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westbrook , attached to 2003-01-04 Permalink
westbrook There's no doubt that the quality of the Hampton 03 shows lands them on the lower end of the scale, which makes sense with them being "warm-up" shows and all, but this third night is pretty good and you'll likely find it to be the best of the bunch. I like the setlsit construction of both sets well enough, and there is good improvisation to be found without having any huge jams. Roggae and Maze are both really good in the first set. The second set all flows rather well, and I'm a big fan of Mountains in the Mist, so its unusual placement in the middle of Mike's Groove is a plus for me. I really like the set-closer slot for 2001, despite this being the only instance in which it occurred. You may scoff at the Friday encore but this debut version features a nicely extended guitar solo that has not been topped since in my opinion.

Still, this is a 3 star show, and the February tour is when 2.0 gets rolling in earnest. If you're looking to hear a show from the infancy of the post-hiatus period, 1/4/03 is the best option.
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Scott , attached to 2014-07-30 Permalink
The band's magnificent range was so on display at this show. I think an additional marker of a truly extraordinary show is whether the setlists showcase the band's range with a variety of moods, tempos, and sonic palettes with original sequences of songs that fit nicely next to one another. This show is a standout in this regard even though the Fuego to open set II was unsurprising. This consideration is hard to break down. At some level, you know it when you hear it, but it doesn't hurt if some of your personal favorites were inserted at the right time, and played well. For this show, Billy Breathes, despite a little tentative sound to Trey at the beginning of his scriped solo part, really hit the spot, as did the beautiful rendition of Mountains in the Mist, the Seven Below, and the Lizards. This is perhaps one of the more subjective parts of a review, so be it.

About the Seven Below, it is a great example of a 3.0 jam getting where it is going fairly quick, but wow, I love the uplifting melodic groove developed after the 4 minute mark, after which Trey puts some sweet licks on top and lets Mike and Jon create more drive before switching to a gorgeous set of arpeggios peaking at 7:30 and then winding up quickly thereafter. Had those 4 minutes topped off 15 minutes of meandering and inconsistent exploration in a late 1.0 jam vehicle, it would have ended up on the jam chart. When they are truly in the zone, they don't need several minutes to get their bearings and lock in and they aren't choosing the jam arising from the primordial muck sort of sound as much as they once did, which I more or less prefer. Some people like to wallow around for a while and so don't like the arc of many 8-10 minute performances. I say get on with it, bring the ideas, let it flow. Yeah, I'm loving 3.0

Of course I agree with the general praise for the Meatstick, which I'd call more of a type 1.5 sort of deviation that stayed meatsticky with Mike popping the Meatstick bass theme for much of the middle section with a quick tease of Moma Dance around 5:50 before getting even more pop-tastic when he goes back to the Meatstick riff at 6:18. I wonder if Mike wanted the band to hear his Moma tease and start a segue, only either they didn't notice in time or didn't feel like following that lead?

The upshot of all this is that I think 7/30 is equal or better than 7.5, 7.11, 7.12 and maybe 7.26. The only complete shows on this most excellent tour I'm ready to declare more worth collecting are 7/4, 7/13, 7/20 and 7/27.

This show is a good example of the 3.0 qualities that I appreciate along with enough improvisational goodness in the Fuego and Piper to put it in the top third of the live catalog overall.

Portsmouth is a true gem, the sort of show I could see the band releasing even though there are bigger fireworks on other dates, sort of like Live Phish 5 (7/8/00) and 17 (7/15/98). Don't miss it.
Score: 0
musiccitychad , attached to 2014-07-27 Permalink
Tears to my eyes. This old guy felt like he once did 20 years ago. Seriously writing this while listening to it the first time with tears running down my face. Jesus!

Ok, the backonthefreeezerfest is absolutely amazing and we will all probably put it the rotation of shows we listen to repeatedly for the rest of our lives. But give some love to the curtain with, some great sections of sand, a 555 that's as smooth as silk, and a really enjoyable YEM!
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westbrook , attached to 1994-11-02 Permalink
westbrook This show kicks off my favorite month of Phish and does not disappoint.
The Foam, Maze, Stash, Tweezer, and Possum from this show are all excellent versions of their respective songs. That slew of highlights and the generally strong playing throughout make this show remarkable even for the high-quality Fall 94 tour.
Score: 0
HotPale , attached to 2013-08-02 Permalink
HotPale This review was originally published in STTF #38 Dick's 2013 Edition.

