, attached to 2019-12-29

Review by DownWithSteam

DownWithSteam Attended the show and watched from the Chase Bridge. Set one was great, filled with lots of songs I had never heard live yet like Turtle but also fit in classics like Moma Dance. My friend was lots of fun and the 1st set really takes off with Birds and then WMGGW, which was awesome and got the garden rocking loud. It all carried over to this 2nd set, which I dare say is near perfect. The transitions and fluidness are just on another level, and great versions glaore of carini, gin and golden age. The Hood has insane energy going in, and Trey holds a note for almost 2 minutes and the garden just got louder and louder. Truly amazing moment. Fun antelope to close it all out. This is an amazing Phish show imo, Bakers Dozen level and top 20 of 3.0, mainly the 2nd set
, attached to 2017-12-29

Review by DownWithSteam

DownWithSteam My first show, didn't really know what I was getting myself into quite yet, had been a deadhead but never checked out much Phish but decided a show would be the best way to do it. I knew maybe 3 or 4 songs, but was floored pretty much the whole night in awe of the music. I remember people being surprised at a Cavern opener. When I told a group of people it was my first Phish show, they treated me well and made sure I got very high. After that, the music just took off. I felt like the 2nd set was greatest hits or something because of how much the crowd rocked. Now looking back at it after listening to Phish alot more these past few years, I realize how truly blessed I was with a first show - the chalkdust is insanely good upon relisten, better than what I remembered. A great experience and first show, setlist is still maybe the best ive caught.
, attached to 1998-07-10

Review by Culture_Czar

Culture_Czar This is a show I'm unlikely to ever revisit again, especially in full, but not because it's a bad show (I've definitely heard way worse.) The PA problems are obvious and terrible and distracting. It's distracting on headphones and I'm sure it was a nightmare for the band, but they valiantly pushed through anyway. The loud pops from the PA impede on more than a few songs and I just can't see going back in on this when there's so much excellence out there without issue. That said, Trey bombed on Divided Sky [i]badly[/i]. Like [u][b][i]sooooo badly[/i][/b][/u]. When the wrinkles get ironed out it goes off pretty well, but given how good the rest of this tour is (especially Prague 2 and the Copenhagen run and Barcelona 2) I just don't see returning here.
, attached to 2018-11-03

Review by headyburritos

headyburritos This show definitely packs a fun punch to end this Vegas run. I remember being obviously very spent from 3 nights of Phish prior to this, but this show really brought the heat on the final night of what is a very strong 4-night Halloween run. The first set contains some pretty standard fare, with a few of my favorite tunes thrown in that add some extra replay value for me, mainly Roggae, Water in the Sky, TUBE, and the entire Mike's segment. Highlights of the first set are definitely Tube and the Mike's Groove. Tube really helped the second half of the first set shine with it's funky energy to start the jam section followed by a triumphant bliss-driven peak to close it out. For sure a stand-out version among the many great Tubes of recent times. The Mike's segment gets a special boost for the Lifeboy bustout and is of course it's natural dance party to end the first set. Second set is where the goods are at in this show. Carini is always a great set 2 opener and this is no slouch. Dark from the get-go, this jam takes on a hypnotic industrial sound at the end of the jam, with some expert DDHVL vocal quotes layered on by Fishman to add to its spookiness. 46 Days, although pretty straightforward, keeps things feeling dark and murky and ends with some nice ambient space leading into SaSS, where this set really picks up the momentum. Although I wish they would play the intro more often, this version still kicks ass without it. Dark, spooky, and industrial at the start of the jam, then giving way to some tropical sounding dance music, this jam showcases all that Phish has to offer. Has anyone ever regretted seeing a mid-second set Crosseyed? Neither did anyone at this show. 2001 and Possum great energy boosts late in the second set, leading up to the big finale and showcase jam of this night, Split Open and Melt. This jam really does have it all, spread out over several very distinct jam segments. A lot of the same dark, industrial tones from earlier in the set, played to perfection. Minutes 9-15 of the jam are some of the finest in this Vegas run. Definitely the highlight of this show and possibly even of this entire run. Never miss a Saturday show…?
, attached to 2012-08-31

