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FunkyCFunkyDo , attached to 2003-07-22 Permalink
FunkyCFunkyDo Having been involved in the 2003 Jam of the Year bracket, I am familiar with two of the "tentpole" jams from this show. Interestingly, I had long since forgotten about each since that tourney concluded -perhaps a harbinger of things to come in this review? Needless to say, I was looking forward to listening to these jams within the context of this very strange Phish show.

Punch You in the Eye starts the disco groove right out of the blocks. One of my favorite all-time opening song selections (not this one per se, but just the song in general) PYITE always sets the groove tone dance party. Energy high, expectations higher (with how strong the previous evening was...almost at least) the crowd was abuzz for the seond song of the evening... until it was Beauty of my Dreams. Weird choice. Not a bad choice, but a weird one, Phishgrass after dancegrooves early in the first set is an odd pairing, again not bad, but odd. The dance party picks back up with the first Gumbo of 2003. Woo hoo! Let the swamp funk commence! Hmmm... well... I mean I like this jam but I am not in like with this jam? Ya know? Maybe not? Fair enough, as this jam has got the "highly recommended treatment" and many .netters have waxed poetic about this 18-minute version. But this .netter though. I find this jam take a while to get rolling, and when it does, it is a little sloppy and disjointed. It darts in and out of major key, uplifting jams, only to be bogged back down into - well - not swampy cow funk like the extended Gumbos of old, but just kind of a quagmire of trying to resurrect the past. To my ears, you can almost feel the band consciously trying to stretch the jam out, but it feels as though they are trying too hard, rather than letting the jam unfold, as so many Winter 2003 jams did. Let's take a moment hear to compare that - unfolding vs forcing. Winter 2003, nothing felt forced. Every jam just happened. Every extended jam (and yes, I know the rule about never using absolutes) but really, every jam felt natural and organic in the moment. It's what makes Winter 2003 so special. In Summer 2003, I think Phish was trying to recapture that magic. But that's the problem: trying. In Winter 2003, they didn't try, they just did. Now in Summer 2003, especially in the middle part of the tour, they seem to be trying too hard to jam. I can hear it now... "LOL FUNKY! WTF are you talking about?! "Trying too hard to jam?!" KYS. We'd give anything for an 18 minute Gumbo in the first set these days." True enough, and fair enough, but contextually within the framework of this tour this Gumbo is trying to way too hard to be a Winter 2003 jam. For me, it never gets close. But for some people, it might. And that's the thrill of the chase. Sojourn on, loyal listener. Having waxed poetic about alllllllll that, Gumbo was a pretty sweet #3 song in the set. A solid, extended Divided Sky comes next and I gotta admit, even though DSky's 2003 tone is gritty and not-as-pretty as it was in pretty much any past year, these versions are all smokin hot. I mean Trey and Fish really get after each and every version with fire and gusto. This one is no different. A standard and dare I say tame Boogie On comes next and provided nothing but standard funk, which isn't a bad thing, but don't expect anything fancy from this version. A terrifyingly heavy Carini drops in next and scares the pants off of all in attendance. Like Boogie On, I will never relisten to this version again, but I am 100% certain in the moment at this show these two jams were dancey and energized, even if the replay value is neither. An oddball but very fun jazzy number called Magilla comes in next, and quite frankly I am stoked on this song. I cut a rug on our hardwood floors (turns out I stepped on the cat) as the swinging jazz sashays through Deer Creek. Fun stuff. A smoldering Possum closes things out. Possum in 2003, like Divided Sky, ALWAYS rips. This is a good version.

Set 2 starts off with another "weird' choice in Split Open and Melt. Weird seems to be the theme of this show. So why not go all in! This jam is highly polarizing for me. For the first 12 minutes, it is a dissonant wank-off. Nearly unlistenable and cringe-worthy, it just has no teeth. But then whammo! They turn the corner at the thirteen minute mark into a funky, locked in, up beat groove. This groove swirls and dips and dives some about 5 minutes: crawling into funk, jumping into energized jamming, and swaggering back into more funk before an almost clean -> Free. If you can get through the first 12 minutes of this Melt without your ears dying, the remaining 10 minutes will be worth it. Free is standard fair... for 2003. But contextually if this were to drop in 2016 we'd be freaking the f*** out because Free (today) is 5 minutes of normalized quasi funk. This one is 10 minutes of dirty, gritty funk. Cool to hear what Free *could* be. Sigh. Next up is a song whose name I will not mention because it is the worst song in the history of time. Trey must have been mad at you guys in the venue that night, to drop this song in middle of set 2. But he quickly made amends by playing Lizards next THANK GOD. Easy come easy go... Lizards was a super treat, again the first of 2003 I do believe, and this one, though kinda crunchy, was more than welcomed in this set. Walls of the Cave finds its home as a raging set closer and this one delivers the goods! 17 minutes of IN YOUR FACE shreddage, striking again and again at the peak, this version EXPLODES with energy! Perhaps the highlight of the set? I mean, say what you will about the last 10 amazing minutes of Melt, the first 12 minutes just sucked... and there is nothing sucky about this WOTC. Bouncing, Frankenstein encore is exactly what it looks like on paper.