Arriving in S.F. for the 1st time was amazing. The air was chilly &
Shakedown was disappointing, but as we entered the BGCA I knew we were in for a treat. The building was beautiful & had an old school feel.
The sold out show swelled for an hour with a frenzy of phans. The boys
took the stage & rocked the house with a thunderous Free. The stage was set for a great night! The treats continued to roll out as Mike
unleashed his Meat on us. A rarity that has only been played once a
year in the 3.0 era.
Next came The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony which segued into a short AC/DC Bag giving way to a long overdue Vultures jam signifying the
boys were ready to throw down. Another treat came as the boys
lightened the mood w/ a soothing 1st tour appearance of Roggae. IT
wasn't long before they switched the tempo & snuck in a sweet Sand
through the alley of Roggae & When the Circus Comes. A fun loving
circus theme filled the air mid-1st set. Mike took control again with
a boppin' Babylon Baby. This marked the 3rd & tightest performance
since debuting in '11 & is a song that can stand to be added to the
Being the phinest in the nation isn't easy, but the boys made IT look that way as they rolled out a raging Reba w/ whistles & all. Calming things down a bit we were treated to the 7th Halfway to the Moon. A new crowd favorite which would have been better suited for the bright orange half-moon @ the Saturday Gorge show. HttM segued into a set closing Golgi Apparatus...IT doesn't get more old-school than Golgi!
Set break was foggy & IT really reminded me of the mid-sized
hockey rinks Phish destroyed in the mid-90's! The boys reemerged &
hit us w/ a 1-2 Punch>Disease combo solidifying another great set. DWD broke way for a beautiful Prince Caspian. My boy Mark's service dog named Prince Caspian made IT to his 1st shows the previous four concerts. Caspian missed S.F., but there's always Dick's! The phun continued to flow w/ the 1st Farmhouse since the FYF show. Farmhouse was not a song I loved from the get go, but IT has grown on me over the years as I've grown up. Following was the highlight of the 2nd set. Seven Below began somewhat shaky & could have sank, but the jam rose above the rest of what was a nonstop nine song serenade. 7Below bursted into Theme From the Bottom & the theme of the night was "WOOOO!". As the phans chanted "WOOOO!" the boys wooed us happily w/ Harry Hood & we all felt good about a stellar Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan. The continuous jam ended, but not before closing out the set with the song that hooked me. The Squirming Coil is one of the 1st Phish songs I ever heard & when the boys leave that stage to Page we are all truly being treated to the Chairman's fanciest finger work. Walls of the Cave was the encore & couldn't have come @ a better time. The boys were sending us a message...stay old-school yet embrace the phuture!
Score: 0
HotPale , attached to 2013-12-29 Permalink
HotPale This review was also published in STTF #41 Summer Tour 2014 Edition.

When you step to the line you better bring your A-game. Well, that is what 12/29/13 was all about...Pure FUEGO! The boys were back for night two of four enchanted evenings in the Garden of Infinte Pleasantries. As they did every night of the run the band played original tunes only + kicked off this party with The Moma Dance.
Often in the 2nd slot, Moma works well as an opener (as she originally was) with her instantaneous funk beat dropping the crowd into a slow dance. The moment didn't end as this musical mast set sail and rolled into a Rift. Bouncin' around at high speeds can be dangerous so the boys took heed and slowed things down a notch to the relaxed rhythms and tempo of Roggae. Pretty, soft and simple this song is ocean-deep lyrically and a 1st set treat.
Continuing in this up and down trend the boys sputtered a spectacular Sparkle. All laughter aside, after falling apart what better a remedy is there than a Stash sandwich? One with brand new slices of The Line and 555 as ITs bread and butter. Even after 30 years the boys are still taking risks, gliding forward and forging today's material into a solid foundation for the future. Both making their sophomore appearance, The Line has a feel reminiscent of Undermind + 555 was appropriate for my wife Amy's 55th show.
Negotiating navigation is not easy in rough waters as the flow picked up and the boys took us through an insane It's Ice adventure. Switching gears again and rattling around Gumbo was uncaged. As that pot bubbled and the funk oozed out we all raged. Sensing the end of Set 1 my buddy Mike turned to me and said, “Walls!” Sure enough we were delighted with a definitive Walls of the Cave. Another song rich in lyrics and sound, WotC also reflects upon and shines a light on the horrors of 9/11.
Set break arrived, and I learned that IT was my buddy Prof. Donny Walker's 29th b'day on 12/29 @ Phish's 29th show @ MSG. I reflected with my friends John and Roe about how different and the same the journey was, is and ever shall be.
Set II dropped with a Down With Disease > Carini combo which jumpstarted this jam session. DWD was actually finished before a dark, yet “WOO” filled Carini came crashing down. There wasn't much time to catch your breath as we washed back into the theme with Waves. Short and sweet, Waves provided the perfect power drill-punch needed to segue into Twist. A Type-1 Twist sent us into a standard Golgi Apparatus. The 2nd set ended with David Bowie; a great choice for a show closer as this ship had now sailed.
This concert was packed with heavy hitters from bow to stern, starboard and portside and Possum perfectly played its part as an anchor of an encore. The night's journey was over, ITs end was the road, but as we really know the journey into the next 30 years was soon to begin.

