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Review by Miguelito

Miguelito This show is very good, but not quite on level with much of what went down in the previous couple of nights, or the next night, where the band caught serious fire. There are, however, a few highlights and things worth noting and it being Fall ‘94, the band’s playing is still on a very high level. The first thing worth mentioning is the I Didn’t Know opener, which hadn’t appear in this slot since 1990. Interestingly, Llama followed on that occasion too. This was also the last time IDK has opened a show as of this writing. It’s an interesting choice and wouldn’t be my top one at that. But the Llama that follows gives an immediate boost of energy to the show. Next of note is the Stash, which is a bit short but still quite solid. It sounds like it’s about to really take off towards the end of the jam but it was not meant to be. Still, this is a respectable version. Also of note is that ATR makes its final appearance for the year, heading closer to its current shelved status. Lastly, the Bowie > Manteca > Bowie is the clear high point of the show with some interesting things going on in the initial, pre-Manteca jam. This jam goes through different phases, from a lovely little quiet part into a chaotic section in typical Fall ‘94 fashion that includes some vocal antics and a brief Llama-esque jam before they find their way into Manteca. The post-Manteca jam is pretty wild as well, and includes some fun Manteca teasing as they’re closing it out. This show is solid but I prefer the preceding couple of shows, as well as the next night (where they knocked it out of the park). That being said, the Stash and Bowie Manteca sandwich are worth a listen.
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Review by NICU4LIFE

NICU4LIFE I will leave my review relatively short for this show as it is difficult to only talk about the first two nights of Alpine without referencing night 3. Not that Sunday’s show belittles or even overshadows the first two nights but due to the magnitude of Alpine Night 3, the whole Alpine run must be viewed under the context of that Sunday’s show. With that being said I have three major points for this show. 1) Finely-tuned Jams: It amazing to think that it has been ten years since I saw my first Phish show at Alpine (yes, I am post-hiatus phan) and I when listen to the 09 Alpine shows compared to the shows of 19 there is a noticeable difference. The dynamism, the synchronicity and the fluidness of the jamming has grown to an unbelievable quality over the past ten years. The spirit and love of the band can still be heard in those first post-hiatus shows but that the boys have spent 10 years relentlessly practicing their craft of playing together and you can easily hear the fruits of their labor. Although the jams in this show are not long, each one is fine-tuned and smooth. Strong segueing in the second set and you could hear how well everyone is playing off each other. Again, nothing ventures into major exploratory or crazy levels but the execution and improvisation was first rate. I would recommend the Blaze On jam from the first set and the Runnway Jim -> Undermind jam in the second. 2) The Battle Over Ballads: Every year I have to hear complaints, grumblings or even down right hatred of Trey’s ballads. Those “feel good”, “lovey dovey”, “everyone hold hands” songs. The critiques mostly center around the reality that those songs lower the energy and so instead of everyone getting into the groove they instead go to the bathroom. Now I like Trey’s ballads. His soft and thoughtful songs pull at my heart strings. And I also understand how the soft Trey songs can change the energy of a show and sometimes not for the better. Sometimes I like that energy change. Sometimes it works perfectly, a well needed/executed shift after a crazy jamming period. And the performance of Trey’s softer songs provides the full expression of Phish, both the crazy and soft/thoughtful manifestations of this amazing band that I love. Now sometimes the change of pace and energy does not go that well. In my opinion, that was in the first set with the playing of Frost. I did not care for Frost being played after Ya Mar and then have the next song after Frost be The Sloth. Now I have seen shows were Frost is used very well in a set (Allstate 18 Night 1 second set Frost comes to mind), but I did not care for the selection of Frost that night and its positioning next to The Sloth. Again, that is my humble opinion and I know others enjoyed Frost that night. Actually, I was not anti-Shade person and enjoyed hearing Shade in the first set. But of course, Phish can play whatever they want and I will still honor that decision. 3) Long Live Kasvot Vaxt: Now I have heard that there has been another complaint (and I don’t know how much this complaint is true) that Kasvot Vaxt songs are not a welcome addition to Phish jam repertoire. And that is so far from the truth. Kasvot Vaxt songs are the perfect addition to Phish and hearing Kasvot Vaxt songs player throughout this tour have been a jubilant experience. Night 2 at Alpine definitely offered an excellent performance of The Final Hurrah and Say it to Me S.A.N.T.O.S. I particularly hope that SANTOS has a regular position as an encore song as it works flawlessly into a show. Also, it allows the encore regular Character Zero to be played in other parts of the show. Actually, the Character Zero this night was one of the best versions I have ever heard! In total, Alpine Night 2 was a high-quality show which showcases how the depth and growth of Phish shows has evolved. But this show was preparing us for an ultimate gem which was Alpine Night 3.
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Review by ScottM104

ScottM104 Flew out from Ct to meet a buddy of mine who was driving cross country and moving to Maine. Sure, I'll hop a flight, and drive back with you, as long as we can see Phish first. It was his first show and what a banger it would be! It was hot! Like, super hot, but what shows weren't in July/August? I remember there being no lot scene whatsoever which I wasn't accustomed to seeing being from the east coast. I was told stories of "tent city" and how nobody wanted to risk getting busted down there. Anyway, needless to say, I had nothing with me except for a few pre-game beers. That was weird in itself, but this show would not dissapoint. Ac/DC fluffhead opener was killer but, that Tube set the tone early. We even got a slight tube reprise out of it. Great Antelope to close the set. 2nd set was magical. Mike's>Simple was incredible, and then the debut of bittersweet motel. Mike's bass solo to open 'paug went deep!! Ghost> she caught the Katy was terrific! Great show, and a great start to a magical mystery cross country adventure.
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Review by ACDC_Bender

