Jam Chart for Run Like an Antelope (127 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1985-02-01 Antelope Burlington, VT 0:00 First known performance of "Run Like An Antelope." No recording available.
1985-05-03 Antelope Burlington, VT 6:08 First recorded performance. -> in from "Makisupa." Jam section only of "Antelope" is played at a slower tempo, but otherwise has crescendo building characteristics similar to modern versions. -> to the debut of the Grateful Dead's "The Other One."
1987-05-20 Antelope South Burlington, VT 11:02 Good dissonance and great shredding by Trey in a spirited early version.
1987-09-21 Antelope Burlington, VT 12:25 Great tension and energy building early in the jam, then there's a funky, rhythmic, 3+ minute section before "Marco."
1988-05-24 Antelope Burlington, VT 14:56 The first truly "Type II" version (beginning about 10:00) has a settled section with some "DEG"-like jamming. This version also has sections of intense, chaotic dissonance and great Machine Gun Trey action.
1988-06-19 Antelope Burlington, VT 12:27 Excellent jam that has a very bluesy feel to it, plus nimble and nasty guitar licks from Trey.
1988-07-24 Antelope Burlington, VT 13:02 Jam builds up in conventional form until 7:30 when it breaks down into a low-key groove with great Mike and Trey. The energy rebuilds into a standard "Antelope" jam, but with an Allman Brothers-like vibe, then the tape runs out near the end.
1988-07-30 Antelope Telluride, CO 10:47 Sweet Mike in a straightforward jam, then hilarious Trey banter near the conclusion referencing Fish's mysterious and unexpected absence earlier in the show. Excellent quality recording available from Live Phish for $0.99.
1989-11-30 Antelope Boston, MA 11:34 Fierce, dissonant and improvisational jamming including several times when the jam grinds to a near stop, then picks up tempo again.
1990-04-28 Antelope Dorchester, MA 15:01 Breaks from the standard at about 5:30 into a dissonant and somewhat jazz-like foray with excellent Mike and Fish. No real return to "Antelope" before the "Rocco" section, which is nicely extended, cool and funky.
1990-06-01 Antelope Atlanta, GA 14:03 Awesome version with the "Reverend" Jeff Mosier on banjo and Oteil Burbridge on bass. Great intro, good jam with a huge peak, and then a cool breakdown jam featuring the bass acompanied with scat singing.
1990-06-09 Antelope New York, NY 11:38 Good exploratory version that gets nicely beyond the standard. Great tension, dissonance and experimental jamming.
1990-06-16 Antelope Townshend, VT 10:18 Kick-Ass version that rages but is also very improvisational. Mike and Trey rock.
1990-09-20 Antelope Somerville, MA 12:25 The jam breaks beyond "Antelope" several times and keeps circling back. Nice screaming by someone (Fish?). Fish is awesome in this version which also has many signals (see Setlist).
1990-10-01 Antelope Ithaca, NY 12:36 Dissonant, exploratory jam with great tension building. Crazy Trey and Fish as the jam builds to a peak.
1990-10-08 Antelope Washington, DC 10:33 Good jam that gets very improvisational, especially after 5:30. Machine Gun Trey in combat duty in the latter part of the jam.
1991-02-08 Antelope Portsmouth, NH 10:12 Mean and nasty spirited beast of a jam with extreme tension.
1991-02-22 Antelope Chapel Hill, NC 11:22 Aggressive Trey in a dissonant jam with strong Evil Mike in a slightly jazzy mode.
1991-03-22 Antelope Steamboat Springs, CO 9:42 Really good and unsual vocal jam in the intro, followed by a pugnacious jam with sick Mike and Trey.
1991-04-19 Antelope Buffalo, NY 9:49 Mike and Fish establish a good groove over which Trey adds layers of dissonance, including ear splitting wailing.
1992-03-13 Antelope Providence, RI 10:54 "Antelope" -> "BBFCFM" -> "Antelope." Intense, dark and exploratory jam in "Antelope" morphs and segues, then morphs again into Hawaiian/Three Stooges humor before return to "Antelope" to conclude. One of the best "Antelopes" ever.