All and all, a weird show. An example of Phish tying too hard in my opinion. But at least they're trying, right?

Must hear jams: Split Open and Melt, Walls of the Cave
Probably-should-listen-to jams: Gumbo, Divided Sky, Carini > Magilla, Possum
Score: 0
Golgiappa789 , attached to 1987-04-29 Permalink
Golgiappa789 A few weeks ago I put into place an idea I've had for years now. Figure out a way to listen to Phish through the years. It's a hard task to tackle with so much out there but I began roughly in '91. Some shows I've been chosing randomly, other's on recommendations. To say I found this show randomly is an understatement. I decided to start moving to '92 but after a bit of searching to see which direction I should take, I found myself in Possum song history, which lead from one thing to another, which eventually lead me to a song called "Melt the Guns". I've never heard of it before and watched the video under the song history and noticed that this show 4/29/87 was a recommended show mentioned by the previous show review. And then I found myself 3ish hours later, have listened to the whole show.

I think the previous review pretty much sums this show up perfectly, but what I wanted to add was a perspective of someone who is not new to Phish, but new to trying to navigate the waters of early Phish and what these shows have to offer. I've learned a TON from listening to this show and looking up the song histories. To start, It's pretty cool to know that this show is maybe one of 4 or 5 quality recordings from this time and used to be one of the original circulating tapes that was passed around in the day. That's the first thing that drew me to this show. But the fun doesn't stop there...

I was amazed at how many covers you can listen to. Regardless of the reason they played so many that night, it's great to be able to trace covers back to these early shows that are still played to this day. Some of my favorites like Boogie On, Peaches, Quinn, Cities, and it goes on. To see how many got left behind only after a short few years is equally interesting. But on to brand new things...

Melt the Guns... First time ever listening to it and first time I've ever heard of it! This kicks off almost like any other phish song. Quirky, fun, multiple things going on at once. But where it really takes off is the nice jam that forms towards the end leading into Dave's Energy Guide. If you listen to the jam and transition, you can hear hints of how they sound and still play today. For the time, I don't know if this was exploratory or coincidence, but it's a real good listen if you want to hear that sound.

Other songs I drew to for this show was McGrupp, Lushington, and Who Do? We Do? For anyone in need of an early Phish lesson, this shows got it. Lot's of lyrics in McGrupp with a HUGE ending, very tight and exciting. I finally fully get the Lushington Dicks Gag, and to see parts of Fluffhead all over the place in early shows really puts a spin on how the songs developed in the first place.

With that, I'm probably headed back into '91 to finish up Amy's Farm and probably move forward to '92. I'm not sure yet how they stack up against other early shows, but for quality and song selection I'm gona rate this show a 4 of 5. I'm kinda new to show reviews, especially from this time, before my time, but I look forward to the shows to come! If you get a chance to listen to this show, enjoy.
Score: 1
Let_Page_Jam , attached to 2015-08-21 Permalink
Let_Page_Jam You get a Simple type II opener, I'll repeat that. You get a Simple type II opener. The Dogs welcomes you in, TMWSIY>AvMu>TMWSIY is played beautifully, and it's like the portal back in time when Phish laid down monster show after monster show, the rest of the set is very well played but all, especially Trey, but even more especially Mike, who just sounds so inspired all weekend long. The first set then leads up to the Gin (not before the second ever Mock Song!!!). The Gin is, dare I say, the best Gin? Better than Riverport '98, MSG '95, or Nassau '03? Maybe... But it's definitely up there with the best of them, and it happened in a first set of a 3.0 show. Of course, Festivals always bring out the best in the band (except that one time...)

Seriously, the MagnaGin can't be praised enough. It goes through at least 3 amazing sections, and peaks at least twice. A jam that is the biggest memory for me from the festival, sort of like I realized how great this whole weekend was going to be. There was no way Phish were going to suck this weekend.

The second set is just jam after jam after jam after jam. And some dark meat Phish at that, there's no rainbows or fairy dust in this set, and not in the 2.0 way either, it's all bad ass music with some ferociousness and inventiveness. This set is very underrated here, as the Gin or the next night get much of the attention. BIG Chalk Dust, goes through many great ideas, at some point gets very dark. Ghost is great, goes type II quickly, enters some grizzly territory. RnR is meaty and a great lead in to Harry Hood. Hood is another in a string of great Hoods since 8/5/13's "HollyHood". The MagnaHood, however, I think, is very overshadowed by a lot of the other highlights of Magnaball, and is almost lost in the shuffle. This Hood goes type II (again!) and the band plays some cool funky stuff. Waste gives everyone a chance to catch their breath. No Men's comes blasting in and is a nice long one, and my favorite version before the mammoth NYE '15 version. Keeps the funky party going. Slave ends the set on a high note, and Trey SOARS in this version, closing out an extraordinary set.