ACDC_Bender This show gives a new life to the saying "never miss a Sunday show" When Phish announced a three night Alpine run to wrap up the summer tour on their 20th anniversary at the venue; There was no doubt in my mind where I was going to be. Experiencing the sound at the venue, the beautiful countryside, and the great times my friends and I had soaking it all in at a rage friendly lake resort in 15'....It was hard to imagine matching that experience, let alone surpassing it? Well it did, boy did it ever! I never have seen so many phans with their jaw dropped, drooling asking wtf was going on before in my life! BRAVO BOYS!
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Review by urbantornado

urbantornado As my friends and I prepared for the show, I asserted that for me to rate a show 5-Stars on .net it must include the following: 1) A bust out 2) A long jam 3) Antics So what happens when the show features an embarrassment of riches in bustouts? Over a dozen songs played this night do not make regular appearances in shows, and many of those don't appear in the setlist even once in an average year. What does that mean? Well, for myself I caught 13 first-time songs (14 if you count the Icculus Reprise), in this, my 36th show. Pebbles and Marbles brings me back to being 15 and listening to Round Room in the Mazda MPV CD player with my brother. Meanwhile I am also fortunate to have also caught Vultures, Icculus and Buffalo Bill once before this night. The magnitude of what this deep catalogue of songs that I finally got to feel live cannot be overstated. It’s part of what every fan hopes for when they put up with hot campgrounds, flight delays, and wook dreadlock slaps to the face on their way cross-country to a run of shows. I have to rank among the highest percentile of distance logged per run of shows, having learned about the band as a 13 year old in 2000 in Toronto, and then being in University 2005-2009. My age/time/location combination did not lend itself well to hitting shows, so by the time I saw the band 8/13/2009 at Darien Lake, I had already been listening for nearly half my short lifetime. From then until now, my shortest drive has been 1/2 hour to St. Paul. Next closest would be Darien Lake from Toronto, and The Gorge from Nelson, BC. I have also driven nonstop from Nelson to Dick’s and Telluride to Deer Creek. In 2013 we planned our trip back to Ontario to coincide with the Toronto show that had to be cancelled and rescheduled (we weren’t able to catch the rescheduled show). Last year I flew to Buffalo, and stepped into the terminal only to find out the first Festival I was set to attend was cancelled. Phish has made me work for my moments, but I have been greatly rewarded by seeing the S Show in 2011 and meeting my wife at the Dick’s campground, as well as catching notable shows in Dick’s 2012, Gorge 2011, and Rosemont 2018. I have witnessed my fair share of huge jams and antics, but nothing ever combined for an experience like 7/14/2019. Jon Sullen Melancholy (later revealed as an old inside joke in Trey’s documentary), an absurd Icculus, and the Contact proposal. Everything was woven together so well with the energy flowing straight through the end of set 2 and culminating in the ultimate show closer: Tweezer Reprise. Experiencing bustout after bustout, consuming the longest (and perhaps most interesting) jam in 15 years, and witnessing the band at its goofiest made this likely the best performance I will ever see. As I walked out of the venue, I pondered the idea of selling my stock in Phish because I truly don’t expect I will ever see a better show. Unfortunately there is nobody in this world that could possibly afford to buy it from me! Of course my ego feels validated for all the love and energy I put into consuming from this bottomless well of art that Phish has produced for the last 19 years. Is that to say I feel more special than others for being among the ~30,000 that were there? Fuck no! And am I actually going to quit going out of my way to see this band? Of course not. But this experience galvanized me as a fan and it made me an even stronger believer in the durability and still-untapped potential of Phish and our community. I desperately want as many people as possible to experience what I was able to last Sunday evening. [And this site needs a 10-Star Rating system]
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Review by chrispyhall

chrispyhall I was a senior at ECU. This was my first time seeing Phish after wearing out the one bootleg our crew had going around at the time. So many folks we knew up and down the East Coast were yelling to go see the band. I had considered going over to Chapel Hill on Friday but bailed for a reason I don’t recall. Me and a girlfriend buddy of mine met Fish there at the Attic in the afternoon after soundcheck and walked down the street to a corner restaurant and had burgers, fries and shared a pitcher of beer. What I remember of the meal was Fish was hilarious and obviously way into his band and their music. I had never met a guy so open and willing to talk at length about their own musical experiences. Most of the musicians coming through Greenville were pretty aloof about the whole thing (i.e. David Schools and J.B). I was pretty impressed by this needless to say. Mike stayed with some friends of mine and not sure about Trey and Page but was definitely a time when we would find places to crash for a lot of the jam bands coming through Greenville at the time. I recorded the show. Still have one of the tapes. Loaned out Set 1 and unfortunately it never came back. It may have had some of Set 2 on it but unless someone finds that cassette, we shall never know. I had told everyone I ran into the previous week that they had to see this band playing the Attic! As such, I knew many of the folks there but it was still quite sparse as shows at the Attic could really pack them in at the time. I have listened back to that show some over the years. Pretty typical show for the time period. One of the things I remember most clearly was that a lot my teammates from the Ultimate team, the Irates, showed up late. Most of them had diverse musical tastes but all couched in the beach/surf culture prevalent at ECU. When Phish launched into Big Fat Furry Creature From Mars, they all came alive and started slam dancing and going nuts. Classic bar band scene at ECU. So in case it's a while before this show is updated, here is what Set 2 looks like Golgi, Tweezer, My Sweet One, The Divided Sky, Curtis Loew, Buried Alive, Possum. E: Contact, BFFCFM It appears that instead of leaving a bunch of blank space on the end of the cassette, I added music from Phish’s first set at the Attic. So here is some of the setlist from what I am fairly certain is a partial Set 1 from the same night. ...Foam, Mike’s Song>I Am Hydrogen>Weekapaug Groove, Split Open and Melt, Fee... Pretty wild to see the old Attic flyer someone posted a few years ago. I guess that inspired me a bit to go dig this tape out of storage. Can’t believe I found it.
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Review by Praxis926

