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Man_From_Mars , attached to 1995-10-07 Permalink
The Spokane Opera House was an interesting venue to see Phish in. It wasn’t as majestic as Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre the night before but it had it’s own beauty and was one of the smallest venues of tour. Oddly, each row in the orchestra section was one long row of 75 seats and there were two balconies. Being an opera house the sound was excellent and Phish took advantage of that several times.

Julius immediately sets the tone that this show will be more rockin’ than Vancouver. The 1st Gumbo of tour (10 show gap) is a nice surprise. Trey attacks this The Fog That Surrounds with some fiery riffs. The 1st Mound of tour keeps the mood upbeat and the setlist fresh.

Trey starts up the 2nd Possum of tour (8 show gap) right as Mound ends. I was thrilled for two reasons: I really enjoy hearing Possum and I was selling "I Brake For Possum" stickers on tour, and sales are much better when the song is played. The intro is drawn out a little bit before kicking in. Trey's solo is lively right from the get go. Fishman is driving the beat at a furious pace. The jam is non-stop high-octane booty-shaking Phish; just the way we like it.

The Mango Song, the 1st of tour (21 show gap) and 2nd of the year, has the feel of a bust out. It is a perfect cool down without taking it way down. Acoustic Army provides the real breather and sounds great in this venue. "Henrietta, lead guitar" says Trey.

Wilson raises the energy level again. The intro to Run Like An Antelope is playful with some lite singing and audience clapping. The intro The band quiets things way down right before crashing into the main jam. This Antelope has a face pace right out of the gate. Everyone’s locked into the groove which is tight and controlled. The tension just keeps building and building; more non-stop high-octane booty-shaking Phish. Antelope closes the best first set of the 9 shows so far this tour.

Set two starts with Makisupa Policeman (10 show gap) and might just be my most unexpected set opener. “Woke up in the morning, DANK!” They don't rush this one and lay down a nice groove. Cars Trucks Buses had to be played after a day off and Page shines of course.

Split Open And Melt caught me off guard. It was time to get Phish-y! They lay down a frantic groove and it gets a little dicey. This is why we tour!! Full band relentless insanity! More non-stop high-octane booty-shaking Phish! A complete breakdown of the song ensues while maintaining the theme. Full band participation, absolutely beautiful. I’d do this all day long.

Strange Design allows everyone to catch their breath. It’s Ice enters mid-second set which was a little odd. The Page led jam goes deep and explores much more than the normal spaces long enough before Fishman kicks in the beat leading to the song’s finale.

Mike starts a little bass jam that quickly leads to the opening bass lines of Contact, the 1st one this Fall. So far this the best set of tour for the band. The midsection funk jam is quite powerful; solid version. Frankenstein, another 1st of the tour and 2nd of the year, was HUGE! Great placement and major fun! Best cover band ever!

Harry Hood drops inconspicuously; the crowd is so quiet and mesmerized in the opening segment. Phish cruises through the middle section and crushes the Mr. Miner section. The jam starts out so delicately and Trey eventually turns off his amplification. The rest of the band quiets way down so we can hear Trey play. It’s a brief but amazing moment, the crowd is being so respectful and quiet. Trey continues to patiently build the Hood jam; of course someone yells out Freebird, there’s always one. The intensity builds and builds as the approach the ending of the song. For some reason they don’t sing the final chorus but space out the final moments similar to version played in Sacramento. Again this seemed odd to me, but change can be a good thing. Hood concludes and the band walks to the front of the stage to sing Sweet Adeline to close the set. Fire is the encore and delivers the requisite rock ‘n roll finale.

What a really great night of music, and I sold quite a few ‘I Brake For Possum’ stickers taboot. Phish is obviously feeling more comfortable with a bunch of shows under their belts. We have a 200 mile drive to Missoula, MT for the final show of this Northwest 4-show run.

Worthy of a listen: The Fog That Surrounds, Possum, Run Like An Antelope, the whole 2nd Set!!

Score: 0
TheDukeofLizards , attached to 2009-06-07 Permalink
First phish show at the age of 12. And as a fan all my life I didn't know what to expect for my first show. When they played fee i lost it and lizards almost made me have a heart attack. This is one of those shows you will remember forever
Score: 0
Man_From_Mars , attached to 1995-10-06 Permalink
The drive to Vancouver from Portland that morning went smoothly. We got a hotel room just south of the border to leave our valuables stateside. Crossing the border was uneventful. We were excited to be heading to the first theatre show of Fall tour, and my first since the ‘94 Beacon run.

Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre is one of the most ornate venues I have ever seen. The beauty is evident from the moment you step through the door. The gold and burgundy colors were so vibrant. It really felt criminal to be attending a Phish show in such a pristine building.

Ya Mar was a pleasant way to kick off the first set. Perhaps they were showing a little respect to the venue and staff by starting things out in a mellow mood. The band’s playing was spirited and playful. The beginning of Stash doesn’t have the edge it can have, but it fit the room. The jam meanders along for a while and picks up steam toward the end but doesn’t get too crazy. Billy Breathes keeps the show on an even keel and sounds nice in this venue.

Reba starts up to my delight as I felt the show needed a little kick in the ass. The composed section is solid and the jam starts out upbeat with some fine playing by everyone. Trey’s playing very patiently and the band is riding right alongside him. Trey takes it to next level and Gordo is dropping some sweet bass lines. This Reba just keeps soaring and soaring right until the end. Instead of whistling the band comes to the front of the stage with their acoustic instruments.

I’m Blue, I’m Lonesome is played without mics and sounds great. I still smile when I hear Page sing his verse about packing his suitcase to go. “Moses Brown on the mandolin,” says Trey. Rift gets the ball rolling again and delivers as expected. Free follows and is faster than prior versions this Fall. I’m pretty sure this is the first time Trey plays his percussion rack during this song.

Lizards always makes me happy. It was the first Phish song to pique my interest and inspire me to learn about this band from Vermont. Page and Trey do their parts justice. Sample In A Jar closes out a standard first set full of tour staples.

The second set opens with a typical upbeat Poor Heart. The ending transitions into Maze and finally we have some intense Phish. Nothing out of the ordinary for this Maze but it ratchets up the mood. Theme From The Bottom allows the band to showcase their ability to sound as one with no one really stepping into the spotlight. The ending is pretty powerful. The 1st NICU of Fall tour is a welcome surprise.

The 2nd Tweezer of tour (6 show gap) is just what the doctored ordered. Post Uncle Ebenezer Trey immediately jumps on his percussion rack forcing Gordon to assault us with his bass. The jam is similar to Free but not exactly the same. Trey gets back to playing his ‘doc while Page is driving things along. Fishman picks up the beat and Trey buckles in for some serious riffing. The pace slows into spaciness and sparse playing by all. Then it slowly builds back up as Trey leads patiently over the sonic groove then drifts away.

Keyboard Army emerges appropriately out Tweezer. Phish being Phish is great! As the song winds down Trey makes his way to Fish’s drum kit. As Page is hinting at HYHU Trey starts playing the drum beat to Suspicious Minds. And Fishman makes his way to the front of the stage wearing his cape to sing this Elvis classic for the 2nd time. Fish being Fish is great!

Slave To The Traffic Light is well placed and delivered passionately to close out the second set. The encore begins with Hello My Baby sans mics. This venue sounded great and was really, really nice; the ushers were very friendly. A Day In Life was a fitting show closer for such a royal venue.

Overall I was underwhelmed by this concert but it wasn’t below average. We retreated to our hotel across the border to get some rest before the 6+ hour drive to Spokane for the 3rd show of this 4-show run.

Worthy of a listen: Reba, Tweezer > Keyboard Army > Suspicious Minds

Score: 0
davethewall , attached to 2006-07-18 Permalink
Years later my memory of this show is a bit hazy, but at the time, it seemed like the closest thing to Phish that we would ever have again. Phish 3.0 was still 3 years away...

Anyway Benevento and Russo make a BIG sound, and they are great, but this show was still pretty rough around the edges. The acoustic songs with Trey and Mike were the highlight of the show, especially You've Got Me Floating, which had a very different pace and feel than the original Hendrix version.
Susskind Hotel and Who Are You also brought some heat to end the show, and the Guess Who cover These Eyes was a nice nod to the Canadian audience.
(for a different cover of These Eyes, Michael Cera sings it in Super Bad)
Score: 0
Man_From_Mars , attached to 1995-10-05 Permalink
After a day off following the two Seattle shows, Fall Tour went south to Portland to begin a four-night run that would cover over 1,100 miles and include crossing the Canadian border. The Memorial Coliseum was newly vacant as the Portland Trailblazers were in a new home that season.

The show takes off immediately with Chalk Dust Torture. Trey drops some creative licks and drives the intensity as far as is needed in the opening spot. The crowd is stoked. The 1st Ha Ha Ha of tour, and 8th overall, keeps the energy pumping. The Fog That Surrounds, the 5th in 7 shows, is standard but crowd pleasing.

