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jazzphysicist , attached to 2014-10-18 Permalink
This show sucked. First set pretty standard stuff left you waiting on a break out second that never came. Transitions were abrupt or non-existent. Jams lacked any substance frequently getting stuck in a black hole of sleepy Page clav riffs and Trey playing Wacka Wacka guitar. Trey's soloing oscillated between defferential or at worst uninspired with a habit of just laying down rhythm while no one else introduced any motifs. I'm all for slow cooking but eventually you have to serve the meal or risk letting it slide into unappetizing mush. Stayed in cause of this stream, that was a mistake.
Score: 0
CreatureoftheNight , attached to 2014-10-18 Permalink
CreatureoftheNight The Seattle show's second set had an immediately apparent social narrative to me and my wife. We may be grasping at straws, but in the moment, it was all we could think about.

Down with Disease represents any ill in our society that makes us sick. For me, this can all be boiled down to corporate capitalism. If natural resources were managed like a mission to the Moon, we would eliminate much of our damage to the planet.
Golden Age: Our science and technology can be a big help, but the new rising human consciousness has the potential to be even more powerful.
Fuego: We can't escape our machines, especially the car. Systematic fear runs rampant (war on terror = resource grab) and sometimes, it just ain't worth trying to swim against the status quo tide of our wasteful progress.
Light: Humans know how to live a different way. The truth is out there waiting to be given a chance to take the driver's seat.
Cities: You can't live with or without them where we toil for 46 years as wage slaves while others inevitably let us down.
Sand: Humans are a parasite to ourselves and the planet. We continue to disregard all warnings from nature while trying to put band-aids on things to make it look like we're doing something about it. Non-binding resolutions, no admission of guilt, SEC indictments, drone attacks and so on.
Backwards: If we're ever going to figure out how to exist on this planet sustainable, mutual respect and acceptance are essential. No matter what, it all comes back to being deeply connected to others in a genuine way.
Bold As Love: At the end of the day, we need to be able to hold humanity accountable while displaying love and compassion for all living creatures, that's how it's done. It all ends with love.

Phish does so many things well. Crafting a set list that tells a complete story, or life cycle, is an artistic act of the highest order. Even though I may not listen to the show as much as some of the others this year, Seattle proved Trey's claim on 7-4-10 that Phish's music tells the true story of America.
Score: 2
Sunny , attached to 2013-10-26 Permalink
Sunny I was at the night before 10/25 but i really regret not going to the second night. Never heard for kenwood dennard before this show. Lot of gems in this show, punch you in the eye must have been great live. Would have loved to hear ride captain ride etc... etc.. Yet another very solid pheeesh show in my opinion
Score: 0
Sunny , attached to 2013-12-31 Permalink
Sunny Literally could not wait for new years webcast, but the webcast didn't work for us, very and angry and upset about that. I was very happy i called the opener and wilson and character zero. Anyway pretty much listening to this after new years eve everything is great, i mean just look at set 2. Wish i was at this show.
Score: 0
Sunny , attached to 2014-07-08 Permalink
Sunny Awesome first set very unexpected but was really glad to hear the first four songs like really pumped. 2001 was fantastic jam. Got a download of this show and it sounds mint. But very solid show at the mann. I think i remember hearing about rain at this show as well but it passed for the music.
Score: 0
Sunny , attached to 2014-07-05 Permalink
Sunny Ahh spac night 3 2014, loved this whole entire show, walked around the whole crowd and had a great time in the suzy green burg glow stick war, got it on video and all. The piper into fluffhead was chilling. Heavy things was a little fast to my ears but very good. Basically in my opinion every song was great at this show. Sad it was the last night and no more summer shows after this one for me but it was as great fun filled concert.
Score: 0
Sunny , attached to 2014-07-04 Permalink
Sunny Ahh the fourth of july night 2 at spac, crazy night for me but again very solid show in my opinion. Fuego was a great jam. I was very happy to hear theme from the bottom that night as well!!! I had balcony seats for this night but traded with a guy who's 100th show it was and he didnt want to be on the lawn.
Score: 0
Sunny , attached to 2014-07-03 Permalink
Sunny Ahh my first ever spac show, waited out in the rain all day and it was well worth it. I don't care what other people say but i loved the farmhouse opener it gave me chills. Limb by limb was great, as was everything else. Very solid show in my opinion.
Score: 0
Lee_Fordham , attached to 1997-06-16 Permalink
This was a pretty underwhelming show considering the venue. There was one great moment during set break, a prim and proper woman came on stage and made an announcement in her very British accent, "Ladies and gentlemen, please be advised that smoking is NOT permitted in the Royal Albert Hall." This was met by a rebellious roar from the mostly American crowd.
Score: 0
smaine , attached to 2014-10-18 Permalink
At least in my little corner of Seattle, the overlap between Phish and the Seahawks is giving people a reason to listen to the band again with open ears. This was my 29th show, and I got to share it with a couple friends who had never been to Phish show before. We all had a blast, and this setlist ended up being a great introduction for new fans.