Praxis926 Wow, its been five days since this show and I am still buzzing from it. This is my first review, and I’m not the most articulate person, so bear with me. On the way to the venue my wife, friend, and I were speculating/debating on what the night would bring. The last Sunday show they’d played at Alpine (8/9/15) was a show for the ages. My buddy thought that because of that, and numerous other factors, they’d play it cool and include a few bust-outs, but not at the 8/9/15 level. I was adamant that Sunday was going to be on the level with 8/9/15. I thought there’d be a good number of bust-outs (2-3) the first set, then the second set would feature a lot of great playing, but in more of a “normal” setlist way. Well, we were both wrong. As I stood on the lawn watching them walk on stage, I had no idea what to expect. I was hoping for a Soul Shakedown opener but figured that what they chose would be indictive of how the show would start to unravel. As they started to play their first few notes, I was confused as I thought it was Landlady, but also thought there was no way they’d be opening with this! Welp, they were. After Landlady was finished, there was a pause as the band discussed what to play next. The anticipation grew every second as to what was next…a bust out…..a standard….a GOTF song……but no……someone darn near no one would have called….freaking Olivia’s Pool. I was in shock. I looked around at others to see if they knew what was happening. Many did, many didn’t. But those who did, couldn’t believe it either. Almost 700 shows since this was last played. Wow. At this point, we knew we were in for a ride. Next come a song pairing I’ve been chasing for years which is TMWSIY > Avenu Malkenu > TMWSIY. At this point they could’ve played The Line 6 times in a row and I would’ve still been ecstatic. Meatstick was a fun dance party as always & Vultures was “wootastic”. Spock’s Brain blew me away once again. This wasn’t even on my radar as I NEVER thought I would hear it live. I figure the Mexico bust out this year was a one-and-done. I wish they’d play it more as it’s a super fun and catchy song. Another two white whales of mine were next which included a short take on Pebbles and Marbles followed by the always fun Glide. As Trey started About to Run, my buddy and I turned to each other and said, this is the only GOTF song that was a fit for this set. IMO, it’s the best GOTF song (not withstanding what was to come second set). Strange Design was a fantastic way to slow things down so we could rest, and I’ve said multiple times it is criminally underplayed. Following that was Timber, which I will ALWAYS take, especially at an outdoor show in Wisconsin! Next comes I Didn’t Know with John Sullen Mellon Collie Fishman. At this point you could just hear how much fun the whole band was having in their voices. Good Time Bad Times brought the unreal set to a close. During set break, I sat in stunned silence for a minute, trying to digest what I had just witnessed. That set includes multiple songs I NEVER thought I’d hear, nonetheless in the same set!! Now the question was, will this continue, or will the second set bring us back to reality? Second set started with Mercury, which is one of their best new songs. I wondered if it would make it to the heights of the Mercury I saw in Vegas 2018, but 12 minutes in Trey moved onto Ruby Waves. At this point, I’ll admit it, I was disappointed. I thought this was going to be a standard set with minimal jamming and a lot of rip-cording by Trey. Well, I am happy to say I couldn’t have been more wrong. My goodness this Ruby Waves. There were MULTIPLE times during the ensuing 38 minutes that I was asked by my wife and others around me if this was still the same song. I almost second guessed myself at the 30-minute mark that this was really happening. But I need to backtrack a bit because this part is one of the two reasons I am writing this. At around the 21-minute mark of Ruby Waves, they started to get into this heavy groove. This kept developing over the next few minutes into an intense explosion of heavy, dark Phish like I’d never heard or felt before. It’s something that just doesn’t come through in the recording or the video of it. In the video you can see a part where the camera pans to the audience and there’s glowsticks flying EVERYWHERE. This minute or so build-up and release by the band was one of the most intense moments of music I’ve ever been a part of. It’s like the audience all at once had a collective build up and release at the same time as the band. The crowd, the music, the lights, everything lined up perfectly at that moment and it was something special. Pure unadulterated intensity. I will never forget that moment. As Ruby Wave peaked multiple times and kept on going, it finally dissipated into a short Twist, which was followed by another beautiful sequence I’d been wanting to hear which is Swept Away > Steep. This went into a dirty, and I mean filthy version of Death Don’t Hurt Very Long. I was there for the Kasvot Vaxt set in Vegas, and this version was VERY different. The whole band just put a lot of extra “stank” on it, which was shown by the fact that Trey was drooling at the end of the song. We all know this because Fishman called him out on it saying, “you know it’s good when Trey drools”. There are things you always chase as a Phish fan. Your first Harpua, Forbin > Mockingbird, etc. On most people’s list, there is also Icculus. Now to put this into context, since 1986, Phish has only played this song 27 times (including this show). Think about that for a minute. 27 total times in 33 years. That makes Harpua seem like it’s been overplayed. So all that to say, it’s on everyone’s list, but most people realize there is a snowball’s chance in hell that it will ever get played. And then it happened. As those first notes were played, my jaw dropped and I looked over at my friend who was also in shock. Is this really happening? After that first set, and a 38-minute Ruby Waves, there’s no way we are also getting Icculus. But we were. My friend and I hugged as we came to terms with what was really happening. The joy I felt in that moment was unreal. It was a “high” like I haven’t felt before from hearing a song busted out. As always, Trey’s narration was hysterical, and it’s always fun to hear Trey drop a bunch of f-bombs. When the band plays songs like this, it makes you feel like you’re just hanging out with the 4 of them having fun as you can tell how much fun they are all having in the moment. As that ended I stood in stunned silence. Well where do you go from there? I don’t know, how about another bust-out of Buffalo Bill! Then why not follow that up with the first ever Icculus Reprise! The following YEM was the only song I really felt coming the whole day (minus Tweezer Reprise). BUT, even that wasn’t standard as it included a freaking ->Catapult >Wedding Proposal Explanation > Contact > YEM. The encore of More > Tweezer Reprise was great as the lyrics to More are always great to hear. But those bass bombs by Grodo In Reprise were the loudest I’ve EVER heard him do. He definitely put a little extra into them. The ride home that night I was in shock of what I had witnessed. The next day I woke up with an extreme feeling of joy and happiness that I have never felt the day after a show. I’ve never ridden the “high” of a show for well over 24 hours. I mean to this day, 5 days later, I am still on cloud nine. I’ve re-listened to the show daily and it keeps getting better. Every re-listen of Icculus I get goosebumps. This type of show is the reason I’ve been following them since 2003 and listening to them since well before that. I will never forget this show and I am happy that I was able to experience it with my wife and great friend. Thank you Phish for everything you do. You have brought so much joy into my life and I can never explain how much it all means to me.
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Review by FiveBranch

FiveBranch First set presented the music quite casually, with the band seeming to take their time to make sure their bearings were well grounded prior to exploring out and on into the netherlands. This is not to say that the first set should be skipped. [i]Waves[/i] through [i]Julius[/i] in particular has a great flow and the overall unhurried approach to the set offers a different side of Phish that is enjoyable to hear from time to time. No doubt the open air atmosphere of Darlings assumed influence. First establishing this clean bill of health pays back gloriously in the second set as the two lengthy sojourns out of [i]Down with Disease[/i] and [i]Simple[/i] sculpture their respective themes into effortless rides, both being entirely unique and consistently directed. And then concluding the succession with [i]Piper[/i] is picture perfect. Apparently the band was quite content with where they found themselves, choosing to shore up with comfortable renditions of everything else that followed. Would it have been nice to have them head out again? Of course. But that first half of the second set is just too satisfying to even hint at a grump.
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Review by Dusty_Dirt

