Jam Chart for Ghost (50 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1997-06-13 Ghost Dublin, Ireland 8:22 Cursory initial inspection of form and function...healthy purr from the motor...let's rev this thing up. [Debut.]
1997-07-01 Ghost Amsterdam, Netherlands 20:31 Melodious "Back of the Worm" madness. [Funk flows to "Back of the Worm" jamming, then opens to serene and melodic grooving, which eventually grows funky and percussive again. Helluva show opener!]
1997-07-03 Ghost Nüremberg, Germany 29:43 Flowing, passionate, near symphonic excursion with a "Ghost" vocal reprise. [Heavy funk turns quiet and introspective, builds energy, then follows a mildly dark, funky path before brightening into percussive, rocking jamming with "Ghost" vocals.]
1997-07-23 Ghost Atlanta, GA 26:40 Raging porno-funk that slides into a very mellow midi horn laden outro. [A multi-section masterpiece of funky '97 styles highlight this strong jam. Page skillfully deploys multiple keyboards, and the jam energy ebbs and flows repeatedly.]
1997-07-29 Ghost Phoenix, AZ 15:01 Mellow "C&P"-like groove into Monster Funk ending in Went "Gin"-like jam. [A typically funky '97 version releases and then breaks into an excellent upbeat and hose-filled groove.]
1997-08-09 Ghost East Troy, WI 15:26 Big bass techno-funk. Fine segue into "Taste." [Funk -> release as expected, but the release is short before delving into more funk, then settling to some excellent, quiet introspective play which -> to "Taste."]
1997-08-16 Ghost Limestone, ME 16:39 Mellow big bass funk groove, no climax. [A nice gradual transition from the heavy funk to more open, upbeat play, which grows dissonant before latching onto a great rocking, powerful and percussive groove.]
1997-11-17 Ghost Denver, CO 21:20 Raging space funk. [The expected funk breaks into fantastic and towering blissful play, then shifts to great rocking and funk-driven jamming which gradually mellows. A fan favorite "Ghost."]
1997-11-28 Ghost Worcester, MA 18:39 Raucous techno-funk with breakdown jam. [Strong funk through 9:45 when this one uncorks, quiets down to some cool low-key play, then rebuilds to a captivating and explosive finale and -> to "Johnny B. Goode."]
1997-12-11 Ghost Rochester, NY 16:26 Blazing, rocking funk which -> to a "DwD" reprise. [A good, funky jam settles into some low-key grooving, then gradually develops a full head of steam, igniting into a blistering, raging eclipse which -> to "DwD Reprise."]
1998-07-02 Ghost Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark 20:40 Volcanic rock to Carmina Burana trance which passes through lush oceanic swells to the ring of fire. [Intense and fiery "Ghost" jamming morphs to pensive, melodic and dark ambient play, then brightens to upbeat and quintessentially '98 ambient transcendence.]
1998-07-06 Ghost Prague, Czech Republic 15:08 A bold funk intro that is further highlighted by a raging and intense jam with a peak so high it is unscalable by its most ardent fans...the musical equivalent of absinthe injection by machine gun in a crossfire hurricane. [-> in from "Bag." An extended intro leads to a blistering hot straightforward jam that eventually burns out and -> to "Cities."]
1998-07-19 Ghost Mountain View, CA 17:26 Great Wentian "Mind Left Body Jam"-like build into driving groove through "Who Knows" and "Manteca" themes culminating in blistering rock with "Ghost" vocal reprise. [Solid "Ghost" jamming releases, returns to funk with "Manteca"-like jamming, then builds to a raging and spirited celebratory blow-out with Fish vocals adding emphasis.]
1998-07-21 Ghost Phoenix, AZ 19:36 Funky groove into epic soaring balls-out rock and roll supernova that throbs smoothly into bluesey intro for "She Caught the Katy." [Quality and extended straightforward "Ghost" jamming eventually takes on a nice swinging blues vibe and -> to "She Caught The Katy."]
1998-08-02 Ghost Noblesville, IN 19:03 Rock star Page driving the mothership into deep outer space. [Follows the typical format, but with great contributions by Page and Mike. Then after 14:30, the jam breaks into an excellent electro-rock groove wich gradually recedes.]
