Jam Chart for You Enjoy Myself (186 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1986-02-03 YEM Burlington, VT 10:30 Revolutionary poet ZENZILE on violin.
1987-04-24 YEM Burlington, VT 13:14 Cool segue into "Dave's Energy Guide" out of the vocal jam ("VJ").
1987-08-10 YEM Burlington, VT 14:33 Screaming maniacs VJ.
1988-08-05 YEM Telluride, CO 17:29 Colorado '88 version. Excellent segue into "Cities."
1989-05-26 YEM Rutland, VT 20:08 No bass & drums ("B&D") section. TREY IS ON FIRE!!!
1989-05-28 YEM Hebron, NY 15:27 Very good early version with hilarious "POOP" VJ!
1989-10-20 YEM Burlington, VT 15:45 Serious "Small Furry Creatures Groovin' with a Pict" (Floyd) VJ.
1989-11-02 YEM Durham, NH 17:51 "LOCK IT" VJ, segue into "Kung."
1990-03-03 YEM New York, NY 16:46 Awesome segue into "Possum!"
1990-03-09 YEM Burlington, VT 15:01 Grippo on sax. Teasefest includes "Frankenstein."
1990-04-22 YEM Colorado Springs, CO 18:09 "Another One Bites The Dust" and "Gumbo" teases, very good B&D section.
1990-05-04 YEM Keene, NH 17:17 "Flashlight" teases." "You Gotta Be A Doctor" VJ.
1990-06-02 YEM Columbia, SC 16:33 Hilarious VJ!
1990-09-21 YEM Somerville, MA 18:45 Excellent jam segment; "Sweet Emotion" tease (Mike).
1990-10-31 YEM Colorado Springs, CO 15:52 Mike repeatedly teases "Wilson's" opening notes in the jam. Tease of "Night in Tunisia" in the vocal jam.
1990-11-02 YEM Boulder, CO 17:30 Very good pre-'91 jam segment.
1991-05-03 YEM Somerville, MA 17:55 Great VJ!
1991-07-24 YEM Charlottesville, VA 17:04 With the Giant Country Horns! "Wilson" teasing from Mike.
1991-07-26 YEM Athens, GA 17:12 Fantastic jam segment with the Giant Country Horns!
1991-10-31 YEM Colorado Springs, CO 16:27 Siiiiiiick jam segment.
1991-11-16 YEM Washington, DC 20:54 Must-hear jam segment; legendary "Mrs. Pizza Shit" YEM.
1991-11-30 YEM Port Chester, NY 19:44 Wild VJ.
1992-03-25 YEM Charlottesville, VA 17:01 Mike funks up the house. -> to "Setting Sail" in the vocal jam.
1992-04-07 YEM Durango, CO 17:51 Roger/"My Girl" VJ.
1992-04-17 YEM San Francisco, CA 18:31 Ninja Custodians VJ.
1992-04-25 YEM Olympia, WA 20:47 "Chariots of Fire" VJ.
1992-04-30 YEM Madison, WI 18:53 "Welcome Christmas" (from How The Grinch Stole Christmas) VJ.
1992-05-02 YEM Chicago, IL 19:12 Incredible VJ!
1992-05-06 YEM Detroit, MI 17:17 Long B&D segment! -> to "Shaggy Dog" during the vocal jam.
1992-05-08 YEM North Tonawanda, NY 20:08 Hysterical VJ!
1992-05-10 YEM Amherst, MA 16:49 Strong jam segment.
1992-05-12 YEM Canton, NY 21:23 Loose opening, but Trey channels Carlos Santana in the jam!
1992-07-24 YEM Wantagh, NY 17:03 French hairdo VJ.
1992-07-25 YEM Stowe, VT 16:14 Santana jams with the Phish!
1992-07-31 YEM Cuyahoga Falls, OH 18:37 Very strong pre-'93 version, released by Kevin Shapiro on LiveBait 07.
1992-11-22 YEM Ithaca, NY 19:05 "Eleanor Rigby" teasing. Hilarious VJ.
