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Xpanding_Man , attached to 2012-08-31 Permalink
As we're staring down the barrel of another Friday night at Dick's, I keep coming back to this Friday night Dick's show from 2012 as the show of 3.0 so far, especially now with a few additional years perspective. Rather than argue if it's THE best, let's just all agree that it's certainly one of them. I don't make it to a lot of shows these days, but I made it to this one, about 50 feet back on the floor.

I think the thing that makes this one really stand out is the process of spelling "FUCK YOU" with the song titles forced them to get outside their comfort zone of how they normally weave songs/setlists together. This could have backfired BIG TIME, and was a definite risk, but wow did it pay off. The jamming here is fluid and inspired, with the highlights already noted in green (but don't overlook that Carini jam!).

As to the "FUN" factor at the show, I thought the crowd was overall very chill and respectful on the floor where I was. I remember meeting some girls who were at their first show (all from West Palm Beach, which I thought was odd being from Miami that I went all the way to Denver to meet people from West Palm). When I tried telling them that the set spelled FUCK YOUR FACE, their reaction was definitely uneasy :) They probably thought I was some drug crazed pervert coming on to them, but then I managed to pull the set list from (it took a LONG time to load haha) and handed one of them my phone. It was cool to see the look on her face slowly go from anxiety to humor, and she passed my phone to her friends who reacted the same way. Then they actually played Fuck Your Face, and before the encore they started asking me some funny questions, like "Is every show like this?" :) I wish honey, I wish.....
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s1177375 , attached to 2009-06-07 Permalink
One of my top 5 shows of the 21 I have attended. My all time favorite probably not this night but this is certainly underrated at under 4 stars to me personally. This is a great show w my 3rd all time favorite Sand w an absolutely sick (dundun dundun dundun DOO DOO dundun dundun dundun DOO DOO!!!! start subtly at 16:45 and turns into this thing w a PING kinda note at the end a high pitch note in contrast to the tasty melting cheese of Mike Gordon laying down w Trey just ripping it louder and louder not to mention a great other jam leading into this one that is long enough and different enough to be more like the regular Sand jam that would only be like a 12-14 min standard type 1. But at 18:34 Trey officially ripped the imaginary roof off the pavillion at the very back for me and i saw the 2nd coming of Jesus. It was hilariously good jamming i could not believe how just one basic set of cords over and over getting creshendo'd could cause my body such a jibation and orgasm of sweat pain and joy. Joy what a song to premier w after a set 2 opener into outerspace. Joy may be a letdown of a song in terms of soft melody but it was played really well for the 1st time and it fit the vibe that night. I hate Sugar Shack so idc if it is 1st time stats it sucks the first and last time they ever will play it. I just dont like that song. If it has to be Mikes tunes i take a Mikes Song obviously and My Mind's Got a . . . or Ginseng or other bluegrass-y mike ones or Ya Mar or even Mock or Train Song but not this one. The Trey cool guitar solo riff is NOT cool enough to make up for the general suckage that is the Shantee from hell. Give me Round Room or Mexican Cousin hell even Friday has a great guitar solo build from 4 min on that is far better than the Shack. But that was the ONLY thing i did not like about this show and for the 1st time i liked it at the time and gave it a chance but have come to hate it more and more sense. I loved No Men in . . .at MPP2 8-16-15 and love hearing new tunes cause it shows my fav band still cares about new music and are still IN IT . . u feel me i know u do? I hope u do? It was not as great as Reading 1st time they ever played there and tore the house down w a Reba better than one of my other good shows at 11-24 and 25 but 24-09 was SO MUCH better than the next night even w a Esther and V Underground n a great BOAF it just was on off night. I do not like many of the new songs. . except Blaze On and No Men. I love those 2. They are like Undermind in the funky No Men Sneakin Sally kinda Moma Dance or Funky Bitch vibe area and Blaze being like a Farmhouse album song like well hell Farmhouse but also Heavy Things or BOAF a song w lots of catchy lyrics and Chem Trails Raining Down on Me lol that is good crunchy lyrics w classic tongue and cheek T Marshall and Trey banter all over it. As far as what i hate on the new repetoire I detest Mercury How Many R U? and Heavy Rotation. Give me 555 if it must be a Mikes Song other than our song the man's groove and give me Halfway to the Moon if it must be a Page song NOT the rotation scritch and may the chompers delight in the Feugo . . true! lol I am getting chomperitis and it is contagious. . off track and stoned. Back on the show of yeah 6-7-09 my 3rd fav Camden Show i ever attended. Good venue. I saw them 7-30 and 31-03 and again the show i thought would be the last 2 Set show EVER. Thank Jesus and drug courts for our hero in guitar terms Trey that I was wrong. 8-12-04 was a highly underrated great show. Not perfectly played but just a great all around rock show w even Pebbles and Marbles kickin ass. I catapulted myself into downtown NJ and loved everyminute of seeing Phili w my slingshot Zelda Skyward Sword style only an acorn or 2 across the Divided Sky that is the Phili skyline.