Dusty_Dirt You know it’s good shit when Trey drools! Historic show at a historic venue. This show is a reminder to read the Helping Friendly Book. Once you surrender to the flow, Phish will take care of the rest. Personally, the weekend was as perfectly phishy as it gets. Plenty of omens signaled for a laid back, fun-fueled weekend, with a crew like no other. After a day shredding the waves at Lake Geneva via WaveRunner, Ruby Waves felt just right. Plenty of wishlist songs witnessed live had me holding my face on the whole night. Lawn boy for life. Thanks Phish from Vermont!
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Review by ITgotAway

ITgotAway In the days of my youth I was told what it was to be a man Now I've reached the age I've tried to do all those things the best I can No matter how I try I find my way to do the same old jam [b]"Suck it!!!" [/b] And it was ON! My 20th show since '98 and absolutely the best. Proud of the boys and proud of myself for sticking with this thing through everything.
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Review by Miguelito

Miguelito This show starts off with Simple, which is still in its infancy and was attached to Mike’s Song more often than not at this point. This is the second time it opened a show, after doing do so for the first time just a couple of shows earlier. It does an admirable job although the band doesn’t start to take it anywhere until the upcoming Halloween show. The It’s Ice that follows is excellent, as at first it shows the band completely in synch and then they do some nice exploring. Moving through NICU, the band arrives at a mid-set Antelope that is full of energy. I always love it when this song appears in anywhere other than its traditional set closing placement so this is a welcome spot. Next up is Guyute, which continues to get better since its debut earlier in the month. Dog Faced Boy is a nice breather before Mule, which is fine, and we move to the solidly played and energetic set-ending Oh Kee Pah > Suzy > Jim sequence. Set II begins with a well-executed Rift, followed by BATR, and then into Reba. Reba had a banner year in ‘94 and this version exemplifies this. While not quite on par with my favorite versions from the year (check out 7.6.94, 10.18.94 & 10.31.94, which are all phenomenal), this version comes pretty close. The YEM is another highlight, containing a Vibration of Life and the Catapult lyrics during the vocal jam. I’m surprised this doesn’t count as Catapult actually being played and it’s not clear why, other than because it’s part of the vocal jam? The set-closing Bowie is more classic Fall ‘94 excellence, with strong playing in the structured segments, and frenzied chaos in the jam that follows. Between the Reba, YEM and Bowie, this is a monstrous set. I really like this show, and it’s worthy of a couple of listens.
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Review by bakersdozen

bakersdozen One thing that does not come through from the soundboard recordings are bass bombs, and this show was riddled with them. The band set out to make this one special and it showed. Thanks phish for one of the best nights of my life, I am still buzzing from this show a week later. This was my 50th show overall and my 18th of this summer tour. I am a 3.0 phish phan (my first show was Magnaball) and this was among the best shows that I have seen. I have been a little jaded about their show composition since the awe-inspiring Baker's Dozen, but this show absolutely knocked it out of the park.
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Review by jr31105

jr31105 Night 1 gave us all a surprise from the get go. The show started with a Everly Brothers Cover - my two friends had to run to the bathroom and missed it. I was on the lawn with a head full of
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Review by Juliusismypetcat

Juliusismypetcat What can I say that hasn't already been said about this show, besides for adding in my own personal takes on it? This was one of those DAYS (not just SHOWS) that I chase in my dreams all the time. My two buddies and I made our way through Philly from the hotel and grabbed a pre-show drink at a bar in center city (this is important later). We met a guy from NY who said he was planning to leave at set break because of work the next day. "Hey, seeing half a show is better than not seeing it at all right?".....yeah....right. We meet up with old and new friends on lot and the weather is spectacular for this time of year. The vibe is just "on". We all keep whispering about this, but nobody wants to jinx the whole thing by saying what we were all thinking: It just FEELS right. Sometimes, when you surrender to the flow, it all goes accordingly. We hear rumors about what was sound checked, and my buddies know I'm hoping for that Camel Walk. When The Curtain opens up, I will forever remember my buddy (who has far more shows under his belt) turning to me in the summer sun and saying, "Just relax man, they're taking us in for a nice little Sunday Show". What a genius. FEFY was perfectly placed and the Buried Alive keeps that flavor of "Good Ole Phish". THEN....we all get to strut our stuff to a nice little Camel Walk. At this point everyone is all-in...but what's that you say? REBA! Reba is Reba of course, but, still wanting some "Good ole Phish", the opening notes of Sample play right into my heart. I highly suggest checking the solo on this Sample, even if it doesn't go "deep". Hearing Pebbles and Marbles, I turn to my friend (who is at his 2nd show) and mumble, "Dude this is special right now." I NEVER thought I'd catch this one! Tela (which had been sound checked, but I thought they were saving it for SPAC) was as gorgeous as ever. The sun setting in the background and the breeze truly resonated with me as "Wind from beyond the mountains." I should note here that I was fully satisfied with the set already, when Mango hits. A nice little version to keep the energy up, but what really stood out to me this set was the Driver, again, a song I never thought I'd hear live. This one brought me to tears and just hit the feels in all the right places. Next up, is it gonna be Maze? Damn it, "just" Bowie!!! To this listener's ears, this was nice and tight, still bringing the thunder. Set break? Cool, we just got my favorite set out of the three nights of Camden so far. I turn and say, "They can play whatever second set, and I'm fully satisfied." Guess that guy from NY earlier wasn't so crazy for leaving? BOOM The opening half hour or so that is Mr. Completely and TYL all blend together for me as a gelatinous dance party. Nobody was talking, just exchanging those knowing glances that, "Hey, this is GOOD right?" I know TYL is getting all the props from this show, but for my tastes, I personally liked the Mr. Completely a little more. The riffs at the end were so spicy, and upon re-listen, the soundboards really don't do it justice. After coming down out of the cosmos for the first time in 30+ minutes we get a spectacularly place BBFCFM! The placement of this song at this point in the set cannot be overstated. It really broke up the tension and reminded us all about how not to take it too seriously, then BAM we all get to step into the Freezer. This Tweezer is short, but there about 3 peaks as I recall. Don't be fooled by the length! At this point, I was ok with going home a satisfied customer, so when the groans for Shade came round, I was totally ok with it. MEAP was phenomenal, and again, I cannot over emphasize the flow of this second set. A pause: My buddy HATES Makisupa. For the rest of my crew who know this, it was like one big inside joke that the band was in on as they let that one fly. I couldn't have had a bigger smile on my face. He was rewarded by waiting through that one though with his own favorite, CDT which scorches what's left of that Camden lawn. Another pause: One guy in our crew had left the 2018 Camden N2 early due to work obligations and the only song he'd wanted to hear was Suzy, which they encored with that night. He got his due when they closed down the 2nd set with a standard, if not "sing me home boys" version here. Are we gonna get a tweeprise or what? Who cares! PYITE for the encore? Bring it the hell on! The first few notes of WTU indicate to me that we might get a three song finale (you could hear a pin drop during the quiet part), and when Julius hits (my little furry buddy at home's namesake) the place goes bananas. Alas, no tweeprise, but again nobody cares. We all knew that the perfect Sunday afternoon with friends was just had by all.
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Review by s1177375

