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ziggybirds , attached to 2016-06-25 Permalink
ziggybirds For whatever reason, The Moma Dance made me feel this was going to be a real good show. The AC/DC Bag>555 confirmed it. Can Moses play that vacuum cleaner or what? Love the new red headed drummer. First set finished with a bang.

The second set? Oh my. Well played. Lovely jams. I thought the flow of the second set was superb. The setlist was great. Give this a listen, you won't be disappointed. Loved: Carini through Velvet Sea. Perfect if Harry had been jammed out more. Good show. Fun Walrus.
Score: 0
Harrison , attached to 2016-06-25 Permalink
Thought I might have to hide under my blanket for a few minutes in Carini, but then the clouds parted. Lots of "open spaces" in the jams and unexplored opportunities, without the jarring ripcord feeling of a few years ago. Nice to exceptional flow for 40 minutes into the (somehow slightly less gruesome) brick wall that is Velvet Sea. Great work on composed sections and vocals. Divided sky and Fluffhead both great. I thought Hood was elegant, if short and in the pocket. Ripping Trey solos sprinkled throughout the night.

With so many good/great slower (and newer) tunes to drop gears into, it perplexes me why the band lands in the songs they do in the second set. I guess that's phish though...
Score: -2
Harrison , attached to 2016-06-25 Permalink
Thought I might have to hide under my blanket for a few minutes in Carini, but then the clouds parted. Lots of "open spaces" in the jams and unexplored opportunities, without the jarring ripcord feeling of a few years ago. Nice to exceptional flow for 40 minutes into the (somehow slightly less gruesome) brick wall that is Velvet Sea. Great work on composed sections and vocals. Divided sky and Fluffhead both great. I thought Hood was elegant, if short and in the pocket. Ripping Trey solos sprinkled throughout the night.

With so many good/great slower (and newer) tunes to drop gears into, it perplexes me why the band lands in the songs they do in the second set. I guess that's phish though...
Score: 1
kyleindeed , attached to 2016-06-25 Permalink
kyleindeed The mentality of Phish going into N2 of Wrigley (3rd show of the tour), was to give a performance that would stand the test of time and provide top tier legitimacy for 2016. @n00b100 referred to night 2 of the Mann last summer (08/12/2015) as when Phish appeared to be playing for bigger stakes. Even at that point, the band was more than halfway through the tour.

3 shows in, and the stakes are already quite high and much higher than the first week of shows from last summer.

S1 can be loosely summarized as a peak of phun, phunk and phrivolity. Really digged each song (even Heavy Things lol).

S2 reaches deeply into the tomb of a dark, tense, fire-breathing black dragon and takes an axe to it's neck with 8 calculated licks called Carini > Tweezer > Fluffhead > Piper -> Steam > Wading in the Velvet Sea, Harry Hood, and... > Tweezer Reprise.

By then the band takes possession of the monster's head only to realize that the dragon is really a Walrus that they can now claim to be their own.... cu cu kachoo!!!

Wrigley presented a big scene for the band from Vermont. They weren't about to have anyone leave last night without feeling any regret over what was played and how. Keep the fire burning in Deer Creek, boys!!! INDEED!!!!!
Score: 2
nickulus , attached to 2016-06-25 Permalink
nickulus This was my first couch tour show this year - looking forward to getting on the road once the boys are back in the NE.

In terms of setlist construction, this one doesn't get much better in my book. Great energy throughout and tight playing. Fluffhead was nailed and it was nice to see it in the third quarter. My expectations were high after Carini>Tweeer>Fluffhead and the Piper -> Steam didn't disappoint. A Hood and Tweeprise to round out the set was excellent, even if the Hood didn't get exploratory. A Walrus in the encore was a fun surprise.

The summer is shaping up very nicely...
Score: 2
nickavv , attached to 2016-06-25 Permalink
nickavv Watched on LivePhish webcast. Second set was just about perfect in my book. Carini, Tweezer, and Piper all were great jams. Fluffhead was played perfectly which is awesome to hear for its reappearance. The segue from Piper -> Steam was phenomenal, and Steam was the best version of the song I've ever heard. I Am the Walrus encore was the unexpected cherry on top.

