featured additional guests Tom Constanten on keyboards and Greg DeGuglielmo on drums. 

Page sat in on keyboards with Spookie Daly Pride for the Terry Fell country classic “Truck Driving Man” and and the SDP original “Andrew Jones Ain't No Biggity Man.”

The Slip opened. Following "Russell's Tune," Page wished lighting director Chris Kuroda a happy birthday and Oteil played "Happy Birthday" on bass. The end of "Magilla" featured a "Call to the Post" tease from Oteil.

“Mike’s Groove” (both of which were TAB debuts) featured Mike on bass; “Mike’s Song” included a horn introduction, a trampolines segment, as well as an extended duet with Mike and Trey before the beginning of “Weekapaug.”

This live promotional appearance for Boston’s 92.5-FM WXRV The River featured Trey performing solo acoustic between interview segments. 

This live promotional appearance for Boston’s 92.9-FM WBOS Studio 7 series featured Trey performing solo acoustic between interview segments.

This impromptu performance took place at the wedding reception of Lisa Narodick and (Dionysian Productions’) Jason Colton. Phish used the instruments of the reception band Brave Combo. Loving Cup was a request of the bride. This was the first known Phish performance in 420 days and the only known performance by all the members of Phish together during the hiatus.

This evening began with a screening of Mike's film Outside Outfollowed by an audience question-and-answer session with Mike, and finally a performance by Col. Bruce Hampton and the Codetalkers with Mike on guitar for the majority of the show. "Outside Out" contained tap dancing from Jeannie Hill and a "Theme from I Dream of Jeannie" tease.This setlist is incomplete and unconfirmed.

No known setlist

The Really Big Show is an annual event sponsored by The  Northampton Arts Council. After Kurt Vonnegut performed a prelude to Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, Vonnegut “scatted” and Fish joined in on vacuum, backed by Vonnegut’s grandson, Max Prior, and his band, Special K and His Crew.

This tour opening performance included the debuts of “Acting the Devil,” “At the Barbeque,” “At the Gazebo,” “Burlap Sack and Pumps,” “Drifting,” “Ether Sunday,” “Noodle Rave Daddio,” “Push On ‘Til the Day,” “Sidewalks of San Francisco,” “The Way I Feel,” “Tube Top Flop” and “Ray Dawn Balloon,” as well as the TAB debuts of “I Done Done It” (Billy Barton) and “It Makes No Difference” (The Band). Trey performed "Back on the Train" and "Ray Dawn Balloon" solo acoustic. Trey and Tony played acoustic on “Happiness in My Pants” (with Russ) and “At the Gazebo” (with horns). This show marked the first TAB performance with horns.

After conferring with Trey before Bike, Fish joked with the crowd, remarking that he only knows two songs. Before the vacuum solo, Fish introduced the band.

The show opened with the Phish debut of Roadrunner, which ended with Trey mentioning that various people (including Paul's parents) were from Massachusetts. Brian and Robert included a woman on stage relaying the lyrics in sign language.

SET 1: Jam > St. Stephen > The Eleven > Friend of the Devil > Shakedown Street, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Bird Song

SET 2: Uncle John's Band, In Your Eyes, Dear Mr. Fantasy, Someday My Prince Will Come, Mountains of the Moon, In the Midnight Hour

ENCORE: Wolfman's Brother [1]

Mike played a second bass on the Wolfman’s Brother encore that also featured a short bass duet with Mike and Phil. 

NO2 was played for the first time since July 16, 1994 (356 shows) and, for the first known time, included the instrumental ending originally included on The White Tape. Reba did not have the whistling ending. Antelope included Meatstick teases and Trey acknowledging his friends Dave and Luann Abrahams, who were in the crowd. Possum and the Phish debut of Tuesday’s Gone featured Scott Murawski on guitar. Possum contained a Lazy (Deep Purple) tease.

Foreplay/Long Time was played for the first time since December 9, 1994 (310 shows) and was the first time Phish had ever performed it electric. Guyute was followed by band introductions, including Mike as "Michael Jordan" and "Air Jordan."
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