1992-03-13 Antelope Providence, RI 3:16 -> in from "BBFCFM" to conclude this epic version.
1992-03-20 Antelope Binghamton, NY 14:37 An excellent, riveting and intense jam is followed by Fish on trombone in the pre-"Marco" section. Awesome version!
1992-04-04 Antelope Boulder, CO 13:02 Unusual and improvisational jam works its way back to blistering standard "Antelope" fare.
1992-04-12 Antelope Tucson, AZ 13:06 Very cool and very exploratory jam unfolds that gets far, far away from "Antelope" before spiralling into a sick peak.
1992-04-16 Antelope Isla Vista, CA 12:23 Dissonant, intense and tension-filled jam with a scorching hot peak.
1992-04-18 Antelope Palo Alto, CA 10:58 Intense and exploratory jam with awesome Mike.
1992-04-30 Antelope Madison, WI 12:05 Improvisational jam that gets well beyond typical "Antelope." Machine Gun Trey and Mike rip it.
1992-05-18 Antelope Burlington, VT 11:51 Fish rules in this pounding, percussive, and intense version with rhythmic gyrations and a "Tweeprise"-like peak.
1992-07-15 Antelope Charlottesville, VA 11:09 Awesome ripper of a jam with great tension and release, then tension and dissonance reloading.
1992-08-30 Antelope Sacramento, CA 11:44 Some very good exploratory jamming midway, with lots of descending melodic lines from Trey. Great tension as the jam builds up with excellent work by Trey.
1992-12-03 Antelope Cincinnati, OH 15:02 Some cool "Cities" teases in the intro (last performance 9/13/88). The jam starts with a brief jam on Santana's "Gypsy Queen," then breaks into several distinct sections of perhaps not beautiful, but VERY exploratory jamming. Returns to "Antelope" with several peaks and Trey shredding.
1993-02-04 Antelope Providence, RI 10:37 Excellent and very different kind of jam that gets well removed from "Antelope." Great tension in an almost "Stash"-like way.
1993-02-10 Antelope Geneva, NY 10:28 Power strumming by Trey leads to some serious tension and dissonance. Fish is great.
1993-02-21 Antelope Atlanta, GA 12:25 Frenzied and chaotic version that briefly pushes out beyond standard "Antelope" several times. Page expertly adds dissonance to the harmonics.
1993-02-27 Antelope Gainesville, FL 10:55 Insane intensity and tension. This one is smoking hot and Fish goes ballistic.
1993-03-13 Antelope Boulder, CO 11:12 Great rythmic-oriented jamming. Released on Live Bait Vol. 6.
1993-03-28 Antelope Arcata, CA 11:59 Breaks away from "Antelope" several times, with some twisted tension building between 6:50 - 9:00.
1993-04-21 Antelope Columbus, OH 12:07 Unusual, intense and improvisational jam that almost sounds like a "SOAM" jam at times.
1993-04-29 Antelope Montréal, Québec, Canada 12:41 Rocking version includes a brief jam on Pink Floyd's "Money" (4:45 - 5:20) followed by fantastic, very exploratatory jamming. Intense conclusion to the jam with Trey just shredding away.
1993-05-02 Antelope Upper Darby, PA 12:39 Barn burner version with intense, rhythmic and dissonant jamming midway and a screaming peak.
1993-05-07 Antelope Bangor, ME 10:29 Unbelievable staccato picking by Trey throughout the jam is matched by deft playing Page and Fish. A serious ripper.
1993-07-18 Antelope Pittsburgh, PA 14:51 Begins with a jam on "Heartbreaker" right off the bat, followed by a rocking, exploratory jam. The band then plays along with nearby fireworks which sounds similar to a "BBJ." Finally, they start into "Brother" but shift back to finish "Antelope."
1993-07-23 Antelope Wantagh, NY 11:46 Searing hot and extremely improvisational jamming, with several false peaks followed by gut-wrenching tension.
1993-07-28 Antelope Charlotte, NC 11:14 Frenetic playing and lots of little brief departures that stretch the boundaries of "Antelope" and then keep coming back. Trey's playing is incredible. Released on Live Bait Vol. 4.