Farmhouse and First Tube close out the show I felt was the best day of Phish in 15 years, at least until the next night. But still, this show is tops. Tops. Only thing that could top it would have to be 3 set show plus a giant improv set, or of course, Phish playing on the moon for 12 hours playing nothing but improv in while floating around in a space station.
Score: 0
brob711 , attached to 1994-06-30 Permalink
brob711 This show is very good. Solid all around.

First set highlights for me are as follows:

DWD: Very nice rocking jam that reaches a good peak. Nice way to start the show!

Gumbo: Page shines on the baby grand at the end of this Gumbo before > into rift.

SOAMelt: Intense, energy packed jam that just seems to never quit! This is one of the best SOAMelt's of 1.0 in my opinion.

Set two highlights:

YEM->Yerushalayim Shel Zahav->YEM: This is beautiful. The sandwich is placed very well. The jam segment of this YEM is great all over the board. Page shines on baby grand, the jam turns into almost free-form jazz which then morphs into a bass and drums segment reminiscent of the Dead's drums>space from the eighties. The vocal jam features an amusing shining quote with trey screaming "REDRUM" to top it all off.

Harpua: Great as always, this version features an audience member playing Jimmy and singing kareoke "Honky Tonk Women" in the middle. A fun one.

Antelope: This antelope is nuts. The jam is intense and crazy and a wild ride. When listening to this antelope, make sure you have a helmet on.

Great show, 4.5/5.
Score: 0
zarathustraz , attached to 2016-07-16 Permalink
On paper, this first set probably doesnít look that impressive, but it is. Each song is played with vigor, and thereís nary a lull to be had, even where youíd expect to find one. Itís one of the strongest, most consistent, first sets of the tour.

Buried Alive is one of the best and most beloved openers in Phishís catalogue, so things are off to a good start. Phish maintains the energy through the next three songs, AC/DC Bag, Moma Dance, and Uncle Pen. Itís an entirely listenable, entirely danceable sequence, and everyone was getting down. Few bands can seamlessly string together surf music, straightforward rock, some funk, and some bluegrass and keep everyone moving without missing a beat. Phish can, and Phish did. Buried Alive is clean; Bag is enthusiastic and highlighted by a solid solo from Trey; Moma drops perfectly out of Bag and lands into the funk sweet spot where everyone can feel it; and Uncle Pen is another clean delivery with nice work from Mike and some fretboard acrobatics from Trey.

555 might look like the first misstep of the set, but it really didnít turn out that way. The energy was already high, and 555 was able to carry it a little further. Itís a good song when placed well. The only problem is that itís a bit too often played, which means itís frequently not placed well. Fortunately, it worked here, and Trey peeled out a demonic solo with hints of the Carini to come later in the night. If you listen to both solos, youíll notice a striking resemblance between the two.

Sleep Again was a welcomed choice for the setting sun ballad slot. A gorgeous song with an exceptionally gorgeous Page solo. This was my earworm the next day. I couldnít get the Sleep Again melody out of my head, and I didnít really want to. Next is Itís Ice. The composed sections are definitely passable, and the boys treat us to a nice extended jam in the breakdown. Iím happy weíve returned to an era when a little Ice jam is expected. If this were only a couple years back, this Ice would definitely be on the charts.

After the down and up sequence of Sleep Again and Itís Ice, the boys take us down again for the big bust-out of the night, Driver. Weíll see this up and down pattern in the second set with less benign effects, but it works in the first set, especially when the sandwich includes two relatively rare slow songs interspliced with some Ice and then a little Sand. Sand stays within the sandbox, but itís always fun playing around in there. The boys build a dazzling castle with a vertiginous precipice before moving on to their next plaything.

Trey hits all his marks in Horn, which makes this Horn a good Horn. Halfway to the Moon is a song with a lot of potential, but is too often played and too often not given the effort it deserves (Iíve seen it 4 times in my last 7 shows). Tonight it was given that effort, and, like the version from 10/17/14 in Eugene, OR, the build up is vibrant and the peak is strong. Halfway to the Moon is another example of where this set could plunk a dud and instead lands a gem.

The first set closes with a climax of epic proportions in the form of Bathtub Gin. This is possibly Treyís highpoint of the evening. Itís shreddy and super peaky. There isnít necessarily a lot of interesting phrasing that sticks out along the way, but itís still impossible not to get caught up in this jamís uproarious lift-off after uproarious lift-off. The song starts peaking around the 8:30 mark and doesnít stop ascending for the next three minutes. Definitely worth a listen.