Review by berkeleybrian

berkeleybrian Yes....the Fuck Your Face show. I didn't think anything else could be added to the discussion on this one, but here I am sitting in quarantine doing Dinner and a Movie Tuesday and I heard something nobody has mentioned. Trey teases Rainy Day Women in Alaska, and right before they wrap it up, Page goes riffs on it for a bar or two. Nice little nod to Colorado everybody musta been too baked too notice before. :)
, attached to 2014-08-30

Review by bcraig

bcraig First Set: Free is always an amazing opener. The song starts slow and builds up the crescendo cry of the crowd that we are “FREEEEEE” and ready to get this party started. Funk continues with a fairly straight forward Moma Dance and Hailey’s Comet. The next segment of the show from Stealing Time through Sparkle is more song-oriented. Everything is well played but nothing strays too far from the script. From there the band looked to stretch things out a bit. Wingsuit starts off very pleasantly and builds up to a soaring peak. Bowie really gets cooking in the back half of the jam. Cavern takes us to setbreak in its typical raging fashion. Second Set: And here is where we really get into it. Disease comes out with a bang. Initially its a super high energy jam but around the 10-minute mark mellows out into a groovy sunny day walk in the park. It’s such a sublime jam. Gradually our main character wanders off into a far off section of the park. The scene grows darker and the trees around us seem to be reaching their branches around us and we gradually dissolve into What’s the Use? Carini comes roaring up from the darkness and drags us to his secret place where the initial jam gets dissonant. But then we begin climbing and erupt out of the darkness into an uplifting major key segment. We have made it through the scary times, let us rejoice! The final couple minutes of Carini brings us back to the sunny park but now we have an extra skip in our step. The transition to Light is a little abrupt but the song selection feels emotionally fitting. Light goes to some fun places — gets real funky, then plinkoy, a brief woo jam, and finally a dissonant transition into Fuego. The Fuego is pretty typical but the band does play around with it a bit at the end. A strong rendition of Slave comes next with a slow and steady build to the final jam. Our hero has emerged from the darkness, basked in the light, struggled against the traffic light (presumably in their stolen Fuego) and now its time for the Meatstick. The set ends with a cover of Hendrix’s Bold as Love that serves as the cherry on this psychedelic Sundae. Encore: The encore included the triumphant return of the pairing of The Horse and Silent in the Morning (along with some on-stage shenanigans). And at the very end a lovely Fluffhead. My experience: My very first show! I had just moved to Denver and this was my first real social outing since getting settled. I went with a friend from work’s crew and had a really amazing time despite not knowing any of the songs. It took awhile for the Phish bug to fully inoculate but this revisiting this show always gives me a warm cozy feeling.
, attached to 1992-05-02

Review by 3PointOhKeePa

3PointOhKeePa I seldom leave reviews, but this show is one that I felt warranted it. People look towards April '92 to get their fill of tight, explosive playing from a developing band with a bright future and a chip on their shoulder, and they would be right to do so, but May '92 is often mistakenly overlooked. You can't really be upset with a show that begins with a Jim, Forbin > Mockingbird > Icculus > Mockingbird, and it only gets better from there. The first big highlight is the Reba, which thrashes until the very end, but the true highlight of the first set is the Stash. It's always fun when they change the lyrics around a bit, which is the first thing you'll notice, but what stands out is the tension and release jam. Trey is an animal here, and is splitting the very fabric of the universe. By the end of it you somehow end up with messy hair and a cigarette in your mouth, and don't even ask how you got there. Wow. The entire second set has great flow and tight playing, as one would expect from a Spring '92 shows, but for me what stood out most was the Bowie and YEM. Complete with a Band/Crew Football Theme Song mixed in, this is one of my favorite pre-94 Bowies of all time. After finishing the show I had to go back and listen to it twice. The playing is fierce, and ends at such a point that you think Trey's fingers should have burned off from friction. The accuracy of notes, and release of celestial energy is something that only he could achieve. I honestly couldn't even whistle as fast as that Bowie ending goes, and he nails it. If nothing else check this show out for this Bowie. Tela is a great cool down song after it, but they just pick things right back up with a tight foam, and a raging YEM (the vocal jam is even excellent for those who tend to skip them for whatever reason). This is just an overall GOOD show, which needs to be listened to by more people on this site. Enjoy!
, attached to 1996-10-23