1993-08-02 Antelope Tampa, FL 10:59 Sick jam with dissonance, rhythmic gyrations and soaring tension, plus a "Makisupa Reprise" jam in the "Rocco" section.
1993-08-07 Antelope Darien Center, NY 10:22 Power jamming plus typical August '93 all-over-the-map improvisation. Very intense with insane tension.
1993-08-11 Antelope Grand Rapids, MI 10:38 A jam on the Simpons signal and lots of gnarly, improvisational stuff including rhythm and tempo changes in a semi-evil jam.
1993-08-14 Antelope Tinley Park, IL 12:50 "Antelope" -> "Sparks" -> "Walk Away" -> "Antelope" -> "Have Mercy" -> "Antelope." In very good company with other major segue-fests, including the "Tweezerfest" (5/7/94) and "Stash" (11/14/95). What distinguishes this epic version is that strong improvisation is combined with melodic beauty that at times is even upbeat and inspirational. But it's also "Antelope" so expect no shortage of tension and dissonance either!
1993-08-14 Antelope Tinley Park, IL 6:36 -> in from "Walk Away." This fantastic "Antelope" and segue-fest continues and -> to "Have Mercy."
1993-08-14 Antelope Tinley Park, IL 2:00 -> in from "Have Mercy." Here concludes one of, if not THE finest "Antelope" versions in the history of the Universe.
1993-08-20 Antelope Morrison, CO 15:14 Very improvisational version with several good twists and turns including a jam on "CYHMK."
1993-08-24 Antelope Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 10:40 Another strong August '93 "Antelope," with dissonance, improvisation, and shredding by Trey.
1993-08-28 Antelope Berkeley, CA 16:08 More incredible August '93 improvisation, with this version containing five distinct, magnificent jam sections, a Brady Bunch theme tease, and Secret Language.
1993-12-29 Antelope New Haven, CT 12:19 Strong '93 version that has a very unsual quiet section from 6:35 - 8:35 before returning to "Antelope."
1994-04-10 Antelope Buffalo, NY 13:28 Jam starts off with some good rhythmic changes, builds in tension, then there is a major break at 6:55 into some great and cool exploratory jamming which gets back to "Antelope" by 9:25.
1994-04-14 Antelope New York, NY 13:40 One of those great probing versions that leaves "Antelope," comes back briefly, leaves again, home again, off again, etc. etc.
1994-04-16 Antelope Amherst, MA 11:56 Bad-Ass jam with power jamming, rhythmic shifts, and more. Fish rocks. The jam winds down instead of peaking.
1994-04-20 Antelope Lexington, VA 12:03 A bit odd and quircky at times, but also very experimental and improvisational, and the jam closes with a raging peak.
1994-04-23 Antelope Atlanta, GA 11:58 A gripping version with nail biting tension and dissonance galore.
1994-04-25 Antelope Knoxville, TN 10:46 "Layla" teases, rhythmic gyrations, great staccato playing by Trey, and incredible Trey shredding for an intense peak.
1994-05-04 Antelope New Orleans, LA 10:03 This is a very sick and demented version, with someone (Fish?) screaming in the background at various points. Trey dedicates the jam to a good friend's baby, just then being born, and suggests naming him/her Marco Esquandolas.
1994-05-08 Antelope Bee Cave, TX 15:47 Imagine a crazed and panic-stricken Antelope crashing through forests and fields in a desperate attempt to escape some ill-tempered multibeast. Eventually, it succeeds, living to "Run" another day. That about sums up this one.
1994-05-16 Antelope Los Angeles, CA 5:54 "Antelope" ("Type II") -> "BBFCFM ("Type II") -> "Antelope" ("Type II"). A truly amazing jam which like 8/14/93 combines incredible improvisation with inspired melodic and musical magnificence. Released on Live Bait Vol. 8.
1994-05-16 Antelope Los Angeles, CA 13:12 -> in from "BBFCFM." This section of "Antelope" is extremely improvisational but also includes some melodic and uplifting jamming, while never forgetting its "Antelope" roots.