Trey says ‘Thank You!” and starts to play The Horse. Silent In The Morning follows as expected. Cars Trucks Buses, the most played song of tour so far (6 in 7 shows), is up next and bounces along nicely as the Chairman of Boards takes the spotlight. Strange Design completes a Page trifecta of sorts.

Divided Sky is most welcome as we are finally getting some beef. Trey’s pause is not long, just about a minute. Normally Fishman hits the cymbal two times soon after Trey plays the note. For the first time, and possibly the only time, Fishman initiates his own lengthy pause for roughly 30 secs. Fortunately we had 6th row seats and could see the band enjoying the humor in that moment. Trey takes this D-Sky jam a little deeper than in LA.

The band comes to the front of the stage to play Acoustic Army to the crowd’s delight. Trey thanks everyone and acknowledges Fishman on lead guitar ( not ;) The 1st Julius of tour delivers its usual incendiary jam. Suzy Greenberg provides the one-two punch to close the set. Trey teases Julius in his first little jam segment. Trey immediately jumps on the drum kit and Page explores most, if not all, of his keyboards. At the end of Suzy, Trey reminds the audience about making a chess move after the break, and of course throws in how they are going to crush us in chess.

Also Sprach Zarathustra kick starts the second set in normal fashion. Runaway Jim has been enjoying some more time in the second set, although it wouldn’t happen again this tour until late December. The Jim jam is solid and Trey implores some sustain throughout that allows the band’s overall groove to be front and center.

The 1st Colonel Forbin’s Ascent of tour is quite a nice surprise. It would be the first of two this fall tour; the other would be in Hershey. The narration begins with Trey saying “this is less of the standard roller coaster ride that you might know about and more of a conceptual kind of thing. And what I want to talk about here is the concept of the matrix.” He goes on to state that “every matrix requires three things: a source of possibility, a source of energy, and a safe ground on which to stand where you can realize that possibility using that energy.” It’s one of my favorite Gamehendge stories and I highly recommend checking it out. Fly Famous Mockingbird is always a treat; I wish the band would untether it from Forbin and play it more. Everyone participates so beautifully in this song; Trey’s jam is spirited and Gordo works a nice little bass solo before the song winds down.

Scent Of A Mule comes rolling in and Gordo gets into the spotlight; his vocals are excellent. The Trey-Page duel is interesting as usual; Page wins! Fishman drops Cavern before the Mule ends. No cavern is complete without a little lyric stumble ;)

David Bowie emerges out of the Cavern ending. Immediately Fish and Mike lock into a Cavern-esque groove before settling back into the hi-hat intro. The jam has a quick pace right out of the gate and meanders along until they break it down to single notes. Things pick back up and Page is very active. Trey is lurking in the background just waiting to go off. Things get a little intense prior to the ending.

Lifeboy, the 1st of tour (15 song gap), is such a tender song and always works well when played after a crushing jam. Amazing Grace closes the set and that song combo acts as the anti-one-two punch.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps, another 1st of the tour, rocks out and concludes a terrific night in Portland. We had just over a 300 mile drive to the next show in Vancouver, BC, which would be my first and only show to date north of the border.

Worthy of a listen: Divided Sky, Colonel Forbin’s Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird, David Bowie

Score: 0
Icculus_55 , attached to 2015-07-04 Permalink
Kind of amazing that no reviews have been written for this show. Still can't decide my favorite night of the three but WOW was this an experience. The Shakedown opener was about to blow Soldier field away harder than the 1989 world series did to candlestick park. Liberty was a great song choice for the fourth of July obviously. Lots of gems in the first set, but the highlight was without a doubt Standing On the Moon. If I could pick one song out of that whole tour that Trey mastered the most it was Standing On The Moon. You can tell that the whole place was stunned. That changed my life forever.

Second Set started off a bit slow with Bird Song but I wanted that song to be played so bad I didn't care. West LA Fadeaway into Foolish Heart put me over the moon. Stella Blue was unbelievably beautiful. One More Saturday Night was a great way to tie it all together. US Blues encore was a given but nonetheless a perfect choice to end the night. Not to mention fireworks!! Unbelievable weekend with unbelievable energy.
Score: 0
Man_From_Mars , attached to 1995-10-03 Permalink
Phish opened the 2nd show at Seattle’s Key Arena with some ambient space prior to Maze’s intro. This Maze is on point and spirited! Next we get a trio of “first time this tour” songs that represent the essence of Phish..There’s some Trey-Page interplay in Guelah Papyrus, followed by some beautiful solos in Foam, and finally a rock ballad in Fast Enough For You.