Review by Miguelito

Miguelito This was a last minute decision to go to this show and it wound up being one of my favorite shows to catch live. The energy inside the Hartford Civic Center was palpable from the start, and PYITE was the perfect opener to feed off of it. Poor Heart and AC/DC Bag that follow match the energy and the band was clearly on fire. The Bag is really interesting and contains a fun jam before the band launches into a well-played Foam that keeps the energy going. Much of the rest of the set is more solid stuff, with a nice mid-set Character Zero, and Theme and Antelope closing it out in fine form. Brother to open the second set made the show right there for me. I love that song and it was only my second time catching it (I’d caught my first during my third show, on 5.17.92). This version is spectacular, with the band and Bob Gullotti (sitting in on drums for the set) clearly connecting here. This version is raging. The Ya Mar that follows is fantastic, leading into a short drum duet, before its conclusion. Then comes the Tweezer that is the highlight of the show. This version is a monster and here the two drum combo really shines. The band is raging, resulting in a driving, energetic version that is full of pep. Things eventually calm down some as the jam gets more exploratory. Lizards is a nice follow-up, and then the energy returns with an awesome Llama. Following Suzy, the band launches into a beautiful Slave. I’ve coincidentally been listening to many shows that contain this tune lately but this version is up there with my favorites. This show was a blast and Bob joining the band for the second set took it to the next level. The energy in that arena was electric and I recommend giving this show a whirl or two.
, attached to 2020-02-21

Review by hurdygurdy03

hurdygurdy03 I was not at this show. I am commenting for one reason. Sea and Sand. Earlier Friday I sent my Friday a simple message “Sea and Sand tonight”. This song has been on my radar since the first time I listened to 12/31/95, one of my all time favorite shows. To say I did anything less than joyously weep would be an understatement. Page was golden and still is all these years later.
, attached to 1995-10-31

Review by Herbdacious

Herbdacious Finally listened to this show in its entirety. I am not particularly huge on the who, but the costume album is alright to pretty good. But this YEM makes this a 5 star show on its own. Just seriously OMG, I have never heard a jam quite like this YEM. At points it almost reminds me of the Mikes Groove at MSG a few months later. What amazing playing I just can't say enough good things about this YEM. Must hear jam for any Phan.
, attached to 2020-02-22

Review by mschoobs

mschoobs This is my first time commenting here and I generally dont post on the internet in general.... I have a couple of thoughts which may not be popular based on the ratings of these shows. I disagree with the comment above about Trey. I remember in the 90's early 2000s when we would complain amongst ourselves about Trey dominating the jam too much. I finding it nice that Trey is giving the rest of the band space to lead the jam which you could see and hear. I thought that led to rich full band cohesive jams. I prefer this to Trey dominating as I am going to Phish shows and not a Trey show(I know he defers in TAB as well but this is to illustrate a point). I really enjoyed hearing Mike more up in the mix all weekend, I noticed it right away on Thursday and thought it was fantastic. I am also confused how none of the songs from the weekend ended up on the jam charts. I definitely think Waves from this show seems like a strong candidate for the jam charts.
, attached to 2020-02-23