1994-05-20 Antelope Olympia, WA 12:06 Weird, experimental jamming with lots of angry dissonance, tempo changes, and a crazy build to the peak. Then at the very end, there is a cool Trey solo with subtle backup from the others.
1994-05-23 Antelope Portland, OR 13:55 Thrilling, intense, improvisational, and rocking power jam, followed by an extended "Rocco" section with whispering Trey: "Been you to have any cantaloupe?"
1994-05-29 Antelope Monterey, CA 11:14 Chaotic, frenzied, and blistering jam. Insane buildup to the peak with excellent screaming by Fish.
1994-06-11 Antelope Morrison, CO 10:36 Intense, gripping and high energy version from a show loaded with standout performances ("YEM," "SOAM," "Stash," etc.).
1994-06-16 Antelope Minneapolis, MN 12:39 This is a super-charged, full-throttle version with strong playing by Page and Fish.
1994-06-19 Antelope Kalamazoo, MI 13:49 Typically great '94 thrashing "Antelope" stuff until 6:25 when the jam breaks into a good settled section that percussively rebuilds with wild dissonance and buckets of tension.
1994-06-24 Antelope Indianapolis, IN 19:56 Very improvisational and multi-faceted version with several distinct "Type II" sections, including an uplifting "DwD" jam near the end. Released as filler for Live Phish Vol. 10. A heavyweight among "Antelopes."
1994-06-30 Antelope Richmond, VA 12:47 Far-ranging jam that gets well beyond standard "Antelope." Incredibly intense but not chaotic. Great strumming by Trey in the peak section.
1994-07-03 Antelope Old Orchard Beach, ME 13:01 Excellent, intense and cacophanous version where the band plays along to a 4th of July fireworks display. Released on FTA - Super Ball IX Part I.
1994-07-09 Antelope Mansfield, MA 12:16 Another strong version that weaves back and forth between "Antelope" and little brief departures.
1994-07-14 Antelope Canandaigua, NY 10:47 Insanely intense, driving, and dissonant jam, with excellent Fish just hammering away.
1994-07-16 Antelope North Fayston, VT 8:12 Wild-Ass crazy version from the last show of Summer '94 includes a -> to "Catapult," -> back to "Antelope," hilarious and related Fish/Trey wedding banter, lots of blood curdling screaming and yelling, and belligerent playing by all.
1994-07-16 Antelope North Fayston, VT 8:07 -> in from "Catapult." This wild, crazy and sick version of "Antelope" continues to a fiery and belligerent conclusion.
1994-10-08 Antelope Fairfax, VA 11:11 This is what an "Antelope" on steroids sounds like. Pretty high up there in the Intensity Hall of Fame.
1994-10-16 Antelope Chattanooga, TN 12:30 Dissonant and improvisational jam that gets way out there at a couple of points, and has a little Trey solo in the "Marco" section.
1994-10-21 Antelope Sunrise, FL 13:04 Chaotic and crazed version with a number of short but discrete exploratory departures.
1994-10-26 Antelope Boone, NC 12:53 Good exploratory section from 5:00 - 6:20, back to "Antelope," more foraging and then dramatic tension ratcheting.
1994-10-29 Antelope Spartanburg, SC 7:50 "Antelope" -> "Sleeping Monkey" > "Antelope." Fantastic improvisational playing with all the good '94 stuff combined with a seamless segue, then a return to "Antelope" for more exploratory jamming. Great version and song pairing.
1994-10-29 Antelope Spartanburg, SC 5:22 > in from "Sleeping Monkey" and this "Antelope" provides more exploratory jamming before winding down in good fashion.
1994-10-31 Antelope Glens Falls, NY 10:37 Well-played, mostly straightforward version. Shows just how strong 1994 was for "Antelope" that this one barely makes the cut.
1994-11-13 Antelope Erie, PA 13:03 Good solid improvisation in several parts, loads of tension with great playing by Fish and Page, and a full-throttle peak.
1994-11-16 Antelope Ann Arbor, MI 11:50 A thrilling ripper with lots of improvisational jamming. Following "spike, man" they tease or start into "Have Mercy" but quickly bail.
