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kevinAreHollo , attached to 1995-11-25 Permalink
Wanted to jump on to sing the praises of this first set. I'm working through some later Fall shows (which as many others have echoed before me, represents a clear high water mark that even Fall '97 can't surpass).

A third song Bowie means somebody came to play. And play they do, veering down the same dark twisted path that signals most of the hallowed jams from this tour. No bars or measures are wasted here; Trey lets Page lead from the get go and Fish's huge drum sound (the real reason Fall 95 is what it is) propels everything into seam-burstingness.

The tension and release game is on point, and all the mini-crescendos and peaks are coiled and explosive. So much power and control, the deftness like a boxer whose grace belies a mortal punch.

The Wolfman's is also of note: it's a clear precursor to the coming funk styles of '96 and '97. Trey uses wah'd chording and Pages clav washes to take this one cake walking into town, super bad and full of sick solos taboot. A must hear for WB fans.
Score: 0
davethewall , attached to 1997-12-11 Permalink
Great show for sure, but just one thing I need to say:

This BBFCFM is awesome, but I know my Sabbath and that is not an Electric Funeral tease. It's close to Electric Funeral, but the rhythm is a little different (or maybe that's what's meant by "tease"? But it seems to me that Trey et al. fell into this rhythm organically and probably were not explicitly trying to make it sound like EF). It is still awesome though.
Score: 0
runswithantelopes , attached to 2009-11-22 Permalink
This being my first show my views are going to be biased like it or not. For someone who had seen them before this show may be average, but anyones first phish show is special and this one sure was to me. My friends had slowly gotten me into phish and up until fall 2009 all I had listened to was a live one and live at the roxy, but that was all the studying I needed before I was completely ready to catch these guys. my memories pretty fuzzy hazy and other words but the highlights were definitely the bowie Julius boogie on, and the beginning of the first set was so god damn trippy and weird I still get chills when I listen to it, especially McConnell on the synthesizer as they went into twist I was profoundly disoriented. the shout out to fishmans pops and jd high school right down the road was also very special.
Score: 1
Barney_r , attached to 1994-07-16 Permalink
This was one of the most memorable Phish shows I ever saw. After seeing them in bars and then progressively bigger venues, this show left no doubt as to what Phish had become and was becoming. It was mind blowing, and the most memorable and best done Harpuas I have ever seen by my favorite band. A story well told for sure. The banter during Catapult showcased the band's humor, while the overall essence of the show provided me with on the of peak psychedelic experiences of my life. I have this on both CD and a high quality tape. It is one of the few Phish shows I still go back to and listen to on tape and prefer on tape as well. The tape I have is very high quality and has the funniest howl on there from someone in the audience at the perfect time that makes the tape standout vs. the CD. The tape really showcases the vibe and the emotion of what was happening and captures the band and the audience at one of their finest moments.

and it is happening right now

and there is no place like VT.
Score: 0
okeepaphan , attached to 2015-09-04 Permalink
okeepaphan Not much else to add to what has been said praising this 2nd set, but as I relisten now this Wading solo is absolutely crushed by Trey with everyone else owning their roles.

He really doesn't miss a note.

This set really set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

I feel it gets less talk than the other two shows, but it is right there with them.
Score: 0
Mr_Draned , attached to 2003-08-02 Permalink
Mr_Draned This was the first show for me, and it was no turning back from here!
The combination of energy from the crowd and music from the band was unlike anything I had experienced before. It was surreal, and I couldn't believe that I had not found Phish before this date in time. The traffic in and out of IT was brutal, but man, nothing could interfere with how amazing that weekend went off.
Much of the weekend is hazy, but I do recall several things:
My mind was f'ing blown by the musical abilities of the band.
Phish fans are crazy as fuck, and man did I love it and finally felt like I was at home in this world!
Some crazy guy was singing karaoke in his underwear with a handle of Jose in his non-mic hand.
I'm still chasing Mango Song!!
Score: 1
Mr_Draned , attached to 2013-10-31 Permalink
Mr_Draned I'm writing a review of this show through the rearview mirror.
Leading up to this night, I was pumped that there would be another amazing bust out cover album. Especially since this was my first Phish Halloween. I flew into Philly from Denver and met up with my good friends, both came from Denver as well but a day or two earlier. We hit the road from the airport, crushed ourselves in Reading, and then headed to AC.
Upon receiving the Wingsuit handbill, my first reaction was laughter. They band had finally pulled the biggest musical gag of their time; "covering" a future Phish album. To me, this was amazing. The show was a blast, and while some of the debuts needed some fine tuning, they were overall solid. Waiting All Night and Fuego stand out in my memory.
I also see this as yet another step the band has taken towards taking things where they want them to go, and not being so influenced by what they think the masses want to hear. Sure, they still play to what we love, but I think at this point in 3.0 they are also taking things into more uncharted territory with a high level of confidence and showmanship. Listed to some of summer '15 and I think you will agree.
The other huge thing to me about this show is that is was my last show with my good friend. He passed away less than a month after this night, and it was devastating and hard to think that he wouldn't be the big gentle giant with my crew and I when tour picked up again. Shit, typing this brings back so many fond memories of this night. Hitting the casino afterwards, partying into the night, and then me catching a train back to Philly in the wee hours of the morning.
The show was amazing, but the memories it left me with of my great friend are even more powerful.
Thank you Phish for keeping these memories present!
Score: 1
znmick , attached to 1994-11-18 Permalink

