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jessPHenry , attached to 2016-06-25 Permalink
jessPHenry Man Oh Man! Friday & Saturday night were hot, hot, hot...not even the Windy City could cool it down!

Of course Fluffhead is always a tasty treat, and I think I heard some folks singing along "Caray" Hood and Harry "Caray" in honor of the beloved sportscaster so that was neat.

I didn't get my Mercury (though it nearly burst the thermometer in the city), but Mike's Bass was extra juicy both nights so I was a happy girl!!

I'm not sure if the Zeppelin & Beatles covers were a nod to the new developments in the UK over the weekend, but they sure seemed relevant to me.

I think everyone was honored to be in the historic place of The Whales (Kudos to Status Serigraph for doing the homework for the poster)
and also coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the Cubs.

Bottom line, the Friendly Confines came to a rocking, rolling boil both nights and we loved every minute...we keep it rolling!
Score: 0
Rick_like_an_Antelope , attached to 1995-06-17 Permalink
Rick_like_an_Antelope I won't do a song by song review.

These were my first tapes of live phish. Maxell XL II 90s Remember those?

Truly great segues. Fantastic song selection. Big Summer '95 jams.

**came to say this**
Tweezer contains a segment that appears previously recorded and listed as "Montana" from A Live One. This is not a subtle similarity. Fishman's drum beat and Mike's bass line are the exact jam segment. Page playing the sparse striking piano notes. It's incredible.

So this is evidence that at least in part, and on occasion, as late as 1995, Phish would revisit 'moments' of jams.

::great show::
Score: 0
mcfarlands412 , attached to 2016-06-25 Permalink
mcfarlands412 Spirits were high on this night in Chicago. Fun first set especially down the stretch. Anytime Carini opens second set, you know things are gonna get serious. And they did.

I have been chasing a Fluffhead for 7 years and oh how glorious it was to hear those opening notes following a very good Tweezer. The atmosphere was perfect with an OUTSTANDING breeze blowing rather consistently both nights, the temp was perfect, the smells vivid, and the tunes glorious.

So glad I made the decision to head to Chicago the week of the shows.
Score: 0
ndphanjeff , attached to 2016-06-28 Permalink
ndphanjeff Quick review before I listen to the show again on SBD:

First show under a pavilion, the sound was amazing in my section (right behind Kuroda. The energy was pretty high, and Trey told the crowd after one of the first few songs that they loved to play at the Mann (a sign of things to come..?)

Set 1 opened with a high energy Wilson (I finally got an opener call before the show right!). Found some grooving in Funky Bitch / NMINML combo, of which the latter went pretty deep.

Roggae continued the jamming for a bit but they decided to give us some bluegrass with Nellie Kane. Not my favorite bluegrass cover that they do, but it was still fun, and the sky was beginning to darken around this time.

We then got hit with an awesome 1-2 punch in Gumbo > BOAF. Both jammed pretty well but the BOAF in particular got really deep. The guy next to me shouted that they are playing so well right now after that BOAF ended. I had to agree.

Then we got Sleep Again and Things People Do, both of which calmed down the set and led perfectly into LimbXLimb. I love seeing this song in the first set and had a hunch we would see it tonight. It was followed by a solid, dark, Split Open and Melt.

I had thought SOAM would end the set, but instead they went into a song I didn't quite recognize because it hadn't been played in so long and I hardly ever listen to it. But the Oh Kee Pa > Suzy was a sure sign that the set was ending so I decided to beat the mad rush to the bathrooms and get prepared for set 2.

Set 1 highlights: NMINML, BOAF, SOAM
Set 1 rating: 3/5

Set 2 started with a great Fuego. I've always wanted to get a HUGE Fuego at one of my shows, and this version was pretty deep, but it didn't quite reach that peak that I was hoping for.. however, it shifted perfectly into Runaway Jim and when I heard those opening notes I jumped up and down in excitement. What a great live song! This version didn't jam for too long before Trey brought us Gotta Jibboo, but I'm not one to complain. Jibboo is one of my favorite songs they play and I was dancing my ass off.