1994-11-30 Antelope Olympia, WA 10:03 "Antelope" -> "MSO" -> "Antelope" -> "Fixin' To Die." Awesome Fall '94 improvisation. The first section of "Antelope" is strong but par for this period. However the section following "MSO" includes some excellent, experimental jamming, and segues smoothly into the band's only electrified version of "Fixin' To Die".
1994-11-30 Antelope Olympia, WA 7:32 -> in from "My Sweet One." The second and very "Type II" section of "Antelope" charges away and -> to the electrified "Fixin' To Die."
1994-12-03 Antelope San Jose, CA 11:38 Another solid '94 "Antelope," with descending melodies, tension, dissonance, rhythmic variation, and a noisy, chaotic peak.
1994-12-09 Antelope Mesa, AZ 14:38 Thrashing, dissonant, innovative and unusual "Antelope" jamming, it's all here, including an excellent "The Force Theme from Star Wars" tease in the jam. "Suck the deer shit from the side of this hole!"
1995-06-09 Antelope Morrison, CO 10:32 Unusual jam. Sort of off-key. Sort of evil. Dissonant and anti-melodic. No real peak; it just fades into "Rocco."
1995-06-15 Antelope Atlanta, GA 12:15 A good thriller. Not as improvisational and exploratory as many '93s and '94s, but this one compensates with riveting tension.
1995-06-19 Antelope Noblesville, IN 10:53 Dissonant version with a little brief funky Page action thrown in the mix before returning for a blistering peak.
1995-06-23 Antelope Stanhope, NJ 13:51 1995's most exploratory, improvisational version. One of the "Antelope" clan which weaves back and forth between familiar ground and improvisation. The jam here gets out into some spacey and eerie Summer '95-style territory.
1995-06-26 Antelope Saratoga Springs, NY 11:28 Largely straightforward, but blistering hot jam with great playing by Fish and Page.
1995-07-03 Antelope North Fayston, VT 12:02 Dark and intense jam with healthy doses of tension and dissonance. Dizzying buildup to the peak with ballistic Fish.
1995-09-30 Antelope Mountain View, CA 10:36 Good improvisational version with rhythm shifts and great tension.
1995-10-24 Antelope Madison, WI 16:48 Although largely "Type I," this version is one of the most thrilling and intense ever. The tension and tempo start to crank up after 8:00, and even more so after 10:00. At 11:30 it sounds like "Rocco" is starting with no peak, but then there's a cool, thrumming jam section that sounds like an Antelope running, before building to the expected peak.
1995-11-11 Antelope Atlanta, GA 11:50 Jam starts off largely straightforward but gets more out there as it progresses with key changes and rhythmic bending.
1995-11-22 Antelope Landover, MD 11:11 Jam wastes no time dicking around but gets right into intensive and dissonant playing. Great Page and Fish.
1995-11-30 Antelope Dayton, OH 10:55 "Tweezer" -> "Makisupa" -> "Antelope." An excellent and intense though largely straightforward version which includes some "Tweezer" teases in the "Rocco" section.
1995-12-08 Antelope Cleveland, OH 12:00 Rhythmic-oriented jam that is ripe with great tension and dissonance.
1996-08-12 Antelope Noblesville, IN 12:29 Rhythmic variation plus good dissonance combine to put this intense version outside the box.
1996-11-02 Antelope West Palm Beach, FL 13:40 Karl Perazzo on percussion. -> in from a 20+ minute "C&P." Straightforward but an intense and spirited version.
1997-07-29 Antelope Phoenix, AZ 20:31 Awesome, extended, and uniquely remarkable version that departs into a low-key, melodic and exploratory groove that has moments of really beautiful, major mode jamming before working back into nasty old "Antelope."
1997-08-06 Antelope Maryland Heights, MO 15:51 Not way out there but has several sections that stretch beyond the typical structure, including a great "Makisupa" jam in the "Rocco" section with Page on theremin and Mike on a mini-drum.
1997-08-11 Antelope Noblesville, IN 13:20 The jam veers away from the normal structure several times, adding tension and anticipation when it returns to "Antelope."
