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Bob_Loblaw , attached to 2015-07-24 Permalink
Bob_Loblaw I see a resemblance in the first shows of tour and the order of a baseball batting lineup. The first couple batters are designed to get on base and get things moving, the 3rd and 4th slot are for clearing bases and knocking the ball out of the park.

After two shows of injecting new songs into the catalog and shaking off side projects (fare thee well & MGB) the guys came out loose and confident.

The 1st set is solid all around. A nice extra slow Yarmouth road with some extra Trey at the end. A intense pounding Free. A Reba that almost sounds more 1.0 in the solo section than 3.0. All surrounded by solid versions of songs with little to know flub.

The 2nd set has it all. It showcases the craftsmanship in creating a setlist. Most likely aided by coming out the gates with Blaze On a song that got a very positive response in Bend and it is obvious the guys are in love with this song.

Blaze on drifts off a little bit but is closely controlled by the guys.

Twist is a key song to segue into and it was smooth. What is interesting about this jam is it literally drops into type II. At the show I was confused wondering when we left Twist it's just that good of a transition.

This is the point where I say you can thank Mike for the jams.

Mike's bass was turned up loud and it's a good thing because he owned this show. After the first part of the Twist jam Trey attempted to go back and finish twist but this turned into a mere tease when Mike would not let off his bass line and Trey went with it. This happened during all the jams of the night Mike held on to it and ran with it.

The second part of the Twist jam was just pure Trey bliss.

Trey as usual plows into Light and the song itself is played extremely strong. And quickly pulses into another groovefest jam effortlessly which goes into a quick "I Know You Rider" type jam. A total nod to the bay area guys almost like a snapshot of an old western story from long ago.

Joy was amazing most people hate on Trey ballads in the middle of the jam set and I often agree. But you could tell this was special and meant to be and gave a degree of emotional texture of the set that paired perfectly.

Every Hood since Hollywood 2013 has been fantastic and this one is no exception. After some great interplay in the beginning the guys move back into a little groove after the Mr. Minor section only to once again steer perfectly into the Feel Good About Hood Section.

A little cavern after? Yes please.

I'm not one for a Character 0 encore but Trey exploded and nailed it and almost led to the whole venue burning down the place towards the end. It was the rush that every encore should be.

So with that I'll say the bar has been raised a few notches higher.

Clean segues, multiple jams, thoughtful playing, well placed songs, strong emotional backbones. What else could you possible want from a show?

5 Stars
Score: 1
n00b100 , attached to 2004-04-15 Permalink
n00b100 Here are a few nice things I can say about this show:

1. The Moma Dance's green treatment is very well deserved. This is about as close to the sparks that BEK gave off that Moma ever got to in its lifetime.

2. The segue from Stash into Timber is pretty neat.

3. Girls Girls Girls could have been longer.

And I think that's about it. So, instead of digging too deep into a tremendously mediocre show, here's a thought about 3.0 and 2.0 - I find it interesting that so much comparison is made between our current era and nineties Phish, when the current era is not a reaction to nineties Phish the way that it's a reaction to this era, the one that nearly killed the band. That's what I think so much of 2009-10 is about - Trey actively steering himself away from losing himself in jams, from playing for his drug-addled self instead of entertaining crowds, and from the more uncomfortable weirdness you might associate with 2003-04 instead of the jovial weirdness of the rest of the band's career. That's not to say that 2003-04 isn't interesting or full of great music, certainly, but more that the bad stuff of 2003-04 (and there's more bad stuff here than any other era, it has to be said) nearly ended both Phish and Trey, and nobody wants that. So just remember - 3.0 didn't kill the Phish you grew up with and loved, time did that. 3.0 killed the Phish 2.0 might well have created.

Food for thought, anyway. This show sucks. Download 6/26/04 instead.
Score: 0
GIANTSteps , attached to 2015-07-24 Permalink
I think jsauce found the words that fail me when trying to describe what happened in set 2. Not many folks know that Shoreline is built to the likeness of a Steal Your Face when viewed from above, but nearly everyone in attendance understood that they were standing at the very point of the lightning bolt.

Shoreline has not seen energy like this in a very long time and the House That Jerry Built was alive in a way I'd never seen.

Set 2 is why we see Phish. I love the way the music BREATHES right now. So much open, breezy space in the sound they're putting out, exploring little subtle corners that never get discovered when they're full-steam-ahead at 10,000 RPM. This is not your barn-burner, someone get a hose before this place burns down Phish - it is inquisitive, patient, wide open and psychedelic down to the damn definition of the word. That Twist>Light could not be more down if you dug a hole and crawled right into it.

Appreciate this special band in a very, very special place right now.
Score: 2
tasatter , attached to 2015-07-29 Permalink
Chalk Dust was sure to please most, if not all. The transition from Simple to Silent was inspired. Hood peaked well, and First Tube was a rager! This show stands in the top three of the tour so far. I agree with the aggregate ratings order of Shoreline, Forum, Grand Prairie. But as a disclaimer, I went to the Shoreline show. There's nothing like the facial assault of the PA and its venue-centric presence. That venue can make an exceptional show spectacular. I'd have loved to have been in the Verizon theater. That place looked really sleek and enjoyable. I'm sure attendees were thoroughly satisfied!
Score: 0
trogas , attached to 2002-06-14 Permalink
trogas This whole show was fun. Great venue and it's always fun to be in that shed in summer. Trey was on the whole show, this was a really tight version of Trey Band. First set is killer, great stuff throughout and Trey was really working the horns.

