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TreyBombs , attached to 2015-08-22 Permalink
To start, the day set was really fun. I have a quick story I MUST share.

My friend (,my friend) brought a cut-out-on-a-stick to the concert area with a LinkedIn photo of our other friend (present in our group). We were pretending it was his bachelor party (as a weird joke) and it served well as a locating tool for people to leave and join the group.

Before the band started Divided Sky, Trey wished someone named "Eric" a "Happy 40th Birthday". Looking out at the crowd, he saw the cut-out sign and asked, "Hey, is that Eric? On the cut out?". Fishman chimed in, "He looks like Brad Sands". The band cracked up and our group went completely nuts. Phish commented on our ridiculous sign. Gotta give credit to the kid who brought it for the hilarious idea that resulted in that moment.

Moving onto an actual review....not much to say about the first set except it being really fun / high energy dance party with my peoples. Everyone was a little confused during Scabbard because we didn't know what it was. Most of the songs were pretty standard but very well played. Divided Sky, Moma, Halfway To The Moon, How Many People Are You, Antelope were my personal highlights. Always love hearing When the Circus Comes....

Set 2 felt like a true second set (It was 6 songs in length).

46 Days went deep to a few different places. Tweezer > Caspian is must listen Phish. I went to the bathroom during Caspian and had forgotten what song it is not a normal Prince Caspian. People are talking it up huge and it deserves the praise.

Set 3 - Meatstick was an unexpected set opener but fun and bouncy. Blaze On was the jam of the weekend for me. Not saying it was the best but it was my favorite. Just had some serious flow. I didn't even have to think about dancing, my body just moved to it like butter. I suppose that happens a lot at Phish but it was next level for Blaze On.

Short but funky Cities > Light was extremely solid. Light used to be one of my favorite jams, back in Summer '12 and this one was on par with a lot of those versions. I've always wanted the 555 Jam to get as dark and dirty as possible and this one is the best I've heard. I had a moment of catharsis during the Velvet Sea because Trey absolutely crushed it with major scale bliss shreddage. Great combo of 555 Darkness into Velvet Sea bliss.

I had been nervously waiting for a Carini and a Sand ALL NIGHT and at this point in the show, knew it was probably now or never. When Walls of the Cave started, I finally accepted that Sand and Carini were not getting payed. Sad times. Then I raged the Walls and it was awesome.

I'll take a Boogie On > Tweeprise encore at every show. Such a great encore combo. Anything funky into Tweeprise is fucking gold.

Late night jam was the best Phish I have ever heard. During the set my mind was completely blown. One of my buddies suspected that Phish pre-recorded the whole thing which pissed me off and killed my vibe a bit. I didn't agree but admitted it was possible. "Sometimes I hate the band. Why didn't they come out and take a bow?" As I thought about it more and more...I started to believe that the band did indeed pre-record it.

They fucking played it live. Read the fucking book.

Anyway, what a day/night. Super Ball was my 3,4,5th shows. Sunday at Magnaball was #50. Very different experience for me but both were incredible. Super Ball was life changing (I saw 'the light') and at Magnaball I celebrated with a shit eating grin the whole time.

Thank You Phish.
Score: 0
Attitune , attached to 2015-08-22 Permalink
I dont really know a lot about Phish. What little I do know about them and their fans has always impressed me. After Magnaball Im way more impressed. I arrived to the festival site Saturday around 11am and went into the concert area about 1pm for a quick peek around. There was so much cool stuff going on I ended staying in the concert area till around 2:30am and I only saw half the stuff that was there. i didnt even leave during the intermissions. No time now to completely explain why but to me Saturday and Sundays shows were a perfect representation of how great Phish and their fans are.
Score: 0
Mistercharlie , attached to 2015-06-12 Permalink
This was a good show. I had a blast, just like every other show phishy show I've seen at The Murat.

The best part was Mike's comment about having played both the rooms in the building (The Theater and The Egyptian Room) and now he's playing in the hallway. The Deluxe really is just a large hallway in the basement of The Murat.
Score: 0
SkyTrainWand , attached to 2015-08-08 Permalink
SkyTrainWand My first trip ever to Alpine Valley turned out to be a wonderful adventure. I had just as much fun NOT seeing Phish as I did actually seeing them! I'll keep this review on topic though...

