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deceasedlavy , attached to 2010-08-12 Permalink
I had to read all the way to the bottom before someone mentioned the helicopters?? That was what cements this show in my mind more than anything. I'll never forget raging the TTE even though everyone had seemingly grown to hate it (for Pete's sake give me that over Fuego any day), the amazing Jibboo>Gin, the Split that went sideways and never returned, the killer Hood, but the encore was insanity. I mean it's POSSIBLE that the band hired a helicopter to fly over and shine a spotlight down during "NO2", right? Or maybe it was the local traffic chopper with ridiculous timing, but whatever. Things that can only happen at a Phish show. 2010 was a fantastic year.
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SpinningPiper , attached to 2015-07-28 Permalink
Having been there and Dallas, the only thing wrong with this show was indeed the flow. It didn't really have any. The Dallas show the next night really showed the contrast of a show with very good flow, to one that doesn't have much at all. I loved hearing/seeing songs I'd never seen/heard before. I also loved getting a favorite or two. But, it was indeed a little awkward for whatever reason... especially after Dallas showed what could have been. It was hard to surrender when there wasn't much flow... Still had a blast though.
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Phrederick , attached to 2015-07-31 Permalink
My first review was of the Austin show, which I posted only in defense of the 46 Dogs, which I still think is one of the better jams of the tour so far. Still, didn't want my only review to be of a two star show.

First set had excellent flow, love the Ghost placement, No Men and How Many People were very hype, and you gotta love Mike's Groove to close the first set, particularly with the now rare Hydrogen. The slow groove intro to Mike's is goofball Trey at his best since the Fee from MPP last year.

I always wondered if and when KDF would make it into the second set, and this version is well worthy of the green ink, somewhat reminiscent of recent "Chalkdust" set two openers. The Twist is the jam of the night for me, simply beautiful. At points it sounds similar to "The Wheel," wonderful interplay between Trey and Page. Other reviewers had mentioned how clean Reba was, and boy was it! A hair slower and seemed to make all the difference, they NAILED it. All of it. Gin closer with Reba teases, what's not to love!

See y'all at Blossom!
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myMomaDontDance , attached to 2015-07-31 Permalink
myMomaDontDance Well they really set the bar high for the run with this Friday show. I had lower expectations going in, as the recent southern shows haven't been quite up to par with other highly regarded 3.0 shows.

Caspian was a strange opener to me, it made for a mellow start. I think they were waiting for the place to fill up a bit more. NMINML got it going pretty easily. Ghost kept that momentum growing with an unusual placement in the three hole. Wedge kept me grooving and was followed up strongly by a nice chunky Moma Dance. I could never get tired of that song.

How Many People Are You? is a very enjoyable song to me. However, by the way the set was going I used it as an opportunity to take a leak. Rift was well executed, and got Trey warmed up for a very nice original Mike's Groove.

The start to Mike's Song had everyone loose and highly anticipating the next move. This made for my first Hydrogen which was beautiful to finally hear Trey spit those riffs in person. Paug ends the set on a very high note. Song selection was the key to this set. The Mike's Groove to close was a great choice and foreshadowed even better things to come..

Set 2 was one for the books. I don't think it has been over praised at all. Everything about it, front to back, was truly impressive playing by the band. Every song could be counted as a 'highlight' in my book. During the show I really couldn't get over the fact I was witnessing my first truly legendary Phish show. I was hysterical at times. Huge stupid smile on my face until I was going to sleep that night. They did so much more than what I was expecting and I am so grateful to have been there.

Heres to hoping there's another set up to this quality, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if there's not. Easily best show of the tour.
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macbethsharem , attached to 2015-08-02 Permalink
This is not a full review of the show. I just wanted to add my two cents to what I heard.

While this show does not live up to the expectations of the "Never miss a Sunday show" that we are all used to at this point, (7-13-14, 7-20-14, 7-27-14, and so on) from last year's tour and while it does not match night one from ATL (what show would?) it does have some cool, locked in, grooved out moments that should not be missed.

Maze is a song recently that has been consistently excellent and this Maze fits within the category. In my opinion, it is the only song from set one that deserves a re-listen. Standard, above average soloing with a great peak by Trey.

2nd set DWD is very, very good. It opens up to breathe around the 8 minute mark and explores various themes then slows around 16 or 17 and segues into a SLOW Camel Walk.

This was a great spot for a "bust-out" and there has been considerable talk about Phish playing a lot of repeats this tour. Camel Walk used to be considered a bust-out however it has received much more play by the boys in recent years.

However, I am keeping the designation on Camel Walk as a bust out song in this particular case. Camel Walk has followed DWD only once before and that was to begin the show in Telluride 8-9-2010. It has been seen 2nd set only about 15 times ever!! Camel Walk has only been played 51 times in 1750 shows. The band has played Camel Walk 20 times in the 3.0 era which may lead some to the perception that it is somewhat regular in the rotation of setlists.

But this Camel Walk is different. I don't necessarily agree that DWD was rip corded by Trey. Instead the transition to the slow funk of Camel Walk was welcomed and appropriate for the moment. This Camel Walk crawls through the mud on its elbows with a smile on its face. It's dirty, low-down, and awesome.

The transition to Seven Below was somewhat abrupt but also welcome. Both Camel Walk and Seven Below last appeared at the 10-27-14 show in San Fran. Intriguing coincidence. Despite never straying from Type I playing this Seven Below has an incredible peak to it that should not be missed.

Fuego was played expertly and was a great choice to start the 4th quarter but the 2001 is where it's at for the closing portion of the show! Phish returns to the 'dirty' sound for a different kind of 2001 that we have heard previously. This was the first 2001 of the tour and although 2001 has seen the end of 2nd sets a bunch in previous tours, this 2001 is beyond standard and is slathered in extra gravy.
Trey once again employs the use of the much beloved mutron pedal and the effect somewhat supernatural. This 2001 is must hear!

Harry Hood has been played about every third show or so over the past couple of years and while that isn't a bad thing since so many of these recent versions have been seriously jammed out and explored this version of Hood was much shorter and to the point. I would add the same sentiment to Possum.

In any case, these songs do not bring the show down in any way. I could listen to Hood and Possum every show for that matter, but these to ending songs are not the highlights that DWD>Camel Walk>Seven Below and 2001 are.
Score: 1
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