The end of the first set ties up two killer sets in a row at the Gorge, this one and the second set from the night before. Itís no wonder expectations were high for the final set of the weekend.

The second set opens with Blaze On. Blaze On, like Fuego, is one of those promising songs that almost immediately after being premiered entered the pantheon of over-played. Itís not a song Iím excited to hear, especially in the second set. Unfortunately, I wasnít given a reason to reconsider my position. Blaze On leaves structure only to quickly fizzle out. Over about three minutes, a lot of promising ideas are presented, likely too many, which is maybe why none of them take hold. An attempted jam soon forgotten.

Backwards Down the Number Line follows the aborted jam. This is a song that has really grown on me. Iíve gone from grunts of disappointment at its opening chords, to genuine gleeful hooting. And the rest of the crowd at the Gorge seemed to be of a similar mind because Number Line was very warmly welcomed this evening. But this Number Line doesnít quite do the trick. Re-listens prove it marred by some significantly placed flubs from Trey (the one during the peak was even apparent during the show). With a song like Number Line, youíre not going to find that much variety between versions; thereís really no reason to go for a flubified one over one better executed.

For re-listen value, the second set really gets underway with Carini. The energy during the verses and chorus was absolutely astounding. The true essence of the song is fully palpable. Trey was especially into it and even gave us a second run through the ďlumpy headĒ refrain. The jam stays inside the box, but itís an explosive box, for sure. Trey tears at his guitar with long, distorted strains, like we heard in 555, but this time with frankenstein intensity. Itís short, but itís perfect.

Birds of a Feather was the most originally conceived song of the night, which is not something typically said of BOAF. Trey barely touches his guitar while singing the verses, only a few accents here and there. The rest of the guys catch on, and BOAF starts as a kind of minimalist collage, with a little color added here and there by each of the band members. Treyís solo starts subterranean, just nudging at the earth, and then peaking through, but staying close to the ground, peering through the grass, inching this way and that, surveying, moving from a slither to a crawl to a gallop. By the end, it sounds like the BOAF weíre used to, but how we got there was quite a different adventure, and Trey exhibited some awesome artistry in brining us along.

After a Trey-huddle, the guys slow it down even more from an already relatively slow BOAF. Wingsuit is a beautiful song, and this is actually an exceptional version. Thereís about two minutes more than usual in the jam section. You can hear Trey looking for different pockets in the music to explore, but what results isnít as interesting as the BOAF that preceded. Itís a nice jam, but very chill and very delicate. That could potentially be a bonus, but it matters what they follow Wingsuit up with. Judging by typical Wingsuit placement, I think Trey believes itís some sort of rocker. Someone should tell him that itís not. No matter how much he slays at the end, the mellowed out beginning and the still swayable climax donít quite constitute for an energy boost, which is all to say, Phish should not follow Wingsuit with a ballad. Wingsuit is the ballad. No discussion necessary. And this more chilled out version of Wingsuit is especially a ballad.

But, like I said, I think someone still needs to tell Trey this because they follow Wingsuit with Shade. I heard Shade debuted in Bend in 2015, and I like Shade, but this was absolutely horrible placement for it. If you cut this song out, the entire third quarter of this show would be much better, and I bet the rating would go up significantly. But Shadeís here, casting its shadow, and it sucks all the energy out.

Thankfully, they follow up with a Mikeís Song. They have a lot of ground to make up after the Shade energy-suck, but depending on song selection in this Groove, all could be salvaged. The Mikeís Song is strong, forceful stuff. Dark, menacing, and funkafied. Treyís Mu-Tron puts in its best work of the night. Thereís something about this jam that makes me think of old school Nintendo fighting games. Itís that good.

But once someone turns off the game console and the electricity goes out, we find ourselves quietly in the Farmhouse. Again, I like Farmhouse, but after the Wingsuit>Shade sequence only one song back, Farmhouse seems a quick descent just after we began to rise. (For re-listen value, if you just cut out the Shade, the whole set flows much more smoothly, and Farmhouseís intrusion isnít nearly as detrimental). But, Farmhouse is where Trey wanted to be, and, if you listen, you hear why. This solo is just dripping with sweetness and sentiment and sensitivity. Itís one of the better Farmhouses out there. Trey was in a delicate mood this evening, and you can hear it in all the ballads, which is probably why there were so many.

So now back up this rollercoaster with Weekapaug Groove. The jam starts out frenetic and exciting in a Page-led fury. Treyís echoplex and some slap-happy quickness from Mike add some vibrant texture, but Trey starts feeling delicate again, and he takes the jam into a sweet little grassy valley, where all is well and serene. After gazing about there for a bit, he brings the jam back up and we make it back to a place similar to the one where Page left us. I would like to say this jam has a perfectly coherent valley-like structure to it, but thatís not quite the case. All the parts are awesome, but how theyíre placed together, ultimately, feels a little disjointed.