“This is a little song that we’re gonna do for you about how you people are going to feel after we demolish you in chess. It’s called Blue and Lonesome.” Too funny! The band finds their groove in Free but it doesn’t go beyond the norm.

My 4th The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday caught me by surprise, but made sense once I realized today was the eve of Yom Kippur. Of course they had to play it so they could drop into Avenu Malkenu, “Our Father, Our King”. Gordo rightfully gets down on the bass before ending the song and finishing with TMWSIY.

Sample In A Jar might be Trey’s favorite song if he had to choose; crowd pleasing version as usual. The ending of Sample drops right into You Enjoy Myself, which was so smooth initially that it stumbles a little, but recovers nicely of course. Post tramps Trey jumps on the drum kit and Page steps up to lead the jam in fine fashion. Trey returns to guitar to finish the song properly. Gordo lays down an impressive bass solo before the vocal jam to end the set.

Timber (Jerry) opens the 2nd set. It was the first time played since it’s triumphant return at Sugarbush the past summer after a 258 show gap. This gap was only 6 shows and it still felt like a bustout, we were excited to get this only 6 shows into the 54 show Fall Tour. Of course, the band tore this song up.

The 2nd It’s Ice of Fall Tour comes out of the ending of Timber Ho. The usual Page breakdown occurs and doesn’t get too crazy. This song typically isn’t played in the second set. Sparkle is Sparkle and gets the crowd riled up. Harry Hood immediately drops next and the intro section is quite unique. The Hood jam sounds great and builds to a terrific climax.

The 4th Billy Breathes in six shows is well placed. Faht was really, really unexpected and happens to be the second to last one played to the date. Wouldn’t it be fun if Fishman busted this one out again. Sweet Adeline was also well placed. Phish was really being Phish!!

Oh shit! Split Open and Melt just started!! Enjoying the rare second set placement again. Things get dark real quick to my enjoyment. This Melt bangs around a bit and pushes the envelope. Squirming Coil closes the second set unlike the last time played when it closed the first set. The full band interacts well before leaving the stage to Page to wind things down. Which he does in fine fashion of course.

As a solo encore, Rocky Top seems the most unfair. I even feel that way about Fire sometimes since it is less than 5 mins typically. But Rocky Top is less than 3 minutes. Whatever, we have a day off before the next show in Portland, OR and the start of a 4 day run that will take us to Canada and finish in Montana. But I had a fabulous time in Seattle at the first two indoor shows of Fall Tour!!!

Worthy of a listen: Maze, Foam, Timber (Jerry), Harry Hood, Faht

Score: 0
gphishmon , attached to 2015-08-16 Permalink
For some reason my review got deleted. Just wanna say, listen to this show. At least listen to NMIML through the end of the first set and Disease through Twist. Definitely the energy sagged after that (Shine a Light and a standard Fuego with no extra jamming kind of let the air out of the balloon). But this is a very underrated show that gets lost amid all the monsters. BTW, I now think 8/15 is very overrated and that Mann 2, Walnut Creek, Cleveland, Nashville, and Atlanta 1, at the very least, all blow its doors off.
Score: 0
gphishmon , attached to 2015-08-15 Permalink
Finally got to listen to this one. I have to say, it's probably the most underrated show on tour, just as the night before may be the most overrated, even by me. Actually, the 2nd quarter this night stands up against its counterpart from the previous night, as does the 3rd quarter. The Disease>Slave>Light>Twist sequence has a lot of really good stuff happening! A long blissful hosiery jam in Disease with a brief key change to E and then back to A. A very strong, standard Slave. Some freaky jamming in Light, followed by a perfect segue to Twist. They lost steam after that, however; even YEM flagged with no Trey solo, just repetitive riffing and the Trey/Mike back to back and playing each other's instruments gag. The 1st quarter lacked the song selection I might have liked, but Undermind, Julius, and 555 were played well. NMIML through Possum have already been discussed and met approval.
Score: 0
Man_From_Mars , attached to 1995-10-02 Permalink
I was excited for the first indoor show since the Salt Lake City Delta Center show in the beginning of Summer Tour. Indoor shows always bring a different, more potent vibe.

