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This is one of many nicknames (and perhaps the most common) for Fishman. In addition to that prime monicker, Jon's also been called these other names onstage, by others in the band:

  • Barn Boy (in the liner notes to Billy Breathes;
  • Bob Weaver throughout the U.S. summer 1998 tour (including during Antelope on 8-16-98);
  • Captain Caveman (and Trey is Shaggy).
  • Central Scrutinizer;
  • Chuck Norris (8/8/93);
  • Eye Ball man (after the white dress);
  • the fourth member of the Giant Country Horns and Phish's multi-instrumentalis (both 7/21/91?);
  • Forrest Gump (11/24/95 Pittsburgh during "Bike");
  • Greasy Fizeek (Physique?) (beginning 12/31/93 and in Hoist liner notes);
  • Hankrietta, the shortest man in rock and roll (3/19/91); Hankrietta...the shortest man in show business (10/13/91); and Hankrietta (11/13/91);
  • the hardest man in show business, after a photo from the front center of a show as he tossed the front of his dress into the air;
  • Henrietta Fieldberg (3/9/93) and Henrietta Tubman (4/5/93);
  • the "inhuman computer drumbeat" during the song intros in the 7-21-97 "Bathtub Gin";
  • John the Fishman (1984)
  • J. Edgar Hoover (12/7/89);
  • Johnnie B. Fishman (by Trey, right after Take the A Train 10-20-89, referencing the Johnny B Fishman Jazz Ensemble, a side project);
  • Little Little John, Friar Tubbs (3/5/93); and John, Friar Tubbs, and Henrietta Fieldberg (3/9/93);
  • Luke Skywalker (Providence, fall 94 before his vacuum solo); Sneezeblood Eyeball (originated in St. Louis and showed up at the 6/13/95 Riverport show, according to Todd Ellebrachy, );
  • Marco Esquandolas (11-13-94);
  • Missing Link (date?);
  • Morton Charleton Heston (10/25/96 and 11/2/96_;
  • Moses Yastrzemski (2/7/89); Moses Brown, Moses Heaps, and Moses Dewitt (5/15/88 and 3/15/91); and he wears a "Moses Brown" t-shirt on the cover of the "Free" single, as he does in other Billy Breathes promo photos) [The original Moses Brown was the original financier of textile mills in New England (turn of the century 1800) at the beginning of the American Industrial Revolution.]
  • the orchestral Greasy Troll (7-10-97 France);
  • Phil Collins (2/25/90);
  • the Piper (5/1/92);
  • "Sammy Hagar the Horrible The Horn Section" by Trey on 11/13/98, because of the horned Viking helmet he's worn for most of the fall 1998 tour. Also (but missing dates; your help needed):
  • Sans Bag the Piper (5/2/92); Tubbs the Beast Boy (11/19/92);
  • second best trombone player in Vermont and parts of New Hampshire;
  • Showboat Gertrude (10/19/91 and other times with the trombone?);
  • the man with the high hat (regarding Trey's conveyance of one of Fishman's hobbies);
  • Sultan of Swat (7/21/91);
  • Tommy Dorsey (4/19/92);
  • Tubbs (Rift liner notes); and Tubbs, the little hairy beast-man (2/20/93, introducing himself);
  • Tubman (date?)
  • Vinnie Barbarito (2/23/90);
  • Yo Yo Ma of Vacuum Cleaners (4/17/92);
  • and Zero man (initially 9/13/90).

And as drummer for the Jazz Mandolin Project's Tour de Flux incarnation, he was named The Abominable Shitstutski (1/27/98); Edgar Finnegan from  Kinneymanport, Maine (1/29/98); All the way from Bombay Curry, Mr. Stanley Hindustan (2/7/98); Igor Spewshitzki (2/8/98); Aardvark von Doozer (by Jamies Masefield at the 2/13/99 JMP show); Vajona (7/17/99 and other summer 99 shows);  and from Syracuse New York, Ralph Boringsteen (7/6/00). is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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