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oceanbear , attached to 2014-10-21 Permalink
So having been at the show, let me describe the place first. Looking left there is a steep hill that wraps around to the back (imagine red rocks with Southern California trees) and to the right you look over santa barbara over the ocean. It is beautiful! You can go to a flat section on top where you look at the barges and there is plenty of room to dance or get your head straight. So let's talk music.

I can't talk song by song here as I'm on my phone in the hotel and I will relisten later. I can talk energy and song selection though. Stash opener was sick. Everyone was stoked all the way through Waiting All Night. Band and audience seemed hooked up. Yarmouth seemed to drop enthusiasm but I needed a beer anyway since my 3 year old kicked one over. On the way back from the beer stand came Circus, and it was pretty and I thought the following banter was hilarious. Crowd needed a little reconnect. I was really hoping for something that would play off the story. Maybe Makisupa. Looking back maybe that NICU was a prequel (... when my life was a haze). Alas Heavy Things! We will skip that discussion. Stealing time brought it all back and a short set was over. Mostly good but disjointed by a few selections.

Looking at the second set I can see why that asshole at the bottom who reviewed the show without listening would think it was no good. I can't, on the other hand understand why you would review or even rate without listening. That makes you a cerrified snobby asshole in my opinion. We all know shows are very different. I have a feeling that people that listen to it will be bringing the ratings up. Right off the bat a huge Chalkdust killed it. Just rock at its best for probably 15-20 minutes and straight into ghost! Sick. They were on fire! I was not upset by BOAF at all although the ending was a little rushed. I think trey initiated the ending and then commented on the weirdness. It was weird then the commentary was weird.. it was awkward but .. WOMBAT. Had to have that! Great song and great placement. Tweezer Julius Piper... we'll just say my legs felt like the end of the Dick's 12 run from dancing with my daughter in arms. I don't know but I was having a blast. Wading could arguably cool it down but I didn't think it belonged tbere. Maybe SOAM. Go weird or go home. Then Suzy was also a lot of fun. Encore I thought was high energy and everyone left smiling.

I don't understand hating on this stuff. There were some awkward moments. A few miscues. But great songs in the first and second sets and some really high points. Limb by limb was so unbelievably well placed and we'll played I can't even describe it. Chalkdust ghost. If anyone got that kind of playing a few years ago it would have been a highlight show. Anyway on a scale of 2-3 I give it a 2.8. Happy tour everyone!
Score: 1
phish30sux , attached to 2014-10-21 Permalink
Type ii. I agree and conceded that it's unfair to do that. I couldn't care less if they hit every note either. I really enjoyed most of 2.0 and anyone famiar with that era would agree that the composed portions of songs were very sloppy but their jams went interesting places. I can't think of a single jam since 2009 that is in anyway unique and that includes the Tahoe tweezer and Randall's CDT. Actually dicks simple of this year was old school and very good. My point is that fans today are so uncritical and think everything they do is revolutionary and epic. "Dude that fuego from cmac was better than the fuego from Randall's but not as good as the fuego from Philly". I personally love CDT DWD and carini but do they always have to go in the ii.i slot? And these "jams" today go absolutely nowhere. They are so formulaic! Yes every era, even every tour is different. I just can't stand that this band I grew up with and love lacks everything that made them unique. I had a blast at cmac this year but it was in spite of the music not because of it. They have peaked. Call me a jaded vet but I prefer that to a 3.0 n00b apologist
Score: 1
n00b100 , attached to 2014-10-21 Permalink
n00b100 The first set's nicely constructed, although nothing particularly stands out, so we can move on from that quickly. The second set takes something of a weird turn after BOAF (which sounded awkward coming out of the end of Ghost - I get "take 'em down then build 'em up", but BOAF's intro is as abrupt as Light's is) and doesn't quite recover, although the groove they lock into in Tweezer is powerful and certainly worth hearing, as is the peekaboo segue into Julius, and @thedeviousgelatin covered Suzy.

The main draw here, though, is CDT -> Ghost (that is a ->, .net, just as much as Tweezer -> Julius is), with the former exploring some darker space (kinda like Randall's, but with a minor key instead) and then sliding into a melodic, mellow groove before puddling to a spacey close and ever so gently inching its way into Ghost. And the Ghost ticks the last box for Ghosts in 2014 (Chicago got "massive noise demon" and MPP got "headbanging party") with a utterly gorgeous jam thanks to Page taking over and steering the band into more optimistic waters. Was this enough to make the show a classic? Nah. Is the segment absolutely worth hearing? For sure.

By the way, I think @phish30sux's comments are extremely valuable, because no matter how annoyed you get when people fluff 3.0 (myself included, for sure), just remember that the alternative - pissy, entitled jaded vet whining - is ONE MILLION TIMES WORSE.
Score: 2
typeIIjam , attached to 2014-10-21 Permalink
phish30sux, you should not be posting without even hearing the music..
I would much rather be a person to think the band can do little wrong than to fret everytime there is a missed note. Relax and realize you do not have to associate with yourself with Phish if you dont want to. the negativity found on .net truly amazes me
Score: 1
GreatWent19 , attached to 1996-10-22 Permalink
I love this show. DwD has a Page-led percussion type jam, excellent Taste, and one of the most fun Mike's Groove I've been lucky enough to see. If you were there, it's legendary. 1996 often gets lost in the fantastic years before and after, but this is a great one.

And there's one last part for me. At the end of the encore, one of the Freakapaug dancers threw out the club from her costume. Somehow, it wound up right at my feet. 16 years old. Was one of the most exciting things that ever happened to me. Stood on my seat and waved it to the cheering crowd at MSG.
Score: 0
phish30sux , attached to 2014-10-21 Permalink
Fair enough. I shouldn't comment on the music when I haven't heard it. I'm just fed up with the phish apologists who feel this band can do no wrong. They are my favorite but there seems to be a serious lack of set list variety and jamming creativity. Obviously there are exceptions to this in 3.0 but even the top five 3.0 jams don't hold a candle to anything they did in the late 90s. And yes of course this is subjective but anyone around in the 90s has to admit that something is missing. I guess my biggest problem is people on the internet claiming that every show is the greatest show they've ever played. They peaked in 98 and everything post 2009 just seems like a novelty act
Score: -1
sophroniscou , attached to 2014-10-21 Permalink
phish30sux, do you also go on Fall '97 shows and comment:

"let me guess, the tweezer jam repeated itself obnoxiously for 20 minutes, before trey played a bunch of power chords. I sure wish it was '93"

and then do you go on '93 shows and comment

"trey played the chromatic scale for a while before trilling a bunch while fishman kept the beat awkwardly. I sure wish it was '89"


This is just how Phish jams nowadays, so deal with it.

Oh and you were wrong, ghost was nothing like that. Listen to the show before you post this nonsense.
Score: 5
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