Not sure if it’s the sound difference or Kuroda’s lights for both sets but indoor shows, outside of festivals, seem to carry more intensity. It’s more authentic Phish to me excluding festivals again ;) This next run of shows were my first and only Phish shows to date in the Pacific Northwest. Fun crowds! Interesting venues!

Fortunately I had a friend to stay with that lived just below Seattle. It was a special run of shows for me, all the way through Spokane. Having a driver, that could roll the most impressive fattie while driving, for the Seattle shows allowed me to enjoy tour with a little more spike man.

Opening with Poor Heart was an interesting call but paid off with immediate energy; Trey’s solo had some extra mustard. The 11th Wolfman’s Brother ever didn’t go far post chorus but you can feel the potential. Rift shows off the band’s dexterity and songwriting so well.

Night Moves was a clever way to further discuss the “vicious chess match” between the band and audience. Stash, like the Shoreline Reba, was a great choice to follow the chess interlude. The jam becomes a driving force of pounding and relentless tension-building energy that finally releases around the 11 min mark.

Acoustic Army provides the yin to the yang of Stash and gives us a moment to catch our breath. The 4th The Fog That Surrounds is a good pick me up but doesn’t flow as well as the earlier versions played in CA. Theme From The Bottom is a another new tune for the fans in the region and is a solid version.

Tela was an unexpected treat that allows Page to be in the spotlight and is executed well. Fishman starts the David Bowie hi-hat intro just before Tela ends. The extended intro is spacey before the song kicks in proper. The band does not rush the 2nd Bowie of tour. They eventually pick up the pace and intensity before ending the song to close the first set.

The 1st Wilson of tour opens the 2nd set and a fair amount of the Northwest crowd knows to chant . It’s an average version that gets the show going again. The 5th straight Cars Trucks Buses immediately follows and keeps the set grooving along.

The next three songs were all firsts for Fall Tour. The 3rd Bathtub Gin of the year stays within the confines of the song’s structure. Llama provides a quick burst of rocking energy. Simple was finally getting away from being played in Mike’s or after Sparkle. This version breaks down to spaciness allowing the band members to goof off a little before Page starts the 4th Keyboard Army of tour. Gotta love Phish being Phish!

This version of Slave To The Traffic Light is worthy of a listen. The jam literally starts from nothing as Trey and Mike start playing single notes. Page joins in softly and then we hear Fishman’s vacuum subtly for about a minute; unprecedented I believe. The build is so patient and never fully peaks before the ending, but that’s okay. Check it out!

Hello My Baby is a great a capella choice for Phish. The crowd eats it up! The 1st Lizards of tour, and 3rd Gamehendge song of the night, is a great late 2nd set choice. Page is in fine form as is Trey.

Run Like An Antelope is really fast paced compared to the first two takes of Fall Tour. They are not wasting any time and get right down to business. Trey plays a repetitive riff and Page fills in nicely, Gordon and Fish are laying down a solid groove. Trey starts exploring and speeds the pace but still maintains some repetitive riffs. And we have lift off! The ending groove is drawn out a little longer than usual which is always nice.

A Day In The Life always makes me smile. Phish is one of the better cover bands and they obviously respect the cover song. Add in the CK5’s lights and you have a show stopper!!

Phish really knows how to captivate an audience. The show was inspired, playful, humorous, and full of energy. The song selection was typical, repetitive and fresh. I was looking forward to the next night of Fall Tour at this arena.

Worthy of a listen: Night Moves, Stash, Tela, David Bowie, the whole second set!

Score: 0
KosherMakisupa , attached to 2013-07-27 Permalink
HELP!!! I was listening to this show today and came across something....

Go to 50:09 maybe a little before..... Right in the middle of this most epcot 2001 jam there is a very interesting riff that Mike lays first and then at 50:18 the whole band goes into the riff together... THEN at 50:35 Trey plays it for sure..... Listen and tell me you don't recognize the riff utilized for Martian Monster.... It's undeniable and I want to know more. HELP!
Score: 0
Rudy2Shoes , attached to 1998-08-06 Permalink
A nice, sweltering ATL afternoon in early August.. my best friend's birthday and my 1st show.. to start, a GREAT Oh Kee Pah –> Suzie, followed by a SOLID rendition of Roses are Free. Roggae & Beauty of My Dreams follow then... Vultures makes it’s appearance in a perfect slot and is performed quite beautifully, the energy is palatable from the get go.. you can tell they are locked in and on a mission tonight... Train Song and Billy Breathes fill the air until a 1st set of highlights kicks into high gear... I'm speaking of course of the AWESOME run of a spot on / killer / face melting Fluffhead, followed by a GREAT Moma Dance! Then.. Fishman with the Vacuum in the 1st set?... YES PLEASE! HYHU –> Cracklin’ Rose –> HYHU with a first set closer of My Soul.

