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theothr1 , attached to 1997-11-29 Permalink
theothr1 revisiting this show, while exposing myself to some dreaded spring-cleaningish house chores, for the first time since about a month or so after said show occured...Dan, i absolutely LOVE your review...especially given the jet-fueled, post-show immediacy in which it was written...which also happens to be the reason (hahaha, and i realize it matters not one bit) i will forgive you for calling this a standard version of Foam*...that is all

*- without question, one of the top 3 performances of all-time
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dutchbug , attached to 1987-03-06 Permalink
dutchbug I keep imagining what it was like to see these folks at Goddard...just being at this little school in VT and seeing this band just KICK IT. Even if Phish never went on to be famous, I'd be pretty into this tape. These kids are just so full of talent.

What's funny to me is that this is the SAME BAND that became so huge. I mean, some aspects of changed, but more have remained the same. Like the Dead, they kind of just plunk on doing the same thing regardless of how big they get. That's how to inspire true cult-like devotion from your fans.

Check this one out.
Score: 1
bigswede , attached to 1991-04-12 Permalink
This was the show that put me over the edge. This was my 3rd show and the band had come a long way since the 3/31/90 show at the Rathskeller student union in Madison, WI. My buddy and I helped load their gear into the Barrymore earlier that day when we got a call from a friend working at the Barrymore, and in exchange they offered to let us tape a soundboard of the show. I brought my home stereo dub deck into the venue and they plugged it in, set the levels, and even flipped the tape for me. I now converted it to digital and this show continues to floor Phishheads ever time I pull it out and crank it up. They filled the Barrymore with dry ice smoke, got out the mini trampolines and proceeded to freak the hell out of all of us with strobe lights. This is a show I will never forget and one of the best of my lifetime. The raw sound from Trey's guitar is epic!
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bigswede , attached to 1990-03-31 Permalink
My first show as well. I remember standing in front of Trey and losing it. This was a free show in the student Union at The University of Wisconsin. Myself and about 50 others enjoyed this experience and they came back in November of 90 to play the Great Hall. I wish I would have taken some Pics, and wish I could remember the setlist. Dam. Those were the day.
Score: 1
bigswede , attached to 1990-11-08 Permalink
I remember the room was load as hell, especially when Popper started blowing the hell out of the harp. The Great Hall does not have good acoustics and that is why they don't do shows in there. It sounds like a boomy gymnasium. We had fun anyway, but I remember not hearing very well for the next couple of day.
Score: 1
Jersey , attached to 1999-12-31 Permalink
Jersey So glad that this show holds up on playback as well as it does because honestly that is about the only way that I have memories of this show. I am not proud of that but I am also not the only one that was in that state. I was always a "its about the music first and foremost guy" but this night seemed a bit different, due to the hype around Y2K, the fact that we were secluded in the Everglades, and we had to have a plan to be able to rage for 7 hours after already doing the festival thing the night before and getting too little sleep. Combine that and you kinda get the perfect storm.

Case in point- I had been hunting a deep crosseyed and painless for quite some time by that point, and when we all gathered in the morning to compare setlists all of my buddies started clowning on me because that was missing from my setlist and recollection and they all knew I was chasing it for a while. Kind of a snapshot of what the night was like.

The thing that impresses me the most is the collective stamina. The jams that they were playing at 4AM were just as sick as the stuff around 1AM. The crowd was still dancing and wanting more as the sun came up. It was truly a moment of band>crowd energy that created something that I do not think could ever be recreated. They painted a masterpiece where all of the pieces came together and equalled perfection.

I think that one of the most enduring legacies of this show is its wide acceptance in the Phish community. The 99 sound was polarizing to say the least. For me, its my favorite sound ever. I saw every Phish show that year so Cypress was the metaphorical icing on the cake. But even those that found the 99 sound to be too repetitive or too groove based still found a way to celebrate what they were hearing and seeing that night.

In terms of the music itself, Cypress Sand is my favorite version of my favorite phish song (since 2001 is not a phish song). The Crosseyed is long, creative and weird. The Roses is kind of the bizarro world cousin to the Nassau Roses- it is a BIG version, but instead of finding the pocket like Nassau its a full on psychedelic shred fest.

Another beauty of this show is how different jams have been my favorite over the years. Right now I am loving the DWD since the release of the videos. I honestly forgot how amazing it was, even have hearing it several times since, but seeing it blew me away.

If you have not watched the videos, devote an hour and a half a night for a week and do it. Whether there or not, it is an amazing experience to share it.

Score: 1
theghost , attached to 1992-04-16 Permalink
theghost This was a very heavily traded show back in the day when Phish was surging to stardom. I'm sure these tapes in particular played a role in driving their rise. I know I sent this one out to many people.