Breakdown by most songs - the ones that counted this night
Chalkdust Torture - just ok - loved it as an opener being there - but just a stable like a Wilson or Runaway Jim - nothing surprising and a 7 min regular version - nothing special
Fee!!!! even though Trey forgot many lyrics as he does often w Cavern Undermind and this song - Esther and a few others too for some reason and not just the shier number of lyrics cause Mygrupp is usually sung right always. Lizards too. This version is great if u love Trey or band banter cause Trey self-depricates clearly in a silly mood of mild frustration - u guys gotta sing along cuz we knew this backstage. . . and i am CONVINCED that this happening was a direct cause of the new great musical direction that would NOT have happened otherwise. Very much for me remeniscent of one of my all time favorite funk shows up there w all 97 especially 12-29 and 30 cow jamming - the show 7-15-98 in Portland got into a Tweezer Simple for the books w a Dr Drew Snoop song of all things and it actually so worked unlike the silly HYHU shit like Bike and Love U Fishman song which i am btw a total NONE fan of even seeing it live i never got it . . i agree it is a total waste of show time like Page does in the joke where the audience was polled on 8-11-04 i believe. . somewhere in that "final" tour. But the song that Fee reminds me of in that 7-15 stellar night is not the second set but the HORN . . it has this jam . . Horn never has an ambient jam. . it just doesnt fit. . the song has a guitar solo and back to the lyrics and then over . . the construction of the song does not allow for jamming. But similiar to Fee. . which sorta has the small chance of a slow jam coming out of hte very end . . well listen to both and u will see the subtle similarities and the utter beauty of both in their simple pretty soft harmony.
The Lizards unfortunately was not played perfect - Mike was a little off in my fav part at the end of the crazy Page piano jam in the middle and then it goes into this guitar solo as we all know in repetition slowly creshendoing in ecstacy. It being my ALL TIME FAV Phish Song - I have way too high expectations of all versions of this song and having only heard it 2x live and both imperfect i needless to say have been a bit frustrated w lackluster playing of my favorite song ever. MY Friend and Hood are my 2 other favs but they play those both more often. If I Could and FEFU are my fav 2 bluegrass tunes love those guitar solos/jams.
The night has a great setlist but it is important to note this was not the best played versions of many of these songs. There was flubbing not just the obvious Fee one but general just offness - the 4 were outa sync and u can hear it occassionally. Not like Coventry but off a little bit. Wolfmans is just ok . .nothing to brag about for such a great potential funkadelic masterpeice. Many better versions out there. This one is not for the books but it is always worth a listen cause it is so damn fun
Tube - way too short . . i KNOW i am not alone in longing and yearning for the type 2 I gotta hear at one of the 2 most underrated shows i went to 2-22-03 also best Bathtub Gin i had ever heard but i had not at the time i went to the concert heard the filler one from 7-24-98 Riverport one or the Great Went one among even a better one in the SAME tour lol but to come in the future 3 gigs later at 2-28-03 the best show of 2003 by a mile. . 7-29 or 7-30 a close 2nd or 3rd and 3-1-03 2-15-16 both Golden Lady i wish was there Boogie On i absolutely adore that melody go Stevie!! So yeah the Tube from 2-22 is the best Tube i ever heard . . yes even better than 12-7-97 and the Island Tour 98 Tube and even better 7-17 at Oswego's UNofficial festival which in mho is better than all the rest except IT Cypress and Magnaball. . yes better than the Went and Clifford I really believe that listen to 99 such an underrated year of music overshadowed by 97 n 98 being only slightly superior w the cow funk introduced and explosion of Europe causing them great new feelings of tightness and smallness which made the music so much less about rock and roll cliche and back to the heart of amazing jamming. . Tube from and 9-11-99 25 and 12-13 far better than Big Cypress and that may sound sackreligious lol but listen to 2-22. This 6-7 version is like a studio version. For some reason Trey is going back to a shitty 1996 Tube. I dont like it. Give me 97> but
Score: 0
WilsonDukeofLizards , attached to 2009-10-30 Permalink
Every time Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, Mike Gordon, and Trey Anastasio are on a stage together, it is the best live musical performance I have ever seen. This show was no different. I will not get into setlist specifics, anybody can read the setlist and listen to the recording.

