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Icculus Staff , attached to 1994-10-31 Permalink
Icculus [Posted a long time ago, shortly after the show, to Rec.Music.Phish and slightly modified from its original state. -charlie]

I know you have seen the setlist a zillion times, but here is the correct one. Long review to follow...[snip]

If any of you remember seeing a guy in front of will-call yelling "STEVE BILLINGS", that was me. Steve showed up after about a half-hour of yelling..and THANK GOD!!

The Frankenstein opener was no surprise, thanks to whomever it was that posted on the net several days before halloween that it would be the opener.. it was a strong Frankenstein, as usual. Sparkle was next and was fine.. nothing special. WHAT BLEW ME AWAY WAS THE SIMPLE!!! There was this great ending jam before Divided.. this really cooked.. Never heard any Simple even close to this.. Divided was definitely ok. Have heard better Divideds for sure. No signals. Nothing weird or special, if I recall correctly. Harpua was expected, but the Vibration of Death and War Pigs sure as hell weren't.. great to hear this!! No one around me seemed to get War Pigs, though..Sabbath was a bit too obscure a reference for most, perhaps.. Fun tease, though.. Also, Poster Nutbag wasn't eaten by Harpua.. instead, he was sent to hell!! Julius cooked as it always does.. Horse and Silent were perfectly straightforward, but Mike seemed to be into Silent more than usual for some reason (he was jamming at times..usually he just plays it..).

REBA was approx 15 minutes!!! Just an incredible Reba. You have got to hear it to believe it.. was a sortof DARK, HALLOWEEN REBA.. you'll see.. Golgi was the set closer, naturally, and was played without fanfare, like you've heard it played many times before.

Just before the lights went out to start the second set, I heard the beginning of Wish You Were Here. Then, the lights went out, and quickly I heard the beginning of Dark Side of the Moon (with "Money"), then The Heartbeats began.. everyone was freaking out, thinking FLOYD FLOYD FLOYD and screaming it, too, when, suddenly, the Heartbeats/Money crap was cut and the famous Ed Sullivan Beatles-intro came on.. Then I started wigging out (I never sent a postcard in, thinking that there was just no way that they would ever attempt the White Album, sticking instead with something cozy and mildly challenging like almost all Zepplin tunes).. What can I say?

The BEATLES WHITE ALBUM!!! Several tunes were jammed on, but unfortunately not Dear Prudence.. I was hoping that they would give us a version comparable to Garcia, but, alas, not. They jammed on Ob La Di, While My Guitar (in a HUGE WAY!!!!!), Yer Blues, Monkey, Helter, Revolution, and probably a few more. Otherwise, everything was pretty standard, with a few exceptions. The Dont Pass Me By was clearly arranged by Mike in bluegrass fashion, and was good! The Yer Blues really, really rocked. Birthday was not actually played.. Brad Sands came out for some cake, dressed as Fish. The highlight was definitely Revolution Number Nine, though, with Fish on vacuum and plenty of weirdness going on.. Fish disrobed towards the end, which I hadn't ever had the esteemed pleasure of witnessing before, though I know he used to play naked a lot back in the 80s. Just an incredible set of music, in general. There were definitely several mistakes made, but, all in all, the set was the most incredible set of live music I have ever heard.. the nerve it took to do the white album.. geeeezus.

Everyone was exhausted by the third set, even the people sitting still. I was still a dancing freak, even though I could hardly stand. I was by the tapers section, Fishman side, for this set (I was on the floor about 60 feet straight out from mike for the other sets).

Almost no one was moving around me during this set.. the Bowie was great, but certainly not excellent. Bouncin was standard. Slave was jaw-dropping incredible.. I thought I had heard the best version in charlottesville. I was wrong. Rift was disappointing, since I have heard it waaaay too much, and they just never wail on it.. it was still excellently played, of course.. what made me cheer up, though, was the segue into SLEEPING MONKEY!!!! AAAAHHH!!!! This was a SICK version, folks, just hysterical and great.. Poor Heart was standard, and good as always.