Wow. Just let that soak in... a perfectly played & executed first set of phantastic playing that saw phourteen songs / yes 14. For the years to follow, especially after the millenium show (Was there too), this became unheard territory, you'd be lucky to get a show w/ 14 songs in the 2000 - 2003 Phishtory Phase, however, I digress...

Very nice and the best first set I’ve ever heard. By the way, I’m a first set fanatic.. I LOVE 1st sets of Phish shows.. don’t know why, but I bet it has something to do with this first show in ATL.

The 2nd set starts with a roaring Birds of a Feather with Phish locked in and popping energy at the seems.. then an awesome version of Wolfman's Brother follows, and lasts a good 14 - 15 minutes, musically running the gammut on styles and eventually settling into a great groove, as above mentioned "Floyd-esque" type groove.. which disolves gorgeously into Talk, which I might add is performed quite nicely - the best TALK I've ever heard, and then here we go - a ragging NICU –> Prince Caspian (my personal fav performance of this as they are simply ripping tits with this one! ~ a MUST listen) –> The Mango Song (YES - very nice...) is just Glorious, all capped off with a great Down With Disease.

Then, a PERFECT AND ONLY cover of Van Halen’s “Runnin’ With The Devil” followed by a spirited YEM w/ Runnin’ With The Devil teases in the Jam...

Literally, my favorite show I’ve ever been too for a number of reasons... Mainly, how the guys were playing. EVERY band member is locked in and stoking the coals of the phire on stage.. they are definately a band beyond description on this phine Atlanta night! I'm lobbying.. no I seriously contend that this is a perfect candidate for the next Live Phish Release... this is the best show I've ever seen.. by any artist.

Please – release this nugget for the phans ears to enjoy... I definitely enjoyed myself and think everyone else would too!
Score: 0
DriedupGoliath , attached to 1999-07-15 Permalink
DriedupGoliath This show is insane. I love the zippy warp speed Ghost here, a great example of the playing style. A bit of an old school feel in the first set from Horn on. The You Enjoy Myself is great and features more of a traditional rock jam than the typical YEM jam.

Once you get past the dance instructions in Meatstick, we embark on a 10 minute happy little jam, with some really cool work from Page. The Melt is the centerpiece here, 30 minutes of improvisation, including Kung. It would have been excellent for the "Jam" to come back to finish Split Open and Melt, all that time later, but they were probably a little too far out at that point to even make that attempt. In my mind, it's a top 3 jam of '99, behind the 9/14/99 AC/DC Bag and 12/2/99 YEM.

There's a kinda tease of Crosseyed at about 8:10 of Split Open and Melt, didn't see that noted anywhere.
Score: 0
NiceGuyGroovin , attached to 2015-09-06 Permalink
Did anyone else hear the 2001 vibes from page starting to come in towards the end of Carini? I started going crazy when I heard this and then steam came in, first time hearing that one so I a little dazed and confused. Next I got caught up in the Piper, melodically jamming along, and before I know it my suspicions were confirmed when the unmistakable keyboard and drums dropped in to set the rocket ship that is 2001 into orbit, then I really went nuts in the dancing.
Score: 0
BroMcDudical , attached to 1995-10-21 Permalink
For the most part EducateFright said everything I would've review-wise. Just wanted to add a bit about the GTBT>Tweeprise to close the first set. First off Trey rips the solos, I think Jimmy Page would be proud, and the end jam morphs from pure rock hose to classic phish tension release. After the second or third release its actually mike who deviates the bass line from the more standard GTBT type riff to the E F# G A (the Tweeprise baseline a whole step higher (I believe it's normally in D)). Man, mike never abuses his harmonic power as the bass player in jams but when he recommends a course of action like that it always seems to be a great call (most notable example is probably the great went Gin). Sorry getting off track. Anyways, you see Trey look over when he hits the G giving the nod of approval and they're all immediately on board. Seamless transition to the end chorus of Tweeprise and the crowd goes wild. And it's in a different key! give these guys some credit they're true musicians. You can tell because Trey can't play the normal tweezer reprise riff at the end (although I suppose he could've on the low e-string). Gold. Also, acoustic army reminds me of when Zeppelin would do like going to California (and some other of their acoustic songs). Love seeing the Zeppelin influence
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