Breath and Burning was okay, though Trey started fiddling around during the jam with his echoplex and it got pretty dark. When they shifted into Timber the crowd was super excited. Timber had some cool back-and-forth between Trey and Page.

The Slave peaked like I haven't heard before in 3.0 Slaves, Trey specifically shredded the high notes toward the end of the jam.

I thought, again, that the set would end early with Slave (also thought the curfew was 11pm but I guess it was 1130). The last Phish show I went to was MPP2 2015, and that, too, ended with a set 2 YEM. This one didn't quite jam as much as that one, mostly because as soon as they stopped jumping on the tramps, Trey dismounted his guitar and ran back to the Marimba Lumina. For a time it was just Trey and Fish jamming out "Drums" a la the GD. Soon Mike jumped in and took us out to the vocal jam.

Quinn the Eskimo was a great way to end the show, but I knew it was pretty late so I darted out of there as soon as I heard the opening notes.

Set 2 Highlights: Fuego, Gotta Jibboo, Slave
Set 2 Ratiing: 4/5

Overall, it was a great summertime show, and I'm happy to have had an amazing seat for once. Unfortunately I won't be seeing any more shows this summer, but I think I'll be sticking around for Couch Tour every night, because they seem to be playing at a very high level.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 ~ 4/5
Score: 2
ohkeepa_ceremony , attached to 2016-06-28 Permalink
Wilson and Funky Bitch: was a solid jumping-off platform for set 1 and played well. The crowd seemed downright ready as well.

the NMINML was standard fare and the Roggae was thick as the humidity. This to me was one of the highlights of the entire show.

Nellie Kane is always welcomed and was a good contrast to the dark Roggae...

Gumbo: once of my favorites. Unfortunately, I felt this Gumbo fell a bit flat and trey's solo was "meh" at best. Seemed to be that Trey was almost forcing himself through the song - certainly not the best of the night.

Birds: nice version with some good instrumentation. Trey certainly worked his way through this one and had some really nice parts and the crowd was rocking.

Sleep Again: a "bust out" of not played in 200+ shows... felt like it brought the crowd down a few notches. Nicely done...

Things People Do: another bluegrass rocker that was a really nice and a lot of fun with Page leading the way. Really liked this tune and hope it sticks around in the 1st set going forward. A lot of fun!

Limb by Limb: crowd was rocking here and deservedly so... thought this was core of the 1st and sealed the rest of the set.

Split Open and Melt, OKPC > Suzy was fantastic with the band rolling ahead.

Set II:

Fuego: dark and crunchy... was not as good as some earlier versions as the previous poster stated but was a nice start to the 2nd set. A fine version indeed.

Runaway > Jibboo: Some very good playing and Trey was feeling it. Some great playing here...

Timber: great version and some tight playing.

Slave: if I can get a Slave and a Gumbo in the same show I am a happy camper. My ONLY knock on this beautiful version was that I really wanted the boys to run with this a bit more. Otherwise a fantastic and beautiful Slave.

YEM: ah, YEM! any version and I am happy. As the precious poster mentioned this, I would imagine, is a divisive version. What I loved here was Mike and Fishman locking in and showing their chops. To me, those two were straight fire while Trey was rocking the Marimba. For this old fan I will be back to listen to this frequently and loved the weirdness.

Quinn: Nice send off that was rocking and fun...

All in all a very good evening. Would not say this show was a heater but a very solid show nonetheless with some great moments. Slave and YEM were my highlights along w/ Split. 3/5 for me...
Score: 1
n00b100 Staff , attached to 2016-06-28 Permalink
n00b100 Set 1: a long one, but one that manages to strike a great balance between Set 1 mainstays, a very cool Roggae (Roggae has been on a heck of a winning streak the last few years), two bluegrass numbers (including a new one!), a major bustout (Sleep Again, over 200 shows unplayed), the beloved OKPC > Suzy combo, and a gnarled and dissonant Melt that serves as probably the most Melt-ish version since 7/13/14.

