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Ninety-Nine Years (and One Dark Day)

Music/Lyrics: Tim O’Brien

Vocals: Tim O’Brien (lead)

Original Artist: Hot Rize

Original Album: Hot Rize (1979)

Debut: 1996-08-07

Historian: Ellis Godard

Performed only once, this Red Rocks bonus featured the vocal and string-playing talents of Tim O’Brien, founding member of Hot Rize and a highly influential modern bluegrass performer/songwriter in his own right. “99 Years” is a Hot Rize original penned by O’Brien and released seventeen years prior to this show but it has the feel of “newgrass,” reminiscent of Sam Bush. It was performed the one and only time, helping to close out the first set of Phish’s final Red Rocks gig after the “one dark day” in Morrison. Notably, Page took a nice solo, close to the beginning; hearing strong keys in bluegrass is refreshing.

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