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DaReba , attached to 1997-02-21 Permalink
gotta do a semii song by songer for this show
the my soul is short and sweet, the foam is for those Fish fnas. listen to his cymbal work here.
this cross eyed is the best they will ever play this song. no doubt
The rest of the set is Classic material. nothing left to say
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DaReba , attached to 1997-02-21 Permalink
Not sure why more people aren't gushing over this masterpiece. One of the most inspired nights in Phish history. Got this show with a group of three 97 Europe shows. . from start to finish. superp hard in your face and gut blues rock in a space the size these guys hadn't ripped a whil. if you don't here the first set you don'y here the first set
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DaReba , attached to 1997-02-20 Permalink
Always good to hear a Curtain opener. This Tweezer is very special. In the Bible & is the divine number. at the 7 minute mark in thiss funk/rock/blues masterpiece show why there were absolutely the best live rock act act at the time.
This tape made feel heroic for somereason when I got it because i got it with a group of 3 europe shows. I was beyond pumped. These shows prepped them for a ridiculous year of growth.
I called this year flying marshmellow funk. This chalkdust is great example. Trey takes his young wailing tone from summer 95 to a clearer more defined conclusion in 97.this chalkdust is an early peak into that. Sick . leaves you speechless . you ever wanted a song to go on forever
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kipmat , attached to 2004-06-17 Permalink
kipmat Hindsight is a funny thing. Over the past few days I've been *observing* (rather than "celebrating") the 10th anniversary of the 2004 Vegas run, by general consensus the worst three consecutive shows of the band's career. I couldn't stomach listening to the complete shows, resorting instead to revisiting a few selected tracks.

This afternoon, I put on my Live In Brooklyn CDs. What a difference.

The level of energy evident in the music is on par with the heady, nation-conquering days of 1993-95. And although the musicianship has changed, this remastered recording demonstrates how the band has improved at listening to each other and supporting each other musically. When the band has been consciously putting in the time to elevate this ability, it becomes infectious: Sample In A Jar is usually setlist fluff, but Page, Mike, and Fish are contributing to Trey's solo in rhythm, tempo, and dynamics, and Trey can't help but be inspired by this.

And during Free, Mike unleashes the Meatball pedal effect, the sound that has had such a profound effect on 3.0 funk jams.

Another indicator of a special show: when the band elects to play one of their early bread-and-butter jam songs in the encore slot, like Reba, Bowie, or Fluffhead. I will always have time for a Divided Sky encore.

Other reviewers have done a great job of explaining the context of the Summer 2004 shows. Live In Brooklyn was the first Phish release I purchased in the wake of the band's breakup in 2004, as a way of providing myself some closure in the grieving process. Of course there were specific reasons why the band broke up in 2004, but it was, and still is, astonishing that Phish could consider calling it quits when they still play shows like this. If you are at all familiar with the band's live show catalog, *please* get this show from, (as well as the SPAC run from the following week) and listen, and enjoy, and consider what was and what might have been.
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tubescreamer , attached to 1999-07-04 Permalink
As noted, the segue from Ghost>Slave is an absolute must hear. Like none of its kind, these two songs merged together in lock-step. Don't be fooled, this is no segue from a normal kick-ass Ghost-- the nature of THIS Ghost, a wild and polyrhythmic psychedelic masterpiece-- utilizing effects rarely if ever used this way, is the onramp for the Slave To The Traffic Light that continues this tone and other-worldly sense of time. It winds its way up the mountaintop without ever letting go of it. It appears Trey gets so far out there that he loses track of time and calls Slave short by a couple bars. Trey goes on to play The Horse and Silent in his own world-- his guitar work is greatly different than normal for these songs where the expectation is complete accuracy. They could be taken as played wrong but he isn't off, he in his own world and what we get is a type II ending to Silent-- some incredibly in the moment guitar work.

What's the use is the perfect backwash to the super nova of the opening couplet.

As for Wilson, remember this is just under a week before the canonized Camden 7/10 show which featured some gnarly exploratory work-- this one goes much deeper, so deep that Trey gets lost in his own world again and forgets his lyrics-- THIS leads to one of the most riotous "CAN YOU STILL HAVE FUNN" sequences ever-- must hear. Put this part when you gotta get your day going.