Nonetheless, we were feeling pretty high after the Groove, so Trey has to make sure we relax into the beauty once more with Shine a Light before they close out the set. Shine a Light is Shine a Light. Itís a great song for when youíre in the mood. After the rollercoaster of this set, though, it was hard to know what you were in the mood for. You didnít want to get too comfortable anywhereÖI guess all I really have to say about this song is that I wish Trey would jam out the solo more.

The encore is a nice cohesive chunk of music, which I would give an A+ as far as encores go. It has a little of everything. First, we get the phishy hijinks of HYHU>Love>HYHU. Good for freaking out the noobs, fun for everyone else.

Then we get the community and the glory. If the vacuum solo freaked out the noobs, the Harry Hood definitely astounded them and brought them into the fold. Trey has CK5 kill the lights and the glow-stick wars begin. No matter how many times youíve seen it, you canít help but be mesmerized when it reaches this capacity. The build up to this Hood is almost entirely environmental, as the guys more or less let the spectacle sink in before stepping in with the music. On recording, this Hood build up might sound a little short, but, in person, it hit fever pitch right on time.

Then the rocker. They bookend the weekend with a balls to the wall Tweezer Reprise. There are few better ways to end a show or a weekend.
Score: 0
david_bowie , attached to 1989-08-19 Permalink
david_bowie 27 years ago today. Damm. Happy anniversary to me.

This was the first time I saw this amazing band and I was blown away. It was my sophomore summer (a required, but delightful semester) at Dartmouth College. There were probably only about 1500 students on campus. Phish already had quite the following in Burlington, and I had heard of them, but alas had not had the chance to check them out. We had a couple of tapes and Junta floating around the house, but the Dead was still the shit during this era.

It was like pulling teeth trying to get folks to leave the comfort and free flowing beer of our fraternity basement on a hot Saturday night to go to a *free* concert. The action was already in progress when a few of us ambled in. Back in those days, Collis, which still serves as the Dartmouth student center, contained a small cafe and a dance floor more suited to a high school band. No way there were 300 ppl at the show. It was more like 80-100. I remember thinking how sad it was that such talented musicians were ripping it up for such a small, subdued crowd. There were a few "followers" shaking their bones, but otherwise it was pretty lame crowd.

Despite the turnout, I reveled in the goofy energy and raw power of the band, especially my new guitar hero. Honestly, I still prefer this era of Phish to the self-indulgent, tripped out, incessant noodling of 96/97. The Bowie, the following comedy act led by Fish, as well as the Mike's Groove to end the first set, all left a permanent impression on me. I recall 2nd set trampolines, during YEM I believe. I left this show thinking, "What a friggin talented and crazy band! Too bad they are so out there. They'll never make it big." LOL. A few New Years shows later, the Santana and Horde tours, Jerry dies, and the rest is Phishtory.

In the early days, the p fish did not need much of an audience to have a good time.
Score: 0
The_Steiner , attached to 2009-06-20 Permalink
The_Steiner first show. i think back to this weekend a lot, and most of my memories come from N2. HOWEVER - i remember very clearly that Stash, and how it made me feel that, yes, i was ready for IT.. a few years passed til i really got IT, but this was my initiation, and for that i'm forever grateful.
Score: 0
FunkyCFunkyDo , attached to 2003-07-21 Permalink
FunkyCFunkyDo The tour now has a feel of direction. Phish seems to be locked in and prepared/eager/wanting to jam, and the onstage cohesion is starting to show more consistency, rather than sporadic flashes of brilliance. I had never listened to 7.21.03 before this past weekend (but I did peak at the setlist), and in doing so was left with nothing but "What the hell is this going to sound like?" If you are wondering the same thing, good for you, because this show takes us on a journey...

The storied venue pairings of Alpine and Deer Creek always give us something to look forward to - some variation of "all time" shows or jams which we have come to anticipate - and with how the two nights at Alpine shaped up, although not "all time" shows perhaps, but definitely containing some all time jams, the level of stoke was high for THREE nights at Deer Creek.

