Jam Chart for Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley (26 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1985-03-08 Sneakin' Sally Burlington, VT 0:00 Debut. No recording available
1985-10-30 Sneakin' Sally Burlington, VT 7:10 First recorded performance available. Solid version with an excellent vocal jam.
1987-08-29 Sneakin' Sally South Burlington, VT 7:21 Great, rocking version with an extended vocal jam that includes crazy, animal-like screaming.
1988-02-24 Sneakin' Sally Waitsfield, VT 6:25 John Carlton on drums and Fishman on trombone. Fish is actually pretty damned good! Awesome vocal jam. Check it out!
1988-06-20 Sneakin' Sally Burlington, VT 9:00 High power bridge with some great Trey. Long vocal jam with more animal-like screams, howls and other weird sounds.
1988-07-12 Sneakin' Sally Burlington, VT 9:54 Extended bridge with some great Page/Trey interplay. Long vocal jam is "YEM"-like, it gets way beyond "Sally." Must-hear, it's crazy.
1988-07-24 Sneakin' Sally Burlington, VT 8:33 Bridge starts with some great Page, then it's Machine Gun Trey's turn. Very good interplay between the two. Another long and excellent vocal jam.
1997-12-30 Sneakin' Sally New York, NY 9:52 First performance in 920 shows, opens first set of a highly regarded show. Nice '97 style funk/rock groove follows the lyrical section. A very unhurried, patient feel to this one. -> to "Taste", and is reprised and finished in the 4-part funk-fest encore.
1997-12-30 Sneakin' Sally New York, NY 4:58 In from BEK ->, the second "Sneakin' Sally" of this fan favorite show functions as a funky reprisal of the major bust-out that opened the evening's festivities. Jumps right into a jammed-out show-closing > Frankenstein.
1998-04-02 Sneakin' Sally Uniondale, NY 12:39 -> in from "Wolfman's Brother." A heavy funk groove breaks out following the lyrical section with some great Fishman percussion. Great collective playing as the jam progresses and segues -> into "Frankie Says."
1998-07-28 Sneakin' Sally Bonner Springs, KS 9:35 Rocking bridge. A very subtle vocal jam can be heard from 5:33 - 6:55. A great rhythmic, "Manteca"-like jam continues following the (non) vocal jam.
1998-08-08 Sneakin' Sally Columbia, MD 11:15 A really great funky, but low key, jam emerges on the back end of "Sally." -> to "Guyute."
1998-10-31 Sneakin' Sally Las Vegas, NV 10:56 Funky '98-style jam emerges, where Page on clavinet is the star. Rocks along until morphing into some more ambient, serene space, before a fantastic -> to "CDT."
1999-07-07 Sneakin' Sally Charlotte, NC 12:03 With a digital delay loop running in the background, Page and Fish crank up a nice rhythmic jam that grows very quiet in the final minutes before dissolving completely.
1999-07-17 Sneakin' Sally Volney, NY 9:40 -> in from "Wolfman's Brother." Great relaxed jam emerges from the back end of this "Sally." Gathers energy with Page and Trey adding nicely to a solid Mike/Fish groove. > to "Timber (Jerry)."
1999-09-28 Sneakin' Sally Pelham, AL 8:54 Swirling, funky and laid back jam in this "Sally."
2003-07-23 Sneakin' Sally Noblesville, IN 15:34 First post Hiatus performance. Band breaks into a very rhythmic, though not overly percussive jam coming out of "Sally" proper. Mildly funky, this version has a somewhat dark sentiment, and builds energy near the end.
2004-08-12 Sneakin' Sally Camden, NJ 10:54 > in from "Piper." Similar to 7/17/99, where an easy-going groove picks up steam and energy by the conclusion.
2009-08-07 Sneakin' Sally George, WA 17:50 First 3.0 version is a monster. The most exploratory version to date. At first funky and snappy, it soon stretches beyond anything like "Sally." From there (about 11:00), it quiets into serene, beautiful space, and then regains momentum, reminiscent of the big Albany "Seven Below" that would follow months later. Must-hear.
2011-06-04 Sneakin' Sally Cuyahoga Falls, OH 13:03 Following the vocal jam, the band breaks into a funky groove with a very 2011 sound to it (a bit of the staccato or "plinko" funk, somewhat similar to the 12/28/11 "Cities") that eventually gets "Manteca"-esque before dissolving into a spacey jam. > to "Harry Hood," a highly acclaimed combo among fans.
2012-07-06 Sneakin' Sally Saratoga Springs, NY 13:02 > in from "PYITE." A great, rocking, upbeat, and multi-part jam follows the vocal jam. > to "Ghost."
2012-08-19 Sneakin' Sally San Francisco, CA 10:51 -> in from "Light." Fish and Mike lay down a great base, and Page and Trey play off this in a spirited upbeat jam. The intensity grows before a segue (->) to a reprise of "Crosseyed And Painless."
2013-07-27 Sneakin' Sally George, WA 12:22 -> in from "Light." Although largely "Type I" jamming, this is a solid rocking version with great instrumentation.
2013-11-01 Sneakin' Sally Atlantic City, NJ 11:06 A solid and funkified breakdown jam follows a good vocal jam and includes Trey banter near the ending.
2015-01-03 Sneakin' Sally Miami, FL 9:51 -> in from "Light". A minute-long vocal jam pushes into a more upbeat, rocking section led by Trey and Fish, before settling in murkier waters that lead to > Sand.
2016-07-18 Sneakin' Sally San Francisco, CA 17:56 The special nature of this "Sally" unfolds after the vocal jam, and rather than peaking at its conclusion, the jam continues to build, with full-band play informing a perfect blend of rhythm and harmony. Excellent musicianship modulates in intensity, before pulsing, high energy rock cycles up to a euphoric peak.
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