Set 1 highlights - stepping into the venue for the first time. Wow. Such a huge place! Anyway, No Man's Land was a great opener, Frankie Says was a welcome surprise, right into Maze which always kicks ass. Mercury is officially my #1 favorite new Phish song of 2015 and I thought it was a really stellar version, Trey seemed very focused and had a really nice solo in it. His focus seemed to continue during Reba, which I loved. Possum closer was nice, then we headed to the beer lines

Set 2 highlights - THIS SET IS AWESOME. Cannot stress this enough. The DWD > Halley's portion was absolutely wonderful, and Trey played around with his TruTron pedal quite a lot. For only being 14 minutes, there's a boatload of fantastic improvisation in this Disease and you can tell all the band members are listening to each other.

Around 8:00 in the DWD is when the jam starts getting pretty dark, but not for long - around 11:00 mark the band shifts into a major key and ends the jam with an envelope of existential bliss that had me closing my eyes for several minutes. Right after Halley's is where my mind was completely blown, since they nailed a direct segue into Twist! Really, it was seamless. I could go on and on, but it'll take too long. Everything about this set is fantastic, but I just need to note one thing:

During What's The Use, just past the halfway point, Mike hits a low note and hits his Taurus pedal. The result was a sound that I will NEVER forget, because it seemed like it caused a miniature earthquake and shook the entire venue. The reaction from the crowd was priceless.

After that, a really strong Number Line, and equally strong Slave. Meatstick was fun times, and Zero (always a rocker) took us out. I no longer have a dislike for Character Zero because it kicks ass every single time.

I think there were some better shows than Alpine 1 this tour, but holy skyballs, this is a good one! I'll be re-listening for quite some time.

4 stars out of 5 :)
Score: 1
raidcehlalred , attached to 2015-08-23 Permalink
raidcehlalred not a lot of reviews, so a review of a review....


Yours is one of the more interesting, and violent reviews, I've come across; in other words, this was a pleasure to read.

I can't quite tell if you are purposefully mixing your metaphors, interweaving diction ....

SHOOTING (the breeze)
BOOM (punch)
TAKE (cover)
SHAKES (you)

or if perhaps the SaSS coupled with the Groove really did work some magic ....

I'm curious, though.... What makes this fella's tale particular to the 'south?'

Could not the two be mutually exclusive?

Had the band opened with, say, Party Time, would you have fled the scene?

Now 'chompers....' I've only heard of 'them' after watching @Zappa20....

Is this a southern thing as well?

But my sense is you're from the NE or W, as you allude to skiing....

Then again, the uncle tickling, this, while an interesting way to analogize 'Week' seems to have no geographic bounds....

Thumbs up for taking the black diamond trail, here....
Score: 0
The_Ghost , attached to 1996-07-10 Permalink
The_Ghost Short and sweet like the show.

David Bowie.

That's all this review should need to say. It is a nice dark and twisty version.

The show has a decent set list, I certainly enjoy all of it until they hit the "Hello My Baby" part. Really don't like a cappella from musicians. Page could pull off a cappella, the rest not so much.

Highlights though Waste > David Bowie. I can't help liking Waste, it is a song I enjoy listening to with my wife when I feel like being a sappy romantic.
Score: 0
KingDisco , attached to 1991-04-19 Permalink
KingDisco If you love banter then dont sleep on this well below average show- George Foreman fans pay attention! Trey introduces Henrietta as the only man capable of knocking out George- its hilarious

He then updates the crowd at the start of set two adding once again to the mayhem of a loose but otherwise pedestrian show
Score: 0
The_Ghost , attached to 1996-07-09 Permalink
The_Ghost Interesting that during this series of shows opening for Santana they played their longest on 7/7 and their shortest on 7/9. back to back shows. Okay, not that interesting, but it's something.

Mike's Song is the only thing I would take away from this show and listen to again. Nothing wrong with the show, just not a lot going on for it.

Theme is what you would expect, transition to poor heart isn't great, but it could just be the tracks I downloaded. They did a better job with this at Deer Creek 6-19-95.
Score: 0
The_Ghost , attached to 1996-07-07 Permalink
The_Ghost Well done opener with Sample. Trey tends to start this one off key in the 90s from the few I've heard, but this one he comes in clean and the band stays tight through this set.