1992-12-02 YEM Columbus, OH 19:13 The intro to "Wedge" is in the jam segment!!
1992-12-07 YEM Minneapolis, MN 18:49 Santana-esque jam.
1992-12-12 YEM Toronto, Ontario, Canada 17:48 Davey Crockett teases in jam and VJ.
1992-12-28 YEM New Haven, CT 20:57 Gorgeous opening segment.
1992-12-30 YEM Springfield, MA 18:25 Auld Lang Syne tease in opening.
1993-02-03 YEM Portland, ME 21:12 "Water Your Team In A Beehive I'm A-sent You." And "My Girl" teasing.
1993-02-07 YEM Washington, DC 21:54 Excellent version with "Clementine" VJ.
1993-02-13 YEM Newark, DE 20:12 Cool B&D segment.
1993-03-14 YEM Gunnison, CO 14:23 Teasefest including a -> to "Spooky."
1993-03-14 YEM Gunnison, CO 8:43 -> in from "Spooky," sandwiched in this "YEM." INSANE VJ! Teases include "Mystery Achievement," "We Will Rock You," Welcome to the Machine."
1993-03-28 YEM Arcata, CA 1:50 In the opening segment of "YEM," the music > to "The Pez Song!"
1993-03-28 YEM Arcata, CA 21:25 > in from "My Life As Pez" (aka "The Pez Song") to return to the "YEM" opening segment.
1993-04-03 YEM Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 26:56 Excellent, raging, machine-gun Trey jam segment!
1993-04-12 YEM Iowa City, IA 16:55 "Gumbo" quote, -> to "Honky Tonk Women" Jam during the bass and drum section.
1993-04-12 YEM Iowa City, IA 7:08 -> in from "Honky Tonk Women." Vocal jam includes bits of "New York, New York" and "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."
1993-04-14 YEM St. Louis, MO 14:19 Excellent jam segment -> to a "Spooky" sandwich.
1993-04-14 YEM St. Louis, MO 9:40 -> in from "Spooky" as this excellent "YEM" jam continues.
1993-04-17 YEM Ann Arbor, MI 24:38 Jam on "I Wish."
1993-04-24 YEM Potsdam, NY 26:20 Very strong jam segment.
1993-04-30 YEM West Hartford, CT 23:30 Excellent B&D!
1993-05-02 YEM Upper Darby, PA 24:13 Remarkably groovy jam segment.
1993-05-05 YEM Albany, NY 11:14 "YEM" -> to "Jam" with Aquarium Rescue Unit and RAGES!! (No B&D or VJ).
1993-05-07 YEM Bangor, ME 22:05 "Mission: Impossible" teases and a "Yield Not to Temptation" jam. Vocal jam based on the "Bonanza" theme.
1993-08-03 YEM Miami, FL 20:49 Awesome B&D!
1993-08-06 YEM Cincinnati, OH 15:55 Mike is HOT in this version, despite the short B&D. "Tequila" tease and a -> to "Cocaine" in the jam segment.
1993-08-06 YEM Cincinnati, OH 2:31 -> in from "Cocaine." "YEM" VJ includes "Cocaine" teasing and "Tweezer" lyrics and -> to "Halley's."
1993-08-09 YEM Toronto, Ontario, Canada 22:41 "Smoke on the Water" teases in the jam with Trey quoting "Here comes Speed Racer" during one of them. Vocal jam contains verses from "Psycho Killer." Great vocal segue into "Contact."
1993-08-14 YEM Tinley Park, IL 20:40 Jams based on "Speed Racer", "Smoke on the Water", "Kool Thing (Sonic Youth)," and quoting of "Mystery Achievement" (Pretenders). Vocal jam includes a brief "On Broadway" quote.
1993-08-17 YEM Kansas City, KS 26:51 Long jam segment.
1993-08-20 YEM Morrison, CO 21:04 What I'd call an "average-great" version for the mid-'90s.
1993-08-25 YEM Seattle, WA 22:42 Magnificent jam segment. Guest artist Baby Gramps joins the band for the vocal jam, which > to his "Nuthin' But A Nuthin'" aka "Mice And Bats."