It's just a great show...definitely my favorite of the California run and one of the best of the year. The first set is a perfect showcase of what they were doing at the time. The second set is a little gimmicky but the Weekapaug is sublime.
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CentralScrutinizer , attached to 1997-07-30 Permalink
This is one of my favorite shows from 1997. An incredible Bowie>cities>Bowie. A fantastic Wolfmans>chalkdust. One of my favorite versions of Free. A really nice my soul and not a bad stash in there too. A great great show all around but that free Bowie cities Bowie is amazing top shelf phish and one of my favorite 45 minute stretches of music from 1997.
Score: 0
CentralScrutinizer , attached to 1997-08-06 Permalink
Third mediocre phish show in a row after the gorge shows. Ghost is nice, not that great, but still fun for an early version. Another nice and spirited Julius, repeated from the previous show. Another right although not fantastic twist. And a fun antelope into Makisupa transition. jim
is ok and the stash gets interesting about 8 minutes in for a short while. But again, for the third show in a row; not much playing off each other or hooking up with each other. Like trey is playing over instead of with the other three who do their best to carry the show.
Score: 0
CentralScrutinizer , attached to 1997-08-03 Permalink
A nice taste and a nice twist. Two songs they were crushing recently. Nothing spectacular though. Julius gets into a little something around 9 minutes in. But overall, not a great show. Decent Zero and decent limb, another show they were putting great energy into this tour and really nailing, but this one wasn't quite as strong as others from this tour. I enjoyed the Sampson variation too and fluff head was nice too, nothing out of this world, but gets pretty sweet in the middle. Nothing to write home about and not a show I'll be playing much in the future
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CentralScrutinizer , attached to 1997-08-02 Permalink
One of the weaker shows of 97. Just didn't play together. Trey kind of off and playing over everybody. A nice Water In The Sky. And split, tweezer, and ghost all eventually end up with a little something interesting at 11.5 minutes, 14.5 minutes and 6.5 minutes respectively, but never get anywhere great. Not much hooking up going on in this show. This is a show worth skipping.
Score: 0
tubescreamer , attached to 1997-06-25 Permalink
tubescreamer Anyone who is interested in shows that showcase the antics of Phish (fans of MPP 7/27/14 II) with fresh and unique takes on old numbers are going to love set II. The kick off is a highpowered romp that starts to dig, and deep it goes. Who knew the controls were set to the center of the earth for this one. Who knew the center of the earth was a shockingly silly, hilarious and deranged Phish show? I digress. The meatstick debut-- completely different than any other version every played, segues masterly into THE most different uncanny improvised version of McGrupp, how does it sound? well I will preface this whole review by reminding you that this was the part of summer 97 when the band was reaching their apex of otherworldly swamp on the edge of a black hole sound (read: Paradiso 7/1 + 7/2), complete with audience participation encouraged by the band, this McGrupp is a once in a lifetime performance that in retrospect could only have been followed by the dance throw down-inside joke that is Makisupa. However we get it just after the dark predatory sirens that we come to now know as a ghost intro, (this is all dark humor afterall) and we get a raucous and banter filled Story of the... Nug. The mood and subterranean reggae feel had been rolling over the past fifteen minutes to set up the segue perfectly. Then, if you think the jokes couldn't get any stranger, ladies and gentleman the greasy troll comes out and sits on a chair and plays his drumsticks on a towel on his lap while trey mics them, and belts out Celicia- acapella, managing to go on and on while forgetting most of the words, per usual. This show is Phish as comedic magician, dazzling, confounding and leading up to a climax that will cut you in half for all to see... Then HYHU ensues, and after the expected victory lap finale fishman hops on guitar, subsequently, Mike hops on the Piano, and Page gets on the Bass. [There needs to be a Rotation Jam noted put into the notes of this show] After that they go into a haunting rendition of Rock A William. Given the strangeness of this show, this song just slays it as if drawing the ghost of Tennessee Ernie Ford singing "16 Tons" from inside the ground, maybe on the back of the worm. By now is this the longest stretch fishman has ever been on stage? Antelope brings the bivouac back towards the surface of the earth by climbing into a sonic slow ascent, with trey hanging on long notes, like in Maze but a 'slightly' different context. It is a harrowing mad dash for air. The show concludes with Trey thanking all sorts of people- Fans who like banter are going to love this. As an encore they break out Guyute. The thing is that gets forgotten all too often about Guyute is that when it was busted out in the beginning of it's life it had a magical reverence the song has certainly lost with age, (read: me, the jaded vet.) The first set is just a whole lot of fun with Summer 97 flare all over the place, but the second set is that carnival at the bottom of the Mariana trench we so rarely get brought to by the band.
Score: 0
gingerphish , attached to 1997-12-02 Permalink
Right now I'm dedicating a large portion of my listening time to Fall 97'. I would still consider myself a newer phan (first show 7/13/13) and after finally finding websites with quality audience recordings I'm going hard into exploring the older versions of Phish I missed out on. After hearing this show I was blown away. Since I wasn't there I can't tell some awesome story, but I'll leave my notes on what I took from this show.