Review by ben11son

ben11son The entire weekend was fantastic. Even flying solo I enjoyed myself immensely. I cant wait to get back if done again in the future. As for the show. I attempted to dance the entire time at the waters edge like the night before, but because of all the dancing and walking from Thursday-Sunday my ankles and legs were toast. So after Meat I strolled over to the 2nd screen, found a comfy seat on one of the couches next to the bar near the churro's. There was a nice cute girl who had built a pillow fort, we said hello and I watched the rest of the show from there. The highlights for me this night were Meat, David Bowie, Simple, Fuego. I always like Fuego. The encore was interesting, I've never seen more than 3 songs in an encore that i can recall. But it was enjoyable with an interesting mix of classics. Cant wait till AC in August! See you all then, Peace!
, attached to 2004-08-12

Review by macbergleton

macbergleton As is often the case, I remember this show best for some of its context--I brought my mom and little brother to their first show, we got out of the car and promptly saw a Phish mafia fight break out (welcome to the hippy show, mom!); the 30 hrs of traffic to follow en route to Coventry. This show seemed to take much of oscillating polarity of the 2.0 era to the extreme. The setlist is as good as any you'll find during that stretch. In the show, the first set was fiery. Blistering playing. Sloppy. Wild transitions, but the setlist felt somewhat forced--like they "needed" to drop a great show. Phish is at their best when the music plays them, but alas the tables were turned for this particular night. Fortunately, when 4 of the most talented rock musicians ever to grace a stage together are the ones pushing the music, there are some real heights. Although the Ghost and Maze->catapult sandwich brought some highlights, the second set caught the greatest benefit. Piper, always a guarantee in 2.0, was it's usual magical steamroller of itself. It's here I'd note that the night was pretty humid and their sound was dirtier than I had heard it...ever. I've always wondered whether the humidity was playing into that extra fuzzy, grungy, feedback-y sound. Sneakin Sally at one moment had perfect harmonies and at the next a rather flat and rushed jam into..Cavern!? Cool. Again, loud, dirty, sloppy. As were the Limb and Julius, and Rock and Roll that followed. The show just kept pushing. As others have mentioned the Scents was truly special. I'll note that not every night would such an ambient and feedback-laden jam work here. But this was the moment that the band stepped back and really saw what this night was. And finally the tension, excitement, anxiety, and the oppressive humidity blended into a primordial musical stew which seemed to echo from one instrument to the next. Yes, this was something that could only happen with this band; something that we'd all be missing all too soon. And just as perfect as the jam was that they walked off in a loop of echoing ambience. No fiery closer tonight folks. That last passage said it all. In case you were wondering, mom's mind was blown at this point. I believe her exact words were "Wow! Is that normal?" At that time I was sure that it was all just a warmup for what would be the greatest goodbye in music history. Well, can't always be right...
, attached to 2020-02-23

Review by Laudanum

Laudanum In the Chinese [i]I Ching[/i], or [i]Book of Changes[/i], Hexagram 23 represents disintegration, or a pulling apart, which describes the strange beauty of this show's second set as well as anything. Every song is off, yet every song is magical. When the Golden Age jam dissolves into fragments like paper in the sea it seems predestined, as though the ship were already heading towards the rocks somewhere in the middle of the Simple. A swirling ambience lurks underneath and pulls at the edges, frays the corners of the entire set, turning even the BOTT Lovecraftian. It's sets like these, where a larger musical statement is made, where a larger aesthetic warps and bends the individual songs and jams to its own purpose, that lead me to believe that they're as good right now as they ever were. In retrospect, the second stanza of the closing Passing Through feels like meta-commentary on the set itself: [i]Sonic sea vibrations Passing over you Let go forever[/i]
, attached to 2020-02-23

Review by KenNyeThePhishGuy

KenNyeThePhishGuy The year is 2020 - you find yourself driving through the mountains in Colorado after a full day of skiing and manage to catch the opening notes of your favorite band playing 2500 miles away in a tropical paradise with pristine clarity. What a time to be alive! It is clear the boys are having the time of their lives right now. Overall this show had great flow. A ton of gratuitous banter between songs. Soaking it all up. Set 1 Divided Sky through set closing Bowie was fantastic, including a soaring, playful Everything's Right jam and Floydian Wingsuit. Nothing to complain about when it comes to tight jams in Golden Age and Fuego and tease-filled Simple & Undermind. The band is playing at an incredible level-all while having intertwined gigs since summer tour 19 (TAB, Ghosts, MGB, Vida, Oysterhead) and it hasn't really stopped since Kasvot. Between the playing, song bustouts, etc - we have been spoiled as fans. Summer 2020 is on pace to be all-time.
, attached to 2020-02-23

