, attached to 2003-07-19

Review by s1177375

s1177375 A slightly under rated gym from 2003 obviously not two 2803 or even as good as six 1904 but definitely want the top 10 shows of 2003I love any show that has play at Leo and this show has the whole first set is Leo KottkeI still want the idea of a Orchestra dedicated type show to venues like Nash Ville or blossom so for example divided sky summer of 89 Mr. completely basically anything from treys solo stuff. A lizards Petrichor guyute pebbles and marbles SaSS never heard that w the big band full. A show like as if it was from 1991 with that band but with all the new songs that phish now has
, attached to 1994-07-05

Review by westbrook

westbrook The first and likely last appearance in Ottawa was an early example of the "you snooze you lose" show Phish tended to unleash at out-of-the-way, sparsely attended venues to reward the loyal fans who showed up. One of the hallmarks of such shows are bustouts, and Letter to Jimmy Page and Cities ably fill that role here. Great Gig in the Sky is another minor bustout of note, and this was its last performance before returning on 11/2/98, the king of all sleeper shows. The tidy crowd also probably factored into the decision to let the audience take over vocals in My Sweet One. Aside from those more novel features, the musical highlights come in a gnarly Stash, a graceful Esther (w/"Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" tease), a typically hot '94 Disease, the biggest outing for Gin since Murat, and a YEM with a jam that takes a slightly more circuitous route than most including more "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" teases for some bizarre juxtaposition. All in all an eminently fun show. A bit more meat at the end of the second set (Slave, Hood, etc.) would lift this show to the next level but it's still 4 stars to me.
, attached to 1996-08-13

Review by ND61400

ND61400 For some reason, I was late to the party in giving this show a deep listen. I think it was the Weekapaug -> Rainbow that really threw me off, and it's still not my favorite piece of Phish music. (Really I'm talking about the Rainbow, as Weekapaug is a lot like Antelope for me in that I tend to like most every version.) What's more, Waste and Train Song have never really done it for me, and they're just sitting there in the middle of Set 2. In spite of all that, my opinion of this show has only grown with each listen. That's mostly the result of an outrageously good Mike's Groove. As someone who typically falls on the Groove side of the Mike's Groove spectrum, I find this Mike's Song to be one of my absolute favorites, and I think Lifeboy really works well as the filler. Set 1 has a super sharp Divided Sky opener and a perfectly lovely Slave closer, but I keep coming back to that Tube. It's *only* 4 minutes long, but the (too short, obviously) jammed out portion absolutely kills. I shudder to think what would've happened had they played this on, say, 8/13/97 instead of 8/13/96. At the end of the day, I'm glad I've continued to come back to this show despite some initial reluctance.
, attached to 1994-11-22

Review by ND61400

ND61400 This isn't the best show of 1994. That honor belongs to 6/18. This is the second best show of 1994. And there's certainly no shortage of 1994 shows to choose from. Still, this beats 6/22 and 7/16 and Providence Bowie and, yes, even Tweezerfest at the Bomb Factory. That's not to say that those shows aren't good or that they aren't worthy of their high rating here on phish.net. Certainly they are. But Jesse '94 is Phish in its purest form. Want a huge 30-minute jam? Cool - here's Funky Bitch. Want Phish setlist mastery? Cool - here's Buried Alive > Poor Heart > Horn > Foam. Want technical mastery? Cool - go listen to Guyute, the racing pig. It's perfect. Want some variety? Cool - Remember that Funky Bitch? Yeah, that same set has a BBFCFM, I'm Blue I'm Lonesome, Tiny Little Butter Biscuits, and My Long Journey Home. Want Hood? - Cool - here's Harry. There are five 1994 shows that got released as part of the LivePhish series, and Jesse wasn't one of them. And you know what? That's fine because it's better than all of them and deserves to stand apart.
, attached to 2018-12-29

Review by glassy

glassy This isn't a proper review, just a commentary. After the show ended, I left YEMSG with such ebulliance (and maybe I left my brain in the Sky Bridge), and was completely awestruck. I found a super-chill bar in Greenwich Village that was decorated with Star Wars memorabilia, and basked in the glow of this show with my other fam. Trey is a Jedi.
, attached to 1992-12-12

