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dpwilljr , attached to 2014-07-16 Permalink
dpwilljr I understand the shortcomings of this show, the urge to compare it with other shows of the tour.
It was, for me, an incredible experience.
I savored every note like it was the last I would ever hear.
I don't care if there were better versions at other shows.
Empty your mind and listen objectively.
Score: 0
jahroy , attached to 2014-08-30 Permalink
jahroy Set Two might be the best set I've ever experienced. To me it was perfect. It's two days later and I still haven't come down from everything that got thrown down... It was pure, dance-tacular magic from beginning to end.

For me an awesome show usually contains 3, 4, maybe 5 big spine tingling highlights. The highlight of Saturday night was every instant of the second set... and of course the spectacular Fluffhead that ended the night and the 3 song (fun-filled) encore.

I cannot remember a set where I was so locked in and physically entranced by every note... I never paused for a single moment to think about what was happening or what would happen next... It was too good to think.

Almost 20 years since my first Phish show, this set had me just as awestruck and blown away as anything I've ever seen. I can't remember a time where one set made me this stoked for this long... I couldn't stop dancing all night and I still can't stop thinking about it!

The first set was by no means a monster, but it had some highlights. For me they were the Free (one of my favorite tunes), my first 555 dance party, and the beautiful Wingsuit. In the second set, every song from What's the Use? thru Fluffhead was perfect.

Thanks to everybody who took part in Dicks this weekend! That was the most fun I've had in a long time.
Score: 0
GoonieBuff , attached to 2014-08-30 Permalink
Read ProfJibboo's review. It's spot-on. I'm more critical of that first set, however, that's just my personal preference regarding song choices.

The second set can't be judged just by it's setlist. You have to listen to it. The energy and synergy were there big time.

This show just may contain my least favorite and favorite sets seen in person. Crazy, but true.
Score: 1
RunawayJim4180 , attached to 2014-08-31 Permalink
RunawayJim4180 Solid 4 stars out of 5 from my vantage point center stage midfield. I'm not sure id go as far as the review above claiming it was on par with 97/98 (too much hyperbole for me), but there were several highlights throughout that I'll revisit on tape.

First set: Solid Curtain, funky Wombat (this one is a keeper) and an inconsistent Kill Devil Falls that ran hot and cold. It felt like Trey was on the path to a raging jam and took it down a notch toward noodle street several times throughout the night, and this was the first instance I can recall. Standard jaunts from Bouncin through Wolfman's, which was my highlight of the first set. Lots of funk, lots of fun! Quite a lull from Waiting and Winterqueen , though I do enjoy the latter more on tape than in person. Phish can play Funky Bitch at every show until they retire and it would never get old for me, excellent ending sequence from then through Possum!

Second Set: Very exploratory Chalk Dust, as has lately been the norm. I enjoyed it live, but will definitely need to revisit this one. Twist is another of my favorites that was played quite well last night, Fishman delivered some excellent groundwork for the jam in this one. The rest of the second set after a standard Wedge was excellent, Tweezer and Sand were both dance party favorites in my section, though there was still quite a bit of up and down tempo apparent by the crowd reaction. I will say the Mikes was brilliant all throughout, a fantastic Sally sandwich with vocal jam followed by a beautiful , flub free Weekapaug from my new vantage point Fishman side about 10 rows back. Ripping encore with an electric Tweeprise.

All in all, a great time had by all with some highlights in the latter half of the second set. Can't agree with the 97 hyperbole, but it's about as much fun as you can have at a concert these days, with a great crowd at Dicks all weekend to mingle with.
Score: 6
wilsonstower , attached to 2014-08-31 Permalink
One of the most mind blowing and beautiful experiences of my life! Thank the phish from vt and everyone who participated in this incredible moment of creation. We love you! Do yourself a favor and give it a listen. The sand has to be one of the best of the 3.0 era. Mike-sally-groove was pure bliss.
Score: 1
wilsonstower , attached to 2014-08-31 Permalink
One of the most mind blowing and beautiful experiences of my life! Thank the phish from vt and everyone who participated in this incredible moment of creation. We love you! Do yourself a favor and give it a listen. The sand has to be one of the best of the 3.0 era. Mike-sally-groove was pure bliss.
Score: 2
Flavaham , attached to 2014-08-31 Permalink
I spent the last three days chasing Monica. I thought she might be the S in Lushington. I thought Bowie would have segued nicely into it on Saturday. Maybe out of Slave for an amazing second set closer? I thought all hope was lost late Sunday until they started into Mike's. There's NO WAY they don't go Mike's>Monica>Weekapaug here, right? Although a girl was mentioned in the song inserted where Monica obviously belonged, it was no Monica...My last hope was an E: Monica>Tweezer Reprise. That's gotta be it. Nope. Alas, my search for Monica was fruitless. The glaringly obvious omission of Monica is one of the biggest disappointments in 3.0 and perhaps all of Phish history. Bands will form based on this tune, calling themselves "The Singing Monicas." Generations will be shaped and Monicas will be played to celebrate our fallen friends. For my friends who may be reading this, I hope that the music at my funeral reads as follows:

Sing Monica>Amazing Grace>Sing Monica

As for the actual show - Pretty much sick as hell! Wombat was a definite first set highlight along with the other Phish tunes they played, specifically the ones performed by Phish. The amount of arrows in the second set made me extremely happy.
Score: 4
hughie46 , attached to 2014-08-31 Permalink

Everyone could feel the energy from "with" onwards. Trey took a huge step forward and ripped the first songs up while the band cohered beneath him. Like this bitch for example, holy damn trey annihilation. He summoned storms and facilitated lightning with that fuckin guitar. Have any worries that Trey has truly lost the force? He hasn't, it must just be a matter of inspiration. At this venue with this energy, he delivered on the scale of any 90's show.

And if that was anything to be noted, it and all that took place in the first set were just a warm up routine for the mammoth performance to come.

Chalkdust's jam began with a familiar shapeshifting-searching rhythm, a sign that they hadn't yet escaped the human confines musical creation. But then, it happened, and it was there to stay.

I wont break down this jam or each and every one for the rest of the set, but I will give you a general jist: using a groove as a vehicle, the band explored luscious landscapes of sonic trance, raucous funk, and countless other undefined heady reincarnations of rock music. At points there were even strong shades of dark, sick, fucking bad ass stash-esque jamming that had the band grimacing within neurotic bliss. All the while, they would dismantle those deep grooves in to often dissonant and vast beauty, only to rebuild such creations as if they were castles in the sand.

From what I remember from last night, there are two moments that I need to mention. Well shit, there are closer to five, ten.... just keep that in mind when I only bring up two.

While the band was destroying tweezer, things started to get HEADY. As in it seemed to me the hose had been brought out. It also seemed so to my tear ducts, who were erratically spewing liquid everywhere like a sprinkler system. But then, amidst a promising moment deep in jam territory, trey began playing Sand. Although this song is fucking awesome, and Dicks has a great history with it, this wasn't exactly the time to exit our growing beast Tweezer. But Jedi Trey's wisdom was beyond mine, because what ensued was one of the most awesome pieces of music i've heard phish play. It grew faster, and garnered a sound i can only associate with bouncing. The music was bouncing, really fast and within a rhythm. The whole band knew how sick this was... go look at a video of their expressions. And then, during this uptempo musical trampoline session, I had a vision. A vision they would go back in to tweezer at a certain moment and blow everyone away. And all the fucking sudden, they seamlessly GO BACK IN TO TWEEZER in a hyperspeed version. THEY SHRED. IT IS MIND BLOWING!!!!!!!!

And the second thing. Much simpler. Listen to mikes intro to the 'paug groove. At the time I thought it was the best one to have graced my ears. I still feel confident of that notion. As I also feel confident that this is one of the electrifying performances of Phish's new era, one of those magical nights that makes this band what it is. You could listen to any of the band members alone on this night and be blown away. Together, they seem to go beyond a 4 man band and swell to mystical proportions. Never miss a Sunday show....
Score: 7
JARdale , attached to 2014-08-31 Permalink
That Mike's was killer!!! I thought they were going to "Bring in the Dude" for a minute. The whole 2nd set was amazing. I was a little ehhhhhh when Trey went into Joy but that tune always gets me with the chorus at the end. 1st set was great as well. Lots of "W" tunes.
Score: 2
montaigne , attached to 2014-08-31 Permalink
After last's night show, I am a believer. I rank last night's show with the phinest of 97 and 98. Yes, it was THAT good!

Last night's first set was excellent. I had it pegged as a contender for best set of the run...until the second set came and kicked our asses!!!!!!!! It might not be the best set I've ever seen, but it's probably the hardest I've ever grooved in my life. They were on...pardon the pun here...FUEGO!!!!!

I was not a believer until last night. I was 100% convinced that 97-98 were their best years, and that was settled.

I'm not sure that I was wrong, but I have my doubts now.

I love the longer jams and they don't do that as often anymore, but EVERYTHING they played last night was as funky as could be- with a new little dance/trance element added to the longer jams.

I'll never see another 7-23-1997. They may never play another 2001 like 8-17-97 or 7-18-98 that goes on for 20+ blissful minutes.

But man oh man, they manage to pack so much more into a smaller time and space.