First set highlights: Ripping version of Chalkdust. Although late 90's versions tend to remain shorter, they give Trey a lot of freedom to shred and he doesn't disappoint here. Same concept with Down with Disease. I'm not going to say this was some mind-blowing version, but very solid, tight playing from everyone. The Ghost kicked off a little funk and kept me interested. Like an earlier comment previously stated, it doesn't blast off into any type II territory, but I was jamming out to this song.

Second Set highlights: As someone who would usually skip through Mike's Song when listening to 3.0, I cannot believe how absolutely incredible the start of this set is. Mike's is down right rocking and really attracts the side of me that LOVES heavy playing. You can really tell by the audience recording I have that people are freaking out throughout this song. Simple brings things down a notch after one hell of a Mike's song. This song is beautiful, although I think the Page/Trey interplay drags a little bit. I love the smooth change of pace though and everyone gets a breather with Dog Face Boy. No one can control the pace of their sets like Phish and this is a perfect example. So begins the second ascent. Ya Mar is always fun and I'm becoming a big supporter of this 97' versions. The transition into Weakapaug is so smooth, but I don't know about smoothest transition you'll hear. Kind of an awkward change of pace, but as soon as everyone gets adjusted, they lock in. This is by far and away the best Weakapaug I've ever heard. I'm a bass player so obviously this is favorite to begin with, but the shift from funk to rock is unreal. Like I told my friends trying to convince them to download this show, this song peaks like only the best Phish jams do.
Score: 0
Mikesgroover , attached to 1994-04-14 Permalink
Mikesgroover I have vivid memories of this show, as it's the only Phish show I ever "taped". The main reason I attempted to do this was because I had first row balcony seats, so I brought in a backpack with my portable tape recorder with built-in mics and some extra tapes.

Of course, I had to indulged in some mushroom tea with my friend in his Bleecker Street apartment. I also invited a girl I didn't know very well but I hoped to date to accompany us to this show. Did we bother to tell her we'd drank some tea beforehand? Nah, that would have been too easy. Was my enhanced state evident on the tape, of course! The show itself, alas isn't as musically memorable as the experience. It remains an entertaining show where the exuberance of the New York City crowd was in evidence throughout the night.

Jim and Foam are high-energy and typical of the era, with precision playing from Trey. The first New York City performance of Disease shows the song still finding its footing. The second performance of Demand goes right into Split Open and Melt, just like on the Hoist album. This confused me at the time as I thought Demand was just some weird spoken-word intro to a very average Melt. Other than Demand, there's nothing in this first set to set it apart from others of the era.

The one truly outstanding moment of the night is during The Antelope, is a furious example of 1994 tension>release and contains the one truly outstanding moment of the night -- a particularly furious peak from 8:00 to 9:20. Unfortunately, it's one of only a handful of high-energy moments in this second set.

The second-ever Mule is a fast-paced romp, with the crowd attempting to clap to the beat during the slower middle section before it speeds up. YEM is a very standard version, until Trey asks for a volunteer from the audience to take his place during the tramps segment. Despite stressing that people should only raise their hands if they knew the entire trampoline routine, the guy who ends up getting to do it totally fucks it up.

From the YEM vocal jam through the two acoustic, no-microphone tunes you get about 15 minutes of no playing, which let some of the gas out of this set. The band wanted to play with the acoustics of the venue, but the audience could have used a little more high-energy playing at this point. Exuberant, yet straightforward Slave wraps things up.

To wrap up the story, in my out-of-it state I managed to dump the contents of my backpack, including my date's wallet, underneath the seat before departing. We realized what had happened at the Subway station and had to convince security to let us back in the venue to retrieve them.

Take the 2001>Antelope for a spin if you're in the mood for some fine '94 style tension>release. And don't drink mushroom tea if you're going to try and impress a date to a Phish show.
Score: 1
Ravinus , attached to 1999-09-25 Permalink
I was at this show, on my birthday, in the town where I was born. I attended the night before in Austin as well. I really enjoyed myself at this show. As far as the recording, it's a good one to throw in that won't require a lot of attention. It will perk your ears at various times and force you to listen but, in all honesty, the night before was a lot better. The 2001 is spectacular though. I'm kind of surprised that it does not get a "highly recommended" stamp. I guess there is a personal bias I'm experiencing. Perhaps it isn't long enough to make the cut. Check it out though, you won't be disappointed. I wish there were clearer copies of this show available out there. Unfortunately, I don't see it being one that gets released from the archives.
Score: 0
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