---------SIDE BAR-------------
Again, This show is another one I feel is underrated. I think everyone should listen to this week of Phish. This is the 4th of 6 shows that seem to have been lost simply because they are short. I hate that so many of the fans look for long jams and long sets over what can be some quality playing.
--------/SIDE BAR--------------

Divided Sky is always good to me. I was curious about Bouncin' to follow DS, I did some research and it only happened 4 other times and never since 1996-11-15 which was the only time since this show. Bouncin' has come before Divided Sky on several occasions, and I think it fits better there. Most recently as of this writing is 2015-08-05.

Curtain > Tweezer has a nice tight transition. No hesitation the entire band knew what was coming and when it was coming.

This could be my 1.0 ignorance coming out, but as Tweezer is always a good jam for improv and there are so many unique Tweezers out there, this one is very unlike any I have heard before. I imagine it may be more of an era thing than just this one show. Unfortunately I do not yet have the knowledge to make that discerning statement. Don't get me wrong, this not a negative, in fact I really dig it, hope to see that it is truly all over 1.0 as I dive in.

Sweet Adeline, like 2 days prior to this show, was a cappella, and for that I... I just can't. Sorry but Phish is not a barbershop quartet and I don't care to ever hear them try to be.

Uncle Pen is a great song, Phish makes it sound amazing.

Not a recommended version of Cavern for sure, it gets loose and seems too forced, I mean I still like it but of all of them I have heard this one is pretty far down the list.

>Run Like an Antelope > Suzy caught me off guard I wasn't paying attention and really thought I was about to get a tweeprise there. Again my 1.0 ignorance is probably going to show here, but the Antelope had a much slower steadier entrance than I am used to, and I enjoyed that quite a lot. I'm not sure what else to say. I'd put this up there of all the Antelopes I have heard. I don't want to go crazy until I get about 100 shows of 1.0 in. I try not to think everything I just heard is the best ever like some folks.

I'm not going to lie, I like Suzy but I think a tweeprise would have been better here.

Overall I cannot believe I am the first to review this show, and so few rankings. Short but worth listening to here. The download from hoydog's spreadsheet is pretty nice quality and it is worth it. Give it a go.
Score: 0
Midcoaster , attached to 2015-08-22 Permalink
Midcoaster It is remarkable to me that the Phish from Vermont can deliver a day of music that, in many ways, exceeds the experiences I had between 1987 and 1991. That's saying a lot. Mrs. Pizza sh*t was hilarious and exhilarating, as were some other night club moments, but this was better overall.

Maybe the "intensity" of the nightclub experience has been relegated to the rail, but I prefer the enormity of the wiggy dance party amidst fantastic art installations. Like Randalls last year, I dig festival ground Phish most of all. The sound was open and loud in places, and one could take his or her pick of intensity and setting. That's far more freedom than is found in an MSG or DCU.

Hearing a song like Blaze On develop into something new before our very ears is the stuff of legends as much as any nightclub. Good thing I'm not jaded. Instead, I feel grateful to be able to have the experience at all, and it's a bonus when the music is as awesome as this. They played to the phans, the earth, the sky, the stars and the universe on this night.

Whoever it was who wrote about the Drive-In being like the final moments of an untethered astronaut tumbling deeper and deeper into space deserves to have that write up included in the Drive-In Jam descriptions. I was right there with that concept: molecules colliding, forming, reforming, expanding, contracting. The matter of the universe taking an elevated moment of consciousness to find self awareness. This is the golden age.
Score: 3
hobartian , attached to 2015-08-16 Permalink
Alas, this show will go down as underrated and, in the future, overlooked. That's too bad because there's some real gems here. Yes, Saturday was barn burner and people were expecting more on Sunday. But, the Phish gave us what they could and it was nice and funky show. I've had a chance to re-listen and my thoughts haven't changed.

First, I had not seen or heard No Man's Land yet because I'd been a little too busy (lazy?) to listen to the new tunes (except for Blaze on). No Man's Land has met and exceeded expectations both here and at Magna. Sand meets Undermind meets Sing Monica? Whatever it's a keeper.

Second, Bowie. I'd read that they hadn't played Bowie at MPP before. I know I hadn't seen it there. Plus, you get the Rider transition tease. Has the Slipknot tease been mentioned? If not, it's there - closer to the beginning of the tune.

