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Review by s1177375

s1177375 These 13 shows are better than entire years . . .not 1997 8 or 99 or 2012 those years are in a league of their own. . .but any other year . . .falls below 2017 . . .The Nutter and Peterson were awesome preludes and even shaking off the dust w new songs at Chicago was not a bad 3 night. . .It was no Alpharetta 2018 (btw the Curveball shows of that tour . . .so sad that we never saw Set 4 or a alien spaceship Bowie Moon or a bliss . . .still waiting to hear Dont u Wanna Go, bliss, Gone (played only 2 x ) and If I Could . . .into Boogie On>Tweezer Reprise>Squirming Coil. . .my all time encore dream.
So since these were THAT good. . .conceptually sure fun like Chess Match or Big Ball Jam (which I always hated the dissonance but loved as an Idea. . .the simpsons DOOOOOOIOOO!!! Secret Language . . .The Dicks night 1 or 3 spelled out shows . . The Letter S . . .The Bluegrass Sessions 94 tours . . .The birth of Phish 1995 * In the Summer of 89* . . .97 and 8 Europe getting FUNKY and back to the beauty of their roots as they said in Bittersweet Film following them. . .Ending in The Great Went . . .and Lemonwheel. . .the festivals are always best . . .with one exception . . .2018 is that exception. GA won 2018 so far! I pray for a 4 set DICKS in lue of God angered and pouring out all us phans. Maybe they will make up for it somehow w an ALL NIGHT Cypress PART 2 in Colorado and they cant move the fun events and festival atmosphere but they can play all the same songs they were gonna and that be the Curveball and make it sound planned . . .by playing Some Events Arent Planned
Ok so these 13. . .for now i dont feel like a review for all 13. . .many many highlights. My favorite was not the Clapton (Cream) Boston medley. . .it was great. . .the Radiohead bustout. . equally great . . .(although we all know Fishman cant sing so it makes most any song into a funny trainwreck of sorts . . .which is great w Walfredo or a HYHU Bike Memories Touch Me or I Didnt Know same idea with a Neil Diamond or Love U Have Mercy Fooled Around Fell in Love Ass Handed Only Had a Brain Terrapin Purple Rain (btw 1999 is the song of the Donuts tour to me ) Whipping Post or the elusive Jennifer Dances and even or snake like Sexual Healing . The 13 nights was best with 1999 so much fun! The night of the tour is JAM filled obvious I know but Lawn Boy MFMF even Sample had a long Jam wow is all that i could say to that
So many fun things happened. They were relaxed and loose but tight and focused. . .they were in the element I guess in part because they didnt have to move . . .so the crew was relaxed no anxiety from flights to a new city. . .they could just enjoy New York City and chill like all the phans too. . .musta been great to be in NYC for those 2-3 weeks. . .so jealous. . .to give potheads with constant munchies donuts. . .ingenious lol

So basically the whole 13 are worth downloading and i dont say that lightly. I really mean that.

Play by Play
Shake got us dancing quick. . even has the silly line about dancing in the song
MM is my favorite of the 2014 Halloween songs . . .The Dogs>Runaway Jim>Harpua>500Miles>Harpua 2nd. . .so that song is hard to mess up and always has that fun hard edge to it . . .for all those on Acid hoping for a longer TRIP
Timber (Jerry) so cool to get Jerry instead of Ho! and it is just a great song. . .one of the best early songs . . .cant be overplayed and it was played very well. . .JAM worthy indeed . . Phish.net got it right
555 on the other hand is very overplayed IMHO and I am sick of it already. . yes I got my money and my water Fishman on to the next song please. . .luckily its only 5 to 8 min long
Pigtail. . .nice bustout for Phish. . .since its underplayed I still like this one and never go see TAB so it remains thus while I maintain Conscious again ness
Halfway - I love Page but this song is overplayed . . WAY overplayed. It is a good song but bust out Middle of the Road, Marissa (that was a fun Mike's Song) Beauty of a Broken Dream, there are better songs that are played less. This is played well though and has that nice dank bluesy soul essence which I still like. Fewer circulations would be nice is all.
Reba - one of my top 10 songs and rarely disappoints. . tonight is no exception. . very well played. . .idc if no whistling
Moonage - I love Bowie love 2016 Stardust album Halloween cover...waiting forever for that one since 1994 12 years
Very Well played and Into Bowie woulda been cool but WOTC is ok. . .nothing special here version-wise. No 2-28-03 but it was a energetic way to end a set always is always will be.