Set 2 I'll just break down into numbered thoughts:

1. Fuego didn't quite touch the Big Three Fuegos of 2014, but it dropped back into dark minor-key terrain not often touched the last few years, Trey dipping into his crunchier effects, Fish as active and ever-present as usual, Mike stepping into the lead as often happens when the jams don't go major-key. Actually, that was a bit of a surprise, that they didn't make the immediate push to blissful upbeat hose when they had at least a few opportunities to do so, instead choosing to bring the jam to a close. Either way, a very fine version to kick off the set.

2. Jim > Jibboo was a fun run (even though my disdain for Jibboo is extremely well-documented); Trey, in particular, was on fire all throughout Jibboo. No jam, but some damn fine playing.

3. It took 3 years, but the 7/16/13 CDT now has a contender for my favorite sub-10 minute 3.0 jam, as Trey immediately dials into the Echoplex (which I know people are somewhat leery about its overuse, to which I say "it adds flavor for now; yeah, it'll probably get tired if that's all he does all 25 summer shows") and they slide back into the same dark zone Fuego travailed, Mike once again leading the charge, Page adding some color on the keyboards. It's Page, in fact, that appears to prompt Trey into the most thrilling part of the jam, as he breaks into Mind Left Body and that famous riff enriches our lives for an all-too-brief moment of time. And that dark jam makes a great entryway into Timber (Jerry) (my love of which is probably as well-documented as my disdain for Jibboo), which Page takes control of in a brief but greatly-enjoyed version by yr. humble reporter.

4. Absolutely gorgeous Slave, length be darned.

5. You Enjoy Myself, I think, will be a pretty divisive version in the community. To its demerits, it's something of a shorter version, and the drums/Marimba Lumina duet is the kind of thing that might lose the luster of its coolness and uniqueness after repeated listens. To its plaudits, the Rhythm Section-Off IS cool and unique, and it's highly amusing to hear Mike just burbling away as per usual while Trey has a blast on the Marimba Lumina and Fish really struts his stuff (what? struts his stuff). It's not 12/9/95, I suppose, but it doesn't have to be, and I think you'll reach for this one again in the future.

6. Whenever anyone asks you what "setlist flow" means, point to this Set 2 and say "this set 2 is what setlist flow means".

Final thoughts: if this is my favorite show of 2016, then 2016'll be a step down from 2015 in my eyes. If this is part of the evolution of where 2016 goes, then I'm even more excited than I was after the first couple of shows. Either way, this one's a great '93-style rager and shouldn't be missed.
Score: 31
Midcoaster , attached to 2016-06-22 Permalink
Midcoaster Aside from all my firsts--Pigtail, Daniel, Dear Prudence, Round Room, I Found a Reason, Billy--this was the first time I saw the band perform Hydrogen since 1990. Wow. That in and of itself of is amazing to me, making for a special night. Add to that some zesty polish with near flawless performance full of power, my first visit to MN, my bud's b'day and his daughter's first show, and I have another layer of appreciation. I like what I'm hearing in 2016!
Score: 0
drewphan , attached to 2016-06-26 Permalink
Man the excitement of having phish at my home venue, to good to be true. I firgure their was going to be a delay, but when I was there it really didn't do nothing.anyway on to the show

Set 1
My my friend: was an awesome way to start a show my first one.

Kill devil falls: my second version a lot like my first

Camel walk: I did not see this one happening,but happy man I did.

Asihtos: wish this one would go out more, love the surprises in this set for me.

Poor heart: what would deer creek be without bluegrass, I just though it would of been old home place.

Tube: this one I felt was going to go longer, but can't complain awesome song

Halleys: why can't this jam again, my second version, same as last.