What I will tell you is that I was at this show. I experienced the magic. The air was electric, and I felt like a stripper pole in the middle of a lightning storm on Page side. I was receiving high voltage shocks from the music squirming into my ears from above, as well as from the other organisms who were flailing in pleasure around me.

As my mind began to meld more deeply with the sacred vibrations being created by Phish, what can only be described as tubes of orange ectoplasm began to float towards me over the crowd from the stage.

Some of the smaller more spaghetti-like orange tubes began to slide into my head through my ears. As each one entered my body I shivered in delight. The orange ectotubes would then go directly to my core and wrap around my spine, causing my body to begin to gyrate violently to the music.

It has been 7 years and the musculature of my face has still not healed from the semi evil funk grin that overtook it at some point during the end of Bowie and the beginning of Hood.

This was not my last encounter with Phish's swimming orange audio ectopleasure tubes.
Score: 0
Bacardi , attached to 1989-02-10 Permalink
My first show...I am pretty sure we went to see the Radiators (not Max creek as previously indicated) and I think Phish played one set to open. Wish I could remember the set list...who knew this was the beginning of a life long love affair with this band.
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funkbeard , attached to 2015-08-23 Permalink
Yes. I heard that Joe Cocker tease. Have you heard the words he sang?

The set was extremely tight. It seems that after Philadelphia, Trey got much more detailed and solid in his playing, with flubs disappearing from much of his work. First set of 8/23 is extremely solid. Second set does get transcendent for a while. Disease->Scents->What's the Use being the obvious highlight. The intro to Scents may be the tightest ever played. I was surprised, because I didn't know they could hit it that tight.

Pebbles and Marbles at Dicks?
Score: 0
kipmat , attached to 1996-12-02 Permalink
kipmat This show is a Phish rarity: a show where the first set outshines the second. Trey was stretching the outro solo in AC/DC Bag to it's limit towards the end of Fall '96, and this one will have you standing on your tiptoes by the end. The tramps jam in YEM is plenty funky - the band was practicing James Brown grooves around this time. After Trey blows the roof off with the 'doc, he steps to the percussion rack, and Page adds a little piano to the usual Bass and Drums section. The vocal jam is quite percussive as well.

Ya Mar has a lengthy Trey solo, a tad noodle-y, but there are a couple of fun full-band rhythmic hookups. The Billy Breathes songs sound great here - Theme, Taste, and Free are all worthy Fall '96 versions. The second set is solid, nothing is particularly subpar, but to these ears the flow seems a little rushed. Perhaps they were running out of time, which would explain the short-and-fiesty Fire encore. All in all, the best moments of this show fail to match the peaks of the earlier Pac-NW and West Coast runs just before, but the clear AUD still makes for a nice listen in any environment.
Score: 0
weekapaug4398 , attached to 2015-08-22 Permalink
Really awesome show....such a great time! So many highlights that have been so well covered above. As an added bonus, my Phish-loving wife really read the book at Magnaball....she's super obsessed again!