s1177375 Second best show I’ve attended to date the only one better was Reading Pennsylvania 2013 right before Halloween. The downward disease walk away and 20 years later beat this tube and bathtub gin and Weekapaug The best part of the show was the Piper into Weekapaug first time they’ve ever played a Weekapaug by itself a full version and not a tease So that was pretty cool to see the first one ever that stretched over multiple days and I got the Mike’s too and I wondered why we never got the paug yesterday but instead went to a really heroine inspired free and never went to simple I am hydrogen I’m not even close to coming back to the groove it was a weird time in Cincinnati but it must’ve meant something to the band because TAB wrote the song Cincinnati inspired by something that happened with the hotel fire and I’m glad everyone survive the hotel fire Susie was a great encore very well played the whole show was just awesome even Friday wasn’t bad second best version to the one in Miami 12 28 03
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Review by s1177375

s1177375 If you want to listen to the only time Friday was played well listen to this show. Friday was amazing tonight and that song sucks hard-core. Get rid of the sucking the love you the bike the Jennifer dances the Terrapin station Cracklin Rosie. I love I didn’t know and I love grind but I only love the hold your head up if it has I hate to say this because I love Pink Floyd but not a bike give me a sexual healing or a terrapin or maybe John Fishman can actually sing the lyrics to let’s see what’s in his range I’m trying to be generous we love some of your songs but party time is not one of them even the first time out it was terrible I was at the Meriwether show and your songs are supposed to be the best the first time out so party times got ago but tube and ass handed I’m with you there buddy I get my ass handed to me every day at work And page you are right it is a crapshoot but I really don’t want the hold your head up to ever be in a show it’s gonna ruin every show except you can make a great show only if it has Jennifer dances or sexual healing
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Review by pkristofco

pkristofco As I we make the journey back to southeast Ohio, I feel like I got away with something. It’s an odd sensation. Like when your grandpa would give you $5 and tell not to tell your brother or sister. I’ve been seeing this band since 1991. Sunday night was special. The bustouts galore, 38 minute Ruby Waves and a Trey that seemed rather pleased with the performance. The smile was contagious. The Landlady opener signaled that this show was special. That was confirmed by the Olivia's Pool that followed. Shafty is great but I prefer Olivia's. I was at the last one in Denver so it was kind of a bizarre time machine to see it’s return. Then comes the TMWSIY sandwich. I heard parts of the sound check version at MPP, so I was thrilled that they decided to bring it out. By the time the got to Meatstick I had to pee so bad that it hurt. Meatstick as a bathroom song? It’s been a while since there hasn’t been a bathroom song in the 1st 30/40 minutes of a show. But I was glad I choose Meatstick. I think I was giggling like a schoolboy after each of the next several selections that it’s almost pointless to recant my thoughts on each. However, About to Run is maybe my favorite new addition to the catalog. I saw it a Blossom and it caught my attention. Sunday’s version took me for a ride. So much fire, so dark, so dreamy. I hope this beast continues to grow. It has a ridiculous amount of potential. The 2nd set starter Mercury is a great tune that I’ve been blessed with seeing some very good versions. Sunday night’s was no different except it felt a little shortened. Maybe because of what was to come. The Ruby Waves floored me. I danced, I stood in stunned silence and again I giggled. People seem to love to argue the best this, the best that. The best jam of the 3.0 era? I’m not sure. That is too subjective for me. Should it be in the conversation; absolutely. The joy Trey exuded during those 38 minutes seemed to provide a level of bliss to his playing that you don’t see everyday. The Steep and Swept Away rode on this bliss to bring me almost to tears; stunningly beautiful. The Icculus carried with it all the force of band that knew it was kicking ass and taking names. Trey seemed to hardly be able to contain himself through the narrative. And the Reprise was just to remind us that yes indeed you just saw Icculus. With the open notes of YEM, it was that I’ve died and gone to heaven moment. Well played and with a bonus Catapult and Contact thrown in for good measure. Hell, even a life altering song selection. I love the reminder that More provides. I know it’s not necessarily a lot of people’s favorite but I think it does a good job of reinforcing the lessons provided to us by the helping friendly book. It was like the band was saying, “now go back to your normal life and spread a little light”. Knowing that Tweeprise was lurking did nothing to dampen the power of its opening. It was a full on dance party with all those in attendance collectively rejoicing what they saw with a familiar yet distinct ending. Jaw was dropped, face was melted, etc, etc It was a great run and Sunday’s show will be talked about for years to come. And it think I was on the fence on going because of adulting.
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Review by gbass598

gbass598 I've never been one to leave a review because my opinion really shouldn't matter to anyone but I feel like I want to comment on this show. It was my 28th show on the 19th anniversary of my first show. (Polaris, 2000) This shows is head and shoulders above the rest. I thought the prior 2 nights were good solid shows but the Sunday night exceeded any expectations I had going into the night. I knew we were going to be in for something when they opened with the Landlady. By the time Avenu Malkanu rolled around there was no doubt in my mind this would be one to remember. When the 2nd set started I was worried we might go back into standard territory with the Mercury opener. I'm not a terribly huge fan of that song. I enjoy Ruby Waves as well as a first time hearing live but when the jam took off I knew we were back into special territory. I remember looking down at my watch and think that this had to be going on for 30 minutes at this point. For a moment I wonder if it would just go on for the whole set. It gave me the same feeling as the 46 days from IT and was almost as long. I thought that would be the highlight and then the show would wrap up shortly once the Twist got started. But they weren't done. Icculus will forever be a highlight. I got my 3rd Buffalo Bill. You could tell they were having fun at the end. It was only fitting to wrap up the weekend with Tweeprise. I was expecting that one ever since Friday when they player Tweezer so early in the first set. This show was easily the highlight of my live experiences seeing the band. I had great times at IT and SuperBall but this one tops them all.
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Review by aybesea