Review by ND61400

ND61400 Early 90's Phish can be hit-or-miss for me, personally. Some shows I can listen to on repeat (Durham, Murat, Schnitzer), while others I just don't really "get" (Roxy - all of it). That said, I think this is a really good, fun, well-played show. I'm a huge Antelope fan (@n00b100 said in his review of 12/30/2017 that Antelope is like pizza - even if it's bad it's good, and this is a sentiment I can get behind), and this one - as a Set 1 closer, which is my personal favorite spot for it - kills. In fact, that whole first set from start to finish is a home run. Add this to your too-large collection of Phish shows without hesitation.
, attached to 2015-08-07

Review by s1177375

s1177375 This second set is ridiculously good . . . And I live 20 minutes from Blossom and i am waiting to GO GO GO GO GO GO to the right show I saw DMB at Blossom w my sister after the violinist Beaud Tinsley left and messed up the juju with all the sexual stuff all over the country. . ...wierd summer i want a proper summer so let's GO!!!! The idea is WHERE in the world do you want to be? IT at the PLACE! You want to be there . . .you just had to be there Don't You Wanna Go>Let's Go>Round Room>WTCCTT>Roggae>Petrichor>Farmhouse>Sleep>Maze>Dinner and a Movie>TMWTIY>Alaska>Alvenu Malkenu >Mexican Cousin>TMWSIY>Harry Hood encore You Aint Goin' Nowhere (Dylan cover) Traveling (trey solo album) and if Phish doesnt like my animals set idea or my GO idea how about the WOOD IDEA. . . .places where you must play all orchestral songs because the venue is made of wood Set 1 Guyute>Spices>Lizards>Petrichor>The Divided Sky>If I Could>Mercury Set 2 YEM>Stash>Esther>The Summer of 89>Torn and Frayed Time Turns Elastic This show was one of my top 50 ever! Please TOP it Phish . . .You guys are creative you can do it!
, attached to 1991-07-12

Review by forgemaster

forgemaster Being from Keene this was a especially fun show. Only problem was I got locked up at a party that the band was at on water st. Also hung with the band at Tolman pond before the show & the day after the show. Things were a lot mellower back then that's for sure. Was a great show except for the lock up although I did get out pretty quickly. The cops didn't like that I wouldn't put my beer down since I was 21 at the time so I figured I didn't need to put my bee down but the cops thought different & threw me into the back of a cruiser. The good ol days. Haven't seen Phish since 92. Once you have seen a band in small bars & venues it just isn't the same going to big arena's. They came a long way from the old days though thats for sure.
, attached to 1990-04-06

Review by forgemaster

forgemaster I lived in Crested Butte at the time & being from NH was already a big Phish fan. Myself & one other guy made soundboard tapes of the whole colorado tour. My friend & I especially liked all the ski area shows as we would sneak on the mountains during the day & "shred the rad" & then go catch Phish for a night cap - Telluride, Steamboat - We slept in some horse field in Steamboat & woke up with horses staring at us. The steamboat show cost $1 to get in. Unfortuanlty I lost all of my tapes but they must still be out there somewhere
, attached to 1990-10-07

Review by wokeupthismorning

wokeupthismorning very fun, energetic show. lots of jersey talk, which as a jersey guy is fun to hear. nothing mind blowing but everything is well played. great flow to the sets. the mikes groove has a little something extra. enjoyable tweezer. trey shreds the good times bad time. im a sucker for 90, and i dont think enough people listen to these shows. this is a good show for the era, definitely worth a listen. check it out. classic phish
, attached to 2018-08-03

Review by yEEt_1331

yEEt_1331 It's not the shows with erratic four-song sets filled with fire (I'm looking at you, fall 1997) that pique my interest. Rather, it's the element of balance. Quick example: Fall 2013. I sought balance for three nights after a six-hour drive from Florida, and I received that on night one. Balance, to me, is different moods of songs, specifically the lighter ones, in the right places at the right times, and boy, did that happen here. All of These Dreams was a perfect hose to put out the fire that Ghost left behind. As a bonus, I really wanted to hear it live, and I got that. Winterqueen was also impeccably placed right after the second set heat. It really makes those lighter songs that much more enjoyable. Phish following up with Harry Hood tells us that they're 100% capable of cooling down and heating up again in rapid succession.
, attached to 1999-10-07

