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jsauce , attached to 1997-12-11 Permalink
This is, *ahem*, this is the best first set of Phish ever, if not the best single set of Phish ever. A lot of people talk about 12/6/97 or 12/7/97 second sets, and, yeah, they're GREAT, but this is superb. Basically flawless. The only thing I can think of that would even come close is 11/22/97 second set.

There, I said it.

The opening 1-2-3 of PYITE, DWD, and Maze...WOOF. I would try to offer song-by-song analysis, but just go listen. I will say that it offers standout, single-best versions of PYITE, DWD, Maze, Limb by Limb, Waste, and Loving Cup. it's also one of my Favorite Drowned *and* the debut of Roses are Free!!!

Let me stress this: The Limb by as much as any serious Phish head would try to label this... it's my favorite stand-alone song performance, my favorite 10 minutes of Phish I've ever heard. And, friends, that is saying something. There are two peaks where the entire band comes together in a way that's still unbelievable to me. I must have listened to this set 100 times.

Score: 0
ShaggyDre , attached to 2014-10-22 Permalink
I love reading all the reviews, many of you are really good are capturing the essence/vibe of the show. It's funny, though, to me, the moment I knew this was going to be a special show was when they played a song that nobody is mentioning in the reviews - Horn. I don't know why, but I literally got goose bumps when this song started. To me, it's such an old school song and rarely played. And this version really resonated with me and I felt like the crowd really got it too. When Trey plays the solo after the main lyric, it seemed like you could hear a pin drop. And nobody ruined it with a loud yell or anything. And the band got real quiet and Trey played his notes so delicately and the crowd seemed real dialed in at that moment. To me, this is when Phish is at it's best and I though the small venue allowed us to experience that moment.
Score: 1
DarkTsar , attached to 1993-03-21 Permalink
gave this 3 stars... a solid effort..twas a fun time indeed... central coast phish is ALWAYS welcomed. The Ventura Theater is a funky room with pretty whacky acoustics. Back in those days the band was very raw and full of power! Even a sloppy show, by today's standards, was just so much fun back then because HELL I was 22 and a fresh convert from GD tour! It was nice to talk with them out on the street after the show.
Score: 0
phunky58 , attached to 2014-10-22 Permalink
This was a very enjoyable first set imo and I rarely say that. Song selection was top notch. For me the must hear material came in the form of Drowned-->Theme without a doubt. Ive been waiting for drowned to open the 2nd set for a while now and man this version was well worth the wait. And if that wasn't enough they follow it up with a type II theme. Prob one of my fav versions in a long time. Fall tour is picking up some serious momentum and this show is definitely evidence of that. Can't wait for what's to come.
Score: 0
Renaissance , attached to 2014-10-22 Permalink
Renaissance Other 'noteworthy' jams. Theme, MFMF, and Mike's Jim Groove. Everything else was pretty damn good too. And the song selection...damn.
This is a great show that I will likely revisit often. The whole band was on board for this one and everybody had there special segments, like Fish on the marimba or Page doing Horse. It's great when everyone has their turn with a spotlight solely on them. The overall looseness and flow of the songs combined with the tightness in the execution made for a lot of very special moments. Almost every song has one, and more than a few have several.
Score: 0
okeepaphan , attached to 1998-11-09 Permalink
okeepaphan When I listed to this Gin jam, around the 11-15 minute mark, I keep waiting for someone to go "Heeeeeey Macarena". Trey's licks sound like the lyric portion. I'm doing the dance now in my desk.

set ena pol and a hena macarena
h and a so onapeeda
set en a pol an a hena macarena
Hey Macarena!
Score: 0
zda1994 , attached to 2011-12-29 Permalink
This was my first show. At the time, I had known a decent amount of Phish songs, but not necessarily the most well-known ones. For example, I knew Show of Life very well but had never heard of Antelope before. At the time, I absolutely loved the show, and it inspired me to get into Phish, and by the time I went to Jones Beach 2012, I knew or was familiar with nearly every song they played hat run. But this show is the only Phish show I have attended where some songs were genuine surprises. The Sloth, Back on the Train, Moma, Antelope, Lifeboy, Guyute, and Hydrogen were all completely new to me.

Anyway, as for an actual review of this show: it is what it is. And it is a pretty boring, standard show. Definitely the highlights were YEM as the second song (my second song ever!) and the flawless segue from Chalkdust to Hydrogen. But overall, the show is very 2011 - no real type II jams, just tight and fun playing. I would give this show two stars, but it was my first show I am giving it three.
Score: 0
Renaissance , attached to 2014-10-22 Permalink
Renaissance One of my favorite shows happened last night. I flew down hoping to get my mind blown and was a little nervous after Tuesday's show that it might not happen in So Cal. So happy to say I had nothing to worry about. MFF, SOAMelt, and Walls closed out a ridiculously high energy and tightly played 1st set with a psychedelic bang. Drowned was a treat and got pretty dirty leading into the highlight of the night for me, which was Theme. Mike's Jim Groove was ridiculously good and the encores were excellent. I compare this one with Reading, which was my favorite show that I attended in '13. Can't decide if one is better than the other, but both are excellent from top to bottom, and that's all that matters. This is one show that will definitely get replayed many, many times.

