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Penn42 , attached to 2012-06-08 Permalink
Penn42 Big fan of this show. If 6.7's raucous party of a second set hadn't signaled the beginning of summer terr, the jam in Roses sure as hell did. Once they wrap the song and drop into that chugga-chugga-chugga pulsing ain't-no-cares-in-the-world beat you just knew summer terr was on like donkey kong. The beginning 60 seconds of the jam are perhaps the most joyous of the whole summer. If you listen to the AUD's it's no secret the crowd was feelin' it.

Besides that first set highlight, the out of left-field plinko-y Sand -> Nellie Kane segue is off-the-wall fun and Character Zero is as dirty as the song is likely to get. Trey's guitar sounds like it's a growling monster ascending from the depths. It's gnarly shit, indeed. Oh, and this 2001 is easily the best of 3.0.

I can't sit here and tell you this is one of the best shows of the summer, to warrant such a description it would need one BIG marquee moment, but this is a finely played show with many subtle (and some not so subtle) oddities. I endorse this show without hesitation. It's numerous, if not mostly brief, quirks far outweigh any singular detractor I could find.
Score: 0
foogregfoo , attached to 2014-08-30 Permalink
agreed this second, if not must-hear, then i don't know what you're listening to phish for. lots of experiments, and a really crazy emotional arc that has gotten me a fews on relistens, when i was a bit moody myself. this is not your red-fiery rock-out disease, this is more a string of experiements that fits the song's lyrics. there's a lot of disappointment, anger, and processing in here.. sooo good. the kind of set that reminds me why music is so important to me. don't want to overhype it.. but if you catch this in the right mood..

also i wanted to note.. the first set isn't must-hear by any stretch, but has interesting stuff. first off.. sample, sparkle, and rift all in the same set means plenty of blue/red era throwback, mixed in w/newer guys.

finally.. i'm a big wingsuit fan.. this version is fine, but the cool part is MOST of the bowie jam is pretty much trey and page playing around with musical ideas from wingsuit. like they wanted to try out wingsuit-jam ideas within the comfy familiar confines of a bowie jam. such fun.

thanks, guys.
Score: 0
montaigne , attached to 1998-07-29 Permalink
I'm going to share a short story with you. We were on 98 summer tour. Portland. The Gorge. Down the Cali Coast and into Phoenix. My two best friends friend lost her dog in San Fran. After Phoenix, the three girls I was with went to Flagstaff to stay with a friend. I went to Tucson to visit family for a bit. While this happened, they found the dog and two of the girls drove back to san fran. On the way back, they got into a big fight, and the girl who was driving took off. That left my two best friends in Flagstaff and myself in Tucson. We skipped the Texas shows because F Texas :) But now we were stranded in Arizona with midwest shows to hit!

These were the pre-craigslist, internet days. We took the greyhound 36 hours to St. Louis. Holy cow. How many of you have taken an extended trip on Greyhound? I felt like they should have paid me! Anyways, I was lucky to get there, so I retract my complaint. Go Greyhound!

We arrived late afternoon at the St. Louis station. We jumped in a cab with our bags and got to the venue at Riverport. There we were: all of our gear from tour with no car and no ride home (home was Chicago/Milwaukee area). Thank Buddha we were at a Phish show, surrounded by thousands of kick-arse humans! We spent an hour or two arranging rides to our respective destinations. We got into the venue with lawn, but snuck into the reserved.

We sat down exhausted. The instant we sat down, the boys came out. I didn't have any energy. I needed to be properly motivated. And guess what? They played arguably the best Bathtub Gin to open the show.

If K or N ever see this, it's A. Contact me. Let me know how you are :)
Score: 1
MOstGhoSt , attached to 2014-12-12 Permalink
MOstGhoSt this concert was a good one. the first set was very straightforward - great unity within the band, no surprises, well played, most professional. however, set one included sixteen songs and therefore the songs were short and there seemed no space for improvisations.

the second set turned a corner with Night Speaks to a Woman and the beacon theatre came alive friday night NYc.

trey anastasio played very intense and sustained guitar dominated moments with unhindered freedom. this was my impression of the second set - trey took control of the time and the moment without apologies or democracy as absolute leader.

if my memory was correct ( i don't have the benefit of the live recording to relisten and write purely on impressions after the live concert ) i heard the familiar guitar riff reminiscent of the most excellent Simple - from 8-29-2014 colorado - dick's. i think i heard this during Mr Completely and noted that this riff shifted from the dominent melody to the support framework behind the horn section as the horn section took their respective golden moments.

