7-12-01 - The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

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Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 20:02:08 -0700
From: Kentalope kent@earthlink.net
Subject: Greek Review
Where have all the wookies gone? What a mellow scene at the Greek! It looks
like people have had time to take showers since Phish let-up a bit.  No lost
puppies running around, no people passed out on the side of the road, just a
great vibe all around.  It was a beautiful night in Los Angeles at one of my
favorite theatres.  Mix that with old friends you haven't seen in awhile, new
friends, and enough funk to choke a dead horse, and you have a great night.
Mozambique, Moesha -- Surprised to hear the same two songs as the night
before.  Not pissed, just surprised.  I was like, "Is this REM?" but the rest
of the setlist proved that they'll still change things up a bit.
Alive Again -- This song is great.  What a cool f'in song.  There's a refrain
in the middle where they sing, "Now is the time for you to feel alive again,"
and, as was the previous night in San Diego, led to an impromptu burst of
yells from the crowd after each time they sang it.  It's a great moment for
the audience and band connection.
Money, Love, Change -- After seeing this a second time, I can see where it
will grow on me.  The jam at the end was this heavy-metal riff - almost
reminiscent of Wilson in a round-about way - and was jammed really well.
Trey thanks everyone for coming out, excited about all the new tunes, etc.
At the BBQ -- Same.  Nice placement.
Instrumental -- This was incredibly, incredibly funky.  Had everyone bouncing
all over the place.  Like this James Brown/trance groove with the clav popping
away.  At the end, Trey led the band into a huge crescendo where they all sped
up and kept speeding up until it was mayhem - with Kuroda right along with
them with the spinning white lights.  Freakscene.  Killer way to close the

Cayman Review -- Good jam in the middle.
Burlap Sack & Pumps -- Had everyone dancing hard again.  This song rips. Each
horn member got a chance to solo, and really showed how fucking talented these
people are.  I can't believe the trombone player is 18.  There was dissonance
here, almost in the vein of Miles, then coming back into the groove...Then
there was a sax solo, then Jennifer's trumpet solo.  Jennifer rocks.  Trey
filled in nicely along with everyone, not getting in the way like during
Page's solo in Maze for instance - just nice texturing and perferct
Stone -- "The moss is reaching up to you."  I heard this on the webcast and
wanted to hear it live.  Great groove.  With all these new tunes, maybe there
should be a double-album.  So much great music here.
Mr. Completely -- Completely raging AGAIN.  The song itself reminds me of a
"Tomorrow Never Knows," or some Beatles-esque-type harmonies.  Then Trey's
solo was just completely out of hand.  This is the rager of the summer for
sure.  Classic, super-intense Trey.
Quantegy -- Soooo mellow.. so slow.. so funky.  The jam reminded me of Pink
Floyd a little bit.  Very textured.. lots of flute.. Bathroom break for a lot
of people.
Drifting -- Hadn't heard this one yet.  It's a pretty, up-beat song with a jam
at the end.. a classic Trey/Tom tune.  I really only remember the jam - which
took off towards the end with a major three chord progression going down the
doc over and over.  It's pure Trey, in the way of "Down with Disease," and now
"Push on Till the Day."  Really pretty, soaring guitar that built to a raging
inferno at the end.
Flock of Words -- Slow, ballad-y tune.  This is the part in the show where I
kneeded my balls. No, good tune - Trey's songwriting has grown incredibly.
There really is a maturity to these songs I haven't seen in other Trey/Tom
tunes. With the lyrics, the music, the whole thing - it just seems like its
First Tube -- Great to hear this in its vast, epic, expansive glory.  I'll say
that other 1st Tube's have gotten me off more, but I'm spoiled.  Being in the
moment was grand.
Push On -- This is another "jam of the summer" tune.  Compared to San Diego?
Can't say - they were both of epic porportions.  Love the new James Brown 2001
breakdowns in the middle. 

