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verbs , attached to 1995-10-20 Permalink
1ST SHOW and mind BLOWN! With the My Friend I was scepticle and my jaw was on the floor pretty much till Fee. Never saw acopella before and I was like "What the fuck is going on?" Maze was crazy because there were phans running in the Isles and the place had bannisters so the arena looked like a maze. Jerry passed recently so I cried during While My Guitar. They were just giving it a test run because they were playing the White Album a couple nites later. This show was fucking awesome and I had a fucking good time with friends that I now call brothers!
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Penn42 , attached to 1993-04-02 Permalink
Penn42 Almost a year ago I started a project where I was going to listen to every Winter/Spring ’93 show on its anniversary and write a review of it. I made it about 12 shows and 8 reviews before I knew I wasn’t going to make it. Totally had a good time listening (and even found a total undiscovered gem in 2.7.93), but I was just too antsy when it came to listening to "other" Phish. My model wasn’t sustainable. So perhaps over the course of years I’ll be able to fill in gaps in this seventy-some show tour if I just slowly but surely listen and review. Who am I kidding? Probably not gonna happen.

Regardless, I threw this show on this lazy Sunday morning because there was some forum buzz floating around about the Weekapaug, which I hadn’t heard before. The Weekapaug does indeed rage. Reaches some nice repetitive areas before coming down, bouncing suddenly back up, and ragin’ to the finish. @DollarBill, who’s the ’92-’93 review king, has a far better ear for compositional accuracy than I ever will. I thumb him up on principle for all his work giving us a consistent viewpoint from which we can read about these shows, but while I can hear all the little details he points out, they don’t always detract for me as much as they do him.

In this instance, I think this is a pretty darn nice show, Paug notwithstanding. Paug is the highlight, but there’s lots of on-point playing and awesome set listing going on too. The Nak CM300 recording I listened to just so happens to bring out Page in places I never fully noticed before. The beginning of Divided Sky is a good example. I’ve never quite paid as much attention to Page at this part of this song as I did listening to the Nak CM300 recording of it.. His part in places (0:35 to be exact) is almost reminiscent of parts of the studio version of Ween’s Ice Castles. That’s what I love about this band: been listening religiously for the better part of seven years and there’s still a little something I hadn’t fully processed before.

All in all this show really hit the spot this morning. I can’t tell you if it was a perfect storm of external factors or if this show is actually awesome, but I’d recommend listening to the whole thing. Mike’s Groove > Lizards and Divided Sky were my favorite parts. Golgi too, cuz Golgi is always one of my favorite parts.
Score: 1
Spudster , attached to 1995-12-31 Permalink
No matter how many times I listen to this show, I just don't get it. The playing really isn't that sharp, particularly for December '95. The first set is loaded with Trey flubs, particularly Coil, which he totally butchers. I love this month of Phish, but I just don't get the love for this show. It doesn't really get interesting until Mike's. It would be one thing if people considered this a great New Year's show, which it is, but greatest show of all-time? Never would that thought have ever even remotely occurred to me if it weren't such a popular notion. There are many, many, many better-played, more interesting shows than this.
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PhranceMoM , attached to 2014-07-13 Permalink
So I did not read every review of this show so apologies if already mentioned. But why is the "Frankie Says" tease in Light not called out? 8:15 mark. Clear tease for 30 seconds or so. Needs to be added.

What an amazing 50 minutes of music. Amen. Just add the Frankie to the teases. Please.
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VBSteve , attached to 2002-04-24 Permalink
VBSteve This was my first time seeing a member of Phish live even though I had been a Phish fan since the mid 90's...I used to hate large venues and jumped at the chance to see Vida Blue at a smaller club in Norfolk (this was also my 1st show at the Norva) - I arrived early and got a sweet spot at the rail on the 2nd floor that overlooked the stage and I enjoyed the New Deal even though I has not heard of them before the show. Vida Blue was amazing and played a lot off the 1st album and great covers of Stir It Up and Light Up Or Leave It Alone (I saw Phish play the latter in Raliegh years later) - They were also joined by Carl Gerhard for the encore
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scott_towler , attached to 1999-12-31 Permalink
scott_towler There isn't much I can say here that hasn't already been said, so I'll share one anecdote from the day and let you all be:

This was my second show ever, with the night before being my first. I was on such a high from the previous night that I decided I wanted to be on the rail for the entire New Years show. Me and my friends went over to the concert field and I can't remember exactly how it went down, all I remember is that next thing I know there was about 75 of us running towards the rail as fast and hard as we could. My buddy tripped and fell, but I couldn't wait for him. I kept running hard, sweating my ass off. I WAS NOT going to miss my chance to be up front for what could be the most important night of live music in my life.

Long story short, after we all got to the rail and secured our spots, the mounties rode in (yes, like Canadian mounties) and gathered us all up and made us leave. Turns out we had rushed the field early-- it wasn't opening for another hour. So we all got ushered out, tails between our legs.

I wound up standing about 15 rows back that night, still close enough to see the band's pupils dilate, but far enough away that I could take in the sunset, the crowd, and the stage show/flying hot dog.

It is still regarded as one of the best nights of my life.
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scott_towler , attached to 1999-12-29 Permalink
scott_towler If we're getting technical, these were the first notes of Phish I ever heard live, in person. I remember wandering over to the concert field that night thinking "huh, they're right over there, just playing these songs I know." Come to find out the next day that they were some 300 yards away, but the sound was so crystal clear it felt like I was on stage with them.
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scott_towler , attached to 1999-12-30 Permalink
scott_towler This was my first Phish show. I was 17 years old and though I was already a die hard phan, my parents wouldn't let me catch a show until my 18th birthday (they made an exception for Big Cypress since we were in Florida for the holidays anyway, and my 18th birthday was a mere 2 weeks later).