Plasma - Shine - Mr Completely completely rocked the house with the trey sound people know and love - confident and true. Ether Sunday was a welcome calm and Sand was a gift, more and more of the guitar taking unapologetic lead. the guitar moments stretched throughout the second set in these compositions.

i hope somehow a recording of this night becomes available because i would like to revisit that second set. TAB really brought it friday night - very new york.
Score: 1
geoffeddy , attached to 2014-12-12 Permalink
Sick venue. Sick place to see a show. There is a reason the Allmans played there 200 times over 20 years. Trey was humbled to be there at the end of the second set he said he very much hoped to come back soon. I've seen 5 or 6 TAB shows. I like em more each time. I won't review each song. I'll just say, definitely get to the Beacon.
Score: 1
SkoiSirius , attached to 2014-10-28 Permalink
SkoiSirius WOW WOW WOW. What a show, seriously! I only get a few shows a year these days, so I was beyond excited. To add to that, this was my girlfriend's first show EVER, and on top of that the SF Giants madness downtown at that point just added to the awesomesauce that was these few days of Phish.

I started laughing right off the bat when Crowd Control dropped as last year they pulled the same stunt. What's up with SF drawing this song out of the band? Well this year it was definitely the SF Giants crowd melding with the Phish crowd in the same few square blocks around BGCA, but last year? SF just has an epic crowd apparently (no arguments from me there).

You KNEW immediately the show was going to be tits when Mike's got pulled outta the gate immediately after CC. Fairly solid 10min 3.0 Mike's, and what do you ya know - the only true Mike's Groove of the year (maybe so far, maybe not as NYE is still coming) with IAH blending in to the Mike's finish. This was great as my girlfriend absolutely LOVES this song. Slamming Paug to finish the Groove, and then the first breather of the night.

I've got 3-4 fav's off the new album, and Wingsuit is definitely one of them being that it is by far the closest to Floyd (especially on the album) that Phish has ever sounded. Besides the silly flub by Mike at the end (which was in no way detrimental to the song), I was in absolute bliss for those 10 minutes. I love the Floyd explosion that is the end of Wingsuit. SO GOOD. I'd recently been singing Water In The Sky in my head a lot so that was a fun rambler to swim in after flying high in my Suit.

Plasma was fairly unexpected at first as they'd just played it in Eugene for the first time, but it gained a warm welcome by the SF crowd. I wouldn't complain about hearing it more often personally. I'm a big fan of most of Page's tunes so HTTM was sweet to hear live. Poor Heart you can never go wrong with and then BOOM:

That Gumbo!!! Damn what was up with Page?! Killed it on the clavinet! Loving Gumbo to begin with and then getting a Page crushed extendo version?! Stoke. Only issue with that was that Trey kept trying to bring in the Sanity that followed and Page just wanted to keep going! TREY...STFU and let the man ride his glory! Great rendition of Gumbo into a mostly clear transition into Sanity (looking like SF may be the new town for Crowd Control and Sanity, both played back to back years in the same show). Sanity is always a fun sing along and gets me laughing my ass off. You could tell the set was coming to a close soon by the end of the Sanity, but they yanked Antelope out of the bag there at the end. Absolutely kickass rocking Lope. I remember my friend Trevor saying towards the finish line of Set 1 that we just got a full on Set 2 in place of Set 1 this evening. I then attempted to explain that to my girlfriend as the set break music came on and we went outside to puff a bowl.

Bowl smoking hit the spot, and by the time we got back inside the lights were dimming, so we smashed in the crowd to find our spot more mid-center, a bit towards Mike's side. In no way shape or form was I expecting the KDF riff to start out Set 2, nor was anyone else. I think this has happened twice now, ever? Can't say I was stoked at first as KDF is one of those 'Meh' Phish tracks for me personally, but goddamn did they once again prove me wrong this year by taking KDF and bringing it up to the big boy S2 opener slot and then going even further by diving into it Type II jam style! I often wonder what it would sound like if Phish (esp. 97-99 Phish) made electronic music. The answer to that question is the last 4-5 minutes of the SF14 KDF. Beautiful bliss that as an ambient musician I could've listened to for the entire set, but they had a PERFECTLY placed Mountains in the Mist waiting for us to continue the psychedelic chill vibe for another 7 minutes. Those 20 minutes were pure Phish bliss, and then BOOM again, the Fuego piano notes drop, letting you know it's about to get slamming again.

