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dividedsky83 , attached to 2016-06-22 Permalink
After Wolfman's Trey's comment, "This feels so good!" summed up how it felt for many to see Phish back in the Twin Cities, opening the Summer Tour. Thank you, Phish!

The first set song selection was stronger than the second as many have said. Even though there were no big jams, some 1st set highlights for me include: Wolfman's, Daniel Saw the Stone, Dear Prudence, Uncle Pen, and Stash.

The classic Mike's > Hydrogen > Weekapaug to open the second set gave me (false) hopes for something special. Still, the Ghost, Simple ->, NMINML and Gin were all fun to hear live in their short, type-1 way.

3.5 stars. For bustouts, Trey's comments about the Ocedoc from the late nineties feeling like an old friend, and the jam peaks for what they were worth.

Definitely optimistic for the rest of the tour!
Score: 0
ianremsen , attached to 2016-06-22 Permalink
ianremsen This was the first show I've listened to live (streamed), of course I was pumped beyond belief.
Two very different pulls, the breakouts were spectacular and I don't think I heard one flub, but the lack of Type II jams was slightly odd, sort of puts a damper on Set 2. Don't get the hate for The Line. Encore was bland, Trey's monologue was probably the most interesting part of it. It's an tour opening show!

Highlights: Daniel, Dear Prudence, Uncle Pen, Walls, Mike's Groove, Simple > I Found a Reason (???!??!?!?)
Lows: Encore
Score: 0
runonsentences , attached to 2015-08-07 Permalink
After years of listening to and collecting Phish shows I was finally able to push life responsibilities aside and attend a show for the first time in what is essentially my backyard. Blossom is an amazing venue.

To my ears the first set sounded a little bit off, while this might have been due to my expectations going into my first show, on re-listening it definitely sounds like something was amiss. If my memory serves me correctly Trey kept looking off-stage in what appeared to be annoyance with equipment, and there was a lot of discussion between songs in the first set. I'm all for collaboration and figuring things out on the fly, but the pause between Moma Dance and Ginseng Sullivan felt odd and unnatural, with Mike seeming to launch into Ginseng on his own. That being said there was some great playing here, Timber, Roses, and Gin being the highlights for me.

Everything needed to be said about the second set has already been said, any misgivings I had about the first set were wiped away immediately. My companion at the show was not a Phish fan, and after this show she still wasn't, but after the second set she said something along the lines of, "I don't like the music that much, but they sure can play their instruments well." I'll take it.

The scene was something else, I walked away from the merch stand with a not so positive feeling about humanity, people getting combative about who gets to buy their tshirt/poster first was pretty intense. The good vibes certainly outweighed the bad when all was said and done, but I was definitely reminded why I listened and enjoyed for so long at home with headphones.
Score: 0
jsauce , attached to 2016-06-22 Permalink
I had a lot of fun listening to this show from the couch and my thoughts mirror a lot of those expressed above.
I wasn't familiar with some of the bustouts (I swear I missed Daniel Saw the Stone. Was I cooking? Pooping? No idea), but everything was played well and tightly.
The second set lacked flow, but I truly did enjoy the entire mike's groove (particularly the groove) and the Gin jam.
Takeaway: I'll probably never listen to this show again, but for the first show of a tour of a bunch of 50-somethings, I thought it sounded awesome. THe story of 3.0 phish, particularly after 2012, is "how do we make interesting music without relying on massive jams alone?" When the jams are on, there's *still* no stopping this band. What's more interesting is when they're not feeling the creative juices or on the first night of a tour. How do you rise to that? By playing good songs tightly. by staying within themselves and just letting the music come to them instead of forcing it. They did these things very well in a workman-like show that was a lot of fun to listen to. I'm really excited for summer and it seems obvious that everyone, including those four dudes, are glad for Phish to be back.
Score: 1
jaosnlikesphun , attached to 2016-06-22 Permalink
Anytime we get an Uncle Pen the show is a win. The bust outs were fun! I'll take set 1 as my winner. Set 2 had some minor highlights but the songs didn't flow. On the plus side all four dudes played tight and seemed happy to be back on tour. Solid 3.5 show.
Score: 0
JSchoenack , attached to 2016-06-22 Permalink
What a wonderful time to see them after 19 years!

I know there have already been reviews about this show with mixed feelings. I personally find that less is often times more and from what I have read and heard from many artists over the years it is more about what you don’t play vs what you do play and I feel that this show was exemplary in that respect.
I read a couple of interviews from Trey and Mike and they seemed to really be excited to tour this summer.
Not as much of the long jamming that people hold the boys to as a litmus test but the playing was noticeably cohesive and what was played was very meaty. It wasn’t totally void of jams though as they always throw caution to the wind. They were conversing! It was palpable, super tight except for the little slip up on the Character Zero intro that Trey laughed at himself. Hey we are all human. They were tight, real tight!