Review by westbrook

westbrook I view the last four dates of the Fall Tour as a group of uneven shows without much flow, partially due to so many Farmhouse songs being shoehorned into the setlists. There are a few standout jams but there are also some jams that are just [i]long[/i]. This show does a better job of sustaining momentum than 10/8 and 10/10 to be sure. The first set is lengthy but holds together well as a whole with high points in Bowie and Fluffhead interspersed among standard first set fare. Bowie goes deep early and the Arrival in Fluffhead soars expectedly for a version from this period. Some of that unevenness appears at the beginning of the second set where Tube is the only notable performance through the first four songs. It sounds like Trey and Fishman are wrestling over the tempo in Heavy Things as Trey sets his loop slower than the beat Fish comes in with, and then later in BOTT Fishman plays extra slowly to get back at Trey. Mike's > McGrupp, Caspian > Golgi > Weekapaug is the surefire highlight. Even though Golgi is a bit superfluous, it's one of the few extended sequences from these shows that I return to for some uniquely '99 playing. The ambiance at the end of Mike's sounds close to a tease of the "pre-Nirvana" section of YEM. Hydrogen's surprise placement in the encore is a treat to close the show.
, attached to 1994-07-02

Review by 3PointOhKeePa

3PointOhKeePa I normally don't write reviews, but I felt I needed to for this show. I've been working my way through every show phish has played by first listening to all the heavy hitters, then exploring unknown shows. At show number 675 this show blew me away more than I could have possibly imagined. Every song is played with gusto, the setlist is a literal dream I had once (with less toasters), and there is so much energy throughout I thought the show was over when tweezer reprise ended; that's how much I enjoyed this first set. 1994 has some of the most memorable shows in Phishs history, and is absolutely a peak year for the band. I thought I'd heard all of the big 94 shows up until this point having listened to 80% of the year already, and its amazing to me that there are still shows this good that get swept under the rug. I write this review simply so others who are doing what I'm doing may see this and know it is a show you should get on ASAP. 5/5, loved every second of it. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this opinion. Enjoy!
, attached to 2002-06-23

Review by Xpanding_Man

Xpanding_Man How in the hell has nobody reviewed this show yet on phish.net? A recurring theme of this show is that each song is thoroughly jammed out. Thanks my friend Sean Y, I had access to a beautiful recording a few days after the show. The show still stands up today, and there is now a great pro-shot video available if you can find it. Words can't do this show justice, but I'll try anyway :) Push on seems appropriate, given the week Trey had building up to this night (7 nights in a row!) $ and Cayman are both solid, with Cayman's solo offering up some fun chaos before a strong close. Sand...wow, to have been there with the moon and stars above, I might have died and gone to heaven so perhaps it's best I wasn't there. Last Tube, the definitive TAB song closes out a strong set. Night Speaks is just long and meandering, essentially dissolving into Gazebo, which seems like a funeral dirge by contract. Mr. Completely gets things going again one more time before Trey comes out and gives a sneak peak of things to come YEARS later by doing some phish songs acoustic. Man, does he sound tired, fried, and in need of a break. Alive Again closes out the gig, the festival, and raised the bar for future fests. This one was hard to live up to; most have failed.
, attached to 1998-08-16

Review by play_it_leo89

play_it_leo89 Surely I can't be the only one who absolutely LOVES this [b]Ya Mar > AC/DC Bag > Frankie Says[/b] trifecta ... Right? I mean, it's blissful! Particularly that segue from Ya Mar into AC/DC - I was floored when I heard it live at Limestone, and sooooo very many years later I'm STILL as impressed. The whole thing just epitomizes summer.
, attached to 1998-11-11

Review by s1177375

s1177375 The limb by limb and gumbo are the highlights to me. I know I know the Halley’s is long dank and parts of it are funky and parts spacey but it has this long part where trey has this annoying loop sound that just doesn’t seem to end in a bad way. The limb by limb is a rare rocker like a now 46 days equivalent. Amazing show all around but not top 20 ever
, attached to 1998-11-11

Review by s1177375

s1177375 95 and 98 are my favorite years. And a few amazing shows in 94 and 99 a close 2nd. Keep it coming w archive releases from 98. The whole year and big Cypress before I die in soundboard quality please. One of the best shows ever. Up there w 12 29 and 30 1997 the island tour cypress 2nd night Magnaball 2 28 2003 yes that good. Wow!!!!
, attached to 2019-04-19

