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JOEYL4A5 , attached to 2011-05-27 Permalink
JOEYL4A5 this is a ridiculously underrated show in general and a ridiculously underrated first set in particular.

set 1 is dynamic, intense, and filled with purposeful; set 2 is fun, wet, wild, and brilliant.

Tweezer: technically short, I know, but by design, I think, and not for any other reason. I'll say this: it doesn't "feel" like a "standard" Tweezer, it has all the energy and tell-tale signs of an absolutely filthy, gorgeous, 30 minute monster... and I think the band recognizes this and makes a creative decision to apply the breaks - which is what, in my opinion, leads to the much talked about seamless segue into My Friend, My Friend.

I could write about this show all night but I'll content myself with just getting those quick thoughts on the short Tweezer off my chest.

If you haven't listened to this show, GIVE IT A LISTEN.

If you haven't listened to it in awhile, give it a re-listen.
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pabalive , attached to 2014-07-04 Permalink
pabalive I went to this show on a complete whim. Had no plans of attending at all until about 3:00 on the day of the show when my long time friend told me he had an extra and was going. Since it was raining in CT, I decided there would be no 4th fireworks with the kids so might as well..might as well and I am so glad I did.

Tons of great energy in the show and you could tell the band could feel it as the Jim>46 Days was really strong. Melt also managed to get out there, but, damn that song is still a shell of its former self.

The goods are obviously in the 2nd set. I was hoping to see Fuego and sure enough I got FUEGO!!! Wow! I knew that this tune would have potential to get out there into type 2 land this is the first and still the best version that went to the outer limits...after a gorgeous jam they bring in the Disease and this sent the crowd over the edge. Disease founds its way into slinky Twist which smashed headlong into a raging Light...after an hour of intergalactic travels i found the bathroom when the band found Theme. The rest was pretty much standard fare for 3.0 era. But, that hour of music in the second set was some of the most creative music I have heard from the band in 140 shows.
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Sunny , attached to 2014-10-31 Permalink
Sunny the #2 for this show means the song was a debut but "the dogs" was played the night before so its not a debut, that should be changed hopefully an admin sees this. but by far i think this show 100% deserves a 5 star rating for this halloween 2014 show is this what you wanted?
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winebibbing , attached to 2014-10-17 Permalink
winebibbing This show absolutely rips. Songs like Free, Roggae, Carini and Wingsuit each feature guitar that shred my mind. As for jams, the Carini>Plasma will for sure go down as a big milestone of Fall '14.

A three-song encore to open the tour? Can't ask for much more than that! I love Quinn the Eskimo as a closer, but I really would have liked to have seen that Wingsuit as an anchor in the first set. I love a Coil as a set closer but what I would have liked even more than that would have been for Poor Heart to open the show. Waiting All Night has been my least favorite part of this year's shows so I definitely wasn't pumped to have it open the tour, but such is life!

Also, after going back and listening to the Crosseyed here, does anyone else get a hint of a "Your Pet Cat" tease at the 7:00 mark?
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Shae_Dougall , attached to 1989-10-07 Permalink
Shae_Dougall First of all, the sound quality of the tape is sublime. of the best tapes from 1989. Sadly, the quality of the audio has one major detractor that many other lesser-sounding shows do not have: It fails to mask the slopfest that plagues the occasional 1989 Phish show.

The Ya Mar is okay, but it all mostly unravels after that. The Mike's Groove in particular is a complete mess and the Suzy is loose and sloppy. Fee contains numerous vocal flubs, and segues awkwardly into an almost-jazzy La Grange, which is interesting and is actually worth a listen. The show closes on a standard run of songs, and despite an egregious cut and some nice bass notes from Mike right before LTJP, there's not a whole lot else to say about this show.

Maybe it's a result of listening to all these 1989 shows in a row, but I'm definitely ready for the band to move into new territory in 1990. I know it's all historical context, but there's a reason the 'early days' shows aren't all in heavy rotation. It's because they're not all that great. There are some gems, but this is not one of them.