Third, Sally was awesome. But, if I had one question to ask Trey and Page, it would be "were you guys thinking of playing 2001 prior to or after Sally or no Sally just 2001." Page seemed to be heading in that direction prior to Trey beginning Sally, but then Trey himself hit upon it during Sally when they went into the jam. Good stuff. I've listened to Sally about five times and it'll be heavy in my rotation going forward.

In short, not a bad show. Yes, the boys were gassed during the second set. But they delivered.
Score: 0
dutchbug , attached to 2015-08-21 Permalink
dutchbug Lots of thoughts about cleaning during these two sets. At home, I often listen while doing dishes and cleaning my apartment. At the show, I thought of cleaning my apartment. The world I imagined totally accepted and respected the real world from where I come.

I was thinking all about all of the trash in my house we've thrown away these past two weeks. My wife and I suddenly realized that we were hoarding and dumped like 10 trashcans worth of crap. I could feel myself going home and vacuuming, making the bed...just doing stuff real nice...hanging out with my wife who was totally supportive about me going to MB alone.

I'm 35 years old...this is what's important to me: having a kid, doing well at work, getting along with my wife, providing...maintaining our cars...The band's priorities are not _that_ far from my own. They're like...SUPERDADS. And if you've looked around, the world really needs fathers these days, so really Dad Rock is more of a vital, culturally relevant idea than it gets credit for being.

It was just real nice to watch those guys up on stage be so precise. Simple opener...yup...they'd done that a few nights ago, but they're not going to NOT play it just because of that. Then DAMN! The Dogs? TMWSIY? Avenu Malkenu??? Whaa??? They are Not Kidding. These papas don't take no mess.

I got super lost trying to get back to my campsite after this set. Slept only a few hours, but was absolutely filled with energy afterwards. Basically, I think that the band found my reset button and hit it a few times. Then they took the cartridge out of the machine, blew into it...some up up down down left right left right b a start...a million lives. You know what I mean?

Again, the band used their massive MRI machine to read inside everyone's mind...paused reality, edited it...the music did a lot of cleaning. People's bodies didn't sweat too much...the bathrooms didn't get gross...nobody fought. From what I've heard, everyone who went to this show has gone back to work to receive a raise, promotion, tenure, fame, etc. Real positive night.
Score: 1
The_Ghost , attached to 1996-07-06 Permalink
The_Ghost hahaha, it is refreshingly funny that this show is rated higher than the previous two one set openers during this Santana tour in Italy.

It is not as special to me as the first one where Carlos joins in and plays, but for it's overall sound quality of the downloads available it is the best recording of these first 3 (which is where my instinct tells me the higher rating comes from, not the actual content or musicianship).

I really enjoy Page singing A day in the Life, every time. However, if you don't care about that there isn't much here for you.

Reba has some feedback in a few places and is not special in any way until the end when Trey breaks out his Italian, and it's not great!

Maze is pretty tight and well constructed.
Score: 0
dutchbug , attached to 2015-08-22 Permalink
dutchbug Incredible day of music. I remember finding Army of One particularly impressive. Hell of a song. How Many People Are You? really came to life. Much better than prior versions.

I managed to take shower in between first and second set. Lots of telepathy from the band. ESP. They seemed real serious during Magna. Like dudes from Reservoir Dogs. Professionals.
Score: 2
dutchbug , attached to 2015-08-23 Permalink
dutchbug Prior to the show, I was sitting in some shade with this dude I'd never met before, shooting the breeze...he tells me this crazy story involving guns, an attempted kidnapping of one of his friends...Intense, freaky Southern stuff.

At one point, he's like..."my dad didn't give much advice, but one thing he did say was that if you bring a gun with you, you must be prepared to take someone's life."

Then, PYITE started. Boom. I had to take cover from some chompers and ran towards the soundboard. I remember moving through people to Maze...just going and going and going. Intense stuff.

Scents and Subtle Sounds did some serious MRI brain scanning work on me. Mike's bass did magic tricks and cured some diseases I didn't even know I had. Weekapaug did some brainscan work as well. I love Week because it sounds happy, but it actually shakes you about in a kind of wicked an uncle that gets a little too intense while tickling.

By the end of YEM, I was real how I feel after a day of skiing. Went back to my car for some real solid sleep. What a time.
Score: 2
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