Wow... it's amazing to think that this transformative night in my life was 20 years ago.

This show was mind-bending. I remember that it was originally supposed to happen at Wharton Center, and then they changed it a week or two before - why, I'm not sure. But this show single-handedly changed the way I looked at live music forever.
Score: 0
lamestain , attached to 1990-11-03 Permalink
Earlier in the day, the Colorado Buffaloes football team had played the biggest game of the season against arch-rival Nebraska in Lincoln. Colorado running back Eric Bieniemy (despite fumbling 3 times) scored four 4th-quarter touchdowns and the Buffaloes won 27-12, setting them up for a chance at a national championship (which they won). Boulder was buzzing from the big win, and the excitement made its way into the show that evening. Trey dedicated Run Like an Antelope to Eric Bieniemy, and Fire to "Ralph the buffalo" (actually "Ralphie", the CU live buffalo mascot).
Score: 0
Roofless_Sheds , attached to 2015-11-13 Permalink
Roofless_Sheds Spectacular show. At the two-night tour-closing Denver run, they decided to save much of the lighter, sunnier material for Saturday and explore the darkest depths of the immaculate TAB rhythm section funk pocket on Friday.

First Tube (2nd song!), Last Tube, Plasma, Jibboo, Sand, the first time James Casey ever played Ocelot with a Trey/sax duel, CRAZY cover selection, extended jams in Money, Love and Change and Alive Again...

I've seen my share of TAB, and this was pretty close to the platonic form of a Phish lifer's ideal TAB concert. Highly recommended.
Score: 1
weewaw , attached to 2015-01-02 Permalink
weewaw Third night of four. An above average show. We decided to go back to the seats we had the previous night, which was directly stage right, top tier of the amphitheatre. Not a great view for everything, but there was plenty of dancing space and it wasn't ridiculously hot. The first set has its moments, but doesn't get very exploratory. "Stash" is well played.

Second set, though, is fire, as others can attest. The whole "Mike's Groove" is torching! "46 Days" feels like it has some "Manteca-like" teasing but maybe I just hear that everywhere now... and the "Weekapaug" rotation jam is just awesome. I love that Marimba Lumina! So, right as Weekapaug starts, my friend got way too excited with the jumping and the hootin' and a hollerin' and he tumbled down a few rows. Luckily, nothing was injured too severely, except his pride, and my position within the flow.

"Fuego" is not as fire for me as it is for others, but it has always ended up staying within the lines when I catch it (to date: then and Magnaball). I like the "Slave to the Traffic Light" after, though. and I had never heard "WotC" (or much of anything off that album - did not listen to much 2.0 until more recently) before this show, so I was really surprised to see it as a show-closer. Anyway, the lyrics are all philosphical like and stuff, and it just has a nice fire energy to close a set. Wish it had gotten exploratory, listening to it on repeat, but at the time, I was just enjoying the time.

Encore "sleeping monkey" is home on the range with new lyrics! Conspiracy, I tell ya!!!! And "Rocky Top" which is good ol' fashioned leg-kickin' fun for southerners like me and my friends.