1993-08-28 YEM Berkeley, CA 12:36 "YEM" -> to a HUGE "Oye Como Va" jam.
1993-08-28 YEM Berkeley, CA 7:56 -> back to "YEM" from "Oye Como Va." Nice -> from the vocal jam into "Contact."
1993-12-28 YEM Washington, DC 20:30 Great opening segment!
1993-12-31 YEM Worcester, MA 22:04 Sweet theme in the jam.
1994-04-23 YEM Atlanta, GA 17:59
1994-04-29 YEM Clearwater, FL 18:12 Crazy, very strange version. (No B&D or VJ.) Nice segue into "FEFY."
1994-05-04 YEM New Orleans, LA 10:04 With Cosmic Country Horns, but a weak jam (and no B&D or VJ).
1994-05-08 YEM Bee Cave, TX 20:40 "Theme from Shaft" quote by Trey. No B&D. Nice segue into "Halley's."
1994-05-13 YEM Tempe, AZ 19:30 Strong jam, "Mind Left Body" tease.
1994-05-20 YEM Olympia, WA 20:55 Twisted, odd version. "Ob La Di"...
1994-05-23 YEM Portland, OR 21:47 VJ includes "Psycho Killer" quotes.
1994-06-11 YEM Morrison, CO 20:14 Paradigmatic, normal-lengthed "YEM." Sublimely perfect, melodious, gorgeous jam. Trey is on a mission from the start of the jam segment!
1994-06-14 YEM Des Moines, IA 21:34 "On Broadway" jam!
1994-06-18 YEM Chicago, IL 21:04 "Frankenstein" and "How Many More Times" teases. "SPAM" VJ!!
1994-06-25 YEM Cleveland, OH 24:57 Excellent jam segment.
1994-07-05 YEM Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 23:33 Weird jam. "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" tease from Trey in the VJ.
1994-07-08 YEM Mansfield, MA 12:54 "YEM" -> "Frankenstein" -> "YEM."
1994-07-08 YEM Mansfield, MA 7:09 -> in from "Frankenstein" which is sandwiched in this "YEM." "Frankenstein" tease from Mike in the B&D.
1994-07-14 YEM Canandaigua, NY 23:06 Sweeeet jam segment and B&D!
1994-10-15 YEM Pelham, AL 11:55 In addition to a crazy vocal jam, the "YEM" jam -> to "Catapult" mid stream.
1994-10-15 YEM Pelham, AL 10:14 -> in from "Catapult," which is sandwiched in this "YEM." Crazy vocal jam!
1994-10-23 YEM Gainesville, FL 2:11 "YEM" -> to "Vibration Of Life" in the opening, then -> back to "YEM." "Another One Bites The Dust" jam; "Mission: Impossible" tease from Trey.
1994-10-23 YEM Gainesville, FL 19:20 -> in from "Vibration Of Life" to continue the "YEM" opening segment.
1994-10-29 YEM Spartanburg, SC 19:30 Short but very, very sweet!
1994-11-14 YEM Grand Rapids, MI 20:31 Great jam!
1994-11-17 YEM Dayton, OH 22:30 "Frankenstein" teases.
1994-11-19 YEM Bloomington, IN 2:12 Hugely improvisational version -> to "Vibration Of Life" in the opening segment. "Spooky" and "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" jams; highly irregular bass solo from Mike.
1994-11-19 YEM Bloomington, IN 24:06 -> in from "Vibration Of Life" to return to this improvisational "YEM" with "Spooky" and "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" jams; highly irregular bass solo from Mike.
1994-11-23 YEM St. Louis, MO 1:42 Spectacular version in every way -> to "Vibration Of Life" in the opening segment.
1994-11-23 YEM St. Louis, MO 24:02 -> in from "Vibration Of Life" to return to this spectacular "YEM."
1994-12-07 YEM San Diego, CA 20:32 Version that's on A Live One.
1995-06-16 YEM Raleigh, NC 25:06 "Oye Como Va" teases. Boyd from Dave Matthews Band on fiddle for part of the jam.