Maze: this maze was anotheir page rager for me, but I felt trey was no where on this

Lawn boy: let fun breather with my favorite member of the night.

Breathe and buring: not to bad of a new song, liked it more than miss you personally

Saw it again: made me go crazy, I love this song, and didn't see it coming.

Theme from the bottom: excited again, I've always wanted this song bad, glad I got it.

First tube: I thought this was going to be split open and melt, but I can't complain with them raging to this. What a rocking version

Overall: this set had a lot of surprise for me, and was really fun.I'm starting to get use to the non jamming first sets. Can't complain

Set 2:
Punch you in the eye: I was really calling crossed eye on this one, but getting pyite was wonderful, maybe not exactly a nailed version but I will take it.

Back on the train,: when looking at the Times of these 2nd set songs later I swear this was longer, this version was a ton of fun, and really is the better of the 2 I've seen.

Light: I was very excited about this, and this version will get underrated. Yeah it didn't go 20 minutes, but it sure did fit a lot of jamming styles in one, one of the songs of the night.

Golden age: this one I felt had a wonderful jam to it to, but I did feel this one had more room to jam, but we did get an amazing

Boogie on regga woman: this version smokes for being so short, but man this was amazing as hell to of the best boogie I've listen to.

Wingsuit: I was not mad at all they went into this song, just breather and a beautiful song to me,except it segue into anotheir slower song

Shade: hate to say it but I was not a fan of this song nor that I felt it kind of messed up the energy of the set, I would have bee. Fine if they just went into possom after wingsuit.

Possom: this song follows me every time. I've bee. To three shows and hav had possom every time. This version 2nd favorite behind the bloosom possom. And I was a little disappointed to get that, instead of you enjoy myself.

Encore: not a bad encore kind of wish their was a 2nd song but they did play til.midnight.

Overall: I loved how this set started up til boogie. But I felt like the wingsuit/ shade combo lost energy to me. And hearing posseum again was not my thing.

New songs I got: my friend my friend, camel walk,asihtos, poor heart,lawn boy, breathe song, saw it again , theme, first tube, punch you in the eye, golden age, boogie on, wingsuit, shade, rock and roll,

Repeats: kill devil falls, tube, halleys comet. Maze, back on the train, light.

Songs I wanted to hear: Reba, yem , mercury, cross eyed.
Score: 1
SkyTrainWand , attached to 2016-06-26 Permalink
SkyTrainWand This show kicked SO much ass.

My first time ever at Deer Creek and it was a blast. We're still pretty early in the tour, but Phish seems like they're on another level this year and it's the reason I drove like 650 miles to see them.

The doors were delayed by about an hour b/c of an incoming storm that only happened for about 15 minutes, but it didn't really matter since the band played well past curfew. I thought the first set was a rager, especially Maze, Saw It Again, and First Tube. I really enjoy the new song they debuted too, Breath and Burning.

Phish wasted no time showing us all that they're not just messing around. They mean BUSINESS.

This second set is honestly one of the most unique that I've seen thus far, PYITE opener was AWESOME and unexpected, Back On The Train sounded nice and funky, and then stuff started to get weird. The best kind of weird - Light > Golden Age -> Boogie On !!!

Mike dropped some SERIOUS bass bombs that sent shockwaves through the entire venue during that segment. I love Wingsuit every time they play it, Shade was cheesy (not a huge fan of the song... yet) but they CRUSHED it with Possum. Fast, blues-y and loud just like it should be with lots of cathartic Trey noodling.

Made my way back out of the pavilion during R&R. Got lost trying to figure out how to get back to the Orange lot and on-site camping (I exited through the wrong side) literally took me an entire hour... I was way too spun and like I mentioned it was my first time ever at the legendary Deer Creek.

I'm glad I went, the show did not disappoint, and the weather held up pretty nicely
Score: 3
Bob_Loblaw , attached to 1999-07-18 Permalink
Bob_Loblaw This show comes off very similar to Night 2 of IT.