Mike's song puts an almost happy breather to the madness and then plods into similar territory that ghost does, but doesn't stay long before the happy breather genre king-- Sleeping Monkey, appears.

Weekapaug is just a simple stroll, basking in the glow of what just happened.

Carini reminds everyone that the madness aint over yet.

Meatstick in 99 meant something else than it does now.

And a classy and choreographed firework show to Star Spangled Banner has the crowd in a ferocious bliss to close out the night.
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PhishSticks12 , attached to 2014-03-02 Permalink
PhishSticks12 Loved the jamming in this. Mike's band was very fluid. Keyboards were unreal. Great show. I'd love to see again.

Venue was ok. There was a bar and quite a few of the people behind me were plastered drunk and shouting during the second set. Other than that all was great. The Ether encore really was a cool thing to hear having just listened to Overstep.
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8thTube , attached to 1994-04-16 Permalink
My first show, 20 years ago today. Page's piano solos in Lizards and Coil, the energy of Jim & Antelope and YEM with the vibration... All of these songs became cemented as favorites thanks to this show. I went to 'better' shows later, and it's trite to say it at this point, but your first show is always special!
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chrismcguire634 , attached to 1998-08-11 Permalink
chrismcguire634 This funk dripping Wolfman's is a lesson in communication, patience and booty shaking. The segue into Time Love's A Hero is the icing on the cake. If you wanna instantly have a good day, check this show out. 1998 is a great year for the phunk. Bootsy, Mr. Brown and Hancock would all approve this show.
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chrismcguire634 , attached to 1998-07-28 Permalink
chrismcguire634 This version of The Moma Dance almost makes me not miss Black-Eyed Katy...... Almost. Unfortunately, 1998 is a year that is often eclipsed by the groundbreaking music made the year previous. It's shows like this one that remind me of the amazing and inspired "laid-back" groove approach that is seen all throughout this period. If ever I'm in the mood to relax, reflect, read or study, a show from this era fits perfectly. Anyway, check out this show and definitely take note of Moma Dance.
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headyburritos , attached to 2013-07-26 Permalink
headyburritos Great show from start to finish, but then, when is a show at the Gorge not great? The first set got things started off right with some rarities and antics from the band, including the start of all the Wilson-Phish business. The second set is where the meat and potatoes is, and it's a close call between this show and the next night as to which one is stronger.

The opening Crosseyed is spectacular and jammy. The band moves nicely through the second set, playing many songs that have become staples in the 2013 rotation. Twist, Steam (!!), Waves, 20YL, Mango, Bowie - all great jams that the band has locked down in the past year or two.

I've always enjoyed Rocky Top so I was glad to hear that one again. The Character Zero to close out the set included some fun howling at the moon antics that got everyone in the crowd all jazzed up for what would turn out to be a great run of shows all the way down to the Hollywood Bowl.

The encore - what else is there to say? Hood > Fire ?? It's a dream encore, and seems like something they pull out for special shows like the Gorge. I'd never seen a Hood encore so that was a treat, and to top it off, they play a Hendrix cover that I'd been aching for! I supposed at the time, and still do, that they played Fire as a nod to the huge forest fires that were happening just across the Columbia River gorge, which many fans will remember as causing them to take a huge detour on the way south to Tahoe a few days later.

All in all, a great show to kick off leg two of Summer tour! They only get better from here...
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DaReba , attached to 1992-11-22 Permalink
The boys played Ithaca a lot at the Haunt. I do believe this is their only show at Cornell and as a Dead Fan its pretty cool to hear them play here. they for sure know the legend of Barton Hall 5/8/77 . if you're not a Dead fan listen to the second set and you will be.
Buried =Oh Kee Pa=Suzy all were high energy.
You can tell Trey is pumped when he starts the Fee verse without the mega phone at first and remembers half way then the band backs off as he sings the verses. nice fee into maze which they've done a few times.
This MAze starts on fire. Trey strums alittle harde and Fish is drumming with purpose. Page's solo is deep and dark with him and mike feeding each other. The whole band is on fire . Their sound is hug then trey comes thru with a sick display of guitar work. He is loud piercing and locked with Fish. Page adding accents and the maze chords makes this a classic!
I love old Reba's becaus ethe song is sooo strange for its time. This is a perfectly played orchestrated part. Trey is loud and clear and those wierd chords are out front and his atonal genius is front and center
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SoularT , attached to 2013-10-29 Permalink
Great show. Some highlights:

DWD: This has become one of my favorite DWD. Such a patient jam with so many discoveries along the way!
YEM: Instrumental jam just clicks. That's what I like right dere! Vocal jam's a lotta fun as always (not the best vocal jam i've heard musically, but the other jamming makes up for it and this is truly a spectacular YEM)! Definitely a must listen.
PIPER: Great jam that combines the tightness of a 73 jam with the spaciness of 97-98 with a Segwe into a nice BDTNL!

This has become one of my favorite shows to listen to!
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SoularT , attached to 2013-12-29 Permalink
What a show. Every note was perfectly placed. The band flowed from one song (interestingly none of which was a cover) flawlessly. And went to some dope-ass places in the process.

First set is beautifully executed. Again, every note feels perfect. Also, "The Line" is a wonderful song. I really dig that song! Anyway, such beautiful, cohesive, group-mind playing in the composed sections of every song. And the jamming - most notably in "It's Ice," gives us a taste (a delicious, filthy, wonderful taste) of the balls out, raw, blissful, stuff that's coming in the second set. Walls of the Cave closes it out, and that song is absolutely beautiful, as always. First set kicked ass.

Second Set was some of the most pure, filthy, weird, blissful, unified, and delicious playing I have heard in a while. The DWD speaks for itself. I will be listening to that DWD for the rest of my life. The last Carini of 2013 is, IMHO, the best. Paige and Trey weren't taking any shit from anyone in that thing jam. Holy crap I love you guys. After Carini, one song floats boldly and smoothly into the next (and who doesn't love a Possum encore?), culminating in arguably the best show of 2013 (I said arguably doe)

Can't wait for summer 2014. It's a great time to love Phish.
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Hopoff_Rolldown , attached to 2014-04-05 Permalink
Great show, as noted above. Drove from Maine for this one and glad I did. Band was locked, Mike was smiling, the venue intimate and the crowd came to boogie. I won't miss any future chances to catch these guys play; Here's hoping this incarnation keeps at it.