Really tight and crunchy Fuego capping at about 10 minutes. This being another of the few fav songs of mine off the new album, I was giddy that me and my lady got the two big guns off the album in one night. Julius was a bit of a surprise mid-second set (for these days), but welcomed as a loud and forward sing along the whole BGCA was ready for.

THEN - Twist. This Twist is it. Another fantastic reason why all of us addicts keep coming back show after show. A track I'd plop down in front of any non-believer and just ask them to attentively pay attention to the magnificent playing set before their ears. Twist has always been a personal fav, and this was my first - STOKE. Having seen such great heights in 2013, and not really seeing much of anything in 2014, I wasn't sure where it would go...but it ended up being the THE Twist of 2014. Intricate, jazzy, fun, and heartfelt, this will be a Twist I listen to until my deathbed, or played at my death celebration. Hints of the electronic gorgeous side of the KDF 40 minutes before poked through at points as well. Page and Trey gently playing off of each other for blocks at a time with Mike and Fish creating the space to do so. Brilliant jamming from four incredible musicians. They don't even go back into the Twist theme they were so content on where it went. One of the best songs of the year IMO.

Fairly unexpected was the late Set 2 after an epic Twist Runaway Jim. The beginning is one of the softest ever I'd think, and I wish they would've played on that a bit, but you can tell Trey was ready to pick it back up, forcing Fish to catch on and bang the song out. (Side Note: Can we expect Crowd Control, Sanity, and Runaway all in the same show in SF every year now?) Fun and jammy Jim it was (no crazy glowstick war this year), ending in more ambient bliss (theme of the night??) and then out of the glitter, another BOOM: Hood.

Hood had a big year. Being only 6 songs into the set those of us in the know had a little feeling this could be a big one, and GODSDAMN, it was. There are a few movements within the Hood that really stand out, but honestly as a whole the whole song moves along seamlessly as one piece, taking you on an up and down journey through multiple builds and even plains of Phishy goodness. Listen to this Hood - cherish this Hood. It is right up there with the other big Hood's of 2014, possibly beating them out. Another blissful ambient outro of the Hood and Set 2 closes.

Goddamn what a night. The thanks and the first chords of Loving Cup from Page put that huge smile on my face and a solid Cup of Love ends what was IMO on of the best shows of the year, and definitely the show of Fall Tour. Download it, buy it, whatever you need to do, but as a Phan - you want this show. I promise!
Score: 1
phishatmsg , attached to 2014-12-13 Permalink
phishatmsg Hometown Philly
Delighted to have TAB back here - they finished off the tour strong here last night. Trey went into great detail to tell us just how much he loves the Philadelphia Flyers and how much he loves the Tower Theatre 'Don't paint it, don't clean it, don't touch it' - The girls were great last night, Natalie adorable as usual...Mr. Casey throwing some punches too with an extended sax solo, impressive. First Tube 1st set closer was perfect. Mr. completely a solid monument of the TAB tunes, I could hear this every night - the jazz handoffs of instruments improvising, hopping from horn to horn then to Ray and Russ - quite entertaining to say the least. Trey is strong, lively, happy, and healthy - this is clear....his energy is astounding!


Score: 1
lifeboyo , attached to 2014-12-13 Permalink
Last night my wife and I got my sister to watch the kiddos and headed to to Upper Darby for the first time since Trey band played there in 2005. That show was a much different time for us, and for Trey it seems. We were kid less, and Trey was dark & down, or seemingly so, a year prior to his arrest.

We stopped at an awesome little Thai/Laotian place, about two minutes from the venue. Sai-ba-dee, give it a chance if you find yourself in upper Darby, it's BYOB, really well priced and delicious. We made the quick drive to the venue and parked in that weird little parking garage behind the tower. It always amazes me that despite the size of that garage it still fills with the notorious hiss of tanks post show.

We had scored GA pit tickets through a friend and my priority was to get in when the doors opened and hightail it to the front, we weren't first in line, but we did get prime real estate estate 10 feet back on the horn side. Everyone on the floor was stoked about the huge section with no seats that had been cleared out. 2/3's of the first floor of the venue was GA Pit. You could tell the place was primed to go off, and the energy in the crowd as folks spilled in was palpable. At that point, heading back and forth to the bar/bathroom was easy and you could make your way back to your spot with ease. The men's room, what I can only assume, was the coat check area, was converted into a small cash bar only for beer. Brilliant! Kind of a closed loop if you weren't careful, but incredibly convenient!