I'm not sure if there has been any discussion of this elsewhere, but during a recent re-listen to the Tweezer->Caspian awesomeness, it seems to me like it should be Tweezer->Caspian->Tweezer. At 6:21 of Caspian, Fish plays a Tweezer beat and Trey follows with a tease, but by 7:32 it seems like the entire band is back into the Tweezer jam. Maybe someone with more musical knowledge can chime in on this one!

Thanks everyone for an awesome time, it was my fourth festival and first since Cypress, everyone there was so chill and friendly.....still haven't lost that feeling since we got back! Have fun at Dicks!
Score: 0
Kpmandolin , attached to 1990-01-29 Permalink
Kpmandolin My first show, and really just going out to the Haunt to see a band that we only had heard of because of us all being Deadheads. My buddy went to Ithaca College, so we drove down to visit him, party, and check Phish out. The roads were crap and snowing like all hell, by the time the band went on, we and everyone else there were pretty shitfaced. They did tear it up for it basically being just a bar band, with bar sound, and a lot of drunken chatter. One thing I took away from it was that they were definitely not the Grateful Dead, but they were damn good!!!
Score: 1
thesloth11 , attached to 2014-08-31 Permalink
What an amazing night. I got to take my little brother to this show, who hadn't seen Phish since Fall 98. About three years ago I made him a CD of Phish covers, and he instantly fell in love with their rendition of Bold as love from 92 St. Michaels. That night we joked about how awesome it would be if they played it, but we chuckled and said it would never happen.

When the opening notes were played, my brother and I shared a moment that neither of us will ever forget. I have been seeing the band since 95 and least a couple times a year, and I put this moment near the top of my Phish experiences. Musically, set 2 was a non-stop musical journey of epic proportions. That night, I couldn't believe I was witnessing some of the greatest music I had seen Phish play 30 years later.
Score: 0
TryAppreciation40nce , attached to 2015-08-22 Permalink
Ok, so I have not been at this for long. This show was only my 37th, and my first show only on 12/28/12. I also don't review shows often. So I write with basically no expertise. I am very aware of my n00b status... However that being said...

This was more than a show to me personally. It represents one of the best days of my life. Period. So much Joy and Fun packed into one very full day.

This Summer tour was a dream. All 9 nights I caught were a blessing. Of all the wonderful shows/sets I stood and witnessed this summer, this whole day takes the cake, and it is not even close. Keep in mind my birthday show was MPP 1 and I was there with 20 of my close friends from my College which was in DC. This whole day just encompassed why I keep coming back for more and more and more with this group.

Personal highlight from this show: Meatstick - 3rd set opener - Not because it was the most musically enlightening number of the day, but more because I was standing about 30 feet in front of Page's piano holding an inflatable pink penis all day as a marker for our friends to find, feeling a little self conscious about that, and low and behold, my favorite band does the one thing that could make me go from feeling foolish to being on cloud 9 again.
Score: 0
fluffhead108 , attached to 2015-08-23 Permalink
fluffhead108 Don't tell the Jam Chasers, but the second set of this show may very well be the finest set of Magnaball. And wouldn't you know it, the one tune that does go relatively deep (the Disease) is perhaps the least interesting part of the set.

It's relentless, with each song offering something unique and essential to the overall frame. I imagine many were disappointed that Mike's didn't launch a jam, but it is a fine version of the song that cuts away to Fuego perfectly (no rip chords here!), which in turn melts into Twist in a satisfying way. And all this between thick slices of Martian Monster, that perfect absurdity.

The real treat, I think, is the second half of What's The Use, which is played with such incredible delicacy and love as to make it one of the highlights of the entire weekend. Even listening to the AUDs, I'm amazed at how quiet the crowd remains, hanging firmly on the spacey ascension that the song promises. Few moments better reveal how deep the connection truly is between band and audience. Incredible stuff. It's hard to imagine a finer version of WTU than this.