Tweezer - nice mellow mid section 6-10 minute part building slowly to crescendo just in time for the bridge into the song of the night and btw they never lossed flow tonight like many 2nd sets they kept playing no stopping between songs >>>>>>>>>>>>and it doesnt always work but it did for Shakeage of COCONUTS and tits and other nuts
7 Below - song of the night - all Page the psychedelic keyboard was akin to Always Wanted It This Way very Pink Floyd near the beginning of the jam then Trey took over with battled Page for position and the playful fight was energetic. . .madness at its best. . .bouncing off each other i love those kind of jams. . .then slow down vibe time
Billy Breathes - bathroom break song of the night like a Joy Mountains in the Mist 2 Versions of Me Anything But Me Dirt Wading Circus Comes TMWSIY countless others. . .this is one of my favorite slow songs. . .and my favorite studio album so Billy has a special place in most phan hearts . . that Ghost or Farmhouse . . .Billy is King to me.
The latter part guitar solo is played perfectly and very clean . . very nice. . good job Trey!
Sparkle- This was the skip song of the night for me when i go back and listen to it a 2nd time. . .played well but i get tired of laughing and laughing and falling apart. . .great to hear live like Poor Heart. . .but a skip song on the Road or at home for me . . just saying. . .so nothing special
Everything's Right - I love this song. . .the lyrics are fun. . .(definitely Donald Trump jabs when he wrote this one) Nice Jam and the guitar solo is SMOOTH just as it needs to be to make the vibe of this song work. This song has to be played well to work live. . and tonight the COCONUTS were bouncing JUST RIGHT!!!! Trey got on digital delay loops and it was fun. . .played over himself and more Page psychedelics sprinkled in
Very nice transition into Slave I just never like a mid set Slave it feels wrong unless in a Curveball tour then i accept it lol - otherwise so not cool. . .they did it MPP 8-16-2015 almost ruined the show for me. . YEM couldnt even make up for that playing ORDER. Again they do it here and it makes the show go down energy wise significantly. . .Suzy>Coconut>Slave woulda been better . . .Slave is well played but short . . .very well played though Trey was on fire out of the gate this night!
Suzy - "you know how it goes" AHHHH AHHH A Neroooolllllllll Fishman talk part - nothing special but a great song and works even better as encore . . .so again placement screwed up vibes just a tad - Page had a nice march style breakdown section into what almost became a Mike bass solo but Mike passed and it went nowhere . . .just Trey melody licks . . just ok version at best
Coconut - THAT was FUN . . .Mike's deep voice works well for ACapella tune's . It reminded me of Grind or even more 1998 Hello My Baby . . .Got the Donuts tour off to a great NIGHT 1! And what better w Coconuts than other Tropical fruit and milk
So . . .Of course
Mango Song - I ADORE this song. . .never get tired of it! I like it better than Wedge and Gumbo Combined. . .just a cool song. . .not anything special about the version. . but like Fee. . .I like it just standard. . no need for a jam!
There was a minor lyrical flub . . quick recovery. . no big deal didnt mess up the instrumental playing
GTBT - This was unnecessary to me . . .I woulda preferred just Mango Song. Well played but OVER played . . .maybe just I think so but ive heard it 4 x and only been to 19 shows i think. Too much Zepplin more Phish originals please. . .Marley or Beatles dont count . . u can play them any day of the week . . .ALL 8

Overall a 4 . . .with many 4.2 to 4.6 to come the next 3 weeks . . .these were special shows. The phans got this one right. . .about a 3.8 to 4.1 range. . I have to say i agree. The Slave placement the 555 and Pigtail Halfway to the Moon were just ok All Set 2 as usual.


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