Antelope jammed really fiercely, which was incredible since it was soo damn late, but there was a little slip up when they all came back in after Trey's "Bid you To Have any.." line.. you will hear it on the tape. They caught themselves though, and finished the short set strongly. It was a great antelope, but I have certainly heard better. Amazing Grace was great.. hadn't heard that live since bender arena last year, and the crowd was very good.

The jam during the contest that Mike and Fish were doing was fun as hell.. I was one of the few actually dancing to this, ignoring the contest. A "Mounds" bar won (what a "joke".. corporate America would have been soooo proud). At the end of the contest, Trey stepped into the Jam the others were doing, and for a very very VERY brief time, played Mind Left Body. The jam ended, and the most spectacular Squirming Coil I have ever heard was played. I nearly cried. It was just soooo fantastic for "the Boyz" to let Page close the show like this.

I was literally FLOOOOORED by this show. I had difficulty walking back to the car. Incredible. Get the tapes.

Score: 0
BrotherOpener , attached to 2016-02-02 Permalink
I agree with much of Songchasers review! This show was funky and tight throughout. This is the chillest MGB I have seen. Robert Walter may be the missing third head of this musical Ghidra.

It is time to recognize that Mike Gordon has put together a strong and diverse song catalog. Their is enough good material for a multi night run (come on Mike, I know you love Portland!! How about a multi night weekend run in autumn 2016?)

Highly recommend catching this band while they are tearing it up. Thanks for reading. -Brother Opener
Score: 2
TweezingSpaceRanger , attached to 2000-06-14 Permalink
If you listen to the crowd before BOTT you can hear someone yell "N'Sync Covers!" Also, where can I get the soundcheck for this show? I've gotta hear a funky bitch with some spanish moon teases. This is a great show. The first set rocks and the second set rolls....phish wins
Score: 0
songchaser , attached to 2016-02-02 Permalink
songchaser HNPAY was performed and reprised throughout the first set.

First set was the tits. HMPAY was a triple decker cheesecake. Second set was sublime sweet and sour. Cities encore was the raspberry filling on top. What a show!

Gordo and the rhythm section were in the pocket all night. Robert and Scott were let loose and wild. The sound mix was excellent. We were "lucky" to catch the new MGB near the end of the tour where they have had some time to gel together. I suspect this is the band Mike has been waiting/searching for and will become a well known quality/quantity.

And it's telling that many of us were having the same thought, asking ourselves if this was better than Phish. Don;t take this as 'blasphemy' but yes, last night MGB were better than Phish. I do not generally like comparing, but on a quantitative scale last nights show was a 9.5. With Phish performing fewer and fewer shows per year, MGB is now the major project in Mike's musical life. As it should be. He's put together something special

To those folks seeing the last few shows of the tour you are in luck, Bring no expectations, wear your dancing shoes and prepare for a juggernaut.
Score: 2
bringbackthunderhead , attached to 2004-08-13 Permalink
Nigel and Gumbo really describe this jam well but I don't think it can be overstated how awesome this jam is...

To my ears it's a different animal than anything played over the next two nights and kind of explains/justifies/makes easier to swallow the horror show that would follow (not that some parts of 8/14-15 aren't incredible too i.e. Bag, SOAM etc).