Lights go down, let's get this party started. I thought money, love and change was a great way to start a high energy show. Well executed, with a little extra jam on the end seemed to prone everyone's pumps. The next tune was one I was not familiar with, but has gained a special place in my heart, despite my wife's chagrin. Natalie "chainsaw" Cressman dropped a cover by a 1990's Chilean rapper, Ana Tijoux. 1977 rumbles along with swagger you can feel. I didn't understand a word she said, but whatever her hips and the well placed shhhh's were saying had my attention. I told my wife that Natalie would be her replacement soon, which got me a well deserved eye roll and a few huffs. She's a patient woman.

I can't give a blow by blow on each tune, but I can clearly say that I was concerned about how good the second set would have to be to follow the barn burner that was the first set. Cayman review kept the high energy vibe flowing, I love small axe, and heart it instrumental so I and others could sing along was awesome. Valentine was good, but not a tune I find myself listening to a bunch outside of a TAB show. Magilla, pigtail and alive again stretched out a first set that had some serious meat to it. No longer than any normal set it seemed concise, quickly getting down to business when it should have. Dark & down was as it should be, and provided a nice breather. The devil went down to Georgia was botched lyrically, but I'm not sure I could pull half those lyrics off on my best day, never mind, in front of a packed house. Besides for the lyrics, it was well played, and again super high energy. The first tube was the fricking bee's knees. If that place hadn't been amped prior to that, which it had no reason not to be, it was on. First tubes have different paces. Sometimes they sear, other times they have had a slightly slower pace, with both phish and TAB. It's not a huge difference, but last nights was a standout. It seethed and teemed with the power that could be lent to an encore, but was well placed in the money spot at the end of the second set.

Set break filled the floor with some newer folks and the proverbial "shuffling of the deck" when everyone hits the facilities and refreshes their drinks. The venues choice to hand stamp folks with pit tickets, then allow them to use that to get back into the pit seemingly allowed for stub down galore,. In fact I'm surprised anyone was in the loge after the first set.

Second set started with sometime after sunset, which I enjoyed, but felt kinda meh about. Night speaks was hot, burlap sack and pumps, drifting whipped my wife and everyone around us into a frenzy. In rounds provided another breather, and was well needed after the torrid pace at which the second set was moving. I like invisible knife, and to me seems like one of the newer tracks I Would really like to see again. The random spotlights on the ceiling at that point confused all of us, and my wife thought Fishman was going to come down from the balcony somehow. I was not expecting the next tune. Sand was a TAB tune, but I think of it as more of a phish tune given its many insane versions. I remember saying to my wife that it was gonna get funky, dirty funk in dirty, nasty philthadelphia.....and sand delivered. Again I was shocked to hear the first few notes of Clint Eastwood drop and realize that one of the true pleasures of TAB and live music in general was about to light up the room. My wife and I absolutely love Jen Hartswick. Both on the trumpet and her voice slay. Saying that woman can sing is a pitiful understatement, and Clint Eastwood's ambling baseline and the chorus it's a perfect showcase for her. Mr. C brings it consistently, and didn't give any indication that this dream TAB set was slowing down. Ether Sunday gave a quick respite from this epic tour closing throwdown, then back into Push on til the day. The two song encore was the cherry on top of this gem of a show, and was punctuated by Trey's speech about his new old guitar. I was looking at his guitar earlier in the show and thought, hey that's the ocedoc! Wrong answer, genius, from my vantage point it seemed that's what I was looking at with a clear animal on the headstock in mother of pearl inlay. Looking back the body is different, and the fretboard is void of the lightning bolts. It's a resurrected 1991 Marley doc!? Trey has fallen in love with another doc, brought back from the dead after its neck began to warp many, many years ago. Heavy things was fun, but the unexpected encore was what made my wife and I melt into a puddle of J. Ha fandom. Black dog smokes on a bad day, done by high schoolers at their first talent show. Last night laid waste to the tower. Big legged woman ain't got no soul, my god, her voice makes the hair on the back of my neck I stand up. The Trey guitar, Jen Hartswick vocal battle at the end was dirty, raw and I wouldn't have berm entirely surprised had the stripped down and went at it afterwards.