1997-08-14 Antelope Darien Center, NY 13:31 Gets beyond "Antelope" at several points, including brief major mode action (5:40 - 6:30), rhythmic variation, a brief settle, and good tension building before mounting a serious and dissonant peak.
1997-12-29 Antelope New York, NY 15:55 Straightforward but well played jam, followed by some downright filthy funk jamming in the "Rocco" section.
1998-04-03 Antelope Uniondale, NY 14:16 Fish says, "If you're gonna run up on the stage, just don't let Carini get you" in the intro. This prompts hilarious "Carini's gonna get you" harmonizing throughout the song. Intense straightforward version with Funky Mike in the "Rocco" section.
1998-10-30 Antelope Las Vegas, NV 16:48 A minute of exploratory action (6:20 - 7:20) in a jam that otherwise is straightforward. But following "Rocco" there several minutes of eerie and spacey effects and chanting by Trey before the final closing.
1998-12-31 Antelope New York, NY 15:24 Jam breaks away completely from "Antelope" at 6:30 into a nice, slighty dark foray. Returns to the standard by 8:00.
1999-07-25 Antelope Noblesville, IN 16:26 Viewed as a groove-based jam, there is a lot of improvisation going on including some great syncopated jamming (which occurs again in the excellent "Suzy" that follows). But compared to versions from 1994 and earlier, there is no radical departure from the basic song structure other than a brief settle. For this period however, it stands out.
2003-02-15 Antelope Las Vegas, NV 12:03 Beginning of the jam is straightforward, but once they head for the peak, it's worth hearing. Quite nasty.
2003-07-17 Antelope Bonner Springs, KS 12:52 Jam breaks into an upbeat, major mode groove from 5:00 - 7:30 before returning to standard "Antelope."
2003-07-23 Antelope Noblesville, IN 14:42 Gets into a nice swinging, upbeat movement at 5:20 which continues until about 9:00 before getting back to "Antelope." Few versions since 1995 get as far removed from the basic "Antelope" jam as this one.
2004-08-11 Antelope Mansfield, MA 11:39 Very different version with no real peak and no "Rocco" section. Instead the jam fades after 9:30 into a really nice little melodic groove that > "2001."
2004-08-14 Antelope Coventry, VT 13:10 Jam segment rages practically non-stop, and Tom Marshall assists with the "Rocco" lyrics.
2009-08-01 Antelope Morrison, CO 12:21 Serious tension, dissonance, and rhythmic change-ups combine to distinguish this very good version from most 3.0 ones.
2009-12-30 Antelope Miami, FL 9:36 Short but sweet 3.0 version with multiple "Boogie On Reggae Woman" teases and riffs throughout.
2010-10-20 Antelope Utica, NY 12:14 Arguably the most improvisational version in 15 years, with multiple sections and "Guyute" teases taboot. Fish is critical here in promoting shifts in the rhythmic structure throughout the jam. Check it out!
2012-07-03 Antelope Wantagh, NY 11:54 Rhythmic changes, mode changes, suspensions, and melodic variation are key elements which make a version, and thus more interesting than the typical "average-great" one. This strong old-school, new-sound version uses all of these.
2013-07-03 Antelope Bangor, ME 12:33 Jam starts out predictably enough, then surprisingly breaks into an upbeat major mode groove. Old school peak.
2014-07-15 Antelope Canandaigua, NY 11:06 Dubbed "Fuegolope," there's a lot more to this strong "Type I" version than just teases, including a nice quiet section that builds with dissonance and tension to a fiery conclusion.
2015-08-22 Antelope Watkins Glen, NY 10:57 With an exception or two (11/30/94, 8/11/04), "Antelope" always begins and ends the same way. What's in between separates the great from the typical. This version nicely strays from the ranch from 4:50 - 6:15, and includes a nasty, gnarly and tension-loaded push to the peak.
2016-07-18 Antelope San Francisco, CA 9:26 Great percussion propels this bright, busy "Antelope," before Trey takes over, scattering some unexpected notes and nicely playing off Page. Skipping and dynamic riffing, coupled with nice tension, propels this solid version to a terrific show-ending peak.
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