E: At the Gazebo -- The quiet, four-part horn song with Trey coming in with
acoustic guitar at the end.  Beautiful way to end the show with the still,
quiet, California air lingering through the trees on the magical hill we were
perched upon.  Ok, that was sarcastic - but it was pretty.  There was a
gunshot or something right in the middle of Trey playing which prompted
cheers (????) from the audience.  Kinda weird.  But Trey didn't flinch and 
finished it out.
This is great outdoor summertime dance music! People seemed really
enthusiastic at both shows and were extremely receptive.  I know I was.
Get some Dr. Scholls for your shoes so your feet don't hurt the next day.
And thanks Trey, for changing it up and trying something new.  The new stuff
is killer and is totally in the right direction.  Keep pushing.
And if you're seeing this show coming up, get psyched! It's pure,
unadulterated GREAT music!
                     \\ k e n t a l o p e //

Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 11:57:02 -0700 From: Gary Barnes gbarnes3@san.rr.com Subject: Review-July 12th 2001 Drove from Marina del Rey to the Greek-long drive with lots of traffic, bought a VIP pass from a very nice stranger, parked and looked around. No vending and lots of Johnny Law; very mellow parking lot scene, but a gorgeous night with a light breeze and fading sunlight. The songs have been described by others, but I wanted to comment on the new direction Trey is taking and why I believe it is positive one. His music, not to mention this new band, is more mature, more structured and still incredibly diverse in its roots. I fell in love with Phish because of their early structured jazz tunes, insane time signatures and complex chord changes. I loved all the other music, but always yearned for Trey or Phish to return to YEM, Fluffhead, Reba type song structures. Jam, but jam within a context that contains a more definable start, middle and end. Being a huge fan of Zappa as well, I knew that if Trey ever got the chance to compose song structures with a big band or even a symphony, he is talented enough to pull it off. He did tonight and it was an absolute joy to witness his smile all evening long. The status of Phish aside, Trey is pushing the envelope with this band and Oysterhead and the result will either be a re-energizing of Phish, a new version of Phish or Trey will continue to be like Zappa with the Mothers. Create and lead a band for a period, make an album or two, break it up and form another to explore other musical avenues. I will be a fan whatever way Trey and Phish go because the music remains high quality and has always been so. One word from a fan who loves to listen to Trey lead on guitar: find a sick rhythm guitarist, have them hold the tune and allow you to soar. Can you imagine a Phish with permanent horns and a rhythm guitarist?!! Do that whether or not you re-join Phish and stay on your own. Thank you for a wondrous evening Trey-you are one of the few reasons that Zappa's quote remains true, "Music is the Best". Gary Barnes San Diego
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 09:18:33 EDT From: CGSkywlkr@aol.com Subject: Hollywood " Greek Theatre" Summer's here & I'd like a review ..... this song is fantastic..... Similar song set structure to San Diego ..... & so what the Funk & Goo is ridiculously yummy.... Greek theatre is so beautiful, all the trees, the entire park is a gem... First set was transcendingly soaring, the funk & goo was everywhere. First set, intensely pure, their jams so confidently played out, the horns, man, the bassist and drummer lay it down thick. I sorta see Trey's enthusiasm to jam with these dudes..... The band is so stoked to be having so much fun with it all. Thanks ... Us phans are loving every moment of it..... Jammin it up in these incredibly small & sweet venues is bringing out a lotta of love in the whole scene..... Lots of Good Energy is coming together... Thanks Trey & the Band.... Peace :-)
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 05:17:02 EDT From: GeorgeSixstring@aol.com Subject: my review Someones coming and I'd like a Review.........Silently you called to me,,Silently you called to me..and yes Trey it feels good to be alive again. Greek theatre had more relaxed vibe then even last night. The First Set had even more pop then last night. It seems like the band is really starting to fly through the maddness and emerging unscathed. There were several moments through the first set that Blew up..but the set closer had a Jam--Light --Hook up comparable to anything I've seen.. Not one Phish song in the first set..but I could still Dig it because the boys....AND girl were getting it done. The Second set was a little tamer then I expected...but a good balance to the insantity of the First set closer..We had the one and only Phish song..First Tube..to accopany the Last Tube..played eairler......one night why not FINISH the trilogy so often talked about. Maybe not? But anyway the set closer was Push on till the DAy..Bravo Trey. The dance looked a little more freestyle and flow then the night before. I think alot of people expected either a different encore or two..but it did not need anything else..the encore had the flighty texetured lines that put and afterglow on everything before it..Its all about what trey said in San Diego...that its not going to be a ton of song you know.....but its about trying to embrace what is before you now...I don't know all the song tiltles..but QUANTIGY had me pondering.....CAYMEN REVIEW.....made me groove........AND ALIVE AGAIN..will not leave my head....so many times tonight I didn't know if I was following treys licks..or his licks were following me. and thats why I will always be sucked in time and again....but the band seems to be on a good journey...and looking back on reviews from the 1999 show I saw at the Murat..one guy says ..These guys can't hang and Trey carried the whole load...That is just not the case with the performance I saw tonight..and that is a great thing....Like the 2nd set opener from last night....THIS IS HOW I FEEL!!! damn thats a GREAT one too...................
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