Cities funkifies things out of the starting blocks and the crowd goes wild! A statement opener with abbreviated funk but overflowing with energy, a tone was set that this night, and maybe this run, would be one of lore. A fiery, straightforward Runaway Jim drops into the two slot and keeps the momentum surge flowing through the venue. Trey kept cycling back, repeating the peak and crushing this "normal but great" version of the fan favorite. A dirty little Meat comes next and continues the funk. A great opening trio! Energy abound! The band was a little off in the start/stop portion of the closing segment, but it was comical rather than grating. It was like they wanted to keep toying with the outro funk, but just... quite... couldn't... make... it... click. No complaints here though. Water in the Sky comes next and continues to pattern of fast-paced, psychedelic jamgrass with Page and Trey trading solos at a blistering pace. Good stuff in here. Stash swirls in next, and this is probably a Stash you've never listened to, and NEED TO .... RIGHT NOW. I was blown away by the tonal shifts and near-major-key jamming this Stash morphs into. When Fish takes over on the woodblock - wowza - they are locked in. This isn't quite Type 2, but not exactly Type 1, but it is most definitely Type 1.68. Stash swoops back into its close after all sorts of creative segments and man, what a jam! Old Home Place provides a nice dance respite before a sloppy Vultures comes and goes. Next up, a smoldering Birds of a Feather! WOW! This thing, along with Stash, goes out there... without really getting out there. It is not Type 1, not Type 2, but encompasses creativity and passion and direction within a 10+ minute framework. They kinda misfire on the ending, but play if off nicely into a mellow outro jam before Mike's Song growls into the mix. At this point, Mike's was a TOTAL surprise. The set was already along and amazing at this point, and to close with a Mike's Groove?!? Mike's was perfunctory awesome, and really who even cares if it was or was not an all time version. There was some confusion at the ending, and, well, it hurt to listen to. They eventually made their way into Hydrogen which was performed well enough. And then we get the bouncey, peppy, spunky, totally dancey Weekapaug Groove! This version in particular features some AWESOME Fish/Mike interplay. The middle groove "Slap Your Monkey Around" (or whatever they're saying) this just too much fun. Then remember this is the first set!!! Bass! Drums! Back and forth! Bounce! Pop! Funk and roll! This Paug has it all. What a way to close a pretty smokin set.

Set 2 starts out where Set 1 left off. A funkier-than-thou Suzy set a great tone for what would hopefully be another great set. Taste takes on a harder edge - a solid version that loses traction in the end - it still provides a boost early in set 2. With all due respect, I still firmly believe 2.14.03's Taste is the creme d'la creme (I made up that spelling - I am not sorry French people) of Tastes in 2003. All the others, while energetic in their own right, all seem to kind of fall apart in the end. This one, although rocking to start out, loses cohesion at the end. Oh well. Taste fades into a really bluesy, soft intro of 46 Days. 46 Days can start out like power rock song, a funky dance party, or in this case, a little bluesy number. How intriguing! Right from the get go, this 46 Days is going places. I thought to myself NUMEROUS times during the jam, "This is the harbinger of IT Ghost and IT 46 Days." That deeply gritty, insanely trippy, caustically gnarly sound that envelopes you in equals parts awe and fear. It takes you places. It takes you deep down the rabbit hole. And you think to yourself, "Tell my wife I love her very much (she knows!)" What a musical excursion this is. You will not dance your face off, but you will stop what you're doing and lose yourself in the abyss that this jam becomes. Really cool stuff. It slinks into Tweezer, eventually, welcome-ly, and hopefully this is when the real dance party starts. Unfortunately, the all-star on-paper trio of Tweezer > 2001 > Limb by Limb falls flat. As individual songs and as 1-2-3 punch, the set looks great (on paper) but sounds directionless and lost. Who knows, maybe the band freaked themselves out after that 46 Days. Good Times Bad Times had a bit of a false start, capping off the formless closing segment of the show. A pedestrian Loving Cup > Tweeprise closed out the evening with a mixed bag of emotions.

This show has many bright spots and a few shadowy areas. The first set is unequivocally better than the second, for starters. The first set has energy and bounce, the second set has a quagmire of psychedelia. The second set has an mind bending jam in 46 Days, the first set has inspiring, fun jams in Weekapaug and Stash. An interesting show, to say the least. One that represents some of the best and some of the not-so-great elements of 2003 Phish. There is much to hang their hats on though, so let's forget some of the weirdness and see if this momentum carries onward to the next two nights at Deer Creek.

Must-hear jams: Stash, Weekapaug Groove, 46 Days
Probably-should-listen-to jams: Birds of a Feather, Suzy Greenburg, Taste
Score: 1
Boots , attached to 2016-07-15 Permalink
This was the first time at the Gorge for me and four really close friends. Flew into Seattle early the day before and had a blast hanging out in Seattle and anticipating the nights to come. We were fortunate to get there before trafic was too bad, but the whole operation was a cluster none the less. Walking up that hill and seeing the view and stage was worth the trip alone. With all of these factors it is tough to rate a show like this. I will say that second set really helped things though.
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I felt this night was the lesser of the two nights. But what did help was where we were for second set. I've heard some talk about how the sound quality wasn't the best and I totally agree with this for the night before and first set when I was on the floor. We had a large group at this show and some friends had children with them and were posted super high up in the stands page side. It wasn't till I had made my way up there that I got to appreciate how good the sound was up there. I really wish I had been there first night second set than battling for space on the floor for sub par sound and very little effect from the lights. I normally move around at shows and know this most generally the case, but for this venue it was the difference between night and day.
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This was my first show ever and I was with a friend that wasn't much of a fan but he had fun for sure but for me it was the best time ever. I immediately got hooked up with some friends that were a bit more into the scene and we made the trip to Lemonwheel later in the tour. It is now 2016 and after 13 years of touring I will never forget the magic of that summer and how it changed my life forever.
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******FIRST SHOW/ WORST SHOW LOVE ********5 STAR RATING IS SCEWED AND destroyedddd!!!! In all seriousness , this means so much to you its the worst show him love...he has put himself thru the ringer just to hear you whooo just once l!!! !!