Review by Egeffy

Egeffy EFFY Egeffy I wish that there was a way that I could write this note directly to trey...but unsure how to do so I post it here. I have been to hundreds and hundreds of concerts. Starting with queen in 79 and phish in 91 at biddy mulligans ( I only went to a few phish shows after that time until festy 8) hundreds of dead and related show, and so much including current shows like MUSE and I might even check out a trey indirect recommendation of Kind Gizzard.. anyways the point of this is to express gratitude for THIS show.... wow!! rarely have I seen such a loving act, it was powerful, sadly beautiful, entirely compelling masterfully written and played, I really can not express how meaningful this was. Such heart and utter vulnerability was expressed, it literally took my breathe away. I stood in the GA pit at the greek in LA spell bound, needing to occasionally shish a few folks but otherwise in a captivated trance. Thank thank thank thank you Trey for showing up as a real person, not only for your dear friend but for us to witness. I hope this will give me strength to show up when it is time for me to do so again, as I have failed in the past to do so to the extent at I should have, consciously present and unrushed at the bedside of death. I had to go get a seat upstairs towards the end as I could physically stand up no longer, after I guess nearly 2 hours as I have MS... but the jams.. wowsa the jams were AMAZING... and let me say that "I am going to run" is just the perfect drug addiction summary... I hope you are still good and strong trey... your recovery allowed this message to shine though and your courage allowed the love of your lifelong friendship to reverberate in me...I was filled with the love you shared so much I hugged several people during the show with tears in my eyes! So once again thank you for this amazing gift that will really take time to fully digest and relisten more carefully!
, attached to 2019-02-20

Review by Wilson

Wilson Heard Turtle in the Clouds as I was checking in. Dropped my stuff off in my room and rushed over to the beach area at the back of the venue. Came in the middle of the "Jam" which I think lasted a solid 20-25minutes or so. It was really, really good. Wish I (or someone) had captured some audio of it. Plasma also had a fantastic jam (not quite as good as the previous jam, nor quite as good as NYE 18, but still some nice interplay.). Really wish/hope this gets some kind of release someday....was up there with the Magnaball soundcheck in terms of jamming quality.
, attached to 2016-09-04

Review by s1177375

s1177375 I love the show for many reasons it has a theme on most shows don’t have a theme this one the theme is obviously waiting still waiting is going throughout the entire second set and versa just has a really good sauce but the second says all that waiting it also has my all-time favorite song lizard‘s which is I think their best song ever even though it is the same guitar so every time pretty much it is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard in game ends what I would like is for them to do a show about let’s go so it’s all about going somewhere it’s all About the place it’s all about the destination or the journey so for example this atlas would look something like this it would start off with don’t you want to go I’ve only played it once in 1995 then we’re going to let’s go Mike’s solo song then it would either go into traveler or farmhouse and then into row gay or when the circus comes to town all the songs would be aboutPlaces that people go to so you have like sea and sand in the squirming coil and drowned would be beach songs because we’re going to the beach probably end the set list with squirming coilI really like that gospel tune don’t you want to go and they do Paul and Silas and they do a few others but I would like to hear don’t you want to go or let’s go or that one that they play during the donut show set One opener way down in a holeSo basically I’m just saying keep it coming with the things we like the names you don’t have to just do it at Dick’s with spelling out and all S sad or thank you guys or most shows spell something etc. you can do it with an all animal sad or it can be about places so I think places is a cool idea to go w next as an idea for 2 great sets. You could encore with the man who stepped into yesterday goes into her pool or whatever you want to as the as the encore because you going to game hedge for the finale that would be freaking awesome
, attached to 2019-04-05

Review by blazeon46

blazeon46 An absolutely magical experience for me. The Met looked gorgeous, the lights dazzled, and the band performed a group of songs that, for the most part, went directly into my wiring and have been reinforced through repeated listening the last week of the shows that have followed. Beyond the music, which I love but which some may not, if you don't pay attention, you may miss that Trey has written some of the most poignant lyrics of his career. There is a decidedly different feel to these songs than say, Soul Planet or Rise Up. They are the kind of lyrics that can only come from experiencing grief. John Lennon was 20 when he wrote "In My Life". I don't think he could have found those words if he hadn't lost his mother when he was little. The GOTF lyrics are devastating, haunting, beautiful, and hopeful at the same time. The songs are dealing with loss, but like he did last year when he let us know death don't hurt very long, again Trey finds a way to paint a picture that isn't so frightening. "Don't know if there's even gonna be a tomorrow, but we're all here tonight so let's set it all free...And in the end, we will all be light..." he sings on Stumble Into Flight, the grooviest song about kicking it I can think of. But he also reminds us to be in the moment. "Feel the sun...in long lines..." When you think about how close he came to his own demise (or causing someone else's) in 2006, I don't know how it can't warm your heart to see the smile on his face the last few weeks as he finds welcoming audiences in these gorgeous theaters blindly welcoming this new music. I think it will go down as a personal zenith for him when all is said and done. I truly love hearing from those of you who are on a similar ride right now.
, attached to 2003-07-18