The boys are absolutely phucking back (if they ever left), and last's nights show was one of the best I've ever seen (there, I said it!).

It's good to be alive!
Viva Montaigne.
Score: 11
montaigne , attached to 2014-08-30 Permalink
I was not a big fan of the first set, but as with the previous night, the band saved the big jams for later in the evening. Damn, I just got so spoiled back in the late 90's...didn't we all?

Enough about that. I know how much some of the youngn's hate hearing about what they missed and I don't blame 'em.

The second set was just fun. My first versions of light and fuego were easily my highlights- light being my favorite new song of theirs, and fuego, which I had not even heard the studio version of, was a pleasant surprise.

Tonight is going to be amazing!
I will enjoy myself (encore???)
Score: -2
mkm1856 , attached to 2014-08-29 Permalink
The Simple was unreal, there was definitely a slight "Wanna Be Startin' Something" tease at the very end of it too; I'm positive I'm not crazy...It was the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death so it's 100% probable and the crowd went absolutely nuts when Trey laid down a couple riffs from the song before going into Ghost, of all songs....
Score: 0
ProfJibboo , attached to 2014-08-30 Permalink
ProfJibboo A tale of two sets.

The first set was what it was. Free is a great show starter, but Trey was vocally off. A up-pace Moma Dance followed in its usual early first set home and Trey gets some nice early funk going with the guitar but Fish and Trey were again vocally off. Halleys got them vocally on track and lead off a five-song run of dance music with some nice extra energy to 555 and Rift as the rain threatened but stayed away after leaving us with a brief, welcome cool-down drizzle. The set showcased three Fuego songs but none quite felt special, before a David Bowie/cavern combo took us home. Nice set, nothing to write home about, a little up and down.

But this is a second set to play and replay. The Down with Disease jam picked up where last night's Simple left off before jamming blissfully into the delightfully ominous bust out of What's the Use? The rare treat was perfectly placed, with a nicely demented Carini following - perhaps one of the best of this summer - into an uplifting Light - into a powerhouse Fuego,. it was about 55 minutes before the brand took anything even resembling a breather, which came in the form of a mid-set Slave, a perfect melodic story to compliment the non-stop party. It's weird to refer to a outstanding Slave as a breather, but in this set, it was.

Haters be darned, there are few songs that can re-invigorate an audience more than Meatstick, with this late set spot after a comparatively more majestic jam was another example of perfect placement - before giving way to a now-rarity Bold as Love, missed in its show/set closing feel good moment spot.

The encore will make Horse fans happy. And reunited after a long, crowd-pumped pause, with it's old friend Silent. Not just an unusual encore, but with more surprises coming - as we got much-beloved stage banter and the, at least momentary, revival of a true 20-year old youthful Phish gag with a line from In a Hole. With the crowd roaring, Trey began Fluffhead - thus concluding an amazing night.
Score: 7
CreatureoftheNight , attached to 2014-08-30 Permalink
CreatureoftheNight What a second set! Disease, although a warm up for things to come, showed that this Saturday Dick's was all about type II jamming. Familiar territory eventually led us to blissville and smiles were seen all around. Trey hit the What's the Use line several times before descending into the abyss, reminiscent of Alpine 2010. The transition was more or less following the set list, but I prefer the 2014 combo overall. The Carini that followed got right to the point and built to a HUGE peak. Trey tried to smoothly transition into Light, but eventually put on the breaks to keep things moving. The -> into Light isn't easy, and we will hear many more attempts in the future. Just like Carini, the Light was focused from the start. A typical calypso jam got very interesting, reluctant woos from the crowd and a huge funky jam straight from Page's House made this the jam of the night. Throw this Light up to the rafters and now we have three big jams already in the second set. Shortest Fuego ever led to a divine Slave. The band has played this song often this year, and passionate playing from Trey elevated this version immensely. Building on Friday's show, Saturday Dick's rises near upper crust of 2014. Looking forward to tonight!!!
Score: 1
dogfaced , attached to 2014-08-30 Permalink
O, and if you need any further opinion swaying, live phish is selling.. in a hole a seperate song. So if they think It should count. Hopefully you will change your minds as well, Please add the song to your list!

.rest of this is original post..because evidently the above addition was to short to be a review.

.Not one for long reviews, GREAT SHOW!! As always .. Thank you!

That said ,my only disappointment was from can count jennifer dances this year where fish only sings the chorus .kind of...but.. in a hole a foot note. Come on man! Already got the lushington bust out tease ;) ...could you not give us credit for that song ..theres not much differance between the two(jennifer and n a hole).... if your gona count partial songs on some shows ..count them on all..just want it called fair from the stat gods. Please and thanks
Score: 2
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