The first three movements are really 2.0ish, cohesive and funky, yet thick and murky. Trey starts to build on a riff he's been repeating around the 24 min mark and a melody emerges from it that the band locks into and all of the sudden BOOM. It's like when it's sunny and raining. It's triumphant devastation. Intensely emotional and incredibly powerful. Absolutely must hear stuff. Essential Phish
Score: 0
Ari_DubLion , attached to 2016-02-03 Permalink
The band was so tight tonight. The crowd was chill but focused. The new lineup is much more rock, and eighties. I was hearing Duran Duran and The Cure a little, then "Looking For Clues" rounded out that sound. Yarmouth Road with a long dubby jam. I didn't keep a setlist, I don't know all the songs, especially not the new ones, but I heard Long Black Line, Yarmouth, Say Something, 555, How Many People Are You? Looking For Clues, Face, Sugar Shack encore
Score: 2
JosiahAtTheRail , attached to 1993-02-03 Permalink
A snowy night in Maine and a great first show! All the debuts were very solid. Still my favorite versions of Loving Cup and Lifeboy ever. Great fun hearing the "Water your team in a beehive, I'm a sent you" lyrics toyed with in Tweezer (which is very Wedge-y (check just after 3:00 and around 4:30)) and then full-on delivered in You Enjoy Myself, the band's sense of humor apparent from the get-go. The way Lifeboy materialized from the dust after the YEM vocal jam was so beautiful and it reaches a great crescendo. Needless to say, I was hooked.
Score: 0
The_Ghost , attached to 1986-10-31 Permalink
The_Ghost What a packed show. The birthplace of David Bowie. The sound of the place isn't great, you can hear a lot of people talking. While the set list seems great like, Fluffhead closing the first set, it was pretty mild it was not the amazing rocking jam show it would be with later Phish. I don't care for this Halley's Comet, early, short, and sang by Richard Wright.

Highlights from this show include:
Camel Walk


Melt the Guns ->DEG-> Sneakin' Sally

Jam > AC/DC Bag

of course
David Bowie

Skin it Back > Icculus

Alumni Blues
Score: 0
The_Ghost , attached to 1983-10-30 Permalink
The_Ghost Greatest Phish show ever. The boys really peaked in 0.0. I know I was blown away as a toddler to know that this music was being made.

It was a hazy late Autumn day. Leaves of many colors littered the ground and filled my little brain with vibrant colors. Everything was new to me then. I was so excited and impatient for Halloween. I was going to get to dress up and get free candy. It was literally a dream come true. My mom was taking me to see her friend Kristy. Kristy was super cool, she gave me some candy and then told us about the best Vermont beans to be had. They were at UVM caf. We all went down there and these guys started singing and one of them took the vacuum cleaner from the back and made beautiful music with it. Kristy looked embarrassed by the whole thing, but I never knew why. My mom told me that the red headed guy tapping on the table was why Kristy was my aunt. I never understood what she meant. I just remember that it was a beautiful day and it is my first memory.
Score: 0
phan440 , attached to 2015-08-22 Permalink
This was a great show but lets reel it back a bit people.

>>>>>>>"This show is on par with Big Cypress, Great Went N2, 12/31/93"

Complete nonsense.

It was a great show but might not of even been the best show of 2015. Epic Tweezer, Light, & Blaze On. The rest was just solid. Not groundbreaking. Sorry to downplay peoples assessment on here but some of these comments are crazy.
Score: -1
Hashley , attached to 2016-01-27 Permalink
Hashley What an amazing evening! I really dug meat, even though we were there to see Mike as him self. The crowd was very excited for the show and the people all brought good vibes! I threw beans on stage early from a coffee shop he visited once (and that I work at) from playing Flagstaff before and I tend to bring them to phish shows across the country so.. he grabbed them upon playing and gave an appreciated whiff! Then rocked it out!
Kimock was great on the drums and the little flute he got for his daughter sure brought on some extra musical delight. Great show overall and I got my poster signed!! Love it!
Score: 1
AustinTxNate , attached to 2016-01-23 Permalink
Great show, and Numbers is a pretty cool venue. Not a fan of the 8pm show time, and the club could use a few more people taking tickets as the line was 100 people long, and barely moving at showtime.

Most everyone missed the Daisy Hill opener, but we made it in halfway through Say something. Really loving Cruel world, and different world is an awesome acoustic jam.

Highlight was the epic Sleep to dream. They did a great job of taking the repeating bass beat and going darker and louder with it. The sound reminded me of Gary Numan or NIN. Awesome stuff.

Funny story.. I was outback with Johnny Kimock and Craig Myers during setbreak. Johnny went in after a cig or two, and Craig stayed for a bit and chatting with myself and a couple of the girls in our group. We chatted about Rubblebucket and SXSW shows, etc, before he lost track of time and ran in.

Mike and band were already on stage. Mike was making up a song about how Craig must have quit the band, he forgot his responsibilities, and doodle doo, as Craig runs up on stage! Too funny.

