Jam Chart for Drowned (16 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1995-10-31 Drowned Rosemont, IL 4:48 Debut as part of the 1995 musical costume, the Who's Quadrophenia. Straight forward version with no extended jamming.
1995-12-31 Drowned New York, NY 12:27 A top highlight of this glorious and storied concert. A careful listen reveals extended "Fire On the Mountain"-like jamming from Trey in the post-"Drowned" section, as well as a bona fide tease near the ending and -> into "The Lizards."
1997-12-03 Drowned Philadelphia, PA 16:35 Funkalicious! Great up-tempo version that highlights the band's peaking cohesiveness and improvisational talent during the Fall 1997 run.
1997-12-11 Drowned Rochester, NY 21:17 The jam keeps up a pretty good head of steam until about 12:00 when it settles into 9 minutes of high quality '97-style space funk/quiet bliss enhanced with delay effects. -> to "Roses Are Free."
1999-12-12 Drowned Hartford, CT 30:37 If you're looking for a good groove-based jam coming out of "Drowned," this is a more dynamic, propulsive and multi-sectional option than Big Cypress. It's solid, not epic, but well worth checking out.
2000-06-29 Drowned Holmdel, NJ 18:25 Great version with an upbeat, pulsing jam that morphs into a celebratory, "Gin"-on-steroids-like section that segues seamlessly into "Rock And Roll."
2000-07-11 Drowned Noblesville, IN 16:22 A very cool jam with great Fish and Mike in this upbeat, funky version that transitions into "Chalkdust Torture Reprise."
2000-09-14 Drowned Darien Center, NY 31:19 Phenomenal masterpiece of improvisation that is largely Page, Mike and Fish directed. One of the more challenging jams to appreciate, it may take several listens to fully sink in. But it's well worth the effort to get your arms and head around this magnum opus that transitions (>) to "Crosseyed And Painless."
2004-06-20 Drowned Saratoga Springs, NY 21:52 A high quality, multi-faceted jam with building intensity. The later jam segment sounds somewhat like the jam portion of "Kill Devil Falls," which wouldn't emerge for another 4 years.
2004-08-14 Drowned Coventry, VT 26:06 Very raw in parts (at least Trey), but a serious piece of improvisation nonetheless. At the 7 minute mark, the band gets very quiet and almost stops. Trey plays solo for a stretch, and briefly addresses the crowd. Around 12:30, the other band mates rejoin in a very upbeat and rocking jam that accelerates into near fury by 21:30.
2009-08-13 Drowned Darien Center, NY 17:07 Backed by an unbridled pulse from Mike and Fish, there's quite a bit of improvisation in this jam. Perhaps lacking the melodic grandeur of the "Sally" from the previous week, this is a quality exploration nonetheless.
2010-06-13 Drowned Hershey, PA 11:49 Fish and Mike propel this shorter, funky version along. Nice work by all four, and restraint by Trey adds to the overall quality. This is really quite a good version.
2010-06-20 Drowned Saratoga Springs, NY 13:11 Nice jam that bounces along before slowing to a more spacious sentiment that sets up nicely for a transition into "Swept Away/Steep."
2013-10-26 Drowned Worcester, MA 18:50 A quality multi-section jam emerges. A quiet spacey section breaks first, followed by punchy and rocking playing with an "Oye Como Va"-like vibe. From there, a nice dose of 3.0-style "HOSE" develops and > to "Light."
2014-10-22 Drowned Santa Barbara, CA 14:28 First '14 version bears resemblance to several "CDTs" from Summer '14 which range widely, but never latch onto a consistent groove, although this ends in good dark terrain.
2017-07-30 Drowned New York, NY 21:27 Moving beyond The Who classic, the jam initially settles into some mellow, synth-infused grooving. Around 12:30, the sentiment brightens, and as the power builds, Trey unleashes some effects and trilling which recall the unique style and tone of '00. The jam gradually mellows into probing space.
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