Review by hseamons

hseamons Got to attend these Alpine shows 16 years ago, and in the context of other great shows from the year (2/20, 2/26, 2/28) I recall being slightly disappointed. Taking a walk down memory lane here today, however, and seeing the quite low rating for this date makes me think this run, and this show in particular, deserve more credit. The Gin is contained and shorter for 2.0 standards, but it still packs a wallop of hard-driving jammy energy, as does the Roggae finale in the first set. Bowie is a strong set closer as well. The Disease is a 24 minute rocked-out bonanza that doesn't let up, only to find itself in a cool-grooving Catapult. This ain't 3.311 star material here. Some have suggested the show fizzles out by this point. WHAT!? I'll take some outdoor 2.0 Bug hose to keep things super summer level—and it's quite okay to drop into a couple ballads after the previous half-hour rage fest. Secret Smile is a nice change of pace and a more welcome song these days as a rarer tune that has grown on me. What ever happened to Two Versions of Me (or Discern)?? The song was kinda "lame" sounding in the earlier singing parts ("oooooooooooone" . . . "twoooooooooo"), but could usually find a pleasant outro jam. Nice to hear it again! Let's not overlook this dark, blood-curdling 14 minute Twist that finds an evil yet meditative groove. This is indeed the post-hiatus ambient-bliss jamming most of us came to know and love. And pholks, what solidifies this show as a 4-plus star level rating is certainly one of the best Hoods of 2.0: a 17 minute masterpiece that includes full-throttle jamming that almost could have turned into a high impact Dave's Energy Guide section, but it's a unique Hood jam all its own. An epic-fire conclusion for the evening. I recall these Alpine shows being sold out and being a pretty huge event given the venue size, so tickets were actually harder to find on the lot, but I finally found one only minutes to show time. So glad I made it!
, attached to 1995-10-24

Review by wokeupthismorning

wokeupthismorning i was 13 years old. already a phan. probably had junta and lawn boy on cd at this point. my buddy (who lived three doors up the street) was going with his dad and asked if i wanted to go. i remember being stoked that i got to see my first show before my older brother, who introduced me to the band, saw them. i mostly remember lots of crusty old dead heads in the lot beforehand, a couple of whom complimented my jerry t shirt that i had bought at kohl’s. the show was mind blowing. the music was like nothing i had ever experienced before. i didnt know most of the songs, but absolutely loved it. i remember thinking acoustic army was SO COOL. i was (still am) a huge fan of the narnia books, so i couldnt believe they had a song called prince caspian. theyre playing a game of chess with the audience??!! crazy. the vocal jam in yem totally freaked me out. sleeping monkey cracked me up. contact was a highlight. i had to ask my buddy what a day in the life was. did not know it at the time. i remember this like 65 year old hippie lady noodle dancing in the aisle. there was a cute college age girl next to me smoking joints. the light show was incredible. everything about it was just a smorgasbord for the senses. i was completely and utterly hooked. listening back now, the antelope stands out as an absolute monster. good show from an incredible tour.
, attached to 2018-12-31

Review by dublindeuce

dublindeuce Months after I hit this recent NYE run at the Garden, and this unique show is the one I come back to and listen to the most. Even with monstrous shows like 12/29 and 12/30 preceding it, there's something special about this show to me. Sand, Steam, and Chalk Dust Torture are the clear set 1 highlights. Sand oozes with space-funk grandeur, and Steam and Chalk Dust may be short, but they pack quite the punch. I'll be honest; I've been getting a little tired of Antelope set closers since the 12/30/17 set II Antelope. I wish they'd bring back the 20 minute insane, chaotic Antelope! I love this second set, and prefer it much to the second set from 12/31/17. DwD and Seven Below are the obvious big exploratory jams of the night, but this 8 minute Twist is snappy, and fully of energy. I love exploratory Twists a la 12/31/15, 7/23/17, 12/28/17, but I sure am digging the short set 2 high energy treatment Twist has in this show and got during fall 2018. This set 3 is what makes this show my favorite out of the past several New Year's Eve shows. This is my third 12/31 show, and it's by far my favorite set III. This set is anchored by Mercury, Saw it Again, and a glorious Limb by Limb! This Limb by Limb (only my second) cemented it as one of my favorite Phish songs to see live! I find the lyrics extremely psychedelic and personal, and in this version Trey and Page always kill it with the typical Type I bliss. Suzy Greenberg is noteworthy for some hilarious banter from Fishman. When they came out for the encore I knew by the expression on Trey's face that we'd get a Lizards. My first Lizards taboot! Seeing my 21st Phish show in Camden on 6/29 and I'm hoping to finally get my long awaited PYITE!
, attached to 1993-03-14