I wondered if there was going to be a Reba as in the other 3 shows I have attended but it wasn't to be.
Pigtail was a good song to start after being away from the Cities for 16 years we were all “Conscious Again”.
The Wolfman’s Brother, his uncle, best friend and aunt came down on me!
Dear Prudence was resurrected for the first time since their musical costume on Halloween in 94 and featured a rare broken string on Trey’s Languedoc, Ocelot I believe that made him switch to one he played from 96 that he later said was like holding on to an old phriend.
Stash was special for me because it was the song that I heard blind that made me fall in love with the band and had yet to hear it live. It also had a very tasteful slow down on the jam segment that also got real quiet snd eerie before a nice build and crescendo.
I wished my brother was with me for Horn as it is probably one of his favorite Phish songs.
Halfway To The Moon got us at least there and got me all the way there and then some with the Duluth lyric reference which means something to anyone that has been there. Duluth is where I first heard Stash as I said earlier and the north shore is one of my favorite places on earth!
Mike’s>Hydrogen>Weekapaug was solid.
Ghost had a real phunky growl to it!
I Found A Reason was great because I was there with my beautiful bride! (thank you Jess!)
No Men In No Man's Land had a real nice flow and as I sit here drinking a nice Gin and Tonic
Bathtub was off the hook for the second set closer. Killer transcendent jam at the end.

Thanks guys!
Score: 1
Capricornio , attached to 2016-06-22 Permalink
Capricornio Really no jamming to speak of. Even Gin only went 10 minutes. However, there was outstanding song selection and super tight playing. I bet this show was a blast if you were there, but doesn't have a whole ton of replay value.

Cohesive playing and risky song choices bode well for the rest of summer tour. A strong start to build on.

Mike's Goove
Simple -> I Found a Reason
Country Water in the Sky

Score: 0
PisoMojado , attached to 2016-06-22 Permalink
My friend I drove up from Madison, listening to the latest Live Bait and recounting old tour stories (he had a lot - he did the 93 summer tour minus a show). The scene was mellow, the weather beautiful, the beer cold, the wooks hott...

As for the tour opener, it was thoroughly enjoyable.
Haters gonna hate re: lack of jams and, to be fair, the 2nd set had a strange flow to it, but the band's execution was mostly great, the song selection was insane, and CK5 made good use (yet didn't overuse) the new LED weapons in his arsenal.

The oblique Prince references near the end were a nice touch - Trey spoke about the last time they played in MN (1999) and the last time he used that particular guitar (again, 1999). Purple lights + Water In The Sky = Purple Rain, I guess?

As Mike recently said: "Expect the unexpected" - Looking forward to Wrigley!
Score: 3
malachi , attached to 2016-06-22 Permalink
malachi This show is amazing on paper and I'm sure was a blast off into space to be at. It was a bunch of little things instead of a couple big things, which is cool. Love Daniel Saw the Stone and Uncle Pen, Love the Halloween cover bust-outs. Love the old school Water in the Sky. LOVE THE MIKE'S GROOVE. I complained so hard Summer 2014 about the disjointed sets sandwiched as fake five or six song Mike Grooves. I mean they can't stop and talk once they start Mike's Song, but I digress. In my eyes there are a few types of great shows, ones where they go in and out and back into songs throughout a set getting mad silly and jammy, second sets that have a 20+ min jammy that takes you somewhere none of us have ever been before with a unique complex jammy, and lastly the sets where they play two 10+ song sets with bust-outs. Looking forward to hearing Chicago this weekend and what other tricks they have lined up. The soundcheck seemed to have some new jammys we've never heard. That would be ill. Really hoping Trey drops a 60 minute version of Wingsuit that has a 45 minute guitar solo. My wingsuit is freshly back from the cleaners. I tried it on last night and it fit so perfect. This wingsuit of mine is something I like to put on. It's a really nice wingsuit. I'm going to go put it on now.
Score: 0
n00b100 Staff , attached to 2016-06-22 Permalink
n00b100 1. They didn't play a ton of improv on 7/21/15, either. I seem to recall that tour turning out all right.

2. Did ANY of those Summer 2012 shows have a bustout as thrilling as the Halloween covers busted out tonight?

3. Speaking of which, Dear Prudence brought a tear to my eye (shout out to Page), and the -> into I Found A Reason is stunning.