Mike was signing my poster, and I apologized and told him that he can blame Craig being late on me, as we were out back chatting during setbreak. He gave me a look that I will never forget. LOL. I still love Mike, and I'm happy to take one for the team. Craig you owe me. :)

Great show. Slight edge to the Austin show, but great show nonetheless. Well worth the 2 1/2 drive.
Score: 1
The_Ghost , attached to 1991-08-03 Permalink
The_Ghost This is currently my most, "Wish I had been there" show. It seems from listening to it that the atmosphere was amazing. When the crowd is told at set break to, "Do what you want" because, "No one is going to bother you here" I just can't even imagine how cool that must have been.

The overall show seemed to be fairly laid back, no excessive heavy jamming. I did not like the Dude of Life encore set, though I do like the song - Self - and - Crimes of the Mind - I just don't like the voice of that dude.

I laughed out loud at Trey telling people to get directions from the burrito truck! Trey does love those burritos.

I could be wrong, but I read about this show once in a book written by a guy that followed Phish around for a bit as his job as a writer for RS mag (could be WAY wrong, memory is foggy) He said that there was a party after the show but then it started raining on all the equipment. Not sure if this is the same free show at Amy's Farm or not.

Anyway a great show and well worth a listen.
Score: 0
TweezingSpaceRanger , attached to 2016-01-02 Permalink
Wow. I've seen ample Phish shows since 2013 and I've never had a harder time finding a ticket to a show than I had for this one. On top of trying to scalp a ticket to Phish at MSG (which is hard enough to do already), the buzz was that scalpers were selling fake tickets throughout the weekend. Luckily I met an awesome MSG event coordinator the first night when I also had to scalp a ticket. This ticket cost twice as much as the first night's (OUCH!), but knowing that the ticket was real and (praying) that the looming Tweezer was about to be an absolute monster I just couldn't resist. Dammit Phish, you got me again!....and I love it. Lets get to the show.

Your Pet Cat: Those CTSOTHH narrations are a great way to start a set and especially a show. High energy version right out of the gate, and although the MPP and Dick's versions were fun, this was definitely the best version since the Halloween show IMO.

AC/DC Bag: I thought this would open the show but I'm glad it didn't. I love when this song is played at a slower pace and that's exactly what they did. Trey's solo had some extra gravy on it too!

NICU: The > from Bag was interesting and I love this song. At this point, the setlist is starting to look promising and then...

It's Ice!: At only 4 songs in I freaked out a little bit. The jam segment of Ice continued the groovy vibe established in the first set and, while not exploding with funk like the 2013 MSG version, it was played brilliantly and fit the set perfectly.

Horn: Fits great in the set coming out of It's Ice and to my ears it sounds like the mellow groove vibe continues through this song.

Divided Sky: At this point shit was on. Everyone knew this show was about to be special (and worth breaking the bank on). After the pause, the energy of the band and the MSG audience just exploded and stayed that high for the rest of the show. The entire jam was stunningly beautiful and Trey was on fire. Where the hell did that Stash tease come from and how is it so damn perfect?!

Axilla!: MSG is literally shaking....

Maze: Great song out of Axilla and the Axilla teases are a great touch. 2015 was an awesome year for this song and two days into 2016 it's still going strong!

Train Song: I heard it in Tuscaloosa already this year so I didn't get the excitement of hearing it for the first time, but after using the NYC subway and airtran all weekend it felt more appropriate.

Julius: In the moment I was hoping for Split Open and Melt but Trey's solo made me forget about that. Phish knows best.

Overall this was one of the best first sets of Phish I've seen live (7/26/13, 7/31/15, 8/9/15, and 8/21/15 are stiff competition). Great old school setlist and I enjoyed the ride from mellow groove takes on songs to the balls to the wall energy post D-Sky pause. On to set 2!