The first set is overall very tight and covers a lot of territory -- you get old stuff (Cavern, Wilson, Rift), new stuff (The Line), some antics (Lawnboy, Sparkle), a rocker (Kill Devil Falls), and a couple of good jams in Wolfman's and Bathtub Gin. The Gin closer is where I think my friends really started to 'get' what the band was doing musically -- that song is so much fun because it lays down a theme, wanders out into the wilderness until you've almost forgotten where you came from, and then almost magically brings everything back around to where you started. The ability to take audiences on journeys like that is one of the things that defines Phish, and this was a fun outing that made sure people didn't get too lost along the way.

The second set is a great example of how the band can take a group of songs and make a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts. This is another defining characteristic of the band for me, and it was great to hear that on display. Fuego through Sand was particularly good, even if the Sand was a little on the short side for my tastes. Closing the second set with a Hendrix cover was a nice nod to the hometown crowd...and what's not to love about 'Bold As Love' anyway.

I don't think I could throw a lot of superlatives at this show, but I did get everything out of it I wanted -- I had a blast, my friends had a blast, and we're looking forward to seeing more shows together.
Score: 3
Flavaham , attached to 2014-10-18 Permalink
I wasn't at this show and haven't listened. I'm more reviewing the people who are reviewing. First, I think people who get the webcast are entitled to post their views here. They paid their money and had an experience based on the music of the band. Why should they not share their experience with us?? Makes no sense.

Which brings me to my next point - the reason these reviews are fun for me to read is that everyone gets something different from each show. What you thought was perfect might be the same thing that made it boring for others. I was at the 11/17/97 show in Denver which is the highest rated show on here. I had it as one of my worst at the time. It was the first show I ever saw solo. I had just moved to Denver and didn't know anyone. I also was chasing set lists at the time. Given those variables, had I written a review I might have torn it to shreds. I mean...Johnny B. Goode?? Who wants to hear that?? I've listened to the show again and picked up on a lot that I missed, but the point is, you don't know what state of mind people are in the leads to great or bad shows. Your seats (or standing room), level of intoxication, people around you, line of sight, sound, chatty Kathy's around you, etc...all play into it.

If someone else had a different experience than you, whether at the show or on the couch, why not take what they say about it and try to see it from that perspective?
Score: 2
Ez_and_not_so_Fast , attached to 2014-10-18 Permalink
Ez_and_not_so_Fast From Couch Tour, deal with it:

This date seems to be a rather unorthodox show. I disagree with the assertion that it doesn't deserve another listen. On the contrary, this is a show where we got to hear two different bands on stage, both of them somehow called "Phish." It's quite a cool show in this way:

The first set treated us to a well-oiled machine engineered by a bunch of Germans or something. Gear issues aside (and I did't think they were all that noticeable, really) Phish the Machine - the Phish of the first set - can be described with one word: Precise. But I'll use some more because adjectives are cool like that. Phish the Machine was fast, clear, with steady tempo, interactive on an incredibly quick, micro level, and precise. It was intense in a sort of Rush / DreamTheatre / RussianCircles / Tool sort of way. For this set alone, Fishman gets the MVP. It's a tight set. It's an incredibly tight set. It's impressive and worth not just one relisten but many. They performed those songs like they would for a live album, very professionally, accurately and quickly but with the added bonus of the live micro-interaction between the bandmates. 1st set was everything I love about Round Room with the added bonus of some very, very strong coffee.