1995-06-19 YEM Noblesville, IN 23:30 Beautiful opening segment.
1995-06-23 YEM Stanhope, NJ 24:15 THRILLING jam!
1995-06-26 YEM Saratoga Springs, NY 21:32 Excellent, intense version!
1995-06-29 YEM Wantagh, NY 24:20 AMAZING B&D SEGMENT!
1995-10-14 YEM Austin, TX 28:17 With Medeski, Martin & Wood! (no B&D, no VJ)
1995-10-21 YEM Lincoln, NE 22:42 "Oye Como Va" teases and HUUUUGE B&D!
1995-10-24 YEM Madison, WI 27:30 A !@%^^!# MONSTER!!!!!!
1995-10-28 YEM Auburn Hills, MI 22:42 Very strong version in a year of mostly awesome versions!
1995-10-31 YEM Rosemont, IL 39:45 HEAR AT ALL COSTS!!!! "Fuck You (In)(Up) the Ass" VJ.
1995-11-10 YEM Atlanta, GA 14:22 A jewel. A perfect "YEM" which includes a "Crossroads" jam. -> to "Crossroads."
1995-11-10 YEM Atlanta, GA 11:44 -> in from "Crossroads" to complete this perfect "YEM."
1995-11-14 YEM Orlando, FL 11:01 "Low Rider" teases, -> to "Immigrant Song" jam!!
1995-11-14 YEM Orlando, FL 8:12 -> in from "Immigrant Song" to return to this solid "YEM" jam.
1995-11-18 YEM North Charleston, SC 30:20 Must-hear! Among the very best. "Brick House" jam!
1995-12-09 YEM Albany, NY 34:09 An incredibly melodic and beautiful jam segment makes this among the finest and most adored YEMs in Phish history. Also a "silent jam" and Shaft quote. Vocal jam includes quotes from a talking Beavis and Butthead doll. (No B&D section.)
1995-12-31 YEM New York, NY 25:50 Two awe-inspiring jam segments. A fucking masterpiece! (No B&D section.)
1996-04-26 YEM New Orleans, LA 16:44 "YEM" jam -> to an a capella "Wolfman's Bother" for the vocal jam.
1996-10-18 YEM Pittsburgh, PA 20:48 Teases of Peter Frampton’s "Do You Feel Like We Do."
1996-11-09 YEM Auburn Hills, MI 23:58 Fearsome B&D!
1996-11-13 YEM Minneapolis, MN 23:56 Strong VJ.
1996-11-19 YEM Kansas City, MO 25:38 "Groove is in the Heart" jam.
1996-11-24 YEM Portland, OR 22:20 Strong jam.
1996-11-29 YEM Daly City, CA 27:38 Long jam segment; Trey broke a string.
1996-12-06 YEM Las Vegas, NV 25:59 Great B&D!! VJ based on donuts.
1996-12-29 YEM Philadelphia, PA 17:03 "YEM" -> to "Rotation Jam," an instrument-switching jam.
1996-12-29 YEM Philadelphia, PA 3:28 > in from "Sixteen Candles" for the "YEM" vocal jam.
1997-02-21 YEM Florence, Italy 18:43
1997-02-26 YEM Stuttgart, Germany 24:40 "Get On The Good Foot" teases. Nice segue into "Kung."
1997-03-02 YEM Copenhagen, Denmark 21:25 SKELTON VJ. (No B&D.)
1997-07-06 YEM Desenzano, Italy 25:29 Long jam. No B&D, no VJ, segues into "Waste."
1997-07-09 YEM Lyon/Villeurbanne, France 35:08 In one of the longest YEMs since 1995, Phish jam with jazz/fusion quartet Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. The jam consists primarily of individual solos from each guest, eventually culminating into an ensemble with no real peak, but a funky groove fitting for 1997. Phish may not have found Pierre, but they found their soul. Includes an excellent ">" to Ghost. (For another excellent Flecktones collab, check out 8/21/93).
1997-07-23 YEM Atlanta, GA 17:53 Unusually weird jam. Jeopardy theme tease. -> to "Rocky Mountain Way." (No B&D, no VJ.)
