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MJ_Calleys , attached to 1998-04-03 Permalink
The patience and artistry of this era is something to behold.

I attended several shows in fall 1997 and island tour 1998. I missed this gem only due to a flat tire driving back to college for an exam after 4/2 show. I got back on the tow truck but couldn't return to uniondale.

Listening back on you tube in 2015 thanks to silverchair97 is a real treat. Set 2 had to be in the top 10 of sets ever.

From Went 97 to Providence 98 is the apex. Haters light me up but it is. No denying.

denver ghost.

champaign 2001.

Dayton psycho.

Philly groove.

Detroit tweezer+

The jim.

The rochester rock out.

Then this roses.

Plus 10 other things.

I love this phish.

Seriously listen to 2001 played in miami 2015 and feel how rushed it is, then listen to it on 11/19/97 and 4/4/98.

Patience, proper build and payoff.

This is the reason for 60,000 people burning up on a sweltering air force base in oswego.

Not miami 2015.

I know it can't be like it was, but it can be better than it is. Mpp 2014 showed us its still there. So did randals.

Cmon boys, play for the art, please. Were still here and we still love you.
Score: 0
n00b100 , attached to 2000-05-22 Permalink
n00b100 I have listened to this show at least twice and there's mostly nothing that I can really recommend (the Bowie's not too bad, I guess), but the Ghost here is my favorite Phish jam of all time and probably will be even after they hang it up. I've described the 7/20/14 Ghost as compressing everything good about 2.0 without indulging in what's bad about 2.0, and that's kind of how I think of this Ghost - compressing everything great about late-90s ambient Phish without indulging in the worst of late-90s ambient Phish (no small feat, given how long it is!). Mesmerizing (gotta bite from the jam chart, sorry) grooves, spacey playing from Trey and Page, and - starting at 15:41 on the FTA recording - one of my favorite passages in the history of this band's oeuvre, the moment when Trey hits on That Lick and Mike Gordon has the moment I will always remember him for, that zone of serenity where you can't help but focus on the bass player (the bass player!). Again, the rest of the show is perfectly fine, but the Ghost will live forever and there's a fabulous SBD floating around that you should get your hands on right this second. Yes, this second. Go.
Score: 1
gphishmon , attached to 1994-10-13 Permalink
No one's reviewed this yet, probably because there are no big jams here. But there's excellent play throughout, particularly on Foam, It's Ice, and the whole Mike's>Groove sequence. Weekapaug, with its start-stop section and typically raging ending, is particularly strong. Bring back the fast Weekapaug, please!!! Stash gets really dissonant and nasty sounding, almost reminiscent of a Split Open and Melt jam. I like how Foam gets really quiet in the middle before building to a standard peak.
Score: 1
kidrob , attached to 2014-03-08 Permalink
kidrob Really intimate fun show. I enjoyed set one more than set two. Sugar Blue on harmonica was a major highlight. Also, it's a major nod to this show that Gordo tells a story about. 21 years, great memory.

Crumbling bones was my favorite song in set two. Pretty good energy by the band. I wish they would come around here more. It was awesome to watch the band walk right by me after both sets. I thanked them both times and let them know it was a great time. Air Gordon slams it home in Chicago.
Score: 0
Sansouci84 , attached to 2014-11-01 Permalink
The good/crazy: the entire first set
The 'not as good': the entire second set. When they ripcorded Harry Hood it just killed it for me.

Phish is always good, and with 10/31 in the background I wasn't expecting anything groundbreaking, but there was a lot of potential for greatness that was not quite realized.
Score: 0
Jersey , attached to 1998-12-31 Permalink
Jersey This was a fantastic show. Probably my second favorite New Years I've seen aside from Cypress. Not sure if anyone remembers, but this show was so cold outside MSG, the coldest I ever remember seeing shows in. Not that relevant but might be nostalgic if anyone remembers.

The thing that sticks out in this show is- it proves that less can sometimes be more. None of the sets were that long and they did not play that many songs in any set, but that kept it flowing so well. There was never a down minute this entire show.

The energy as they went from 1999 to Mikes was outrageous. Ghost>HaHaHa was filthy in the first set. I love a great first set jam.

Second Set was my favorite Velvet Sea ever. The energy was so high at the point that it was probably the first time I could remember NEEDING a cool down song. That song kind of kept me sane and it was the perfect use of an often maligned tune. And then the ratcheted it right back up with a nasty Antelope>Frankenstien. It was one of those sets that ended on such an energy high that the excitement going into the third set had as much anticipation of any show I can remember.