Going with 2 stars here.
Score: 1
DARKH0LL0W , attached to 1997-12-13 Permalink
WOW This show is insane!

The first set is great, the Ya mar >Axilla>Theme is a must hear .I loved the Tube! Vultures GTBT are solid.

The Second set is one of the best sets I have listen to. Dark and jammed out. Ghost is impossible for me to put into words ! PYITE and NICU are both dead on! The ending of PYITE is spacy and goes into ghost so well.
then the shit hits the phan! MIKE'S MIKE'S MIKE'S.OH THIS MIKE'S
the bring the dude jam puts this version in the best ever category! then its Llama, is it me, or is this the sickest way to go into Llama, they teased it the night before all during the second set, and when they went into it, the crowed gave in to a incredible release of energy! The sets only calm moment came with the beautiful When the circus came to town. The weekapaug>Catapault>weekapaug was as good as it looks, and Just when I thought the show was over, Harry Hood hits. this is a bad ass version with the first Glow stick war. Both songs in the encore were perfect. Coil is the only way this show, and this tour could end! The 3 day run of Rochester and Albany can compete with any before, and after.
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benjaminsweet1 , attached to 2014-10-21 Permalink
First show of my ten show run. Love Phish 3.0 and don't feel the need to defend anything about how they play. The past is the past, live in the now and either enjoy it or find something that stirs your soul and allows you to find some joy in a musical outing with friends and family.

My only thing I'd like to add in regards to this show was at around the 5:48 mark of Chalkdust Torture Trey is playing the melody to Fugazi's Long Division. Coincidence or tease? Is Trey an Ian MacKaye fan? We may never know...
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benjaminsweet1 , attached to 2014-10-31 Permalink
I loved everything about the musical costume. I've owned the album since I was a kid (I was glad they declined to insert of the more racially tinged elements from Chinese Water Torture; gotta love that Disney classiness) and I was delighted and tickled by the music that unfolded from the very basic ideas laid out on the album.

I could not stop cracking up during Your Pet Cat, Dogs ROCKS, and Martian Monster should become a staple for a show that elevates itself into the "Dyamn that is syick" category.

If this kind of thing isn't your cup of tea, if you're still waiting for that Gamehendge Set or or Harpua > Thriller you should probably just start your own band and make that happen because these Phish guys are all about the new. New music, new musical discoveries and new ways of expressing themselves with us.

Thanks for such a fun Halloween, fellahs!
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brendanmcauley , attached to 1994-12-03 Permalink
What a great show this was for me and after a 5 year run of shows I would not see another until shoreline of '98- not sure what I was thinking back then but the end of the Grateful Dead in '95 was significant. I always saw Phish as a totally different band and this show highlighted that in many ways as I was with a dead centric crowd who was really into it. This was not your back east bar venue. This was a basketball gym at a major university in the southern tip of Silicon Valley. The place was jammed. And so did the band. They had already started to add the new stuff into the gigs and Fluffhead was becoming non existent even as early as '91. So this show was very cool in many ways as it was mostly ' the old stuff' at a time when new music was coming out. I recall the scene very well but the show not so much except I was on the floor. Afterwards in the parking lot area (a concrete tiered structure) the cops were hanging around and their sirens were going off in ryhthm with a drum circle and everyone was yelling "whoop-woo" to its audio gyrations. It was a weird scene and I was unsure of what was now developing in the scene...or was I getting too old...I was 24...not. Interesting event for me personally and fine musically if not pedestrian in its list.
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brendanmcauley , attached to 2000-06-14 Permalink
I have this entire show on sbd. Great show and I mistakenly had it as a Spartenburg, SC gig- not sure how that happened...I had lost touch with the band a bit from '95-'98 and when I got this show in 2009 my recollection of their tours was amiss. This list is spectacular. While it could be seen as top 40'ish the jams do not disappoint. The highlights for me in the first set are the 'cities', and the
'SOM' to close the set. 'Twist' is in it's truest form; slithering all over the place and weaving in and out of bass lumps which keep the tune balanced and in perfect harmony. The quality is solid and gives the listener a very thorough and defined listening experience. All fits on 80 minute disc!
Also- Corrini and Curtain deserve the highest praise for just setting the tone of the show...just listened to this while splitting wood outside...nice!
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brendanmcauley , attached to 1994-07-16 Permalink
This show symbolized to me that the small days of Phish were over for sure and that this band was 'for real'. I should have known that on Halloween '89 at my first show but it took some shows on both coasts and some travel to be fully sold. I would only see one more show this year- San Jose in December, then no Phish until summer of 1998 for reasons which I still question now.

