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Link Mike Gordon + Col. Bruce Hampton & The Codetalkers, Wednesday, 04/11/2001
Irving Plaza, New York, NY

Set 1: Yield Not to Temptation, Working on a Building, Compared to What?, Destiny Unbound, Can't Take My Eyes Off of You[1]

[1] Page on keyboards.

Notes: This evening began with a screening of Mike's film Outside Outfollowed by an audience question-and-answer session with Mike, and finally a performance by Col. Bruce Hampton and the Codetalkers with Mike on guitar for the majority of the show. Page made a (very) brief appearance on keyboards during “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.” This show featured the first known live performance of “Destiny Unbound” by a member of Phish since 11/15/91. This setlist is incomplete and unconfirmed.

Musicians: Mike Gordon, Col. Bruce Hampton, Jeannie Hill, Page McConnell (Guest)

TomAce , attached to 2001-04-11 Permalink
I just found a DAT of this show! I was there and it was an amazing night. I'm listening to the destiny right now and it's awesome. There's a tap dancing solo in the middle of Outside Out. I believe there was the movie, question and answer and two electric sets. I have one Dat with the "ring of fire" encore, can't take my eyes off you etc.. And I'll get it up online soon. No one will prolly read this but I'm very happy to have just found this!
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TomAce , attached to 2001-04-11 Permalink
I should've known it's out there already. I'm going to put my copy up anyway in the near future but here's the link to the full setlist and download(I believe download). Anwayyyys here ya go. It's a great concert. I hope you check it out.
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