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Review by Hose_jam

Hose_jam I was not at this show. Listened to the recordings after and the Rock and Roll>Ghost combo knocked my socks off. Great jamming and I'm here to break it down.

Rock and Roll

5:00 Lift off jam...
6:30 Trey settles into a very 2.0 sounding chord progression but this eventually gets funky with Mike and
Fishman having some nice interplay.
8:00 Page comes in with the organ and the vibe suddenly shifts..he lays some piano over it and Gordo drops some dark riffs.
9:10 Mike starts dropping bombs with his meatball. At this point it gets very funky, Trey is basically just playing rhythm lines with Mike and Fish leading the charge
10:20 Trey and Page have some nice interplay here with arpeggios from Trey.
11:00 Trey settles on a riff and Mike comes in with a great bass line.
11:30 Trey plays a melody over the progression they have built. Trey has some delays going on. Mike throws a meatball bomb in there.
12:00 Fishman keeps a beat but its gets spacey. More meatball soul shaking bombs from Mike. Page on his keyboard(fukouka style…clav?moog?).
13:00 Page finds a riff on his Rhodes. I feel like Page has done this during jams in the Alpine Fee and Blossom Twist; everyone kind of fades to space and he continues the beat and finds a nice sounding progression. The rest of the band just builds on it, Trey is especially patient during this segment.
14:45 Transient Phish style jamming. Trey being extremely patient and Fishman coming in with creative and polyrhythmic fills.
15:30 Trey takes charge with a blissful yet driving melody. Personally love this segment of jamming.
18:30 Trey starts to reach for some chords and him and Page build a nice little crescendo to keep the jam driving
19:10 Trey comes in with some a nice line that reminds me of 2/28/03 Tweezer, redirecting the jam.
21:00 Jam climaxes a bit but Gordo and Fishman refuse to let the beat die.
21:32 Mike puts on some delay, Trey scratches, Fishman becomes very percussive. This jam reminded me of '96 type of weird percussive jam..then it took a turn into storage jam territory. Some seriously amazing stuff coming out of this segment.
23:00-Fishman drops out, Mike on meatball, Trey making Floyd calls..very storage jam -esque. Fishman
working in various beats and fills
24:30-Trey starts these "Izabella" type dissonant riffs...settles into space.

Fans of Fishman should love the latter segment of this jam

3:30 Lift off jam. Some unique jamming with Trey trills and tasty Mike basslines.
4:40 Jam settles in. Page plays some great lines on his Rhodes. Then things get a bit weird but stay cohesive. Everyone starts to play outside just a bit and then come back together.
6:10 Seriously thick groove starts to appear here. Fishman just locks in and the band is locked in tight.
7:10 Trey comes in with some trills and Gordo really steps it up a notch here, locking into Fishman and driving the beat.
7:52 Trey comes in with some power chords and solidifies the new progression.
8:22 Page goes off on the said progression, Trey follows and hose is unleashed. The jam is very gin-esque. And energy continues to build.
10:00 Flashes of machine gun Trey. With Page holding the organ and hammering the keys the jam really takes off.
11:16 Massive peak. Trey plays a triplet pattern and some very nice fills.
11:24 Empathetic chords from Trey that lead into a vamp
12:00 Fishman changes the beat and Mike drops his bass down and the jam suddenly becomes dark. Mike has this marching beat and Fishman comes in with some Roggae quotes as the jam ends with 30 seconds of weirdness, especially Fishman’s fills and Treys wall of noise. Trey kind of emerges with the limb x limb progression and it’s onward. . .

I felt the Ghost jam is really a Gin jam, the way it builds. Hose!


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