So my review of this show: antelope stands out as being a crazy jamfest. Trey screamed "set the gear shift to the high gear of your soul..." and then the show just blazed. I am not a fan of Harpua- and this is why this show gets 4 out of 5- Harpua was very long and intricate and conversational. But the 'new songs' like 'sample in a jar' and "DWD" were interesting at the time and their new jams were welcomed. I still recall standing on the ski slope and seeing the bandlook almost excited to see so many fans. This show was unofficially released (bootlegged' in an album and I recall seeing it in Rasputin's in Berkeley years later called, "Back Home'...i bought it at the time...
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guzzishop , attached to 2014-11-01 Permalink
guzzishop Set 2 set list includes The Dogs, which was debuted the night before during the Halloween musical costume. Actually, the boys played a very short portion of The Dogs during Light - more than a tease, but The Dogs certainly was not played in its entirety. If you download this show, you will not find The Dogs listed as a separate track.
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tek9rifleskills , attached to 1995-11-18 Permalink
Today is the anniversary of my very first Phish show, and I feel really good finally getting to write a review of this baby!

Let's see, where to begin...ok, with friends. That's how it started, that's how it ended, with my very best friends in the world. Tickets by mail (ah, the good, good old days) were a lock, I think we paid under $20 back then for seats. The ride to Charleston from Hilton Head was simple: NO PHISH ALLOWED IN THE STEREO!!! You know, don't want to jinx any songs that we might hear. We had no idea what the band was doing on the road, what songs were new, any of that. Back then if we wanted to know about a show, we had to ask someone who was there for details. Again, like I said, the good, GOOD old days.

Got to lot, got down to business. Got my first dank, but saved it for after the show. No need for chemical influences, this is THE Phish!! The funk was so deep in the lot, heads dancing getting down. Parliament, Funkadelic, James Brown, new funk, what have you, it was a funkified throw down. We got inside, first time in that place, first time in Charleston, first Phish, first chance to really freak out! In the back corner on first riser, not bad, saw everything from there.

Set 1: Dinner opener. Wow, what an opener! Classic early-mid 90s. If I knew that was going to be the last time I'd ever hear it live, I would've paid more attention. The > into Bouncing was predictable, a standard 1>2 punch, and even I knew it was coming even at my first show (too many tapes in the car back then, too much Phish knowledge in the ole' noggin). But then, the Reba. My first Reba. My first phish song ever heard. I was so excited I couldn't even remember what song it was, what was the name of this? My pen on folded up envelope clutched tightly, I searched for the name. My friend hit me, "Reba man, fucking REBA!!!!" What a blast, what a jazzy version too, Trey nails a theme at the rip and develops it so well. Still one of the best I've seen live. Lawn Boy was fun, so glad to have heard that one. Then, my fav at the time, Punch. Everyone I knew there said, "hell yah, Tek got his song!!" Followed with Slave, what a soaring first set. There was no talk of "bad" or "slow" or "boring" first sets back then, unheard of. This Slave really goes the distance, epic if you will. Then one of the rarest I've still ever seen: Blue and Lonesome...acoustic!!!! Sample nailed the set 1 closer and we went outside for fresh air and my friend needed a cig bad.