It probably won't get the attention and love that the previous night's sets are receiving, and perhaps that's rightfully so. But there is a tremendous amount of top shelf Phish on display during this final frame of Magnaball.
Score: 2
Playitleodan , attached to 2015-07-25 Permalink
Utter disbelief at the (only) 4.14 rating on this one.
Yes I was in attendence. Yes I was feelin it.
Amazing 1st set - in fact at setbreak the crowd I was around seemed as if we all coulda went home happy after the WALLS, after the LIMB, even after the Martian->Disease.
But then there is 2nd set.
Perfect No Mans->Carini->Tweezer->My Friend - segues were on point.
No huge jams - just huge bliss.
Roggae was the emotional release, then another with Number Line, and of course yet another with Slave.
YEM was just fun fun fun.

Only low point was Yamar for me as seemed just out of sync between band members.

This one is a keeper and not a sleeper.
Rest of Tour was of course almost more incredible (my fav was Blossom - check out the Ghost for Trey channeling Jimi...)

My 2 cents
Score: 0
nichobert , attached to 2003-07-18 Permalink
nichobert I like how the one reviewer says that Phish is "spent" after the DWD, but then goes on to gush about the Hood being one of the most interesting versions he's ever heard.

Twist jam also, pretty excellent pointilist ambience.

My favorite part of the show is the Roggae which is only mentioned in these reviews because someone says its rough.

Well it's 2003, Phish not remembering how to play their songs should have been a given by this point. That said, the Roggae is probably the single most atypical version of the song. There are other versions (mostly in 2010 & 2011) with more exploratory or psychedelic jams, but this one has a totally different structure to the ending of the jam and I find it really powerful. Whereas your usual Roggae will crest and then dissolve into a brief pause before the large power chords, this one works the jam up into those chords and uses them as the crescendo. It works phenomenally and I wish they'd give this style of Roggae a spin again. It reminds me of the 7/31/99 Simple in comparison to an average Simple. Similar breathtaking move upwards right when the jam would usually end.
Score: 1
The_Ghost , attached to 1995-06-14 Permalink
The_Ghost This is a 5/5 show for me.

I'm going to do my reviews a little differently. My 1st 20 were just whatever I felt like writing, but from now on I will follow a specific format I have made for myself. The format will be in the disclaimer at the bottom and will be the same for all future reviews. If you have read the disclaimer from a review I will have made in the future, but now is the past you can ignore it here as it will always be the same unless I have changed it.

Split Open and Melt : 4, 1994-7-15 - This SOAM sounds like Maze, it is a very cool version, and unlike any I have ever heard. - BEST 1992-7-15

2001 > Poor Heart > Tweezer : 5, 1993-7-23 - Easily the most unique Tweezer I have heard, the recommendation is for 2001 > Poor Heart, there is no recommended Tweezer to compare this to other than this one. - BEST TWEEZER


The number beside each song is a 1-5 rating. The date beside that is a date of a recommended version in my opinion. There may be a note following that for each song, if not I didn't find it noteworthy. After a note will be another date of the best version of the song in question that I have ever heard, if this particular one is the best version it will say so in place of this last date. Not all songs will be listed, if they aren't listed it doesn't mean they aren't worthy of a listen, it means that either A) my copy of this show doesn't have that song or B) I just didn't feel like listing it - This is my review I can do what I a want. Most of the time I am only going to hit highlights or low lights. Rarely will I review each song.
Score: 0
sonic708 , attached to 2015-08-01 Permalink
With all due respect to our wonderful Tweezer reviewers, the idea that this Tweezer is not worth green "recommended" text is -- to my ears -- absurd.

Major portions of this jam are breathtakingly beautiful, distinguished by the band's spare, tender, patient, unusually spacious playing. Trey's leads are unforgettable, even in the context of this remarkable tour.

The idea that it's not worth recommending because there are a few minutes of wandering strikes me as beyond picky.

Come on now.
Score: 2
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