We have 3 sets with strong anchor jams in each one.

Set 1 has a stronger than usual farmhouse. This is proceeded by a beautiful, fast, and tense Gin jam that would be the nightly prize of most shows. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! Much more. You get a very cool version of Back On The Train with the fiddle fitting like a puzzle piece, along with some standard Phishgrass. A slightly longer than normal and strong Reba brings things back to focus. And a cool Exploratory Chalkdust.

Set 2 opens with yet another fantastic giant jam, this Jim jam is sold spaceyness until it morphs into a heavy beast. Free proceeds it in typical pulsing style. And what could be better to wrap up a set then Axilla plowing into Llama, which is how it should be.

Set 3 Has the Piper and trust me this is a good one. It starts off as a total Trey Shredfest which turns into a Cowfunk Groove that only '99 could deliver. Wilson-> Catapult is a great segue and what is more fun then listening to Trey rant about how Smoke on The Water and Cat Scratch Fever are "The Same F***ing song!!", I was dieing! Then of course we have Fluff in it's typical strong self (99 is a great year for fluff).

Hood Encore? I'll take it any day! And this one is stretched out longer than usual and intense as hell at the end!

This is the serious Festival show that means business. 3 solid big jams, great segues, laughs, and 55,000 people dancing to meatstick.
Score: 0
mwittin , attached to 2016-06-26 Permalink
mwittin The soundcheck was Funky Bitch, Breath and Burning, and Sleep Again.

It was a rough day - the heat index was off the charts, and the storms that delayed the start of the show by an hour and a half made for a long day. Very little that was notable about the show otherwise, pretty typical 3.0 stuff. Some flubs. Not many jams. Grab-bag song selection. Camel Walk and Tube were each slowed down to a shuffle. I really enjoyed the Theme because I hadn't heard it in a long time, and the First Tube had a decent, non-standard solo at the end. A flubbery PYITE. Nice Train. Light was the highlight of the show for me with segues into chunky versions of Golden Age and Boogie On. Don't care for Wingsuit, but the stripped-down Shade was a nice cool-down. Possum and Rock and Roll got the usual high-energy treatment. A good time but not an outstanding show.
Score: 7
starlessandbibleblack , attached to 1989-11-04 Permalink
starlessandbibleblack I vaguely remember them playing Highway to Hell and Contact that night. Honestly, I was there because word on the street was that Phish was the best Dead cover band around. Sure they played some Dead tunes which rocked that tiny room, but the 'strange songs' I didn't know (yet) were equally entrancing and jammed out. I recall driving back to Orono with my friends chatting about how awesome they were while listening to the up and coming Blues Travelers. Anybody else remember what was played that night?
Score: 0
Greasykeys , attached to 2016-06-26 Permalink
I couldn't disagree with Gravitys Rainbow more and so feel compelled to write a review. First, my caveat. I was on the rail for the whole show, which is absolutely amazing in its own right. With that said, I have been seeing shows routinely since 1994 and have seen many many epic shows. This show stands out to me as one of the best I have ever seen...especially the first set. From the thoughtful song placement in the setlist to the absolute tight and cohesive performance. Page's performance was no doubt stellar, but the star of the show my perspective was clearly Trey...and he set the tone early in the show opener grinding his guitar strings along his mic stand and then later playing with his new guitar and effects, echoing a delayed/looped pattern that emerged last year and continued in Chicago and again in Deer Creek. There were so many highlights in the first set...Camel Walk, Poor Heart, Theme, Saw it Again and a raucous First Tube to close the set. I love the PYITE 2nd set opener and was calling it as the show opener. Well played! The jam during GBOTT was fantastic and the vocal work during Light was outstanding. I, for one, love Shade and thought that it was extremely well played. I love the three part harmony vocal call and answer and Trey's soloing was amazing. Possum and Rock and Roll closers had the crowd bouncing!