!TWEEZER!: Who's gonna hold my clothes?! This is exactly why I pulled the trigger on the ticket and holy shit was it worth it! The drop off and build-ups in the composed section were more groove based and less raw tension to my ears, which is how I like my Tweezers. Then Mike starts laying down some sick bass that Trey solos over gloriously. At one point Trey hits a somewhat sustained repeated chord that reminds me of the first peak of the 2/28/03 Tweezer although nowhere near as powerful. Then Mike starts to get real interesting and the jam sounds similar to the later segment of the 11/17/97 Tweezer. Then Trey brings the insane heat to a peak (9:20-10:20) before a brief full band funk breakdown ensues as we transition to the next part of a jam that is already a winner. Things start to get spacey before they snap into a tropical sounding groove that makes me think of the first segment of the 1/3/15 DWD. Trey hits a repetitive lick that adds a feel good vibe to Fish's fantastic drumming before Trey begins another solo which is more beautiful than the first face melting one. Mike continues to add great bass fills throughout and I haven't mentioned Page yet but don't worry he's always killing it. We're 18 minutes into this Tweezer now and the band breaks down into another funky groove! MSG was about to explode when a (woo-less) stop/start section emerges and the woo's are avoided thanks to Trey who is just possessed with his fills (19:00-20:00)! Out of this stop/start section the band just explodes and Trey again catches a repetitive lick a la 9/6/15 Disease and rides it to heights that dwarf the Empire State Building! What a jam!

Sand!: No, no. It's not time to cool down yet as Sand emerges perfectly from Tweezer. This Sand is thick, spacey, and nasty. The peak is as powerful as you would hope any Sand has, and they even step out of the box for a few brief but excellent measures near the end.

Limb by Limb: I like this song and it serves the cool-down spot exceptionally well. Although standard, the great playing from all continues until...

Suzy Greenberg!: The dance party continues and the energy is back in high gear! Page proves why he is the chairman of the boards and Trey is with him step-for-step. With a nice peak to the tune, this is easily my favorite version and set placement of the 9 times I've heard this song.

Harry Hood!: God the hits just keep coming... This Hood gets a bad rep because of the slightly abrupt fashion in which Trey brings the band out of type ll jam territory back to the traditional Hood peak. Instead of focusing on that, attention should be placed on the almost 4 minutes of quality jam. This jam is mildly funky, danceable, delicate, and Fish is on point throughout. After that, I'm fine with the way Trey brought about the ending of the song. If they had more time in the set, I feel like this would've turned into an all timer version of Hood. However, they had to save time for...

!YOU ENJOY MYSELF!: .....Are you f**king kidding me? A six song set that starts with Tweezer and ends with YEM!? The YEM is fantastic too. Great playing in the composed sections, awesome jam with solid work for Trey, the Mike section is just bonkers with Trey on drums, and the vocal jam is as intense and good as ever! My only complaint about this YEM is that Trey should've yelled "Motherf**ker!!!" instead of Boy...but whatever it's still badass.

The Lizards and Tweezer Reprise: This was a special encore. The Lizards was played to perfection and by the time they were done playing it, the people around me, myself included, forgot the Tweezer Reprise was coming and it just blew the lid off of MSG. This was a truly spectacular way to end what felt like a perfect Phish run. When it was all said and done, this phish show is up there with 7/27/13, 10/20/13, 12/29/13, 7/31/15, 8/9/15, and Magnaball as the best live phish I've witnessed.

Other highlights from the 4 nights include the Chalk Dust>Ghost, Waves>Bathtub Gin, Weekapaug->WTU?>Weekapaug, Martian Monster through Walls, KDF through Twist, NMINML through David Bowie, Undermind, and Light.

Thanks Phish, thanks amazing fan base that I see at every show I am fortunate enough to attend, and thanks to whoever is responsible for the best fan website on the internet! Go Phish!
Score: 1
stustau , attached to 2016-01-24 Permalink
First time seeing Gordo band. Not overly familiar with their catalog of music, but thought the songs came off very strong live and Mike and Scott have good chemistry up there. Good psychadelic rock, obviously very bass heavy and pretty varied. They even did a little funk/jamtronica thing in there. Mike seemed to really be having fun with it. Their percussionist also has some cool tricks.

Good times!
Score: 2
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