Don't remember much of second set, it's eclipsed by all the techs working on the stage in the set break, loading on gear. We knew it was going to be special, but to hear the horns launch into Mike'! And then Cactus walking out on stage, what a scene. Place was nuts.

I remember some guy had a video camera in the lot after and was asking people to sum up the encore in one word. Mine? "Perfect."
Score: 0
trogas , attached to 2000-07-01 Permalink
trogas Don't remember much. Remember jumping the rail during Buried Alive and rocking my face off. Ran back to the lawn for WMGGW and was glad I hadn't stayed there!

Listening back, what a great show. Wolfmans is rocking, Tube has a great Jam and the SOAMelt rocked set one. Set two had a killer Jibboo, plus the special Mikes and a Nellie taboot. That Ghost though!
Score: 0
ziggybirds , attached to 2015-07-29 Permalink
ziggybirds It is legal to take your armadillo to a show here in Grand Prairie. So I took mine. Travis (his name), my girlfriend (Doreen) and I went. We received looks from many of the attendees, but shook them off as noobs. I taped this for my brother Stanky Aaron. He's in jail for 50 years for having a joint at a Taylor Swift concert here. Travis loved the Punch and Steam. His tail grooved to those in the first set. Doreen loved the Divided Sky and Coil. I danced like a dervish to 'I didn't know'.

Travis had an expression for Chalkdust and Simple that radiated pure 'Dillo Joy'. He thought the end to simple too abrupt and was hoping it went deeper like the Bend version. I like The Line. It's a favorite of Stanky's. Doreen and I danced the rest of the show. It's possible we conceived during First Tube. Fun show. Stanky will like it. Travis wants to go to more shows. Not quite as good as LA or Shoreline, but merely an armadillo scale away.
Score: 3
Tbone , attached to 2015-07-28 Permalink
It was so nice to see Phish in Austin again. This show might not have been an all time great by any means but the vibe was incredible and still a good show. I thought the highlights were Wolfmans, Antelope and 46 days. They did slow things down a bit in the second set with Shade, Waiting and Wading but this was cool with us as we were in the mood to kick back and enjoy some relaxation. I will say Mike was thumping the heck out of that bass and really led some excellent grooves throughout the night.

The venue is nice in my opinion. Very spacious with lots of food truck options and plenty of places to get ice cold beverages. I sure do hope they come back to Austin soon.

A special thanks to Phish for being the best antidepressant ever. It's been a long year and my wife Jeanie is on the tail end of breast cancer recovery. She has been really down in the dumps. Well we decided about 11:00 pm Monday night to get tickets, I cut out of work early Tuesday and we hauled ass to Austin. Everything worked out perfectly and now she has a big smile on her face again thanks to Phish ;-)
Score: 1
yamarva , attached to 2015-07-29 Permalink
The Connection was perfectly placed for its long awaited bust out last night, I highly enjoyed this song. I hope this song begins to make a more regular appearance in the set lists, it has the potential for flying rock inspired jams.

Overall, I grade the show a 7.8/10. A good set list of songs that were mostly all well played, enjoyed by the crowd and band, and Divided Sky is always a welcome song. If this is a standard show for the tour then ’15 will continue to be a good year.
Score: 0
raidcehlalred , attached to 2015-07-29 Permalink
That's pretty tough, man. The playing was fine. A song like MFMF the other night shows a deliberate attempt to 'use' tempo as means to shape sets and moments. Guelah was cool; moreover, what should be noted, is the PYITE PLUS the Magilla tease in Simple. Couple this with what we get in Scabbard, and we see the band reverting to pre-arena rock days (when they felt venue size rendered those songs 'unplayable.'). This is a really cool and interesting development - roots-rock, could that be applied to the band. Toss in a couple tour bust outs - not to mention the placements - and it's a really cool first set.

The second set boasts more fine playing. Love The Connection, as it truly serves to illustrate how attuned the band is to themselves and their fans. A lot to like as the tour trajectory continues to rise. I have a feeling this will coalesce with a totally electric, 'retro' Hood.
Score: 0
direwolf75 , attached to 2015-07-29 Permalink
direwolf75 This is one of those phish shows where everything gelled together the band the venue and the crowd...the tube opener and closer sweet. My wife a native texan never been to a phish show asked her for over a decade to join me and she never did .well she has listened to phish in the car and herd my stories of the many many shows over the years .she decided to go to austin just to go.the show in austin was good but we had a blast.i talked her into going to the ft.worth show last night...the band delivered they were having fun and it the time the music stopped and the smoke wife said austin made her go to ft.worths show.but last nights show made her a PHAN. THANK YOU PHISH!!
Score: 3
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