...and the FLACs are now up on! Go get 'em.
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DaReba , attached to 1995-06-28 Permalink
The guy above who reviewed this show is right. There were a lot of suburban high schoolers there. I was one of them. I had just graduated High school. My best buddy calls says he's got 'goodies for the mind'( it was my first time for TWO things this night ;-) ) and tix for phish. do I wanna come? I had maybe 5 Phish tapes at this point and a bunch of Dead and at this point still thought The Dead was where it's at.
Jones Beach Amp is a pretty place to see a show . you looking at the stage look right into the ocean behind the stage. but the security there has gotten worse over the years. These shows were probably the last where you could drink in the parking lot there . I think they have stopped serving alcohol altogether there or was never allowed. It didn't matter to me I was doing just fine:-)
the Axilla at the time seemed to me out of place with the mood because people were still coming in. Foam hit that sentiment perfectly . It turns out to be 11 minutes long. Some real good examples of the band listening to each other here. There's a general rule to the band that the quieter they bring themselves in the beginning of the jam the louder and crzier than jam will get. Its not a hard and fast rule but I've yet to come across a jamm where Trey will bring the band to silence and the jam doesn't end on fire. This Foam is the band stretching out .and by this time everybody was in for a dramatic Fast Enough for you. One of my fav ballads in all of music. the sun was going down but it was still sort of light outside so the lights were'nt a factor but you could still see the water behind the stage and the song fit perfectly.
Trey's tone is sorta muddy and whiny but sharp and definite. Like a saxaphone. My mom always said saxaphones sound like a man begging and here Trey's guitar sounds like a man begging.
REBA! From here on in this show is classic material. Filling out this setlist on j-card was a pleasure! the orchestrated part is played perfectly. the crowd was into it and it was getting dark so chris could play some too! the staggered chase like part right before the jam was perfect and then the jam and guess what happens he brings the band down low. It almost sounds like the 6/23/95 reba and tis because of the decision by Page to use the rhodes in the beginning of the jam.
the waterloo 6/23/95 reba is amazing. This is ok. by itself Its fantastic to start this show for reals. No whistling
PYITE. Another good sign. Every time I've seen a PYITE it was a great show. solid. By the time Stash started it was almost dark and the water was reflecting lights.
Again flawless written section. Very creepycomputerrock I call the written part of Stash when its played loud and Trey's guitar tone is how it is on this tour. Trey immediatley gives the jam a theme . No real noodling. Trey and mike just see who can rock that theme on its ass. They get into an atonal groove with Mike repeating a figure and I just remember hearing air and thinking "what song is this?!?" then Trey throws out the theme again in another key and Mike takes that and gets you atonal latin rockin. PAge and Fish are laying that flying building of metal sound they perfected in '94 and then Trey screams us back into what we know is Stash! Then its Fish who loses it on the toms. Its like a robot falling down a mountain and we're in atonal rock space again until Trey screams us back in by holding a notes for almost a minute while Mike tries his best to pull us back into that robot falling down a mountain and Trey finally stops pushing pedals and delivers one of my favorite endings to Stash. operatic . scary. AWESOME. One of the best Stashes ever!
Then Fluffhead. its dark at this time. Im off to the right side of the amphitheatre right next to the water. Me and my friend had dance our way to an open area. So happy we did. This was my first religious experience at a concert
Every time they said Fluffhead my head floated into the water lol
By this time the crowd was super pumped and the powerful pills part even on listening to the recordings had an extra oomph to it.
TheFluff's Travels starts out s little sloppy Trey makes up for it though. He nails the Chase parts with Page ( who never seems to flub these parts lol) I remember somehow Chris lighting the friggin water behind the stage , on purpose or not it made this song feel like its own universe. The spotlight on PAge for a solo then the madness befor Check it out lol Jones Beach is a very cozy place. At this point it felt like we were in a jazz club in the downtown NYC . This was really page's show especially when you hear the Gumbo in the second Set. He kills all his solo on Fluffhead though. He sounds amazing. During the bundle of joy you feel the crowd wanting to just explode. Wipe those Fluffballs off your head!! we went bananas. Fish let us know from the start they were going to rock this one straight with his high-hat which they did. On tape its an alright jam. The Clifford Ball Fluffhead is my fav. In person it was outstanding then right into Chalkdust.
the last two songs took up 30 min . you should almost see this jam as a continuiation of Fluff's. Trey again goes right at it. he was quick with the themes and Page was just perfect as rythm piano laying a backdrop that trey just was bouncing off of wrapping around. we danced pretty hard. The band was on fire.
Second Set. Sample into poor heart is an opening you can live with after that first set. What follows is a MONSTER TWEEZER. clocks in at 30 minute with a DAve's Energy Guide in the middle. the first since 91. and a cannonball jamI had no idea at the time though. I just thought they were having the time of their lives on stage. I had moved closer aand to the middle. The whole place was bumpin' on some real positive energy lol Page went to his clav early . You could hear how funky they COULD get (and will 2 years later)
keeping with Trey's moaning guitar tone, he takes us down a slow groove in the beginning and Mike says I've had enough of that lol they clumsily follow Mike and then basically stop playing, while they figure out where all this is going ;-) this is literally jamming. I was definitley in the right frame of mind for this. It made sense and flowed a lot more when I was there. on tape its a disjointed, clumsy,music experiment. Fish drops a beat at the 13 minute mark and something resembling a song springs up with Trey coming up with a sick lick it almost sounds like they are about to go int Free but trey and fish hit on something and the band follows. Trey strums the guitar like the beginning of Llamma and fish kicks a quick beat and they ride this as they should because it was cool. It gets into 97 territory then into a a sick (what I now know is ) Dave's Energy Guide. I'm pretty sure this is the part of Tweezer I remember flowing lol .On tape its sorta similar to the stash jam in the first set. from DEG it gets weirder .then into a Cannon ball where try actually sings some words.
The Gumbo I remember being all Page. he killed the end. the crowd was jacked
This Sparkle made sparkle my favorite song for years.
High Energy Suzy.
The Sweet Adeline was awesome. The only other thing they could've done tonight was switch instruments
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