I can't really remember the music all that well without having listened to the shows again, but what I can remember is the sense of awe and astonishment I felt the entire time I was there. The setting was spectacular, the people were electric and friendly, and the vibe was both relaxed and excited at once. I could tell I was a part of something special, and that feeling has been a part of me for 16 years (and 29 shows) since then.

I am thankful for this band and what it has done to my life. The friends I have made, the places I have seen, the sense of community that I feel-- I owe it all to Phish. Thanks for the life, guys!
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Philbombs77 , attached to 1999-12-31 Permalink
Most of what could be said about this show has already been expanded upon in the comments. But the two most memorable moments, for me, were the fusion of sound and firmament.
1) As Phish began 2001, the sky was turning a soft pink, with scores of gray clouds hovering harmlessly above the festival grounds. The sun was sitting patiently on the horizon, ready to greet us all.
2) During Meatstick (reprise) and into "Here Comes the Sun" on the PA, the Florida sunrise was in full force and I remember feeling like I'd just woken up from hypnopompic dream. Everything was bright and beautiful, yet serene and foggy.
Fans will forever be arguing the merits of this show over another one. But apart from its length, the defining and unique element of this life-altering set was being able to experience dawn with Phish, their music, and 80,000 other people.
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tennesseejac , attached to 2011-09-02 Permalink
tennesseejac Some silly souls sing so sweet. What a wonderful show! Absolutely love the creativity, but this was not the best show of the run. Sunday takes the cake on that one. Maybe we will get a “T” show one day?

Set 1: Trench Town Rock, Take the ‘A’ Train, Tela, Time Loves a Hero, Taste, Talk, Torn and Frayed, Timber (Jerry) -> Tennessee Waltz -> Timber (Jerry), Take Me to the River

Set 2: Tube > Theme From the Bottom > Tweezer -> Twist > Twenty Years Later > Theme From the Bottom

E: Tush > Tweezer Reprise
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IfICould , attached to 2013-08-30 Permalink
IfICould Well icculus came alive again and this time it was absolutely perfect, first time in Colorado, first year at dicks. Everytime I listen to the beginning when trey us talking about dicks I'll never forget being on the floor laughing my ass off. The 2nd set was one to remember personally didn't stop grooving for one moment .... maybe to buy a beer, BTW those beer guys/ security at dicks are totally legit. They really don't care as long as you don't jump gate for do anything stupid.
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n00b100 , attached to 2009-07-31 Permalink
n00b100 A show (or, mostly, a second set) that, if you didn't know better, you might think came from the more beloved years of 3.0 instead of the bastard stepchild that is 2009. Set 2 kicks off with a roaring Drowned that features a very prominent (and unnoted) Live and Let Die tease a la the deeply underrated 8/24/12 Rock & Roll before diving down into punchy funk, from which Crosseyed and Painless emerges with an absurdly smooth grace; it's one of those segues that you don't even realize is happening until Fish starts singing, which makes it all the more must-hear. The C&P jam moves to more of a low boil, with Mike moving to center stage as Trey fires off chords and Page goes to the piano, then blooms back to life and heads to major key land as Trey steps to the forefront. They pick up steam and gallop to the finish line, then end in a blissful haze, from which Joy emerges, before things pick back up with a spacey, relaxed, and beautiful (at times) Tweezer that shows that 2013 is not the only domain for nifty Tweezers (or Tweezers that shift moods effortlessly). And, just in case you think that that's all you need to listen in to this show for, make sure to catch the closing Fluffhead -> Piper -> ADITL triptych, tied together with legitimate segues, and an awesome DEG tease in Fluffhead + thoroughly atypical jam before the -> into Piper on top. There's no shortage of 3.0 shows that deserve higher ratings, but this might be the most needy of a reexamination of them all.
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IfICould , attached to 2015-01-02 Permalink
IfICould Can't say how much I loved this night especially out of the 4 night run. They seemed to understand that the mood, party habits of the crowd. The night before being 1/1/15 was rough for a lot of us. I know everyone in our group stayed up all night (miami) and then eventually took naps a couple hours before the show. I actually went to my seat by myself and hung around more so than raged 1.1.15. But to say the least 1.2.15 myself and the majority of the crowd were fired up and recharged. I love and back on the train as well as sugar shack. The weekapaug was out of this world, or 3.0 and sleeping monkey into rocky top encore, total 90 ' s forgotten treat. What more could a phan need?
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IfICould , attached to 2009-06-20 Permalink
IfICould First show I ever saw. Being a Wisconsin native alpine is not only a music venue but a legend. At the point when I got into phish I didn't have the wildest dream of ever seeing them as it was right around 2006. I always loved their music but didn't really listen to any live stuff until being there in person! Totally the best way for me I was 15 years old right in my backyard watching some of the best live entertainment known to man. This was only the spark of t he obsession, next show was Bridgeview Illinois thay same year at toyota park. No matter how many shows I go to or discover I always will go back to this one and revisited the wonderful memories.
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phishatmsg , attached to 2011-09-14 Permalink
phishatmsg Wasnt at this show but was listening to the soundcheck earlier today and its just about unmistakable to hear Fuego after the Peaches and Canonball - so 3 years prior to the album being cut Mike is toying around with this bassline already - any other sightings? Check out 33:09
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