1997-07-26 YEM Austin, TX 16:42 "Willie the Pimp" tease just before the segue into "Izabella." (No B&D, no VJ.)
1997-07-31 YEM Mountain View, CA 28:58 Magnificently intricate, spell-binding, hypnotic jam (with strange "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" teases). (No B&D.)
1997-08-11 YEM Noblesville, IN 27:17 Weird jam segment and vocal close. (No B&D.)
1997-11-13 YEM Las Vegas, NV 23:36 Very catchy theme in the jam! (No B&D.)
1997-11-17 YEM Denver, CO 21:29 A great, unconvential YEM to be sure... but still probably the most overrated YEM in history.
1997-11-28 YEM Worcester, MA 23:59 Explosively funky, and extensive C&P teasing! (No B&D, no VJ.)
1998-04-05 YEM Providence, RI 25:32 Spirited jam led by Trey. (No B&D.)
1998-07-02 YEM Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark 21:57 Strong jam segment.
1998-07-19 YEM Mountain View, CA 21:49 "Things That Make You Go Hmm" teases from Mike. They would become very, very common from him from this YEM onward, especially during the B&D section. They are often not noted in this chart or elsewhere on Phish.net because he teases this riff so much. (No B&D.)
1998-07-26 YEM Dallas, TX 30:38 Very strong jam segment! (No B&D.)
1998-08-06 YEM Atlanta, GA 19:12 Funky but monotonous. "Running with the Devil" tease. (No B&D.)
1998-08-09 YEM Virginia Beach, VA 19:12 Very strange version with no jam segment to speak of. (No B&D.)
1998-08-12 YEM Vernon, NY 19:50 "HYHU" and "Mission: Impossible" teases. "Who's Your Daddy?" VJ. (No B&D.)
1998-11-02 YEM West Valley City, UT 22:39 Exceptionally long opening segment (11:30!).
1998-11-09 YEM Chicago, IL 20:50 FUNKY!! "Things That Make You Go Hmm" jam.
1998-11-19 YEM Winston-Salem, NC 22:29 VJ features a guest appearance by Heloise Williams of the band viperHouse.
1998-11-29 YEM Worcester, MA 23:54 FUNKASAURUS! (No B&D.)
1998-12-29 YEM New York, NY 23:39 Dynamic, captivating version from start to finish. (No B&D.)
1999-07-01 YEM Antioch, TN 27:40 Phat and funky! Huge thunderstorm during this version.
1999-07-07 YEM Charlotte, NC 22:28 MIIIIIIIIKE!!!!!!!!
1999-07-15 YEM Holmdel, NJ 23:58 Killer jam segment! (Available on LiveBait Vol. 04) (No B&D.)
1999-07-20 YEM Toronto, Ontario, Canada 24:21 Jam is groovy, punchy, upbeat and peaks well, but the vocal jam is atypically melodic and percussive, and even pleasing to the ears.
1999-09-17 YEM Mountain View, CA 21:53 "YEM" jam with PHIL LESH! (No B&D, no VJ) -> to a Mike and Phil bass "Jam."
1999-09-28 YEM Pelham, AL 22:11 Unusually upbeat "Sweet Home Alabama" VJ. (No B&D.)
1999-10-10 YEM Albany, NY 26:20 TWO AWESOME JAM SEGMENTS!!!! (No B&D, no VJ.)
1999-12-02 YEM Auburn Hills, MI 21:46 Odd glam-rock repetitive jam segment. Silent jam. -> to "Little Drummer Boy" VJ. (No B&D.)
1999-12-08 YEM Portland, ME 21:23 "Tweeprise" VJ! (No B&D.)
1999-12-18 YEM Hampton, VA 22:47 Very inspired jam segment! (No B&D.)
1999-12-31 YEM Big Cypress, FL 22:22 Crowd-assisted CHEESECAKE VJ. (No B&D.)
2000-06-09 YEM Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 23:04 Deeeep, funky jam/groove, and the return of the B&D segment!