Set 2: BAG!!! What a fucking party, holy shit, everyone please listen to this version, it rages so very hard. Sparkle, can't complain (although a few years later I did, I think I got a sparkle almost every show). But the highlight 19 years later, for me, still, is this Free. Really the only one I consider seeing, after they rewrote it almost completely for Billy B's, I pined for the original dark, thick evil nastiness that this version exudes so well. Trey annihilates his drum kit and then played his guitar by hitting the strings with the sticks, so Trey, so mid 90s, so Phish. Loved it!!! Goosebumps, here they are, that Free does it to me every time. Rarity #2 or 3, can't count anymore...I'm so Tired!?!?!! A White album song?!!? How did Mike get this one approved?! Last time ever played too, how cool. The highlight, for obvious reasons (aka, jam), is the YEM. But at 30 some odd minutes, this one kills as soon as the funk gets so so deep, they rip into Brickhouse. The parking lot vibe swept into the venue with us all and the band took note. Or, Mike heard it in his golf cart earlier, haha! After that, I was so tired (pun, oh yah) that the show could've ended. We had seen so much, but so much was still in store.

This next part of the show gets a new paragraph, its one of the most unique Phish happenings I've still ever witnessed at a show before. Contact midway into 2nd set would be so strange today, back then, who knows, the song could've been anywhere, but the dissolve into Furry Creatures was so hot and scorching, and really scary. I have to honestly say I was a bit freaked. Mike really got his way in this show, especially this set, didn't realize that before until reviewing it here today :) There really should be a > between BBFCFM and Acoustic Army, there was a continual of insanity as the band took their stools and blissed the crowd into quiet solace. Again, the only time I ever saw this fabled gem. Then, BB kicked back up again, and Trey madness ensued. He had his megaphone and was running all around the stage with it, back behind the amps and the projection screens (I think?), he was so all over the place we weren't sure he was even on stage anymore. Loops and Page, Mike and drums, and megaphone siren or whatever mixed to create a most evil and terrible cacophony of fun. We were laughing and crying and jumping and dying, what a freaking blast for a first show. If you ever could have been hooked on this band after a 1 show deal, this one would've done it to any person out there. Finally, that crazy shit ended, and a classic Cavern seals the show.

The encore, with Page's dad, was so fun because a lot of us knew Doc from Hilton Head (my friend who came with us but got floor seats near stage, his mom worked for the Doc at the time!!), so it was like seeing someone we knew on stage with Phish. It made them feel local, like they weren't so big and huge in the music world. But, it also made us feel like we had a personal, family-like connection with them too, that for a few minutes, they were playing to only us, like in a living room. We hadn't met them, but felt like we had.

I was so damn tired and so sober leaving the show, but I felt like I had taken a drug I never tried before and it made me feel something new and different from anything I had tried up to then. I took a big fat dose of LIFE that night, I think I dropped it during Reba. And I was still buzzing hard from it as we walked out into the cool Charleston fall air, and off to downtown to my best friend's house for a little party before hitting the hay for the night. Great times, one of the best shows I've still to this day ever seen, and one of the best groups of friends I could've asked for to spend my first Phish show with.
Thanks Phish, thanks friends, thanks North Charleston Coliseum, and thanks .netters for reading!
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phishatmsg , attached to 2014-10-31 Permalink
phishatmsg Theatrics, Art, Creative juice. Tour closer.
Would be interesting to know the steps and process that went into creating the Halloween set and ideas and music adapted from the Disney album. Interesting that my very first phish show started with Buried Alive and that my very last show started with Buried Alive.
neato! See youse in MiYEMi

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phishatmsg , attached to 1992-11-25 Permalink
phishatmsg First show - Don't remember anything but that I pretty much didn't know any song but Fee, YEM, and Chalkdust. Had friends who had seen Phish and raved about it begging me to go, since we always had a blast on GD tour as young teens Phish seemed a bit more my speed. This show was in Glenside just a mere 4 miles from my house. Started it all - hooked on site. I was no stranger to great music but still a stranger to Phish and didn't want to be anymore.
Then we had Turkey
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