4. Every single last Type I jam, the bluegrass songs - everything was just ripped to shreds. And Trey didn't even have the benefit of his Fare Thee Well boot camp!

5. Listening in the moment, I enjoyed the show immensely. Will I reach for it as much as 7/31/15 in the future? Probably not. Will I reach for it in the future? Almost certainly. Works for me.
Score: 31
fluffhead108 , attached to 2016-06-22 Permalink
fluffhead108 A classic Phish show, in the sense that the part of the community who judges based on big jams will be underwhelmed, and the part of the community that judges based on tightness of playing and setlist variety will be happy.

I personally find this to be a darn fine show. I was grinning like a fool at almost every song choice and thought Trey's tone, in particular, is right where I want it -- even if I would have preferred a little more breathing room on at least one of the second set tunes (I'm not a slave to 20 minute epics, but pushing the boundaries a bit on Ghost or NMINML would have been nice).

At the end of the day, you can talk about what the band played and what you wished they played. What they played last night was excellent, with little to be disappointed about. What you may wish they'd played is, of course, nonexistent, and therefore not an entirely fair complaint to hold against this show.

Regardless, a very strong opening to what should be an interesting and forward-looking year.
Score: 18
KenNyeThePhishGuy , attached to 2016-06-22 Permalink
KenNyeThePhishGuy Bust out Fest! Great to see the boys coming off some studio work giving us phans "expect the unexpected"

Set 1:
- Pigtail was an interesting choice, although it sounded very well done. An old-school TAB song...
- Gut-busting Wolfman's Brother got everyone going
- Daniel Saw the Stone - love seeing everyone do-si-do to this number. Very clean and fun.
- Couple' more bustouts with Dear Prudence, Round Room, Uncle Pen, ending out the set with a high-energy, whopping WOTC

Set 2:
- Mike's Song>IAH>Weekapaug. WOW! Great energy, Mike's jam was on point, solid flow with heavy hits. Weekapaug jam had crazy energy, hitting solid peaks with each lick.
- Ghost jam - heavy, chest pounding jam. mellowed out into the line, which is a song I actually like. A bit more upbeat than normal, but sounded well done

Water in the sky done old school style. Loved it! Finishing off with a peaking, scream-your-head-off character zero.

All in all a well done start. Despite our aging friends, they definitely still got it, and should be swinging for the bleachers (pun intended) this weekend as the band moves to CHI for a 2 night run. Like a fine wine, it tastes a little better when you let it sit for a bit. I bet we will see some big things from these guys come mid-late tour.
Score: 10
theresoundingecho , attached to 2016-06-22 Permalink
The world is a better place when Phish is on tour. From start to finish this was a top notch Phish performance. Pigtail was an interesting choice that sucked some of the energy from the crowd that was hungry for a high energy opener. That energy was soon restored with a howling Wolfman's Brother and set the tone for the rest of the show. Classic Phish doing what they do best! What a great way to start summer tour.
Score: 14
FunkyCFunkyDo , attached to 2003-07-19 Permalink
FunkyCFunkyDo Alpine's first inPHISHtation in 3 years resulted in a show of one Everst-esq peak, several K2s, and a handful of Mariana's Trenches. It was, in a word, inconsistent. But it also contained, in another more optimistic word: potential. That massive DWD and firehose combo of Gin -> Mango showed some real promise. The mid set lulls though, hmm, well... let's hope those were outliers to what the finale of this run held.

Let's get one thing straight. This is a high-powered first set. This first set powers the fences the line the Tyrannosaur Paddock. This first set can be seen from space with in infrared camera. Hooo boy! Fasten your seatbelts. Let's go!