This was not the band we saw for the second set. When Phish in Space came out, it was quite a surprise; the approach and purpose of this new band was completely different. I agree with none but one of the alligator mouths from the official setlist as of the moment I post this, hopefully someone will listen to what an unusual masterpiece this second set is and concur with my assessment and change the official list. If you want to understand what I heard, it looks like this:

Set 2: Down with Disease[1] -> Golden Age -> Fuego -> Light -> Cities -> 46 Days -> Sand -> Backwards Down the Number Line, Bold As Love

The segue from Sand into Backwards Down the Number Line was especially nice, smooth, polite and was a very appropriate shift. But Fuego -> Light is ridiculously exellent, too! The only two songs in the second set that have a clearly defined beginning are DWD and Bold as Love and the only two songs that have clearly defined endings are Backwards Down the Number Line and Bold as Love. Nothing else in that 2nd set ends, per se.
-The intro to Fuego, for instance. It's a whole cool thing that Page made as a segue to bring Golden Age to a piano pivot straight into the opening chords of Fuego! Cool, isn't it? A really neat moment, you should hear it and decide for yourself if it is a segue or not. (It is.) But it's undeniable that Page played a whole new Fuego-specific intro and yet nobody here mentioned it yet? Hmm... Maybe give it a listen and then you can decide on the veracity of the negativity of the critics on this page. It's really cool, it so is.

Point is, Phish in Space was certainly not the Phish the Machine we heard in the first set. All the songs, except for #line and Bold as Love just jammed themselves up into some ethereal space, where they often lingered before giving birth to a new song. The VIP for Phish in Space was nobody because it's impossible to isolate one single true leader or lynchpin. Phish in Space is the MVP of the second set, maybe. I dunno.

Finally, what often unfortunately goes unmentioned is how much goes right when it does go right. Intelligent people, such as we are, are habitually accustomed to being incredibly critical. It's important to recognize our most common bias, that frequent error we so often make when we fail to notice all the things that are going right. A case in point (and to the point) is this show. Phish's harmonies are killer spot-on. It is joy to hear them sing. They're really on top of things, executing them very well. Lots of things. Lots of things that, it seems, many of the critics on fail to notice. Phish is killing it here, don't let the haters confuse you.

What's especially amazing is that Phish the Machine and Phish in Space were performed by the same four guys, old Nor'easter friends from way back.

If you expect every song to be the Bozeman Tweezer, you're doing it wrong.

-You're gonna have a bad time.
Score: 5
Toe2323 , attached to 2014-10-18 Permalink

I would personally rather here from folks who were NOT at the show since attending a show creates a bias commonly and clouds your judgment to some degree on how good the music actually was. As mentioned, my comments were strictly in relation to the first set and I will comment once I listen to the 2nd set tom on the show as a whole. First set was very average though IMO which is not a bad thing as the average Phish show in 2014 is still excellent! But there is nothing "epic" in this first set and nothing to suggest (I will reserve final judgment for when I listen of course) there is anything "epic" in the show at all. It screams average Phish show in every way which is not a bad thing as many bands would kill for this type of average. Beyond all that, if you still have a problem with my comments, I don't really care. :) Cheers.
Score: 1
kristinZwatt , attached to 2014-10-18 Permalink
kristinZwatt Excellent show. Solid performance all the way around. The boys had more energy than Eugene and the crowd did as well.
My highlights:
The Line - super groovy after the slow start to the song
Wolfman's - funky!
Gin - always a crowd pleaser

Fuego! - excellent jam
Light - Cities transition was flawless
Sand - melt your face

Of course when you are up front and they are rocking out right in front of you they can do no wrong. Everyone has their own show and this one for me was perfect.
Score: 2
mistermooner , attached to 2014-10-18 Permalink
Man o man. Here we go again. That show melted my face. I come on here today to see what the rest of the gang thought of it, and sure enough, first thing I see is a bunch of garbage about is "WASN'T EPIC" or "WASN'T TIGHT ENOUGH" or "WASN'T WHAT IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN". Well SHUT UP and get your ass to the show then if you want it to blow your mind. Anyone who's been to a show would know better than to try to gauge how it all went down just by watching the feed. It's embarrassing to read.

Great show boys. Mind=Blown Thanks so much.
Score: 1
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