~ James Fitzpatrick Peitler
Glenwood Springs, CO
Score: 0
HotPale , attached to 2014-07-19 Permalink
HotPale Chicago Night 2 (also published in STTF 42 Dick's Edition)

We arrived at Northerly Island early this picturesque afternoon to enjoy the the serene, great lake-side “lot” scene. There was no Shakedown, but IT was fun to watch the crowd build. Set I started on the tar pit in a funky fiery fury as the boys dropped The Moma Dance. The Saturday serenade continued to burn as we were visited by The Wolfman's Brother. Devotion to A Dream was next and the curtain came down unveiling 46 Days. The boys took us for a Joy ride in this classic. The coal may have run out, but the smoke billowed from below the surface w/ Yarmouth Road & Brian and Robert.
If you haven't seen Mike's video for Y.R. I highly recommend a view. He ends by singing, “Don't make me feel like a guest in our own home.” As members of a tightly knit community we often overlook the fact that we are guests of the venues that house us. We were children playing all around & this one was for us, but not for long as IT was time to put our wingsuits on. Easily my new favorite, Wingsuit embodies the epitome of our collective concert experience; to fly high & feel free. After a ferocious 4 minute Tube that's exactly what we did as Trey's thunderous axe ground out a lightning clear Free. Flowing into Roggae, the peaceful dreaming was awakened by Heavy Things. Rounding out the set came a Turkish-Spliff themed Run Like An Antelope.
At set break we took a stroll up to the lawn to visit Trampas, Brent and Fly Guy. IT was Brent's b'day show so we raged hard. We stayed up there for the first few songs & the boys resumed their positions. They set ablaze a pyre with Carini and sent him burning off into the Waves of Lake Michigan. This is the 2nd time I've seen this pairing and the 3rd time the former has ignited the latter in his last 6 appearances. This duo makes for an interesting juxtaposition as if the boys were seeking some calm after the storm. IT wouldn't last long as we were stuck in the high gear of this show.
Initially, Fuego exploded out of Waves like lava; however, the boys quickly tamed that fire and kept IT roaring at the normal album duration; including the ending of this beautiful disaster. The dissonance displayed during Fuego's finale sounded as if the flames were being stoked once again as they kept it rolling into Twist. Twist spiraled with raucous Woo-filled wailing which continued into Light. If Light isn't the fire that has been burning the torch carried in 3.0 then I don't know what is. Light illuminated us for a solid 13 minutes of pure Type 2 jamming before guiding us back to the floor and into another look at the past.
Twenty Years Later came next and while it's not technically about my 2 decade long journey w/ Phish the song has become a new favorite. TYL, a jewel of 3.0 then segued back in time 30 years to our dear old phriend Harry Hood. With all of the hype about last summer's Holly-Hood (which was amazing) and several gems to follow I must stress how integral this song was to this set at that moment in time. All felt good as Hood finished, but not before slipping into the night for a final mission...IT was clear; burn this Cavern down & destroy IT they did.
The flow of this set, the Chicago skyline dancing in the background & the feeling of oneness prevailed that night as the phellows performed en fuego a la extrema & proved that they are in this for the love of the music, the community as a whole & are ready to keep long as we read the book, play with fire & most importantly take care of our shoes! As they took the stage for the encore the boys huddled up & once again delivered the goods. Grind is always a welcome treat. Bug grows on me each time & Suzy Greenberg showed us the boys weren't ready to douse this Great Chicago Fire!

