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Review by phearless

phearless Well well, this was my first show since Deer Creek last summer, so needless to say I was PUMPED! This show is honestly probably one of my favorite shows to listen to, they playing was just fantastic.
Set one:
KDK: this was the first song I ever saw and heard live, so it just brings back memories of that show :) this was a very high energy KDK and from my pavillion seat, everyone ate it up.

Guyute: I was calling this one for honestly 2 weeks before the show, and to get it 2 songs in was just fantastic. The beginning was a little rough but after the irish jig section this guyute is gravy.

FYF: seriously who doesn't love this song? what a bang bang bang start to the show.

Foam: standard, they had to slow down sometime.

Ocelot: This is by far the best ocelot I've seen, it really did rage. Much above average version with a few nice peaks in the jam.

Rocket In My Pocket: Now this was a treat, first time played since Halloween, but everyone looked a little confused about knowing this song, I knew it was Little Feat but couldn't think of the name until the chorus. Very good cover choice.

BOTT: standard

Guelah: this guelah was the best version since at least 2000 imho, especially with the little spacey loops from Trey and Page before the first verse, this guelah was awesome and I loved it.

Tube: this was my first tube, so obviously it was very well received by me :) . This tube was all Page though, all Page.

Antelope: This antelope was a MONSTER!! One of the best antelopes this year (I cant decide between this or the one from Gorge2) The Streets of Cairo tease was awsome. Very high energy antelope. Essssquaaanndooolllas anyone? :)

Set 2
BOAF: Cool opener, caught me and my crew off guard at least. I thought they could've definitely stretched this one out way farther, but its whatever. Standard version.

Possum: Let me just flat out say, this possum is a must hear for 3.0 Phish. They finally made a possum that I saw exciting, which was totally badass.

Steam: I had no clue what this was (explains now as it was a debut) but my crew of friends and I just loved this from the get-go. This song kicks ass.

Piper: It might be short, but it was a very short and sweet piper. Nice little ambience that lead straight into ->

Lizards: This one was just beautifully played, they completely NAILED IT! Flawless lizards, very high energy and GREAT chill out song. Perfectly placed.

Sneakin Sally: Boy, this sets starting to get super stacked super fast! This Sneakin Sally is honestly one of my favorite jams of 2011, definite must hear for 3.0 Sallys. Vocal jam that led straight into Blossom Jam which should be called Blossom FUNK jam! I swore to god I thought they were just going to go into Manteca at some point, but alast they opted for

Hood: This hood had the standard into yadda yadda, but then they hit they "jam" part, and right from the start you can tell that the boys mean business on this one, very beautiful playing from Trey especially, perfect rhythm and beats from Mike and John, and INCREDIBLE fills from Page. We're starting to get towards a silent part of the song and all of a sudden Gordon starts up ->

Have Mercy: okay, there are no words to describe how incredible this was in person, it was just beautiful. No joke, got teary eyed cause it was just musical bliss. Every single note they played and word they sang hit my soul and heart more than anything I've experienced at a Phish show.. but anyway, short mercy goes straight back into ->

Hood: wow, whens the last time they have done a Harry Hood sandwich?!? They wove through this sandwich seamlessly and without stopping a beat, then as usual YOU CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT THIS HOOD!

Character 0: Trey tore down the house on this one, straight fire character zero. I usually don't care for this one, but its alright with me when Trey wants to rock it out like he did this night!


Slave: Great way to end the show in fashion, typically glorious Slave.

Overall this was a VERY VERY high energy show, and imho a top 10 for Phish "3.0" as we all know and love it as. Great song selection, BUT EVEN BETTER PLAYING! This is a show you should definitely have, if not, what are you waiting for!?!? Get it already!

set one: FYF, Guelah, Tube>Antelope
set two: Lizards, Sally, Hood->Mercy->Hood (must hear)


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