Jim was the perfect song to go into the New Year and Simple was the perfect jam to come out of it. The rest of the set was perfectly crafted. It was just an overall flawless show
Score: 0
Matt_Leaf , attached to 1991-02-16 Permalink
Matt_Leaf So I broke down and listened....

Now I know why I will always be a "Reba guy". I'm remembering my 18 year old brain being blown away as I keep cranking the volume louder and louder. Damn, do I love this band!

What a treat hearing slower versions of tunes like Llama and Chalkdust.
Score: 0
HHCCCCAA , attached to 2014-07-25 Permalink
This show is a great example of how the ratings may skew potential listeners' perceptions before they listen to one note ... As I write this review the show's rating is a 3.5ish, something or other, but in my opinion is every bit of a 4.0 (perhaps a tad higher, 4.155ish maybe) show.

HIGH, FRICKIN' HIGHHHH energy from beginning to end, with the Mike's Groove starting the show to kick off an energetic first set (that Possum is a (sort of old) diamond (with rough edges, haha) in the ruff! (rough?)) ... Anyhoot, the second set is also really, REALLY special, and for me is what brings it to (or above) a 4.0 rating. Those segues are the real frickin' deal, especially the one between Twist and Circus (but that Piper -> Rift segue toooo!) ... AWESOME jamming in the Chalkdust of course, but the entire Fuego -> Twist -> Circus segment is just superb and I feel gets often overlooked when people see the Live PHiSH oPHiSHal track lengths at 10:03 and 7:06 respectively. Do not be deterred - this segment is NOT only EXCEPTIONAL (and I don't use that term for anything other than legitimacy (lol what?) for the segues - Fuego and Twist both include jams worthy of more than one listen, for surely.

I feel as though I've used too many capital letters and parentheses, but bottom line is that the band was cookin' in Charlotte on this night and I hope no phans are discouraged from listening to this show due to its ratings. Again, the band WAS ABSOLUTELY COOOOOOKIN' (A.K.A. ON FRICKIN' FIRE), as many of us will recall, for the next two nights in Maryland. Those shows produced absolute PHiSH fire (7/26&27/14), the second night of which was (is) an all-time favorite (Tweezerfest) amongst phans and the first of which is a sick-ill-nasty show consistent with the 2013/14 extended/cohesive-jam-through-a-set theme.

I get on these tangents, but ...

tl;dr :: 7/27/14 is a show remembered by all, for sure, but 7/25 (Charlotte) & 7/26&27 (Merritweather) should be looked at as one STELLAR (and interstellar) weekend of PHiSH.

(Writer's note: This coming from a guy that did not attend this 7/25/14 Charlotte show, but did attend the following two nights in Columbia, MD. A guy that was so curious where and how that Merriweather performance grew up and came to be ... Where it went to high school ... Where it cut its teeth ... Where it shat ... Where it slept ... Who its prom date was and who its friends were ... And, as a self-proclaimed PHiSH detective, the first place I'd checked was, sensibly, the previous show.)
Score: 0
ProfPhan , attached to 2009-06-04 Permalink
I'm probably in the minority but I thought this show was awesome and it still holds up for me over time.

Best Divided Sky I've ever heard live and, without a doubt, the best Ghost I've ever heard live.

This Ghost should be on the jamming chart because it has a distinct musical narrative that builds and transforms and then finally hits a peak, subtly easing back down to Earth.

I think, for me, it's the 3rd best Ghost of 3.0.

Birds of a Feather smokes, as does the YEM and the R&R.

I know there's some flubs here, mostly the train wreck from Drowned>Meatstick, but there's great song selection and great flow, and it really seemed to fit the dreary and cold, dark night along the Atlantic Ocean.

This show had a distinct feel, a theme, and it was awesome.
Score: 0
hardua , attached to 2003-02-18 Permalink
PTBM put us 15th row center and the sound/lights were great from that vantage point. The Can is notorious for poor acoustics as mentioned in previous reviews and the floor is the only viable option.

I moved back to Colorado 3 months before this night and was quickly reminded of the great times I had and continue to have at Red Rocks, Balch Fieldhouse, Dobson Arena, Broomfield Event Center and Dicks.
Score: 0
n00b100 , attached to 1993-03-22 Permalink
n00b100 It's always kinda funny to me how long of a torch people have carried for the return of The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday (semantics, schmemantics - Baba O'Riley isn't called Teenage Wasteland, either); not only is the song cycle inextricably tied to Early Non-Improv Phish - it's a bunch of songs with no jamming and lots of between songs talking, and yet Hands on a Hardbody is the one that bombed - and not only is it almost certainly not a big thing for Trey anymore (it's hard to imagine anything you did when you were 23 interesting you as much at 50, rock opera or no rock opera), but it isn't like they dragged it across the country like The Who did with Tommy, as there's only been 5 performances of the song cycle in Phish's long and glorious history. That being said, there is an unmistakable charm at hearing all the songs tied together, Early Phish has all sorts of charms that aren't tied to 20-minute jams, and it's hard not to imagine anything that would bring older fans more joy than its return. I used to be more adamant that I wouldn't really care if TMWSIY made its return; these days, I think I'd enjoy it for the one show, so long as we got some ripping Type II in the next one.