aybesea Just when I was ready to write this tour off as a somewhat shaky, frequently ripcorded, way too many new songs for their own good, why have they declined since Summer 2015, Fall 2016, Summer 2017, Fall 2018, Kasvot Vaxt is going to be the gloom & doom of us all for every tour going forward, why does Trey keep singing these mamby pamby ballads tour... along this show! If you're in it for the bustouts (I'm not, but they are a whole lot of fun)... then this is your show. But wait, there's more... If you're into it for the jams, here comes one mutha of a Ruby Waves... primed and ready to take your little head clean off! Seriously, I've listened twice to be certain that I'm hearing what I think that I'm hearing... and I am... this show is the serious mindfuck. Boy, man, god... SHIT!!!
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Review by s1177375

s1177375 The only thing worth mentioning during the first set was turtle in the clouds and free both had really nice endings This might be the best turtle in the clouds we’ve gotten so far and I don’t really like that song so I guess that’s saying something that whole album sucks as far as I’m concerned Kasvot pussy vault interrupt is growing on me a little bit I like the Paige teases but the songs not so much and the ghost of the forest album material to me is still way better And I wish that would’ve been their Halloween album but for me this show was just OK phans got it right 3.6 but it had an amazing everything is right that everything is right is off the chain I keep listening to the jam it is nice. Sounds like alien base robots invading my living room. Nice job Mike. Mike was on fire tonight If you’re only going to download one song download everything is Right or turtle in the clouds
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Review by hurdygurdy03

hurdygurdy03 Gonna have to say right away this show was special. We’re all aware now of what went down on Sunday night in Alpine 2019. This tour will be remembered for many good reasons, this show being a shining example of that. I’ve been blessed to have Phish in my life just about a year now seeing my first shows back in Camden 2018. I have met some of the most incredible people in that short time. Many moments make a show stand out but this performance was flooded with those. From incredible bust-outs of songs we all chase to mind melting jams, this is why we see Phish. The genuine fun that is watching these four friends have a blast on stage is what it’s all about. I was brought to tears for the first time during, you guessed it....Icculus. Sometimes there aren’t words and that’s why you go to the show. Here’s to an awesome run at Dicks.
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Review by DiscoStu

DiscoStu The terrible thing about hell, is that when you are there you can’t even tell... that tomorrow will be the one you’ve been chasing. I could close my eyes and write my “perfect” set list and would no doubt come up far short of the juggernaut that the boys unleashed on a poor and (maybe) unsuspecting southern Wisconsin. Shows like this are why when my wife asks me “can we go see a different band this time?” the answer is always... “well no, why would we do that?”. Alas I will just go on an oblivious fool, for my brother, sister and I all turned our cars southward on a silent Saturday morning feeling the need to get back to on the train of reality. Saturday night was my 77th show and was a blast, and I thought it had filled the void for this summer. And until right about 8:45 edt on Sunday night I was right. Being a faithful Phan since 96 (despite those few dark years where there were no shows and I had to get a real job) most of the big milestones have been checked off my list. The 8-9 hour set at Big Cypress when we all kept looking to the horizon to see if the world would end and knowing that we were all perfectly happy of it did. My first Fluffhead at my 40th show - especially after “Mike says no” at IT, the Moby Dick set at Deer Creek, finally getting a Harpua after standing like a rooted tree in the driving wind and rain so strong I couldn’t open my eyes at Northerly Island, or the moment I really fell in love at my 2nd show when they opened with Punch. Sure chronologically it’s a little sideways and backwards down the number line but the significance is more what matters... The pre show conversations now are usually, “man I hope they play catapult again someday” or “I wonder if I’ll ever get an Icculus” or “my only swept away was my first show”. So when the first notes of The Landlady made my ears perk up I knew that this, finally tonight, could be the night. And after a gleeful Jedi began belting out lyrics to a song I thought I knew I realized that finally tonight the stars had aligned!!! And I drove home 12 hours before. Phish being a faithful teacher taught me a lesson that I already knew and will never forget. I will say I felt a strong connection to this show and I watched every minute in beautiful 4K HD - thank you livephish, but my devotion to the dream of my wife and beautiful children made the drive for me. I’m not going to write an in depth and comprehensive review of the show. At this point you all know what happened and how delightful and amazing it was for all of us. I guess I rambled on here to try to make a point or some how slip stitch and pass it all up into this... Thank You Phish, for still giving us a reason after all these years. It wouldn’t really be Phishing if there wasn’t a good story about the great big one that got away right? #neverstopphishing #nevermissasundayshow
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Review by EducateFright