--- the only reason it gets 5....--Relistened Only once...refuse to lose the grip on the magic ....around 3 years ago. I knew it would be a shakin the rust off kind of night....-and the buzz on lot was that the boys would rarely leave the comfort zone of any given jam so early into reunion....the bar was lien ....and that I was bound a song I didn't like but that being said it was THE turning point of my life and has led to nothing but positive and
...Ill never forget what a wild road trip this was, crew noobed out the whole damn place but we had eachother to keep our status as low profile as possible( cuz you know, you give a shit when your 18), never forget the songs ,people and love felt (although looking back on my first over a wook... step,I apologize by Lem, not sorry dr funkenwook..THE FUCKS YOUR PROBLEM ... Says the wooks be pants lol ---you youn rockin J's

I had been listening to phish since age 7 (Billy breaths & Rift Christmas THX SANTAKathy)...Rift spoke volumes go head my aunts boyfriend atthe time ....and now my favorite person save my wife, to hit shows with.... was as 90's tour bro as they come :every festival(cypress icl.) every Halloween, New Years, and Coventry he hands me his (awful) copy of Went on a random weekend. He knew (9) I wandered always has great hair he's gotta be older I've never asked me? haven't looked back since ...
Throw in countless crew , Pham love , the headiest of _______(insert what you'd like) personal struggles and triumph alike , growing in to our own...a beautiful wife and baby boy ...a dash ofnGrateful80's parents(my dad would say ... No jerry no grateful dead...plain and simple) !!---gives you the lead into to my absolute worst show ever!!!! And it was the best thing to ever happen to me so here we went everything led up o here so let's dive in

Noob Love: from Mansfield 09: Show 1

Stealing Time? Sounds great
BOTT? Wow this is a nice start to the
?!? JIBOO ! That was on my list of songs I'm hoping for (first show edition) list
Golgi - only the finest dance moves till this day.
The crew and I would take the time to look at eachother and just smile need for words everyone was glowing ...the crowd was elated from our point of view ...
sorry vets, this isn't what you left behind was it?--jaded origins???
2011/12 is around the corner

To this day 'll take that Caspian as mine.... Ya ya ya-...its Caspian .. . But it was OUR Caspian ... It gave me a chAnce to break into their candles !!? Lmao a back to it ......That slow wishwash riff was hittin the soul! This years(2016) tour mean move over 09 so ill keep this one close (goosebumps thinkin bout it. The--- I have arrived, its beautiful , take it all in while you can---moment) I never prefer Caspian at my shows ... I prefer moments of appreciating what it is we're seeing and living and for me , that asociates with the social stigma you've been riding to your righteousness ....

Set break --boombow chocolates from sexy lot chick in full effect ... wasn't sure how to react with other fans ..just discussed amongst ourselves how we were feelin, favorite jams , and how and we were dumbfounded..... Felt as tho only 4or5 (pretty short for real) minutes passed

SET 2:

Face officially needs to be scraped from the pavement first time live ...fluff head/'hood are fantasic:

Fluff is just an all time favorite of mine, pretty fuckin lucky first show song selection wise but wait...

Scent of a mule 😛 My first show was surely a stacked

...only thing I wished not to have seen my first show....
*****heavy things_
--- only fitting I was slapped right back in the face with it !----Immediate Phish karma ya noob!!!