The whole band is amazing. James Casey, Russ, Tony and Ray bring it, consistently. The only thing I am not happy about last night is Trey changing the lyrics to singing that the Flyers will win the cup. I fear he may be delusional. Go PENS!
Score: 3
ThinMan , attached to 2014-12-12 Permalink
Don't look now but Let Me Lie is quietly becoming a monster...loved it last night. And Speak to Me will be a barn burner ala jibboo and sand.

Fantastic, shredding show last night. Nothing bad to say about the whole thing, on par with the best TAB shows since '08.

the 5-6 ladies in the house loved it....
Score: 6
Penn42 , attached to 2014-10-17 Permalink
Penn42 I’m blessed with good first sets. And I don’t say that in an ambivalent way at all. For me, the end-all be-all of Phish is not the 4 song second set. A solid song selection, clear flow, and direct, pointed jamming are far more important. These things can culminate in the form of a 4 song set, but they don’t have to.

Much like in the days of old when they’d open shows with Caspian (or just last year when Architect opened at the Gorge), Waiting All Night is somewhat of an anti-addundum, just a smattering of music before the *actual* show. To be fair, Waiting is a far better tune than Caspian, but still not much of a show opener. Any reasonable fan won’t have anything much more negative than that to say about this first set. Momentum builds toward Reba, the peak of the set, and proceeds to plateau for a solid 40 minutes with the closing Roggae > Simple -> Maze, Coil stretch. That’s some damn fine first-setiness goin on right there. There's some damn fine second-setiness here as well.

Big jam vehicles like Carini almost always have a “first jam”, the beginning of a jam directly following the conclusion of the song itself and directly preceding uncharted waters/abandonment. While this Carini doesn’t super out-there, the first jam is far and away my favorite one coming out of this particular song. Trey hits all the right melodies. Some super melodious; others more jagged. They’re all wonderful. Then Plasma appeared oh so smoothly, gleefully, and completely out of left field. It was awesome.

The set-breathers come early, though not necessarily unwarranted, this time around. The turns Twist takes heavily foreshadow the sublime transcendence that would go down ten days later in San Francisco. Crosseyed finds itself a rollicking little drone jam complete with “still waiting” quotes taboot. At one point Trey almost tries to go all 46 Days style rocking chunky-chunk all over the place, but it lands itself in the far more interesting drone-space. Hood continues down its path of renewed creativity and Rocky Top closes things out high-energy, if not a little off-kilter.

For me personally, this show was a major success. Show 20, a hometown show, and I added three songs to my never-before scene list. Plasma, of course, was one. Strange Design and Sleeping Monkey were the others. While this show never hits legendary territory, it hits its stride early and holds it more often than leaves room to complain. I recommend it.
Score: 1
humalupa , attached to 1995-12-14 Permalink
I did not attend this show, but Set II is likely my favorite set of all time, and I feel compelled to write. My favorite era of Phish is 93-95, and this one exemplifies everything outstanding about that era.

Set I is rock solid for song placement and flow. I love this version of Foam, and the prog sections of the songs in general are played well here. The only Type II action comes from SOAM, which excluding its ending silent jam, is fairly typical for the period.

Set II, however, has the best flow of any set in my mind, and is nearly seamless from Curtain to Slave. Even the pause between Keyboard and Halley's is less than a second. I don't know whether the setlist was planned, but either way, the flow works perfectly. Each "->" is earned.

And those jams. No less than 5 separate Type II excursions, many with multiple distinct sections. Timber, Halley's and NICU all have Hose in spades, with the band creating chord changes and variations on themes. Halley's first jam (you know the lick I'm referencing) is one of my all-time favorites. The reprise (and subsequent variation) of Halley's second jam in NICU is downright sublime. Surprisingly, no jam lasts very long, and the inspiration is seemingly right at their fingertips without requiring any percolation periods. While not Type II, this version of Slave is amazing, with Trey laser-honed in building his solo. Axis caps things off wonderfully, and I'm sure sent everyone home happy.