Now on to BGCA and Vegas!
Score: 3
misterphish , attached to 2014-10-22 Permalink
First off, I am NOT that arrogant.... I was a HS teacher and the kids named me Mr. Phish because they thought my tour stories were unique. One day they started calling me Mr. Phish and it just stuck (I hate wasting space, but I had to throw that in here). I just listened to set I.. yeah I have been couch surfing.... life happens and we can't see 20 shows a year anymore, but I am going to LA and Chula! Cant Wait!

I think this might be the best show of the run so far. I really liked the Eugene OR show, but they seemed more on tonight so far.... especially Page! That Jesus left Chicago was pretty sweet; Page was going a little falsetto at times... really liked that.

The SOAMELT had a really nice jam at the end of it... the second set looks hot on paper... I saw that Mikes>Runaway>Weekapaug? I cant say I have seen that combo before!

Off to Set II.... see everyone in LA and CV! $30 4 gram Homegrown.... thats me! LOL
Score: -2
jozeph78 , attached to 2014-10-22 Permalink
I'm not gonna lie. I almost posted my first review, a negative one, for 10/21.

I am not a hater, but that show was not good to me at all. Even the CDT -> Ghost that many enjoyed, I couldn't get into. Maybe it was the lack of energy form Trey all night, maybe it was the flubs, but for the first time every I found myself not enjoying a Phish show. Even the boys joked that things were amiss.

And that's perfectly fine.

Of course I would have to watch 10/22. I knew they would not let us down and let us down they did not. From note one it was clear they were on a mission to crush it. Tonight's show was STFU and play. No banter. Agressive Trey. Funky soulful rocking good time.

This is why we love The Phish. The misqueues of 10/21 just give you an idea about how difficult what they normally do with ease is. It makes them human. It's why us fans have such a special connection with the band, because we've lived though good and bad with them. And it's easy to laugh off the bad when the good is as good as this show.

Score: 1
phish30sux , attached to 2014-10-22 Permalink
Well said Edison! And I'm not trying to piss anyone off but rather get people to be a little more honest. Reviews start to mean nothing when every song is the best version ever or every show was the best. And yes the opposite is true as well. Perhaps my choice of words has been harsh but if you look back over these reviews they are meaningless. I respect n00b100's opinion more than any on this site. I work at a boring job where thankfully I can listen to music all day. his reviews of mid to late 90s shows guide me in what to select for the day because they are honest. I just don't see that honesty in the reviews of the last few tours.
Score: 3
phish30sux , attached to 2014-10-21 Permalink
Edison, I totally agree that the scene now is better than it was. And with the exception of Brooklyn and Spac 2004 was awful. But I've been to at least 20 shows since 2009 and Watkins is the only one that I would consider memorable. I'm not saying I don't have a good time at a show b/c I do otherwise id stop going. My problem is what I perceive as uncritical consumption of a band that seems to be going through the motions. Someone on here said that every era if phish had bad shows. That is absolutely true. It used to be though that one or two shows were duds but it could be forgiven because taken as a whole the tour was excellent. Now the reverse seems to me to be true. You have a mediocre tour with one or two great shows thrown in. I know I come off as pissy and jaded and I'm ok with that because it's honest unlike a lot of the bullshit I see in these reviews
Score: 0
ThomasFunkyEdison , attached to 2014-10-22 Permalink clearly get off on trying to piss people off on the internet. With an internet handle like yours, it's hard to take any critique or opinion of yours seriously, since it's pretty obvious how you view the band. We're not interested in your negative predictions's a space to actually talk about the shows.

Do you remember your first few years of shows? Didn't you often leave a show thinking "man! that was the best show ever!" Most of the time you were wrong, and most of the time people who say it now are wrong, but it's the same feeling. Who cares if you consider them "3.0 fluffers" or not, it just means they really enjoy the band...and isn't that a good thing?? The scene needs their positive energy, not your negative energy.
Score: 2
ThomasFunkyEdison , attached to 2014-10-21 Permalink
I just don't understand all the negativity and hate directed at this show. I was in attendance and really dug it. A lot of shows don't have jamming like the CDT>Ghost does. Who cares if BOAF had a miscue? Trey owned it, they moved on and crushed wombat.

For the record phish30sux, the funk jams of 97 were VERY repetitive. I love em, but they're repetitive. I think your biggest issue is that you're old now, and you don't want anyone taking away from the fact that you saw some great music when you were young, because "you were there" and that somehow makes you cooler. I know plenty of folks that saw phish in the 90s who say they like em more now. And lets be real, they're sure as shit playing better than in 2004, and the scene is way better than it was towards the end of 1.0 and all of 2.0. Try to find time to actually make it to a show and my guess is you'll be quite pleased.
Score: 0
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