Sample in a Jar sets a simultaneous energetic, playful, and elevated mood to the show. I don't know what it is, well I suppose I do - the intangible aspect of Phish. A seemingly "regular" song that can be placed anywhere at any time, and really have a feel of "meh" to a feel of "HOLY VOLCANIC SPACE MONKEYS!!!" Intangibility of this *feel* is what a Phish show is all about. Sometimes Sample is just Sample, but sometimes it is indeed a volcanic space monkey. This one is the later. Followed up a #2 Reba, holy cow. Phish means business. Composed section was adeptly played, with that slight 2003 edge, and the bliss jam featured some focused, bird-like trilling from Trey and fancy fill-work from Fishman. The jam built upon itself in quite economical fashion, much like 7.10.03 Shoreline. It won't blow the roof off, but it is certainly a fine version that features a series of very pretty builds and melodic webs. Wilson crashes the setlist party, and everyone celebrates his arrival. The hard-rocker adds a few extra head-bangs during a slightly extended mid-song jam segment and the energy of the show starts to amplify upon itself. We. Are. Rolling. Scents and Subtle Sounds in the 4 slot of set 1 is a treat. This laid back, somewhat slowed down jam is a nice counterpoint to Wilson. It does not feature the blissed-out cathartic-peak of 7.9.03 Shoreline, but as a first set jam, there is nothing to complain about here. A smokin Maze comes next. Maze, like Sample, can be "meh" or can be "COSMIC MUSICAL LASER GEYSERS!!!" This one falls nearer to the latter on that spectrum. A few almost-sloppy transitions do not diffuse the power this Maze brings to the table. Furthermore, Trey really goes nuts on the peak. Good stuff. Driver (I love Driver. always) is a *perfect* respite after a, count it, 5 song show-opening volley of Sample, Reba, Wilson, SASS, Maze. Whoa. NICU picks the pace back up and sets the table for a breezy Ya Mar. Tropical and calypso-y, even if short on the time scale, this is a superb follow up song to NICU, as they both have that island-feel. Rocky Top is an odd choice, but given the songs natural energy, it suits the set well and adds to its ever-growing energy! Page hams it up during Lawn Boy and we all have a good laugh as he croons his way through the song. Mike has some nifty work too. The peak of this set-long energy, to my ears, comes to a boiling point during this ferocious, incendiary Julius. Regardless if you "like" this song or not, this version is FANTASTIC!!! Do not skip it. What a first set!!!

Whew. So the band obviously is feeling it tonight. They are crackin. Snappin. Poppin. The energy is vibrant and the vibe is energetic. Let's see how set 2 shapes up. Can it hold serve for set 1? Set 2 can be divided into 3 mutually exclusive 20+ minute segments. That should whet your appetite.

A monstrous Piper starts off the second set. Now, I saw monstrous with more a negative connotation. Some fans love this version. I am not one of those. It is dark, dissonant, and discorded... in a more specific word, it is jagged. Some fans love this stuff, not me though. Not to say it isn't worth a listen, but allow me to break it down. 0:00 - 13:00 is Piper grimy-jam. It groaaans along. Dark. Deep. Dirty. 13:00-16:00 it feels as though the are about to lock into a melodic, peppy groove... but 16:00-19:00 they dive back into the depths, weird stuff, only to be saved by... 19:00-23:00 where they find this (still brooding) but metal-esq chord progression that builds and builds in an intense frenzy ... it is really fantastic to listen to. It'll pump you up. I love these last four minutes! The jam winds down and Rock and Roll winds up and delivers a Nolan Ryan fastball. This is where the second 20+ minute segment begins. WOOSH!!! This Rock and Roll is furious and given its relatively tame timestamp, packs one hell of punch. It drips into a slinky, poppy outro groove after a wild Trey-driven Rock and Roll outro before a totally seamless, perfect, amazing -> Seven Below. WOW! What a segue!! Seven Below bounces along and much like Rock and Roll, packs a great jam into a very limited time frame. Must listen stuff between these two. Seven Below eventually evaporates into Prince Caspian, which showcases some inspiring Trey soloing. They are feeling it tonight. Not 10 seconds after the extend Caspian jam ends, the finale begins. 28 minutes of You Enjoy Myself: check please. This is no ordinary YEM. This one is burn-burner sitting atop a volcano on the sun while fireworks are exploding overhead. It spews comets and asteroids. It absorbs negativity and hatred and turns them into dance moves and flailing limbs. This jam section contains three separate jams sections. Each one building, then subsiding; then building even higher, then subsiding (into some dirrrrty Mike/Fish combo work); then building finally into a HUGE, machine-gun Trey peak that is, I don't even know, I just threw my thesaurus at the computer screen. DO NOT EVER SKIP THIS YEM. Wading is, whatever, I mean honestly at this point an encore wasn't even necessary. Phish had nothing left to destroy. What a complete show!!!!!

Must-hear jams: Julius, Rock and Roll -> Seven Below, You Enjoy Myself!!!!!!
Probably-should-listen-to jams: The continuous segment of Sample-Reba-Wilson-SASS-Maze, Piper (especially the final 4 minutes)
Score: 1
bushwood_a_dump , attached to 2004-06-19 Permalink
bushwood_a_dump Just to comment on the Piper -> Jiboo that was included with Live Bait 12.

My memory of Summer '04 is a bit mixed with the impending news and the uneven Alpine show I saw that summer, but this 40+ minute chunk is a thing of beauty. The "->" designation is truly deserved as a segue when Piper finally gives into the Jiboo rhythm and key.

Sounds like the ASIHTOS is a burner too, curious why that didn't include that on LB 12.

Score: 0
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