Overall, the first set was solid above-average. The first half of the second set, particularly the Groove, is where it's at, though, if you're looking for the highlights.
Score: 1
cheesestick , attached to 1999-12-31 Permalink
What a classic. Wish I could remember more of it than I do, but I do remember it being a fantastic time. Dancing straight from 12 to six was a test of stamina (among other things). I remember laughing out loud several times, nodding several times, being enthralled by the lights for 2001. Probably the best show I've ever been too. Been relistinening to the entire weekend again and again. I can only say one thing: Cheesecake.
Score: 1
BoyManIndy , attached to 2015-08-09 Permalink
BoyManIndy Wow what a show. We know expectations should be avoided going in, but this was my 36th birthday, a Sunday show, and the 20th anniversary of Jerry's passing, so it was hard not to expect something great. After a strong show the night before, we awoke to a cloudy morning, but the sun broke through later that afternoon and we enjoyed a low-key, relaxing time on the lot before the show.

The second-ever Very Long Fuse opened, literally starting things off with a bang. When we heard those familiar opening chords of Col. Forbin, we knew we were in for something special. The narration seems a little silly (with a very corny "second shitter on the grassy knoll" joke) but has lots of meaning when you give it some thought. Trey starts with a joke about not being much of a talker anymore, which seems to me like a tongue-in-cheek reference to refraining from some of the marching powder that may have fueled things in the past. But then the lines of time become much more blurred - the story is supposed to happen "this morning" but there are at least a couple hints that this is really a timeless parable. Most glaring is the "mixtape" - c'mon - it's 2015. There is also mention of the weather and there not being a cloud in the sky that morning. Well, the sky was nothing but clouds until later in the afternoon, so it seems like this story really could have taken place any other morning. And then finally we hear about shifting perspective from what is seen on stage to what is seen on the lawn. Reminded me of the various perspectives seen in cubist art, which is based on the idea of time being an illusion and things being seen from multiple perspectives at one time. Then we get the shitting bird, which could represent Jerry (would be interested in your thoughts on this) and the metaphor could be Trey's way of showing humility and respect for Jerry after taking his place on stage for 3 HUGE shows little more than a month earlier and just a few miles south. Then Trey thanks the mockingbird twice for inspiration. I don't know, but we had a nod to Jerry 3 years later with the 8-9-98 Terrapin Station and I was lucky enough to celebrate my 26th and hear Trey do Ripple on 8-9-05 at White River in Indy, so I don't know how the 20th could go by without some recognition, especially after the FTW shows earlier that summer. Anyway, the seemingly silly speech broke down the illusion of time and really seemed to show the eternal Jerry / Trey connection; maybe Trey is the second shitter?

From there on out, we get a ridiculously sick show. Nothing but bustouts in the first set. I would consider myself a vet but caught several first-timers in this one. And if I'm making a dream setlist, there's no doubt that SOAMelt is closing the first set.

Then there's nothing better to keep the energy going than Antelope to open the second. The Carini and Waves are great, as well. On to Tweezer. Clearly one of the top 3 from Summer 2015, along with 8-1 and 8-22. I would have picked 8-22 as my favorite until really recently, but now have to say 8-9 takes the cake. Just beautiful and is much more subtle than 8-22. The Mike's is great and features the second jam that would have been shocking had it been played just a week earlier. But what I love most is the symmetry between the second song of the first set (Forbin) and the penultimate song of the second; the "climb that hill" in Blaze On was inspirational and so appropriate for the steep lawn at Alpine. After the shout-out to the lawn in Forbin; the Blaze On was a great way to tell us to keep on Truckin'.

And the encore was fun and the icing on [my birthday] cake. This is my pick for best show of an incredible Summer 2015. Only some attendance bias (I also went to Magnaball and Dick's) but maybe birthday bias plays a part. Hope the rest of them are even half this fun.
Score: 0
cheesestick , attached to 2015-11-07 Permalink
This was my first TAB show. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Although last night's (11/6 show in the same venue) second set was the talk of the night, this show's encore was amazing. I figured that Small Axe was the end, but then they went straight into Ooh Child. I was packing up and BOOM(!) MacArthur Park. Awesome show all around. Ocelot and Devil Went Down also stand out. Couple of snoozers, but listening to those makes the other songs better!
Score: 1
ziggybirds , attached to 2015-11-09 Permalink
ziggybirds First TAB show in awhile. Cayman Review opener was great. Sand was welcome and jammed out. Sometime After Sunset, off the new album, was a nice version. Alaska was well played. 49 Bye Bye's was well played and a great surprise. Push on ended a really good first set.

Second set highlights were Jibboo(nicely jammed), in Rounds (that's right), Plasma, Shine and First Tube. Encore kicked a$$. Very well played show. A lot of fun. Crowd was really into it. Small venue, Trey seemed to feed off crowd and vice versa. Really glad I went!
Score: 3
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