EducateFright I'm finally back in Michigan after the long drive. Right, here we go... The stars aligned for me and Phish last night. My wife and I arrived at Alpine Valley fairly early for our third night of Phish. We found a spot on the lawn stage left, Page side/rage side. This was the first of many things to go right: the ground was quite level there, and we were very close to some restrooms. More importantly, the people around us were chill - there were at least two people who'd brought kids, and everyone turned out to be quiet and respectful as opposed to drunk and obnoxious. We sat down and waited for the show to start. I was quite relaxed, maybe even a little on the tired side. I didn't have many expectations... I figured we'd get a YEM and a Tweeprise, but beyond that, who knows? I texted a friend who has been to many shows (he had pavilion tickets), and he expressed a strong feeling that there would be a bust out or two. I texted that I'd like to get a Shafty, and he agreed. I purchased a $6 Red Bull. By the time the band came on, I'd finished it and was ready to go. They started with Landlady. So I didn't get the Tweeprise opener I was hoping for, but this... this is interesting. "Hmm, how many times in 3.0 have they played this outside of PYITE?" I wondered. Immediately, I started to dance... Then came Olivia's Pool. I looked around, wondering if the people surrounding me had any idea what this was. Was I the only one? I texted my friend. "Well, we kind of got Shafty after all. This is fucking Olivia's Pool!" And so here already were the bust outs my friend predicted. I figured Olivia's Pool hadn't been played since the 90s, and it turned out I was correct. Grinning widely, I began to dance harder. Oddly enough, although I recognized Olivia's Pool immediately, it wasn't until half way through Spock's Brain that I remembered the name of this particular song, which felt oddly familiar until I was finally able to place it. Naturally, Trey destroyed About To Run. Strange Design very nearly brought tears to my eyes. The whole first set was composed of a fantastic selection of songs, perfectly ordered, and - most importantly - everything was very well played. "Damn, so that was an absolutely stellar first set," I thought to myself. "OK, well, you know, a stellar first set isn't always an indicator of what we'll experience in set two - and that might even be particularly true of 3.0," I cautioned myself. "However, if the second set does turn out to be as quality as that first set, then this will go down as a very memorable show." Ha. I had no idea what was in store. Set two. Ruby Waves delivered a very long jam, during which my wife turned to me and asked me how many songs they'd played so far. "Uh, I think this is still the second song of the set," I told her. The thing about my wife is, although she generally enjoys Phish, she's hardly a fan. She has trouble discerning to what degree the band is improvising at any given time. Still, she knew very well that THIS was jamming, and exceptional jamming at that. She knew very well that they hadn't jammed like this during the first two nights. At one point the jam fizzled out and dissipated. I braced myself for the next song. Nope. The jam picked up again and headed into new territory. "Woah... They didn't want to get off the train!" I thought to myself. Following the ensuing Twist, we got a very pretty Swept Away and Steep pairing, followed by a Death Don't Hurt Very Long played with much enthusiasm. The crowd ate it up. And then it happened: Icculus. OH MY GOD. I cheered in a bizarre combination of WOOing and giddy laughing. "This is happening?!" I NEVER expected to catch this song live, ever. And yet here it was. I stood still and focused on the big screen above: there was Trey, absolutely reveling in the moment, working the crowd into a frenzy with his truly bizarre and increasingly hysterical narration about the benefits of reading. He couldn't stop smiling. Following this there was a long pause. And then... Buffalo Bill. I lost again: more WOOing and giggling. I love this short and catchy song! Yet again, another tune I wouldn't have dared to expect. And then we got the YEM I did predict, but even this was unusual: it was a Catapult / Contact sandwich! At one point I glanced behind me at the young couple I'd briefly spoke to before the show started. Their eyes were heavily glazed over, and they were having trouble standing. Man, was I ever glad to be sober! If there was ever a show I'd like to be sober for, it's this: I want to remember every detail with crystal clarity, and not have anything slowing me down. I danced harder still. Some dude approached me and asked me if I had any doses. The thing is, sometimes the phans raging the hardest are the most sober. Before the band left the stage prior to the encore, I carefully observed their faces on the big screen. Gosh, did they ever look happy. Of course they knew it: they knew they just played one for the ages. It was all the more exciting to see it expressed in their genuine, humble smiles. My wife and headed out of the venue just as the band played the final notes of Tweeprise. We were out of there in no time. This is precisely the show I've dreamed of catching since 2000: a show with both rare songs/bust outs AND outstanding jamming. The dream came true tonight. It's not like I make it to nearly as many shows as some of you, which makes it feel like an even greater blessing to have managed to catch this show. Thank you Phish.
, attached to 2004-06-26

Review by ND61400

ND61400 Like another 2.0 favorite of mine, 2/22/03, an otherwise kick-ass second set is ruined by Friday, which is a strong contender for my least favorite Phish song of all time. Yet like 2/22/03, the non-Friday parts of this show are really great, highlighted by a personal favorite Scents in Set 1, and a preposterously fun Boogie On -> Ghost to open Set 2. 6/20 is the best show of 2004 top-to-bottom, and it also has the best individual set (Set 2). But this show's Boogie On -> Ghost might be the best 1-2 punch of the year.
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Review by s1177375

s1177375 On a more positive note with this show in particular especially during backwards down the number line and I really noticed it during about to run TREY sang really nice and clear loud that’s what we want we do not want timid meek anxious trey we want Trey singing at the top of his Lungs I know he has many tour dates And more than half of the songs require him as the lead singer so he has to keep his voice to have lots of water and do the whole Céline Dion thing he’s never gonna sound like Celine Dion we don’t care we just want you to sound loud not necessarily the best singer in the worldWe have never expected that we don’t even really want that but we want to be able to hear the lyrics in lawn at home in car w my pet cat or at work Especially that’s where I noticed that the music is way louder than the voices but tonight thumbs up all around I don’t know if it was Fenway is being a baseball field they gave it this better acoustics or not but trade definitely sounded louder and I loved that. Michelle was still mediocre sorry to be a buzz kill
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Review by JackeeTreehorn

JackeeTreehorn Long time phan/ first time reviewer I haven't seen a show in over 15 years. I thought I might be able to lend a different perspective in that respect. I didn't know how much I missed their live shows! In that long time away this band has matured into a professional, polished, precise and patient powerhouse. They've been doing this for 35 years AND IT SHOWS! Some of the tunes that I used to love back in the 90's like AC/DC Bag, NICU, Halley's Comet & YaMar didn't quite have the ferocity like in the days of old, but were perfectly executed. For me, there were a lot of new tunes like Blaze On. Great jam, finally got out there a bit. Really fun. Sloth, Fuck Your Face and My Friend were unexpected treats. No serious improv jamming, but they were SO FUN! Everybody was all smiles. Final Hurrah had some great jamming Zero gets a lot of flack on social media, but it RAGES! I've seen this at about half of my shows and it never lets me down. The energy was insane. Excellent jamming throughout the second set. ASIHTOS was nice, but from Runaway Jim on the fellas got serious. I'll never understand how Trey nails the lyrics to Undermind & Golden Age and flubs BOTT so badly that Page had to take over! It was hilarious and reminded me of the good ole days. I think Trey just wanted to jam. And jam he did! Prolly not a best-of version, but DAMN! "It took me a long time to get back on the train", but it felt so good to be back!
, attached to 2019-07-14

Review by gurusagdiev

gurusagdiev I'm not usually one to review a show, however in this case I will make an exception. First of all this run was the only time I've camped at a show (excluding curveball) and also the first time I've brought three friends along, two of which had never been to a show before. After this weekend I think those guys are hooked. The first two nights were spectacular, slightly songy but I generally enjoy that. The beautiful hood as well as roses were highlights of the previous two nights. Then came night three, immediately in the gates I felt a special energy culminating under that shed. The first note solidified that feeling with a major bustout and one of my all time favorite songs, landlady. After that, Olivia's TMWSIY>malkenu was just icing on the cake. Glide is another one of my all-time favorites, I was jumping up and down as high as I could on the top of the lawn at that point. About to run is such a good song, I don't think it gets enough credit but I digress. Around that time I was starting to feel like they might do something crazy. The next four songs were just that. Let me add a bit of context to my experience, I saw my first two shows at alpine back in 09' I was 9 at the time and my dad had brought me. I recount it as one of the coolest experiences of my childhood. This weekend we spent most of our time perched up at the top of the lawn and seeing all the kids running around reminded me of that time, then I would look up and see the stars and the moon and remember that here and now is what it's all about. Mercury is such an amazing song, every time I hear it it gets better and better. Followed by the 7th longest jam in Phish history, it's incomparable. My buddy called twist late in the first set so I'm happy he got one, that was a cool moment. I really enjoyed seeing swept away and DDHVL as well. Then came the goat, the highlight of my night. Can't get any better than icculus, never really chased this song because I thought it would be impossible but never say never when it comes to Phish. After icculus I couldn't imagine they could play anything to top or par that but buffalo bill, yem catapult contact yem definitely did the trick. This is why I love Phish, this is why we do this. Never miss a Sunday show. Thanks to this weekend I finally have a crew that will go to shows with me, everyone is pumped, I can't wait for what the future holds. The takeaway: don't drink too much vodka, don't park too close to the venue, and it's okay to drool!
, attached to 1999-07-01