1998-08-16 Ghost Limestone, ME 18:16 Relaxing cerebral massage with glow sticks and a "Foxy Voodoo" outro. [The jam here is ripe with iconic and lush '98-style ambient grooving. The most purely ambient of all versions, the band later molded "Ghost" to match its musical focus.]
1998-10-15 Ghost San Francisco, CA 16:20 Almost 30 years to the day (10/17/68) after the debut of the Steve McQueen film Bullitt, Phish provides a new score for the car chase scene. [Show opening bubbly and bouncing groove goes uptown and Trey and Page rock the house, then serene play nicely cools things off before a -> to "Water In The Sky."]
1998-11-11 Ghost Grand Rapids, MI 15:47 You enjoy my Ghost while I set fire to this transformer substation leaving behind a smoldering pile of carboniferous goo. [Great groove with awesome funky Page playing with all his toys, then Trey takes the con and leads the jam to an incendiary, multi-summit peak.]
1998-11-19 Ghost Winston-Salem, NC 17:56 Soaring incandescent groove to old skool cow-funk culminating in full band screaming orgasm and a molten metal outro. [As a good dark groove gradually lightens and energizes, the jam takes an unexpected shift when Page hits the B-3, turning the expected peak into a dance party.]
1998-12-31 Ghost New York, NY 15:45 Orgasmic "sleety" symphony which breaks down into throbbing B&D industrial metal that ratchets abruptly into "Ha Ha Ha." [The jam moves beyond the typical structure, breaking into gritty and pulsating play that bridges the ambient sound of '98 and sparser grooves of '99 and '00 quite well.]
1999-07-20 Ghost Toronto, Ontario, Canada 16:12 Uncle Ebenezer's frozen head revivified through the injection of a steaming hot blast of ectoplasm. [Mighty Mike's monstrous Modulus groove massacres the minions at Molson.]
1999-07-23 Ghost Columbus, OH 16:48 Relentless molten neon electro rockslide that comes to rest in a glistening mountain lake. [Fish and Mike lead a fantastic, uptempo groove, and as Trey pours it on, you can literally hear the audience get whipped into a frenzy, then soothed with a great outro.]
1999-07-30 Ghost Niigata, Japan 22:10 A twilight stroll from the fields of heaven through the garden of infinite pleasantries that culminates in the discovery of the noisy generator powering the lanterns in the garden. [Fish is noticeably strong in a tight "Ghost" jam, which then breaks into a great Page-led groove, mellows to sublime ambient space, and rebuilds to a dark, fiery ending.]
1999-09-09 Ghost Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 15:27 Add nine grams of ground decarboxylated cannabis to nine ounces of Bacardi 151. Heat mixture to 151 degrees Fahrenheit for ninety-nine minutes. Strain and decant through nine ice cubes into nine medicinal glass vials. Take nine drops over the course of the next nine days. [An ethereal version, lush with the swirling and alluring sounds of '99, but also featuring a strong, Mike-led groove beginning around 7:45, which eventually dissipates.]
1999-09-12 Ghost Portland, OR 29:42 Colossal virtual reality train ride across the wind-swept moors of ninth century England diving into a vortex which dumps out into orbit around Saturn. [Departs a high energy "Ghost" at 14:00, breaking into a great bouncy groove which then become otherworldly and effects-laden, similar to the end of the 9/14/99 "Bag."]
1999-10-09 Ghost Albany, NY 23:01 A drive up Saddle Road to the summit of Mauna Kea to watch the sun set and the sky explode with stars. [Classic '99-style "Ghost" jamming breaks into a serene and light groove that some hear as "My Left Toe," but it's not. Instead, it's just great Phish. -> to "Free."]
1999-12-11 Ghost Philadelphia, PA 19:06 Endurance run through the Nevada desert crests the ridge into the Groom Lake Basin to behold the arrival of the mothership. [-> in from "Sally." Strong, slow tempo straightforward version with great Mike blasts off into deep outer space after 13:00 and explores the universe before -> to "2001."]
