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Full Name: Jon Fishman

This entry contains legacy content from the earler's FAQ file and/or from earlier editions of The Phish Companion. It may be incomplete and/or out-of-date, but we hope to update it soon.

This is one of many nicknames (and perhaps the most common) for Fishman. In addition to that prime monicker, Jon's also been called these other names onstage, by others in the band:

And as drummer for the Jazz Mandolin Project's Tour de Flux incarnation, he was named The Abominable Shitstutski (1/27/98); Edgar Finnegan from  Kinneymanport, Maine (1/29/98); All the way from Bombay Curry, Mr. Stanley Hindustan (2/7/98); Igor Spewshitzki (2/8/98); Aardvark von Doozer (by Jamies Masefield at the 2/13/99 JMP show); Vajona (7/17/99 and other summer 99 shows);  and from Syracuse New York, Ralph Boringsteen (7/6/00).

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