The band is playing great, can't wait to get out on the road to see them in person next week
Score: 6
Qstick7 , attached to 2000-09-27 Permalink
I had a great time!!! My hubby was dancin and the next moment he's puking and sick as shit bent over with his head between his legs. I still had fun and danced all night!!! Him, not so much.
I remember the weather was great~ and I missed the opener~ well not missed, just walking to the venue during it~ all in all a great show!!
Score: 0
Qstick7 , attached to 2010-10-09 Permalink
I had gotten tickets to this because I live in Boulder county and had friends affected. I got 4 tix, and took my hubby and two friends. One in exchange for the one phish show I didn't get tickets to~ fair trade I'd say. Anyway this night was one of the most amazing nights in my concert history. I was literally crying happy tears when trey and Mike walked out onto the stage with their acoustic guitars. I was speechless. So freaking incredible and I was very lucky to be there to witness the love and beauty this night entailed. One of the best shows I've ever seen. Listen and you will hear!!
Score: 0
Qstick7 , attached to 1993-02-06 Permalink
This was my second show. Wearing white jeans, slid in the slush and muddy snow before going in, was wet and super high. I remember the boys jumping up and down on these trampolines thinking'these guys are so cool!' I also remember John popper sitting in and had a generally good feeling (other than being wet and dirty after my boyfriend sped down the parkway to get there from Danbury). I had a great time from what I can remember!
Score: 0
Qstick7 , attached to 1992-07-26 Permalink
My first Phish show. My friend Pete said they were cool like the dead so figured I'd go. I was a junior in college and went to dead shows as much as possible. I had no clue this show would change my life! I remember it rained~ we danced and slid in the mud and totally melted my face that day. I loved phish much more than Santana and wanted more! That's when I jumped on the bus......
Score: 0
ramblonroze , attached to 2016-06-24 Permalink
No scene allowed outside, a lot of fans wandering around with no focus. Phish had good vibes, they played like troopers. They had fun, I had fun.
Show started late, very short break, short 2nd set Ė neighborhood curfew. Iíve been to many Chicagoland shows, this was the worst sound system. Wrigley is old and all metal girders.
It was really fun, my nephew is tops, a perfect concert buddy. I am so lucky. We did CTA and Uber. Could not understand a word of the music. Said as soon as we get home Iíll tell you what we heard. Played the show on LivePhish+. Excellent. My favs were rift, sand, free and blaze. And then twist, backwards, living cup and 2001. I still love covers.
Score: 2
AZ_Fluff , attached to 2016-06-24 Permalink
First time seeing the boys since fall '14 and they brought the absolute heat the entire night. Fun, flowing first set with a funky Martian monster and raging blaze on. Then the jams were insane in the 2nd set way too many moment's to recall right now!!!!! Best shown I've seen in the 3.0 era!!!
Score: 1
kyleindeed , attached to 2016-06-24 Permalink
kyleindeed Awesome show!

Set one: Sample was a solid opener per usual. I know not everyone is a phan of placing jam machines like CDT,Martian Monster and Sand in S1, but they do work here for a raucus Wrigley crowd. Sure they are going to be condensed versions by comparison that don't rip into type 2 land before the sun goes down... but the crowd was digging it (Sand especially). Only real flub-ski in set 1 was trey fighting his guitar on Rift. Bend N1 and Blossom last year were much worse tho. I like Yarmouth Road and appreciate when they band gives it a little more grit and grime. Trey and Mike are usually good for this. Love Paige's work on the Hammond B3 each time they play it. I would honestly take Shade over Miss You every day of the week. Not that it was a bad ballad, it just isn't romantic enough for the high level of sappiness. The Wedge, Free and Blaze On give us the appropriate amount of funkiness to finish out a solid set. And yes, Blaze On works very well as a S1 closer. That's not to say they need to pigeon hole it away from an extended S2 jam vehicle... but if they have to play it S1, go for the closing spot more often than not.

S2. DWD.... nailed it. Fishman deserves the most credit on this because if not for him then Paige, Mike and Trey would not be able to drop the napalm that they did. It felt like it could be our first 20 minute jam but it's worth remembering that it's only the 2nd show of the tour. Fuego was an appropriate transition to keep fire in the set without allowing a flat-line after the incredible DWD. Is it just me, or when Paige switches from the piano to the organ approx 2:19 that he usually brain farts? The first couple organ chords have been hit or miss since the song came out (see NYE 2013, but maybe that's the confetti's fault).
Twist is also killer and surprisingly hits a more badass peak than the aforementioned DWD (How? No clue... it just does). It almost seemed like they were teasing a DWD-prise, which I have been asking for the last couple months.
There may be a tendency to shite on the rest of S2 because they don't stay in jam mode after Twist. I don't think that's a fair assessment (esp. at later spots in that 2001, which was blazing hot). 20 Years Later, Waste and #Line were all solid and well place. Loving Cup was just a joy and very well received from the crowd. Smiles abound.

Space Oddity (A'Cappella taboot!) was a blast and completely unexpected. Chicago's art scene has an extreme appreciation for David Bowie and this could not have been received any better. Antelope takes us home in fine fashion to put the finishing touches on a great N1.

Will this show be the best of summer 2016? No. Will it be worth a listen next year and in year's to follow? Oh phuck yeah...

N1 gave 2 Hose in this area code. More to come tonight...

Score: 4
Franklin , attached to 2016-06-24 Permalink
Franklin First set:

I feel absurd discussing song selection in a first set because, more often than not, it's just about how much you like a given song, not really how they fit together as a unit, especially in a set with as few alligator mouths as this one has. For example, I have a completely irrational hatred of both The Wedge and Yarmouth Road, but that does not mean that this was a bad set; they just played two songs I didn't like. So I'd much rather just talk about things that I thought were noteworthy...