James Fitzpatrick Peitler
Glenwood Springs, CO
Score: 0
hpq666 , attached to 2014-07-27 Permalink
hpq666 This was easily the best Phish show/concert/live event I have ever seen (and I have been to some really fucking good concerts, well and some fucking terrible once but that's besides the point). Hell I think this was one of the best few hours of my life, I really mean it. Everything about the event was great, our seats, the crowd, the weather, the mood, and there was some decent music being played... Don't worry I'm kidding.

Being a relatively nooby Phan, having only been to 1 shows (hopefully many more!) I didn't have much knowledge of their discography. Within their first song I realized that it was going to be an extraordinary night. I didn't know a few of their songs but it was a great show. Trey's guitar soloing that night was just pure nirvana. That is all I have to say.
Score: 0
jahroy , attached to 1996-12-28 Permalink
The number one thing I look for when I go to Phish shows is that incredible feeling when the music sends a chill down your spine.

The Maze from this show is my all time highlight in terms of spine chilling, climactic Phish jams. Maze has never been one of my favorite songs, but this one had me zinging!

A lot of people think '96 was forgetable, but I love the way Fish was drumming that whole summer and New Years run.
Score: 0
jahroy , attached to 1996-10-18 Permalink
I saw about 50 shows in the 90s and this Reba is one of my favorite moments ever. Absolutely beautiful...

Other than that the only thing I remember is the pouting rain.

I have to add more words in order to submit this review, but I have nothing else to say.
Score: 0
funkbeard , attached to 2014-07-01 Permalink
Great tour open. I composed these thoughts about the Hood.

the Great Woods Hood. 18 minutes.... The band is so fresh, they're hitting the grooves like a symphony. 4 guys, no 5th or 6th musician to add counterpoint or orchestration, or to further open the rhythm... and still, they do their best to make each member of the band play an entire symphony-section's worth of music in each their line. Large groups make the music sound upright. Mistakes are felt less, each member of each section supporting one another.... Symphonies do better, but Phish are only 4 guys, representing a symphonic rock and troll approach. (Although the new material is usually more from a place of sincerity that is consistent with their development as human beings.... rock and troll).

[It's ] Early [in the] tour, the band ---- they really feeling it. They always top themselves with Stash and Hood at Great Woods. I swear, you will never find a bad version of either of those tunes at that venue. You've got to wonder what the story behind that is.