The first set does not hold a *ton* of interest, but the three big Set 1 vehicles - a whirling dervish of a Stash, a Reba that takes 'em down and brings 'em up Kent Hood style, and one of those tease-a-riffic early-90s Bowies that just spits hot guitar solo fire during the jam segment - are quite listenable, and (per @phishcrit on Twitter) may have earned the audience their special prize due to their respectful treatment of those numbers. As far as the second set goes - I mean, I don't even really know how to review the set, other than if you're interested in Gamehendge and TMWSIY it's an incredible treat and if you're not you might find yourself tapping out somewhere around AC/DC Bag (although you'll miss Forbin's > Mockingbird, and what kind of ass willfully misses a Forbin's > Mockingbird?). There's nary a jam to be found, as you'd expect, but it's hard not to get jazzed at the crowd yelling with joy when Trey begins story time, and everything is played with typical early-90s verve and joyfulness. And, really, it's kind of amazing how Trey manages to keep everything straight in his head while he runs down the entire tale *all by himself*. The Mike's Groove tacked on at the end is just icing on the cake.

Final thoughts: I mean, you like 7/27/14, right? Or the OJ show? Or Moby Dick? Or Tweezeppelin? They don't play wild and crazy shows every time out, and any time you can hear one of them in reasonably good SBD, you should take that chance. This isn't just a portal to Trey's magical world, but a portal to Phish before 1994 changed the game, when they were younger and crazier and more theatrical and less about big-time jams. That, more than anything else, is worth the download and the listen.
Score: 2
gphishmon , attached to 1994-10-09 Permalink
This was my second show, and I didn't know most of the repertoire. All I knew was that my jaw was on the floor during one song in the first set, which turned out to be Split Open and Melt. Listening to it again, it still stands up as a particularly insane version. The rest of the show is pretty much standard stuff, which is why it's generally ignored. There are no Type II jams here, but it's all really well played, which has not been the case in recent years.

We've gotten used to slower tempos and a more mellow approach, forgetting how exciting even an ordinary show up through about 1996 could be due to Machine Gun Trey. We took his shredding abilities for granted back then. I can hardly stand to listen to SOAMelt from Phish 3.0, because all Trey does is hold mid-range notes with tremolo and bending while letting the others do most of the work (one recent example is 1/3/2015). I keep waiting for the peak that never happens. That's not to say a Phish show these days isn't a fun time, or that they don't do some trippy, heady stuff, or even that Trey never shreds anymore, but it isn't the almost nonstop aural assault that characterized a Phish show when they were reaching their peak in the early to mid 90's. An ordinary show like this one from back then carried far more energy than the best show nowadays.
Score: 1
gingerphish , attached to 2013-07-27 Permalink
The start of this second set is solid gold. Some of the cleanest transitions of this summer tour and maybe 3.0 Phish in general. And it ends as strong as it starts. I just found the a download for this soundboard and I've got to say that this show definitely ranks in my top five of 2013 summer tour. Happy listening.
Score: 0
GreatWent19 , attached to 1995-12-31 Permalink
GreatWent19 This is a masterpiece of a show.

A fluid first set, highlighted by sublime Reba, a PYITE>Sloth opener, Coil, anda fun fun Forbin's. Then a infectious Drowned jam, a rhythm-powered Jim, and expansive Mike's followed. When 1996 set-in, another incredible, flowing, creative, and intricate jam followed as Weekapaug descended into Sea & Sand.

With respect to incredible shows in the years to follow, this one still gets my vote as the greatest Phish show of all time.
Score: 1
paulj , attached to 1995-11-11 Permalink
paulj It was @TheTimberHo's birthday, and my primary memory of this show is collapsing into our seats at the end of the first set and the kid next us--who'd driven up from New Orleans--turned to her with a joyful smile and said, "Happy Birthday, man!"

This shows smokes from beginning to end. It's been almost 20 years and this remains one the favorite shows I've seen. Although nothing in the second set seems to be a "recommended version", the sum is definitely greater than the parts.
Score: 0
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