Review by TheDailyVinyl

TheDailyVinyl This was my first Phish show ever. I had just moved to Nashville after breaking up with the girlfriend that got me into Phish. I came into this really only knowing the studio and official live albums (ALO, HCA, SSP); and not really a fan of bluegrass. So, this probably wasn't the best introduction to Live Phish. Highlights for me: PYitE / WB / the lightning off in the distance during YEM / CZ encore Lowlights for me: - While I thought it was cool to have guest musicians, I wasn't established enough into the band to enjoy the 6 bluegrass tinged songs and versions. / - Billy Breathes, while a great tune, as the 2nd song, just set a chilled out mood too soon for me, and I couldn't get the vibe up for the rest of the show. / - with the approaching storm, the 2nd set seemed to have been shortened to about an hour or less. That being said, I would've rather a rapid-fire of multiple songs instead of a long DwD, a slow PC and a really really long YEM that (to me) didn't take off. When the lighting would flash off in the distance, the whole crowd would cheer. seemed to be the most exciting part of the jam. I get that I was a newbie, and in many ways, 20 years later, I still am. But I was mostly bored at this show, standing way back in the lawn section.
, attached to 2019-07-14

Review by VictorBottino

VictorBottino Let’s put it this way: It is 4:47 am PST and I am listening to the last few notes of Vultures. I literally woke up just to listen to this on the App. UNBELIEVABLE set list! UNBELIEVABLE performance!!! No hyperbole here, this show is life changing and answers the eternal question, “why are you going to see that band again?” YOU CAN’T LIE TO YOURSELF VERY LONG.
, attached to 2019-07-06

Review by s1177375

s1177375 The older these guys get not only will we know how old they get because of the song Grind but they’re going to start singing less songs about souls oceans happiness or Gamehendge and love and Mark my words more songs about death and being scared of death close clouded and covered and mast by a sarcasm and a bunch of lies really for example songs like thread a song about a church yard graveyard with just one epitaph one grave and obviously they’re talking about themselves you’re a long lot more songs about being alone about loneliness like mercury or mound mound is obviously where an old man died and was buried The song backwards down the number line anybody who believes in evolution usually celebrates birthdays instead of death days because a Christian loves the day he dies because he gets to see Jesus but a unbeliever celebrates the past and lives in the past because he remembers that life was better in the past hence backwards down the number line lyrics about friends that he’s lost or a sister that he’s lost and I love the song miss you don’t get me wrong I miss you as a great song as Christians can miss our family to we just have hope that will see them again I know I’m going to see my dad again who died at 52 of cancer in his neck and back but I don’t despair because I really believe that I will see him again so the closer I get to death the closer I get to see my friend who are used to go boogie boarding with fishing with hiking with and I can’t wait to see him again in heaven and do all those same things without sin anyway back to the songs about death obviously death don’t hurt very long which is A song about death either not hurting very much because you don’t have to experience the pain very long but the truth is there’s no middle ground it either hurts forever in hell or doesn’t hurt at all because of the hope you know you’re going to go to paradise and be with Jesus so that’s just straight up lie from Darwin that these for idiots believe as well as they believe in aliens and I’ll kinds of crazy shit I hate that my heroes are really morons OK next song doesn’t have any lyrics but what’s the use as a definite feel and all five of giving up not caring anymore apathy and ultimate nihilism Look at the lyrics from another trey song About missing his friend and the fact that he would have revenge but revenge is seen as a positive thing just like in Tarantino’s movies revenge is the Lords and we are not supposed to seek revenge we are supposed to forgive but forgiveness is something I never see in the fish community and I never see it in the secular world forgiveness is so rare like truth like the Billy Joel song says honesty is hardly ever seen and rarely ever heard how true the piano man was I never see honesty and authenticity and authentic expressions of passion are the only ones I want to see I don’t want to see songs about death and glorifying death like it’s this good thing it’s the same thing with drugs like glorify marijuana in Marky super police man or legalize it sure marijuana is not nearly as dangerous as other drugs and basically the only downside is it makes you lazy and gives you cancer if you smoke it but still you shouldn’t be glorifying something that has a downside it’s like glorifying prescription drugs I agree we do need to all come together like the Beatles song which is much better than this one by the way and that would be great but basically tray is talking about communism he’s basically talking about would John Lennon believe this utopia of the song imagine wouldn’t it be nice if we all sing coomb by Ya and get along and sing songs like soul planet problem is were sinners and until weAdmit the truth that they are not mistakes they are sin against the holy God who cannot send and cannot lie and loves us deeply until we admit there’s a personal God who hates most of the shit we do you can’t ever go from being the prodigal son to the son returning home I was saved in part because of tragedy mostly because of tragedy my wife had left me I was a drug attic and I had nowhere else to turn but get off the drugs get my life clean and God told me you’re supposed to love me more than your wife and it finally clicked and I cried all the way home from her old apartment where I couldn’t hear her dog screaming so I knew that she Musta left with her new boyfriend and I lost it and gave my life to Jesus the rest is history but I still love the band and two of them are Jews God hasn’t Given up on the Jewish race there his people and he never will look at Jews they are the prettiest people watch the episode of Conan on team Coco where he goes to Jerusalem they really are the prettiest people and it’s no wonder they are gods people they also are impossible to kill think about the holocaust or 911 when you’re fighting against God you cannot win unless you surrender and love him I hope my favorite band does that so that they can stop with all this foolish talk about death read the story of Lazarus or better yet read the story of Jesus the only man who knows how to beat my last enemy death and your last enemy death and the bands last enemy death death is terrible but until we realize that we are the cause of our own demise and stop blaming other people Or Darwin or the survival of the fittest we will never forgive others and we will never help as we are supposed to and Trey is write a life beyond the dream is possible but only as a Christian
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