For me, length of jamming is not a measure of a great Phish show. The jamming must go somewhere and have a purpose and I felt that this show did just that and wound up being an epic Deer Creek show. After all, it is Deer Creek!

This show could easily be the best show during any Phish tour and will no doubt be one of the best of the summer when the dust settles. With that being said, I think that they will continue to outdo themselves as the tour rolls onward!

Score: 4
gravitysrainbow , attached to 2016-06-26 Permalink
gravitysrainbow It definitely was an odd night. The rain delay delayed the fun for only an hour and a half, and the band made up on lost time via a slightly shorter set break and the extension of the curfew until 12 am. All and all, the crowd looked ragged and tired after Chicago and the heat of the afternoon and the ups and downs of waiting out a rain delay.

Set 1: My Friend was great opener. Something special for the crowd. Its dark conclusion gestured towards things possibly to comes later in the set/show, but on the whole, the night was lighter, funkier, more upbeat. It is also worthy noting that the design of the first set (like in St. Paul) was thoughtful and decisive, modulating the energy flow expertly throughout. All versions of songs during this and the second set felt clipped or rushed to me, but each was incredibly tight, although never really breaking out the shell. The slower Camel Walk was nice, got people moving. Maze was easily the highlight of the first set. Page for President!!! Page was definitely the band and jam leader for the night. Was really hoping for a Melt to close the set, but as previously noted--things stayed relatively light on this night in humid Indiana.

Set 2: Second set was a bit a slow burn. In my opinion, PYITE never really lands solid as a second set opener, and then the shift into BOTT pretty much guaranteed the delay of deep jam for another song or two. Light marked the beginning of the show's short exploratory period (ending with Boogie). The jam was a little choppy, reminded me of some of the stops and starts in the long jams in early summer 2014 (Mann Feugo, CMAC Disease) before those Sunday shows really started to drop hard week after week. Golden Age, in my opinion, was the jam that really had some legs, but during a mid-jam band council of sorts, Mike abruptly shifted gears into Boogie. As has been previously noted, check out the Boogie outro jam. Funky breakdowns like this kept the show cohesive throughout, and hopefully foreshadow more funk to come in Philly etc. I hate to say it, but Shade was a bit of a downer. The intro sounds like Have Mercy, so I was really psyched for a moment, but then Shade started with its lyrics being unusually repetitive and the instrumentation not doing much for me. Possum was an attempt to recoup the energy, and did just fine in that role as always, but I think a Slave would have been more palatable at that point, given the relative lack of jam exploration throughout the night. Rock and Roll was probably all around the best delivered song of the night, and that of course bodes well for the Mann. Get ready, cuz Phish is going to burn that shed to ground by the end of Wednesday night.

But a great night all around. No regrets ever with this band. 3.5/5
Score: 6
FIKUS0824 , attached to 2016-06-26 Permalink
Well to start off the Shakedown was all the rage as usual, minus the two jerk faced under covers in IU tees. Sherriffs came by around 6 and informed everyone there would be a delay of 90 mins. because of impending doom lurking in the clouds. It passed nothing major just some wind and light rain which continued all night. TO THE MUSIC ALREADY!. First set was nice, starting with a MYF opener , the set had a decidedly Rifty feel to it crisp and cleen very song oriented no much jamming just very solid versions Tube x tra slow, Maze, Saw iT Again, and the new tune. Set ended with a enegetic version of First Tube. SET TWO. Good all around. Punch started things off very nicely into BOTT also extended. Then Fat Fat meat. LIGHT GOLDEN AGE BOOGIE ON REGGAE WOMAN. This three song combo was on aboslute fire, Trey used the echoplex exquisitely into Boogie and carried it through the whole song. Let me tell you that this was the best Boogie i have seen ever! All that awesomeness gave way to a nicely placed Wingsuit and Shade. Then a Possum to end the set. Rock and Roll encore , short but love the placement! All in all this was a great show in will be near the top come the end of summer.
Score: 3
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