2000-05-22 Ghost New York, NY 26:56 Mesmerizing conglomeration of tesselation and coruscation. [Mellow groove with some spacey effects rolls along until 13:55, when the jam gets more rocking, then breaks into a fantastic and serene groove that swells and dissipates.]
2000-06-15 Ghost Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan 18:01 Generally patient deconstruction of the "Ghost" theme that veers into Albany "YEM" ("Oh Happy Day") jamspace for a few then resolves to glorious peak that leaves you asking "Why doesn't Phish jam the fuck out of songs in the first set ever anymore?" [A quality '00-style "Ghost" groove rolls along, breaks into great swinging section, and then cranks it up into some serious hose-jamming before returning to "Ghost."]
2000-07-01 Ghost Hartford, CT 16:24 Sleek bullet train jumps the tracks at the top of a steep grade escapes Earth's gravitational pull and goes supernova as it nears light speed. [A quick-tempo "Ghost" jam acelerates even further, Trey shreds amidst uniquely '00 sounds, and then the jam gets crazed before blasting off into outer space.]
2000-07-07 Ghost Burgettstown, PA 17:21 Polyrhythmic wormhole to 1995 which switches gears toward a wide droning gyre ornamented with spirals and dimensional flanging and a vaguely tubular resolution. [A haunting version which breaks into a distinctive dark groove at 9:00 and stays there, with little of the typically blissful jamming associated with "Ghost."]
2003-02-15 Ghost Las Vegas, NV 18:38 Swaggering space roullette "Oh Happy Day" groove with a watery wobblefunk rage side slide into deep space cathedral vespers outro. [An awesome and very groovy early section with great Page gradually cycles up to euphoric party mode, breaks into a funky reprise, and settles to great quiet play.]
2003-02-26 Ghost Worcester, MA 14:54 Creepy decomposition into a thick electric groove with a purpose that builds smoothly into a killer "Low Rider" jam. [Improvisational and dynamic version with a bubbly and bouncy groove that explores varied terrain, gradually grows in power, shifts to overdrive and -> to "Low Rider."]
2003-07-12 Ghost George, WA 18:09 Blistered Bella machine gun becomes a fiery pinwheel of metallic jizz before winding back down into a "Ghost" reprise outro. [Strong and varied jamming leads to a release section with "Izabella"-like hose jamming, which cooks nicely before eventually cooling off and returning to "Ghost."]
2003-07-27 Ghost Raleigh, NC 18:25 A seven course prix fixe culinary exploration of the deliciously dank flora, fauna, and fungi of the nocturnal arboreal outback. [Dark and very improvisational. A few moments point to the customary upbeat "Ghost" release, only to be passed over in favor of more ominous exploration.]
2003-08-03 Ghost Limestone, ME 31:47 Keep out of the reach of children...there is a sense that IT could happen at any moment. [Excellent, celebratory "Ghost" jamming through 19:00, when the jam grows dissonant, angry, and effects-laden, then resurfaces to a rocking section and winds down.]
2004-06-26 Ghost East Troy, WI 16:03 Euphoric space-disco firehose dance party in Pere Lachaise Cemetery. [-> in from a strong "BORW." Improvisational and exploratory jamming morphs into a bouncy upbeat groove which grows increasingly celebratory. > to a strong "Free."]
2004-08-15 Ghost Coventry, VT 17:30 Through a crack in the fabric of space-time a horde of flaming orange locusts cascaded down the fetid slope of manure, became a cyclone of debris, limbs, and offal in the muddy bowl then coalesced into a sheet of light which rapidly withdrew upslope back into the void of infinity. [-> in from a strong "SOAM." The jam breaks into an angry, rocking groove that grows dissonant, tension-filled, and includes Trey's eerie yelling and digi-guitar effects.]
2009-11-28 Ghost Albany, NY 22:25 Festive post-tryptophan aerobicize flanges into crystal elves riding bullfrogs down to the hypersonic neon metallic dragon boat races. [A multi-section improvisational juggernault. This jam travels far, and little of it sounds like familiar "Ghost" territory. Eventually the jam builds to a rocking firestorm.]