Sand - Trey basically decides to build tension in this jam from moment one, and it really pays off. The best metaphor I could come up with is a high-speed chase across a bunch of city rooftops. There's a group of mini-peaks when you jump from one rooftop to the next and the band settles back onto one with increasing intensity each time, and then, when it's time to slide back onto the main theme, you jump off the final rooftop onto the back of an already-moving jet ski. There was no stumbling -- the group settles right back into Sand proper as if nothing had ever happened. Real smooth way to thwart the bad guys.

Miss You - New songs are always roughed up a bit when they debut, and I think ballads have it especially bad. This one has a little bit of cheese on the lyrics and I'm not hella crazy about those three chords that get played after every. single. line. in the verse, but Trey simply tears up the solo. If I have to endure the song itself for that kind of guitar work, I'll make that trade any day of the week.

Blaze On - Absolute heater. The BOs of yore have gone the dark and twisty route, and this version flirts with that a little bit at the beginning of the jam, but at the end of a first set in the middle of a baseball stadium, you just want the fun. Leo's solo between the two verses was particularly good, I thought, but the real magic comes when the band builds up to a glorious peak, pushing the tempo and volume just enough to deliver a smooth end of the set.

Everything else was well-played, if not sung... come on guys, get yourselves a copy of the third edition of the phish companion (available now at! ) and learn the lyrics to your own darn songs.

The set is full of fan favorites and very intact chops all around. While there isn't much replay value in the first half, it all bodes well for the rest of tour.


Second set:

Down With Disease - Ahoy! We've reached our first extended type-two jam of the summer. After the usual shredfest, Mike and Page start pushing a darker groove, and Trey keeps soloing for a little bit and then everything starts locking. From 7:00 on, we're in new, undefined territory. The jam spends its time fluctuating between pushing rock and muddier, less defined areas, but the whole thing is dark and mysterious. To be honest, this kind of jamming might be among Phish's signature moves in 3.0. Fishman and Mike get so locked in it's almost unfair, and there are often three melodies weaving around each other. An organic, exploratory jam -- a fine place to start the summer.

Fuego is essentially the same as any of 2015's interchangeable versions.

Twist -- It's a shame that the Disease was only the best jam of Summer 2016 for like nine minutes, but that's life in the rough-and-tumble world of Phish. Last year, we started disentangling ourselves from Twist pretty quickly (see Magnaball, where the song itself is basically gone once the Woos happen), but this version stays close to the ranch for quite a bit longer -- I wasn't even sure if it was going to go Type II at all. But go Type II it did. It's hard to say where, to be honest, and that's one of the things that makes this jam great -- it all just unfolds in front of you.

At one point near 9:00 Mike plays this line that sounds like Ghost at double speed, and Trey picks up on it and, with Page hammering away on the grand, we quickly jettison ourselves into this complicated area around 10:30, where Fishman is playing a sweet rock beat and Trey is playing these distorted, echoey chords -- I'm not sure which effect it is but it creates a cool juxtaposition that leads us smoothly into a more normal (albeit still magnificent) rock section by 11:30. They cover a lot of ground in 2.5 minutes there, and it brings us to a glorious place -- the ensuing two minutes is pure bliss before we drop back down underwater. Great stuff. The segue into 20YL was smooth enough to keep me from getting upset that 20YL was playing.

Waste is a good song.

A 2001 at this point in the set is a real treat. While the Disease and Twist were both great jams, they didn't provide all that much in terms of pure danceability. This tune totally delivers in a 6 minutes that looked like it got the place going real good. Sure, we don't build up to the first motif for ten minutes like it's Gorge 98, but it gets the job done.

At this point, it's clear that we're not in for a jam fest, and so BDTNL and Loving Cup are just celebrations on top of a fun show. Third quarter here is for replay, fourth quarter is for fun. Nothing wrong with that.


To be honest, I'm not a big David Bowie fan. I have nothing against him; his work just doesn't hit me in the way that other artists do. But. The way the crowd reacted to the words "Ground Control to Major Tom" and the visible weight behind each band members' vocals was enough to give me chills. Apart from being really musically satisfying (they must have been practicing this for ages) it's just stirring.

Antelope closer can't be beat.

Is this a show where every single song deserves to be replayed? Not really. Does it have a small handful of riches? You bet. Can't wait for night two.

*Edit* I just hit the "preview" button and this is WAY longer than I intended it to be. My bad.
Score: 21
Calibornkush , attached to 2016-06-24 Permalink
Any show with Rift is an automatic favorite for me! Yarmouth 2001, The Wedge? FREE???? Closing with Run Like an Antelope?!?!? Ok I'll stop there.. You get it. EPIC. Adding Bowie made everyone lose their shit the crowd was already crazy and that was just the icing! Wrigley Field was beautiful the sun setting was not in my eye, my granola bars made it in but not my water and at $5 a piece I highly recommend bringing your own phish themes water container tonight :)
Score: 1
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