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Review by Icculus_55

Icculus_55 Ah, there we were! Dick's had finally come; looking forward to this three day run more than any other this summer. After hitting the SPAC run, Randall's 1 and Canandaigua, I was ready to groove once again. Narrowly missing a few ominous clouds at the campsite, my party of around 20 and myself were thankful for the weather and promptly charged the floor for a wonderful evening.

"Llama"- Energetic, straightforward and a pleasant surprise for the opener. Page was most certainly on point (in my opinion, Page was the MVP of the run) and the band followed suite with sharp execution. Not to mention, my first Llama!

"Undermind"- Thick, blissful and funky. Jam was to the point. A fun ride, but not overdone. Just how I like my Undermind's. Not the hugest fan of the song, but I will take it any day.

"Stash"- Always a fun song, but a little quiet. Not to take away from the patient, blissful jam of course. After a somewhat-botched intro from Randall's 1 (Not truly, I just tend to kind of notice those little moments where a note is played too quietly from Trey) I was expecting better, and I got what I expected.

"Halfway to the Moon"- I've never truly jived with this song. A nice break indeed, so I'm happy with the placement in the set. At this point, whispers of "Lushington" were being heard on the floor so I was curious to see what they would pull out next......"I am Hydrogen??"

"I Didn't Know"- No hydrogen, but still entertaining. My second one of the summer (SPAC3 first) so granted I wasn't laughing AS hard as others, but you can't help but smile when Fishman wheels that damn vacuum tube around. The man has talent, although the talent is a bit odd.

"Nellie Kane"- BLUEGRASS! HOORAY! So happy to hear this song. Hearing this and the Ginseng Sullivan at Sunday's soundcheck definitely gave me the Phish bluegrass fix I was looking for this weekend. Not much to say about it, but boy it was fun.

"Guyute"- Trolling the .net forums and Phish Tour facebook group starting weeks before the show, it was almost common knowledge we were due for this monster. The galloping scrape Trey does to count off the beat was almost a dead giveaway to me before the song started. Also my first Guyute, so I was very excited. Executed very well, and not to mention Fishman sounded extra scary in the beginning of that second verse.

"The Line"- Going into summer tour, I was a bit skeptical on how this song would seem to me. Incidentally, this was my piss break song at Jazzfest. However, this song to me is the epitome of "bliss" almost every time, with Page leading the charge. This one was no exception.

"Ocelot"- Well. Ocelot is Ocelot. Ocelot has always been Ocelot. And Ocelot will always be Ocelot. Entertaining jam always, but nothing to write home about.

"No Quarter"- I was absolutely blown away. First No Quarter. I've absolutely loved this song since I was a kid. In my opinion, it beats out Zeppelin.

"Ha Ha Ha"- HAHA HA HA.

"Suzy Greenberg"- Horns, man. Horns. Absolutely sick. I lost my shit. Don't think I'll ever get horns again, but hey. They always seem to surprise us!

"46 Days"- I have always felt that set placement is extremely crucial for a show. I have never gotten a 46 days opening a second set before and to this day I'm not sure how I feel about it. I've heard it many times, and while it's always a rager, I guess the magic is somewhat wearing off of me. Still, a great jam with a lot of bite from Trey which was definitely getting the blood flowing.

"Back on the Train"- Page always takes this song and makes it a tune where I dance so weirdly, but at the same time loving every minute of it. When Page gets on the Rhodes you know it's time to party. Super thick, super funky and super Phish-y.

"Simple"- I have only gotten two Simple's during my 17-show career of Phishing (still kind of a noob). My first was 12/30/13 at MSG and my second was this one. I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world. Simple hits number 2 on my top 5 songs and every time I hear that first riff I lose my mind. And this jam......Wow, this jam. A 21 minute masterpiece. The noodling was blissful, but that backbone that Gordo and Fish kept throughout.....was unreal. I grooved for 21 minutes straight. In my opinion, the top jam of the summer and - although I'll get some criticism for this - the best Simple ever.

"Ghost"- Sick Ghost indeed. Charging, punchy, in your face work from the boys. A blissful peak from Trey at the end before we rip into...

"Backwards Down the Number Line"- A fun little break. You can always tell the boys have fun playing it, so we enjoy it too. In one word I can describe this song as "happy" (fitting, right?). My friends and I always seem to put our arms around each other at the ending part of the song and embrace our friendship. This song gets a lot of criticism, but I hope it touches you on a deeper level like it does to me.

"Harry Hood"- Definitely thought this would end the set, thankfully I was wrong. Nonetheless, a very strong Hood going a little type II in the jam section. I somewhat noticed a similar sound to the Mansfield Hood earlier in the summer. Needless to say, we all felt good.

"Wading in the Velvet Sea"- I waved a lighter for a minute or two to see if people would get pissed off. A few weird and dirty looks. Nice solo from Trey at the end.

"Run Like an Antelope"- A great choice for a first night closer. Although I think it may have been a bit overplayed this summer, I think they make up for it in their powerful, sometimes scary build-up sections. No real flubs from Trey, so I was satisfied with an amazing show and excited for a hopefully unusual encore. But then....

"Character Zero"- Before this show, I caught five shows earlier in summer tour. Three of those shows had Character Zero encores. If Antelope was overplayed a bit this summer, this song was stuck on repeat. Sure it gets people hyped, but come on guys. I'm really trying not to take away from this show as a whole, but I was surprised and a little disappointed with this call. I'd like to know who conducts the song choices for the encores (Still I think Trey). I guess they wanted to stay in their comfort zone their first night. Thankfully, the rest of the weekend included old favorites, plenty of great jams and me crying my eyes out during "The Curtain With."

Thanks for a great show and a great run Phish.


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