Review by SplitOpenAndMule

SplitOpenAndMule This is a show where every song feels intentional, thought out, and flowing to increase the energy. Stash is my highlight of the first set, but the real love is in the second. With all of the rarities and debuts, in the middle of the tour (as opposed to the expected debuts to begin a tour), this show has a special air to it. The Halley's and Ballad bust outs are both enormous surprises, totally unexpected. And the YEM, oh the YEM. Whereas 2/20/93 II is a teasefest where one and sometimes all members of the band made the teases happen, the teases in this YEM sound much more like the full band moving as one from tease to jam to tease and repeat. Tonight sounds more cohesive, tighter, and improved to me as this winter/spring tour rolls along. Spooky is one of the best debuts I've heard in a long time... until Gig. I mean, frontman Fish is always the comedic relief part of the show, but this one raises the bar, and is surprisingly poignant, despite Fish not being Clare Torry (original Gig singer). Coil of course is one of their best and favorite songs (judging by the consistent crowd response every time it's started), and a fantastic way to end a set. And even though it's not in the tape I heard, Memories seems to be sung on special nights, when the band is actually feeling sad to end a show or a run of shows. Phish sounds happy on this whole Colorado run, and tonight's final set of their time at least a mile high was a way of saying "thank you" to their fans, friends, and family in their second home.
, attached to 2018-12-29

Review by gingerphish

gingerphish A general gripe about phish ratings: I was at this show and it and the next night were the best non festival shows I’ve attended. In the grand scheme of phish, this show is very good but not legendary material (i.e. 7/25/17, 12/6/97, 7/17/98, 12/31/95 you get the point). That being said, the fact that this show is rated (currently) behind some shows that were not bad but no where near as good (12/30/16? I was also at this show and it doesn’t hold a candle to this), demonstrates that people will downvote shows they know are good just to balance out the overall ratings chart. Nothing should ever top 12/31/99, and this show is not better than 8/22/15, but having it hardly rank as a top 60 phish show is a crime especially when you look at the top 60. Please do not downvote shows to balance the charts. It will happen eventually and does a disservice to new fans who use this information as a launching point for what is high quality phish.
, attached to 1999-05-14

Review by Axilla_the_Hun

Axilla_the_Hun I had way too much to drink and the awesome Trey acoustic set was lost on me at the time. Then the second set started and blew my head off. The will it go round in circles was amazing and the Voodoo Child was just nasty. I saw a lot of Trey shows and it was cool how they kept adding players to the ensemble but there was something special about the three piece band... it was raw.
, attached to 2017-05-31

Review by SpinningPiper

SpinningPiper Absolutely stellar show. Huge fan of In Rounds. Architect peak and lights were my favorite part. Got to see Everything's Right before it was in Phish rotation. It has the legs I thought it did when hearing this for TAB. The Parting Glass is such a beautiful tune. Check out the Wailin' Jenny's if you haven't as they're the original artist.
, attached to 1990-06-17

Review by Wazoo

Wazoo This is all pretty good - hearing early Phish with studio clarity running through many of the classics that never saw the album treatment. The thing that stands out for me, however, is Rift. I am not sure if there are any other versions out there like this, but it is really strange to hear it in it's proto-form. Really different and interesting - sounds nothing like Rift (to me) - apart from the lyrics - but it reminds me of something that I am struggling to put my finger on - spices maybe? In any case, really cool to hear such a radical departure from a song you know so well.
, attached to 1997-08-06

Review by dr32timmymeat

dr32timmymeat The first set love might be justified, but not lots going on after that. My Soul and Prince Caspian in quick succession (separated by a fine but unremarkable Ghost) is disappointing... and that was before Cars Trucks Buses and Sample in a Jar. Julius encore is further meh. This year and especially this tour are pure heads, but this show definitely leaves you wanting.
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