I typically read reviews to see if a show is worth my time. To you, I say plop down your money and get the soundboard of this. To the rest of us, I'm just preaching to the choir. You can run down a long list of superlatives when describing the second set. No collection can be considered serious without it.
Score: 1
kipmat , attached to 1998-08-09 Permalink
kipmat Ok, let's all take a deep breath. Yes, many Phish fans are also Grateful Dead fans. The members of Phish are also avowed fans, and both the band and the scene owe, and acknowledge, an immense debt to the trails blazed by the Dead. All of this is to say that I understand the powerful significance of Phish playing Terrapin Station as the encore to this show. I'm not being naive, or narrow-minded, and I am not trolling to get a rise out of my fellow phans.

Summer Tour '98 is remembered for all the surprise cover tunes that the band would break out almost nightly. Most of them were cool, but a little ragged, like the boys were daring themselves to get away with playing the song. Terrapin Station is *not* ragged; in fact, it is really well played, perhaps even cautiously played, as if the band wouldn't allow themselves to get away with a sloppy cover of a highly-esteemed Dead tune on the 3rd anniversary of Jerry Garcia's passing. It's one of the classic and classiest encores of the band's career. It's worth hearing just for the crowd reaction - truly awe-inspiring.

But as great as the encore is, IMO it doesn't make up for two of the weakest sets of the tour. I use the term "weakest" to reflect on the surprising strength of the rest of the tour - 3 shows from this tour have seen official release: 7/15, 7/20, and 8/11. Before listening to this show, I listened to all of the preceding shows starting with 7/31 Polaris. I thought the Polaris show was also on the weak side, but the other shows from Alpine through MPP were great, right there with the shows from the incredible West Coast run that started this tour.

Virginia Beach '98, to my ears, has three highlights: Terrapin encore, the jam out of AC/DC Bag (possibly the most upbeat Summer '98 jam), and the downright precious Waste->SOTR. All three are must-hear moments, standing with pride alongside other highlights from this tour. But the rest of the show gave me a case of the "meh"s. I can forgive the band for a lackluster first set Bathtub Gin, since the previous two versions were among the all-time best, but the Bowie and Antelope are very noodle-y, simmering but not boiling, and the funk jam in YEM lasts only slightly longer than the vocal jam.

I'm glad I listened to the whole show, and I can appreciate Phish shows where the highlights come in the quietest, most restrained moments. But I feel strongly that, top-to-bottom, this is a "below average Phish show", and with a show rating of 4.495, it is the most overrated Phish show on this site. If you are inclined to disagree with my opinions, feel free to PM me with an explanation, and I will give you a full refund on this show review :)
Score: 0
notio , attached to 1992-12-30 Permalink
This was a great venue. Symphony Hall is a place set up for an actual symphony, built in the early 1900's, and when we walked in we laughed and said, "Whoa, can't believe they're letting us in here." About 2,600 people, comfortable seats, deep red accents, chandeliers, carved wood moldings, the whole deal.

The room is a long rectangle, stage at the short end. We had seats upstairs, stage left, in Loge 8. These were fantastic seats looking across and down on the band, perfect for watching them work and play.

There were heavy red velvet curtains behind these seats, which made the loge section like a small room of their own, as well as quieting the walking and distractions from people coming to and from their seats.

I left my seat during the second set, I believe during Avenu Malkenu, and when I passed through the red curtains to the hallway I saw two young women (probably high school, perhaps early college) sitting together on the floor holding hands, and weeping. Not crying really, just sort of sitting, and slowly, quietly, bleeding tears.

When I came back they were still there, one head leaning on the others shoulder, just listening, feeling, experiencing. Other people were gently spinning, dancing in slow motion, waves of quiet calm expression, where you couldn't see the stage, with the sound attenuated by the curtains, everyone just being. It was very poignant, one of the most memorable concert vignettes I've seen.

I opened the curtains and the blast of moving colored stage lights and louder brighter PA sound hit me hard, nearly knocking me back into the hallway before I got my bearings. Back into the depths, into the dance, into the trance, with everyone...
Score: 1
THE_OGuyforget , attached to 2014-12-07 Permalink
The Never was so amazing it brought tears of joy me eyes. As I was listening I thought how funny it was that I never thought I would hear a Never. It was a great Trey show. Speak to me is a good new tune with some very phishy possibilities. Never is a must-have.
Score: 2
THE_OGuyforget , attached to 2014-12-07 Permalink
The Never was so amazing it brought tears of joy me eyes. As I was listening I thought how funny it was that I never thought I would hear a Never. It was a great Trey show. Speak to me is a good new tune with some very phishy possibilities. Never is a must-have.
Score: 0
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