That is the phiest of my night -was my personal highlight but bug holds a special place as that beautiful second realization (Caspian 1st) it HITS NEVER saw another show again that atleast i did once and I soaked in every moment possible

Encore: 🤔...?.🤔..?..🤔.? Contact!!! 😃My friend exclaimed as it bopped through the night playfully ...
Then into the most excited Julius has given me....what can i say, ... Boogie on down tourb and - bounce out of here with some soul...
I spent all that time waiting , hopeful...abuzz ... I had reached absolute bliss... my first show ...✅ not one best best version acitually it was that night and we got him to the next day ....we love you guys thank you for coming back...and staying there haha

Love all of you guys old and known Alex is the one who has one
Of the deepest appreciation for the band the phan an.stop whooing! We're not in Tahoe anymore now......orlllll
Thank you guys for having more patience with my keyboard phone ss had a a lord fun and ya know what wemdouldnuaenrhensippoertnqhsr

At this place out of a really meaningful guys have played every song better and better since the night bedore... My costume i could just be mikes missing shit . Look thanks guys Im with you guys I till I can't physically do it lol but i do have a deep appreciation for Tahoe tweezer
What i KNEW.... And you know you known i love bass w a gun!!whoo!'n
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An heroic taper found and released an AUD copy of the "lost" second set of this show, recently. So it is no longer lost to the ether! The sound quality isn't perfect: the acoustics of the room sound rather like a big, echo-ey box. And since we're used to SBD sources from this era, it would be easy to disparage this recording as sub-par. But understanding that recordings of this set 2 were non-existent for 24 years makes this a special case. The taper seems to have done a decent job of remastering the source material, at least.

Set 2 (official setlist up above is incorrect but will likely be fixed soon): Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Glide, My Friend My Friend, The Squirming Coil, Tweezer, Cold as Ice > Cracklin' Rosie > Cold as Ice, Buried Alive, My Sweet One, Harpua*, Cavern

Encore: Sleeping Monkey, Tweezer Reprise

*Fire tease

Set 2 comments:

Mike's Song is particularly frentic and chaotic -- Page and Mike both add some extra sauce to this one, which is pretty short, all things considered. The Weekapaug is similarly fast and short, which includes some added "me no are no nice guys" from Mike at the end. The subsequent Glide, Myfe, Coil sequence is well done, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Tweezer starts out with a nice, playful energy. Again, Mike seems awfully vocal in this one, drawing out some of the Freezer/Tweezer lines and wailing. The jam starts out with just Fish for a few bars then Trey lays down a rolling, repeating riff. Mike and Page compliment and we're off into a plodding, driving jam, with all four members contributing. At times they seem to almost be fighting/dueling each other as opposed to playing with and complementing each other, like they tend to do these days. The result is a serious, almost angry Tweezer jam. Trey takes over at the end for the traditional build to the end jam, maintaining the grinding, pulsating feel, thanks to Fish's constant punctuations. Overall, a satisfying, though slightly raw, Tweezer for the era. I'd give it somewhere between a 5 or 7 on a scale of 10, depending on your tastes.

After a quick jaunt through a Fish song, they blow through upbeat versions of Buried Alive and My Sweet One before heading into Harpua. Trey takes us on a flight across the Atlantic to the Cliffs of Dover, where the evil hermit apparently likes to play the bagpipes horribly (Fish, of course). Upon mention of Jimmy, they launch into about 3 seconds of Hendrix's "Fire" before stopping to continue the typical story about Poster. Overall, a fairly standard version of Harpua... silly and crazy.

A standard Cavern and Tweezerprise rager to close the set and show. Overall, a decent set. I wouldn't call this a "missing gem" or anything, but it's certainly fun to hear something from the old days that hasn't been heard in a quarter of a century! The taper put Set 2 up on Youtube if you want to give it a listen: search for "Phish CU Fieldhouse, Boulder, CO 4-4-1992 Set 2"
Score: 4
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Amazing show on an amazing tour! Did this tour through the Deer Creek shows, minus Riverport because my VW bus wasn't fast enough. Just saw some video footage from this show via Jambase. That funky sound from Page wasn't the theramin, it was one of his keys. Pretty sure the theramin was only on Summer 96 tour and an appearance or two after that.
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headyburritos Oof. This show was definitely a step back from what the band had established on the Gorge through SF run. With all of the highlights of the previous 5 shows, it's no big surprise that they would eventually have a major off-night. It's nothing too crazy, it seems to happen every tour.

The first set is very pedestrian and very song heavy. They can definitely bring the heat at LA shows, as they have done in the past, but this show certainly fits the bill of an 'LA show.' Lots of fan favorites and rocking songs, but nothing much of substance. The highlights of the first set are my first ever "Paul and Silas" and the closing Antelope. Other than that, even songs that might normally get some decent attention seemed to fall flat. Even "Blaze On" and "Stash" seemed forced and shaky.

The second set wasn't too much of an improvement. The "Axilla>Fuego" opener wasn't anything too special, but I remember enjoying BOTT and "Saw it Again" quite a bit. The middle of the set didn't offer too much to relisten to, and only at YEM did things seem to turn around a bit, although the YEM itself is pretty minimal. It seems that Trey just kind of gave up on even attempting to have some kind of solo..just put his guitar down and danced around before the vocal jam.

The extended encore was pretty cool but nothing exceptional. An off-night is okay once in a while and I was kind of expecting a lower-key show going into it anyway. They definitely redeemed themselves the following night in Chula Vista
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