Review by 90MinuteJam

90MinuteJam Solid, folks, solid. Biggest highlight- the expert placement of Farmhouse. Not an encore, not an opener, not in back end of first set, and definitely not in the middle of a jamming second set… The second song at the start of the show. Genius. This show has it all… minor (fun) flubs, great jams- both types, band banter, natural (not forced) teases, good song flow, smooth segues and Farmhouse in the right location. Worthy jams in Bowie, Golden Age, & Feugo and fun teases in Simple & Undermind. It’s great to see Coil return to a middle song and good placement in having Wingsuit follow.
, attached to 2020-02-20

Review by A_Buddhist_Prodigy

A_Buddhist_Prodigy I know these Mexico shows don't get a lot of love, but I have to say I really enjoyed this show! It was obvious the boys are enjoying the hell out of playing there (how could they not?!?!). It seems like they are taking the microjam idea to each song. The Landlady -> Destiny was outstanding! Also, I swear Mike teased Live and Let Die and the end of Destiny.
, attached to 2020-02-22

Review by JMart

JMart If ever any argument were surely beaten to death, only to jump back to life in the next moment, it’s the one surrounding the existence of an objective measure of the quality of music. To wit: when I listened to 2/22/20, I heard a band who dropped several major bust out covers (Willin’, you sexy thing, Manteca, Sweet Jane) and a few decent jams (Waves,Tweezer, Carini, CDT), but who managed to get in their own way with song selection (third slot evening song, energy set opener) and overall lack of energy. Trey refused to engage his guitar in any meaningful sort of fashion for about 50% of the show. Fish and Mike did most of the heavy lifting, Mike in particular shining on Carini (which was dark af and, along with Waves, the highlight of the show). You had a blast on the beach or on the couch? Great. No skin off anyone’s nose. The rest of us can save our our four star assessments for the shows when it comes together.
, attached to 2020-02-22

Review by icculusFTW

icculusFTW I’m baffled at why anyone would rate this scorcher as less than 4 stars (and I wasn’t there, either). Out of the gate with the delightful and super rare “Willin,” into a superb, swirling, stretched out Tube, a spirited SYSF jam, the joyful return of You Sexy Thing, a Tweezer>Manteca>Makisupa/Sexy thing mashup>Twist dance party...and that’s just the first set! I could write an essay about the odyssey of Waves>Carini, and the Chalkdust>Have Mercy is wonderfully tasty and playful. Finished off with a majestic Hood jam, and the first Sweet Jane since Bakers. I get that this wasn’t 12/30/19, but if this isn’t a 4 star show....well, it is a 4 star show. Period.
, attached to 2020-02-22

Review by 90MinuteJam

90MinuteJam This, and the other two, are good shows. There’s so much good stuff. So what gives on the ratings folks?!? We all know listening/watching a show and being at a show are two different experiences. So I propose we take a ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ approach with a two rating system: votes if present at show (audience rating) and critic rating (for those not present). I’m certain the data will show unconscious bias.
, attached to 2020-02-21

Review by phunkytime

phunkytime The real question is are the 2 and 3 ratings ppl who are salty? Or would you only accept this being a great show if it had a 20+ min jam? I think this show was spectacular too to bottom. Barely a time to pee, amazing bust outs and great interplay. Plus did you see mikes face when trey strong armed into groove? Hope we get a mikes>simple sometime today or tomorrow
, attached to 2020-02-21