2000-06-15 YEM Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan 24:26 Very odd, atypical Trey noodling in the jam. Weird version to be sure. The B&D starts up meekly, but then dies out to nothing quickly. And eventually out of the nothing (silence), there's barely audible vocal jamming, that increases in volume... and they end the VJ by harmonizing on the word "Puppies." (Trey tries not to laugh) Must hear? You be the judge.
2000-06-22 YEM Antioch, TN 21:11 EXCELLENT jam segment.
2000-07-06 YEM Toronto, Ontario, Canada 20:00 Hypnotic, repetitive jam that leads into vocal jamming (no final WUDMTF lyrics).
2000-07-15 YEM Columbus, OH 19:59 This jam is why some people hate jambands. A noodle factory. (but I still dig it) The jam just segues into the VJ (no WUDMTF lyrics). (No B&D.)
2003-02-18 YEM Denver, CO 22:45 "YEM" -> to a "Lion Sleeps Tonight" VJ!
2003-02-26 YEM Worcester, MA 23:33 W O W!!!
2003-03-01 YEM Greensboro, NC 21:51 "YEM" vocal jam -> to a capella version of "Proud Mary."
2003-07-19 YEM East Troy, WI 26:25 Fantastic jam segment in an excellent version.
2003-07-30 YEM Camden, NJ 26:22 Superb jamming in a version whose energy never quits.
2003-08-03 YEM Limestone, ME 22:29 Strong version with a short VJ that segues into "Chariots of Fire."
2009-08-02 YEM Morrison, CO 17:54 Fantastic -> into an excellent "Undermind" with Bill Kreutzman.
2009-11-28 YEM Albany, NY 18:40 Very brief jam, but an excellent one.
2009-12-04 YEM New York, NY 21:02 Strong jam segment and well-played all around.
2010-06-13 YEM Hershey, PA 21:14 Excellent peak in the jam and Mike is awesome!!
2010-07-02 YEM Charlotte, NC 22:19 "Fuck Your Face" teases (Trey; Mike in B&D); "Moving in Stereo" tease (Trey): Vocal jam included portions of "Proud Mary" and "Get Back," along with "Dong Work for Yuda" and "Slow Ride" quotes.
2010-12-31 YEM New York, NY 10:47 Short, but very fun. "Manteca" sandwich and goofiness everywhere. Trey briefly cracks up at start of vocal jam when Mike says "Crab in my shoemouth" instead of WUDMTF.
2010-12-31 YEM New York, NY 6:04 -> in from "Manteca" to continue this short but fun "YEM."
2011-08-16 YEM Chicago, IL 21:20 Trey finishes the vocal jam with Darth Vader's line, "I am your father, Luke."
2011-12-29 YEM New York, NY 18:54 Very good jam with a strong peak, albeit short.
2013-07-14 YEM Columbia, MD 21:18 Although the jam is strong, there is no real peak...but at least Trey plays his guitar instead of his pitch shifter!
2013-10-29 YEM Reading, PA 22:25 Intricate jam segment where the band members play off each other quite well, and a decent peak to the jam.
2014-07-05 YEM Saratoga Springs, NY 21:01 Lots of Mike in the groovy jam segment (though there's no peak).
2014-11-02 YEM Las Vegas, NV 26:08 While there's no Trey-led jam nor even a Bass & Drums section, the full band contributes, especially Page, to a raging improvisation that culminates with everyone on drums before the vocal jam concludes the festivities.
2015-07-25 YEM Inglewood, CA 20:42 Gimmicky version where Trey and Mike spooned eachother while playing each other's instruments. (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mK05T5cYdE). A phun time was had by some.
2017-08-06 YEM New York, NY 24:01 Fiery jam segment with Trey really tearing it up. Mike teases "Izabella" during B&D, leading to a very cool full-band tease. The vocal jam includes quotes of songs previously played during the Baker's Dozen.
Jam chart versions are selected because of improvisational and other characteristics that distinguish these from typical versions of the song.
The jam chart team has highlighted some versions with a yellow background; these are the versions the team believes to be especially improvisational, or otherwise notable.
A purple date indicates that you were in attendance.


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