2009-12-31 Ghost Miami, FL 14:15 Subsonic (wow Gordo!) quantum-tunneling rock drill with an "Auld Lang Syne" jam that finds its way to the dentists office. [Great Mike early-on gradually builds to a nice peak. Then the jam shifts to a solid, snappy section replete with an "Auld Lang Syne" tease and more, and -> to "NO2."]
2010-10-10 Ghost Broomfield, CO 15:22 An amorphous tendril of haphazard dissonance takes root in some electrified chocolate pudding finally allowing it to take a look around at the complexities of its own general lack of structure. [Strong straightforward version with extended "Ghost" jamming and solid play by all four, especially Fish. The jam gradually builds to a glorious peak and a nice fade-out.]
2010-12-31 Ghost New York, NY 13:48 May this one find you when you are feeling down, it will lift your heart and your feet from the ground; building the euphoric bridge that allows you to cross that river of tears. [A strong straightforward version. By shifting to D major just before 7:00 and staying in that place for over 6 minutes, the bliss or release section is accentuated.]
2012-07-01 Ghost East Troy, WI 9:42 You ever have a pulled pork slider that's got so much flavor packed in such a small bite that it makes you crosseyed? It's like that. [An excellent short but improvisational version promptly departs standard "Ghost" at 5:30 to survey good and varied terrain, includes "C&P" quotes, then -> to "BOTT."]
2014-07-12 Ghost New York, NY 16:32 Those who believe in wormholes will shout "Timber" when they catch a chilling thrilling glimpse into a future haunted house during the early moments of this quarter speed heartbreaker that evolves into a twirling fountain of incandescent sparks passes through a cyclotron and emerges as a multi-dimensional space funk groove. [A strong, rocking "Ghost" includes jamming that is the likely genesis of "Timber," as well as an extended pulsing and electric outro jam that is well regarded by many.]
2014-07-20 Ghost Chicago, IL 11:29 Swirling Samurai with a Sawzall wields the power blade on a scintillating space disco mirror ball. [A really solid, rocking and improvisational version features great playing by all four, especially Mike. Little of this jam sounds anything like "Ghost." -> to "Weekapaug."]
2014-12-31 Ghost Miami, FL 16:35 A tall and tasty tropical sun splashed sugar rimmed whipped cream topped boat drink shared with old familiar friends provides the expected results. ["Ghost" jamming turns blissful, settles into serene, quieter musing, energizes and returns to "Ghost" before finally turning funky and spacey and > to a strong "Theme."]
2016-07-19 Ghost San Francisco, CA 11:15 Drops from an empty cob-webbed attic through a revolving Echoplex multiverse trap-door into a merry go round of incandescence. [Trey dials in his gnarliest, grittiest "2.0"-era tone, and employs his favorite "3.0"-era toy to multiplex ghoulish echoes over the early parts of this "Ghost" jam, as Fish pushes the pace into a trance-like state. Trey's trills and Fish's fills take hold and bump things up a step and the jam slides seamlessly into major mode bliss, where Page's piano shines brightly and Mike's fluid bass lines just won't quit.]
2016-08-26 Ghost Arrington, VA 13:28 That scene in The Right Stuff where the aboriginal shaman sends the cloud of fireflies to repair the heat shield on the Mercury capsule so John Glenn can safely re-enter Earth's atmosphere. It sounded like this. [In from "Fuego" ->, the Lockn' "Ghost" starts out with some staccato MuTron work from Trey and some wah-infused Clav' from Page, before Mike and Fish shove the jam into a bright, upbeat space that Trey fills and trills with sustained joy. After a bit of "WOO!" and a McGrupp fake-out, they slide right into -> "Gin."]
2016-12-30 Ghost New York, NY 16:53 Severe weather alert: if the thunder don't get you, then the lightning wheel. [Mike opens the door to a more contemplative major-key space, and Trey hits on a gorgeous repeating note pattern. Page moves to piano and the jam turns warmer and richer, then settles down into a chilled-out late-night groove. Superb version that > into a killer "Light" -> "Party Time" duo.]
2017-07-18 Ghost Dayton, OH 16:31 If Super Bowl LI were a song... it would sound like this. [Excellent, unusual, and highly musical version. As if a malleable substance, Trey employs any number of ideas - and works an array of pitches - to fashion light from an atonal sort of darkness.]
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