Review by jwh21

jwh21 (Not sure why my other review cut off, but .net wouldn’t let me edit it... Second time lucky!) Hola from Mexico! I hope everyone here is having as much fun as I am. The Moon Palace is a fantastic resort — thanks to the hard-working staff here for making us all feel so welcome, and thanks to CID for putting on such an awesome event. Now, with the niceties out of the way... come on people — as it stands currently, the best you can muster for this show is a 3.7 rating? Really?! I’m not saying this one of the all-time greats, but I feel it certainly deserves more. I’ve done 3 Mexico runs so far, and last night’s show was easily the best I’ve seen here. I’ve noticed a pattern of Mexico shows being consistently underrated, and I won’t speculate why (plenty of debate on this elsewhere), but this one takes the cake. Last night featured many of the hallmarks of a brilliant show: * An outstanding setlist structure... Just look at it! * Noteworthy bust-outs * Fan-favourite treats * Fluid segues * Teases and callbacks galore * Deep jams * Dance parties * Tight playing, with the band clearly dialled in (and no noteworthy flubs, unlike the night before) * A monster encore Perhaps some of the magic didn’t translate well to the webcast or tapings? There were some truly magical moments that maybe you just had to be there to experience — Piper in the rain was beautiful. The crowd going hauntingly silent during Lizards, taking in every note. Seeing Trey with a smile on his face all night long! I’m not saying the show was perfect. The second set was going to be hard-pressed to compete with the first. Some might say the placement of Lifeboy was bad (I disagree, but can appreciate the sentiment). Newer songs like Sigma Oasis haven’t really found their feet yet. But there was just so much to love despite these minor shortfalls. I heard one of my favourite 2001s, that was equal parts dance party and exploratory jamming. Bathtub Gin reached some stellar peaks, with a cohesive Shafty segue. The band were firing on all cylinders when the rain fell as Piper was opening up. And the encore was such a treat, with the concluding finish into Shafty being the cherry on top of what was a very fun show. Just my two cents — but I hope in time people are able to appreciate this show as much as I did!
, attached to 2020-02-21

Review by jwh21

jwh21 Hola from Mexico!
, attached to 2020-02-21

Review by RockyMtnJed

RockyMtnJed While I would have loved to be at this show with the setlist, setting, and weather, from a streaming/listening standpoint, I don't think this show will be a memorable one for me. Well, other than being the "Shafty Mexico show" Turtles has become one of my favorite openers. A fun tune with some catchy, nonsensical phrasing. The Shafty bustout (and theme) for the night did make this a memorable moment in time in and of itself, and is how I will remember this show. There first set Lizards was a pleasant surprise. The Bathtub Gin was the real highlight of the night for me, and hearing it go back into Shafty really put some flavor to the ending as well. I love that it got finished right after Shafty part three. Blaze On was entertaining, but rather mellow, and not all that Blaze On has been in the past. Surprised Sea and Sand has not been played in Mexico before! The first set was rather entertaining, but alas, did not contain anything "definitive" in my opinion. I have been hearing quite a few mixed feelings on Sigma Oasis, and thus far, I am not sure where I myself stand on the song. As long as it stays in these early set positions is has been, I guess I am okay with it. Not a bad song, but does not really go anywhere. 2001 was one of the more interesting parts of the second set, and this song has been getting a bit of new life lately. Drift was about what is always is, but I am really starting to dig the reggae portion of that song. I always welcome Lifeboy in any set. I Always Wanted It This Way... this one is starting to show some promise, and this one had a good bit of energy. NMINML was okay, but lackluster versus what the song can be. The rain coming down during Piper is really something I wish I could have experienced! That said, this was standard affair, and while not bad in anyway, was not a standout. Not really anything in the second set was really. That all said about the second set, the encore was HUGE! The Sand went to some rather interesting and unusual places for the song, and the standalone Weekapaug was quite strong. While not the best versions ever, these were incredibly strong and different coming in the encore spot for a nice surprise. This show may not go down as the most memorable show music-wise this year (at least I hope not), but was a good time nonetheless and streaming the show with some friends was a great way to spend a Friday night! Can't wait to see what is in store for tonight!
, attached to 1995-06-14

