Jam Chart for AC/DC Bag (21 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1986-04-01 Bag Burlington, VT 5:09 Debut -> in from "Slipknot" and includes a short intro section that continued through 1988.
1991-07-12 Bag Keene, NH 5:43 Giant Country Horns (who also played on 7/14/91, 7/21/91, and 7/25/91). Horns are a great addition. This version was released on Live Phish Vol. 19.
1993-08-12 Bag Rochester Hills, MI 7:40 The old intro is played although it was largely abandoned after 1988. Odd little outro jam tacked on to the back as well.
1993-08-25 Bag Seattle, WA 9:39 The old intro section is played again. Some cool Mike action on this version.
1994-11-18 Bag East Lansing, MI 8:15 > in from "Rift." This Bag is musically tight, yet slightly structurally different than other type I Bags. There is a litle funky piano breakdown at around 4:00 before blues-Trey rears his head in for some of the more traditional buildup-and-release jamming. At about 6:25, Trey sustains a note, and the Bag takes off before a return to the ending coda and > to Julius.
1995-06-25 Bag Philadelphia, PA 8:29 > in from "Ya Mar." Exceptionally well-played straightforward version. Trey shreds. > to "Taste."
1995-07-03 Bag North Fayston, VT 10:04 At about 6:15, the jam section starts to get a bit beyond the conventional "Bag."
1995-11-10 Bag Atlanta, GA 10:14 > in from "Sparkle." With several instances where the jam grinds to a near stop, this is another '95 version that stretches the boundaries of "Bag."
1996-08-13 Bag Noblesville, IN 10:31 Intense and hard rocking straightforward version. Great Trey and Page. > to "The Lizards."
1997-06-25 Bag Lille, France 10:22 Bust out the funk!
1997-07-25 Bag Dallas, TX 11:16 -> in from "Makisupa." Similar to 8/13/96. Intense, stretched-out version where the band just keeps it going and going.
1997-11-21 Bag Hampton, VA 25:42 > in from "Ghost." The band dexterously weaves together layers of hard rock, funk, and delicate, ambient space almost imperceptibly, as the transitions are so fluid. Difficult to break into easily defined sections or movements, it's more like a dynamically evolving life form. -> to "Slave To The Traffic Light." Simply must-hear.
1997-12-30 Bag New York, NY 24:38 Opening an incredible 2 1/4 hour-long Set II, the second monster "Bag" combines the same elements as the first - funk, rock, and delicate space, but in a completely different manner and configuration. Includes "Third Stone From The Sun" and "Psycho Killer" teases with a > to "McGrupp." A must-hear dynamo that belies a short description.
1998-07-06 Bag Prague, Czech Republic 4:11 > in from "Buried Alive." Conventional "Bag,", but a fantastic -> to "Ghost." A must-hear show as well.
1998-08-09 Bag Virginia Beach, VA 14:48 Jam breaks at about 5:45 into a rhythmic, wavy, slightly funky groove. Gets more funky, and Trey, and then Page (on the B-3) tease "Electric Funeral" (Black Sabbath). At this point, the jam really rocks until the ending.
1998-11-07 Bag Chicago, IL 20:51 After breaking into an upbeat, rhythmic groove, the jam works through several movements of beautiful, serenely ambient space, eventually building energy with a -> to "Ghost."
1999-09-14 Bag Boise, ID 27:17 A masterpiece light years removed from the two big '97 "Bags." Spare on funk, the jam embarks on a somewhat dark, swirling journey. Eventually it grows upbeat, picking up rhythm and energy, arriving at a great rocking groove. Finally, it becomes eerie and outer-space-like, with Page creating chilling effects on the synthesizer.
2000-06-15 Bag Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan 11:34 The jam portion is straightforward, but slowed to a really pleasant, mellow groove.
2003-02-14 Bag Inglewood, CA 11:33 A very quiet, calm, yet strangely percussive jam in this strong version with a -> to "Prince Caspian."
2004-08-10 Bag Mansfield, MA 16:16 Almost immediately breaks away from "Bag" proper into an upbeat, fierce jam that has a hazy summertime vibe to it. After settling, the jam grows increasingly upbeat and energized. Really an excellent version.
2004-08-14 Bag Coventry, VT 20:07 Nimbly textured and surgically precise like the big '97 "Bags?" No. Highly improvisational, well played AND a great listen? Absolutely. This version is MUST-HEAR, like 11/21/97, 12/30/97 and 9/14/99. The Coventry "Bag" is full of "2.0-style jamming," is played very well overall, and it's highly listenable. -> to "46 Days."
Jam chart versions are selected because of improvisational and other characteristics that distinguish these from typical versions of the song.
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