[a few minutes into the jam] Trey connects to this familiar chord progression in the midst of the jam; feels familiar, a minor pentatonic triad of chords, hitting once major and back..... He doesn't just abandon that theme relatively quickly, he then moves into this solo that builds on what came before. A few minutes later, he's toying with a simplified calypso sound that lightens the air and invites Page's piano work into equation, and a one on one with Trey and Page ensues while Fish and Mike support perceptively. Then, we get Trey playing this riff that could have come from the Tower Jam; ascending notes in alien form... moving into plinko, but plinko 2.0 for sure. Far more textured, and has an added eloquence compared to the former approach. They're able to take this plinko space a long dinstance without losing interest or momentum..... Then into arpeggios, and this half-calypso, half-funk pattern, giving room for Page to test the electronic sounds. It's growing more rhythmic, so Fish hits the toms, and Mike drops into this moody riff.... Mike starts pumping the groove into the aural tube, and the band goes straight alien until Trey starts to play these riffs that are associated with former eras of pure rage.... he kinda coasts in this fashion, takes pause, comes back in and Fish goes double-time! It's Page's groove now, as though moving towards Charlie Brown Vince Guaraldi territory. A quick modification back into the tonic key, and a lightning bridge is built right back into Hood. [I'm] listening to this one in 24 bit. Silky. The band is playing the shit out of this Hood peak, completely authentic to the moment. Complete unity. Trey flubs the entrance into the closing stanza ([but] not nearly as badly as Great Woods '09's Hood, one that's also worth a revisit). They close, as usual, on the sounds of triumph.
Score: 0
Kenabis , attached to 2014-08-03 Permalink
Except for The Line, which should go into a vault (seeing people fake free throws on the lawn is amusing however), the first set was furious! i dont know why some phans dog My Soul, i dont care either, i was thundering the m'm'm'm'm'm'm'm's the whole way, i may have even started them in the lot on the way in, hard to recall. >'Gin, then 555, for me, at my 30th show, it was a gnarly phuckin' intro, brau! overall tightness was a little off for the night, page side was rage side, he smoked dem dare keys, while Fishman's tap tap tapparoo on the skins was Ghengis Kahn at times! Troy was equally out and in tune at many instances, which I live for, and I saw Scarffy McDrillbitz in the lot pre-show, he drove off before I could sketch him on my easel. damn! First Tube was an unusal placement, but needed, i had to get some karate kicks in 2nd round while it lasted! Fluffapottomus closer was pretty damn sharp, like Vermont cheddar, see you in '15 at Fest X Best X, gotta take the late summer/fall to rebuild walls around my castle, goddamn 'Panic fans!!!
Score: 0
woodballs , attached to 1994-07-09 Permalink
My second show, first 2 setter. I arrived with friends of a friend, who were all veterans by then. They insisted on bemoaning "Down with Disease" and all the accessibility of Hoist on the way up from Providence. I immediately wandered off and enjoyed the show anonymously embedded. Needless to say, I was very stoked when DWD started up in the 1st set. Twenty Years Later, I can close my eyes and still conjure up visions of Jim, DWD, Antelope, SOAM, Suzy, and the Encore. Antelope was the highlight for me. I exited this show floating.
Score: 0
lizardneck , attached to 1995-06-22 Permalink
lizardneck Wow.....just wow.....can we NEVER be happy? "they didn't jam this enough"...or "Trey ripcorded that"...or "07/27/14 was ok but there were no jams"...This is a three song EPIC second set, and STILL we find a way to bitch about it. We are the most ego killing fan base ever, lol we are so bad that it's comical! I have to admit I do love the irony of it's like never missing a Sunday dinner with your parents, " yeah mom the chicken was good.....buuuuut I wish it was ham." (next week) "Yes ham! But what happened to the chicken?" lol
Score: 1
n00b100 , attached to 2003-12-30 Permalink
n00b100 Set 1: A sharp and muscular Wilson starts the show, and then a surprise as a) it's not finished, and b) the one and only Sand of 2.0 starts up in place of "BLAT BOOM", a Sand that's closer to the looser versions of 3.0 to the lockstep late-90s versions and picks up steam at the end before segueing into Shafty (!), which then segues into NICU. The rest of the set proceeds in standard fashion, until Gin kicks into a very relaxed and bluesy jam that gives way to the "Classic Gin" jam and then morphs into something harder and more muscular (Fish, in particular, is raising an almighty racket), then drops back into another cool groove before collapsing into the familiar fog of noise from which 2001 emerges. 2001 is more notable for its many teases (especially the foreshadowing of the P-Funk tease) than anything else, but is certainly a neat way to close out the set.

Set 2: A personal favorite Tube kicks off, going more for upbeat jamming out of the gate than the usual (even for 3.0) mega-funk, before the bottom drops out and first Mike, then Fish get a moment to shine. Fish goes into a skittering beat as Page and Trey step up to the forefront, then they move into what I consider a typical 3.0 jam space, a thick groove where Trey plays repeating notes and Fish locks into one beat, allowing Page and Mike to dance around them as they see fit. The jam collapses into a buzzing, ugly fog (another typical 3.0 jam space), and a metal-ish guitar line claws out of the muck, then rather hilariously molds into the group's one and only full performance of LA Woman. The actual cover itself is fine, and the band wastes little time blasting into BOAF, which teases LA Woman before sliding into a nice, relaxed jam. They neatly find their way back to the usual Birds ending (it's not as big a deal to me that they don't sing the final chorus as it was to @zzyzx), and then crank up LA Woman again and bring *that* to a close before segueing into Makisupa.

So, the P-Funk Medley is one of those "either you'll like it or you won't" deals, like the BB King guest spot or the Second City guest spot or (for a non-guest spot example) the 11/19/97 Wolfman's jam. Me, I fall somewhere in the middle - 2003 was rather past Parliament's prime (especially for poor George Clinton's voice), and it's a bit of an awkward fit, but the songs themselves are evergreen and it's fun as heck, if nothing else. Hey, it beats the Jay-Z spot, I can say that much. P-Funk leaves and they wrap up Makisupa, then finish off the set with a DWD that climbs and climbs to a fuzzy peak halfway through, then drops down into a surprisingly mellow range before Trey starts playing an amusingly rockabilly-esque version of the DWD riff and they build to Ye Olde DWD Ending to close.

Final thoughts: my favorite show of the run. The P-Funk medley is fun enough to warrant a listen, and the Tube/LA Woman/Birds sequence, DWD, and Gin -> 2001 are all more than worth your time.
Score: 0
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