Review by Davehengemania

Davehengemania Working through their catalogue I came upon this aging gem, that leaned against my ear in auditory splendor... I am finding this 25 years after the show date and while I don’t find that I give perfect scores, this one is close. A solid show from start to finish, but a long inspired jam in The middle of the second set. A blend of song choices crossing seemingly every possible tempo-mental landscape. The sum is in a way better than the individual parts.yet each is also well played. Sort of the perfect mix tape that your friend added an obscure amazing avant recording to. The 3 song encore flows seamlessly with the classy accapella ended Simple bridging into the frosted Rocktop, and sprinkles on top Tweeprise.
, attached to 2020-02-20

Review by ForgeTheCoin

ForgeTheCoin IMO, this show is criminally underrated! The Mexico '20 opener picks right up where the NYE run left off - with the band firing on all cylinders and an infusion of 'Rock God' Trey coming off of his recent Oysterhead performances. Give it a listen. It really is worth it. The Ghost resolves to a beautiful and uplifting bliss jam. Free goes to some VERY interesting places. Shake Your Coconuts is FUN. Victim is tight and leads to a really tasty bouncy jam > dark funk. Moma Dance has LEGS. Jibboo is 8 minutes of TASTY BLISS. Shade is, I dare say, the most beautiful version of it they've ever done. Trey does new things with the vocal melodies... his singing has never sounded better. The Landlady was unexpected and great as usual. Destiny Unbound brings the FUNK as it did in Charleston. Steam is an ALL TIMER with some of the most blistering guitar work I've heard from Trey in the 3.0 era. Jam Chart material. Great transition into an excellent, upbeat Crosseyed! The Antelope... well it has problems... but eventually gets to the jam. Sea of Stars shimmers... is there a bad version of this tune??? Heady and blissful. Santos is hard driving and feels more refined than previously. The YEM is average great and brings some funk per usual. TL : DR - Must Hear: Free, Steam Really, listen to Free through Crosseyed, and Sea of Stars. This show is going to get a LOT of relistens from me... especially the Steam.
, attached to 2020-02-20

Review by ramperscamper

ramperscamper The one set show caught me off guard (although someone pointed out to me that it was billed as such ). Nonetheless it has me wondering : were they giving the idea of a one set show a test run? I liked the change, just for the sake of doing something new; but it’s just so out of character for them .
, attached to 2020-02-20

Review by treynpage

treynpage I really dug it (from the couch anyway). The fact that a song like Antelope was the technical low point says a lot about the overall quality of the set. There was a playful energy that is usually a key component to their willingness to stretch things out, and I think that showed up well in a lot of the jams. A lot of exploration in just about every song. Landlady>Destiny brought me back to listening to a bunch or early 90s tapes from a long time ago. I almost expected that segue to happen when it did. I also like the idea of a single monster set to start things off. Brought out a really nice element in the way they approached the set and the song selection.
, attached to 2020-02-19

Review by Mistercharlie

Mistercharlie More of a note than a review. Sunshine Superman is listed as a Phish song in it's history, but it's a cover of a Donovan song. It was originally released on his album Sunshine Superman in September 1966. I'd be interested to hear this if anyone has a recording of it. I've always been a huge fan of that album.
, attached to 2020-02-20

Review by RubyWaves

RubyWaves bustouts were fun. especially torn and frayed which had a very nice jam. ghost and free are legit jams, go seek out both of em, especially free landlady -> destiny unbound was a great pairing and really got me back after that shade. crosseyed is a nice microjam, but i'm sorry to say this but that was one of the weakest antelopes i've heard in a long time. trey flubbed the intro and they could never seem to lock in. beneath a sea of stars was fucking excellent. i don't really want to say anything, just have a listen. yem was really solid too, but the vocal jam definately had that "come on let's wrap this up" feel. doesn't subtract a lot because it's the damn yem vocal jam but still 4/5, some weak spots, but the highlights are some really damn good stuff, and the type 1 excursions i didn't mention like jibboo and steam are solid stuff recommended jams: ghost > free, landlady > destiny, basos
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