Jam Chart for Also Sprach Zarathustra (56 entries)

Date Song City Timing Notes
1993-07-16 2001 Philadelphia, PA 3:42 Phish debut.
1994-06-17 2001 Milwaukee, WI 4:06 OJ, OJ, and more OJ.
1994-10-15 2001 Pelham, AL 4:57 Hilarious intro, then P-Funk "Flashlight" sickness jam.
1995-11-19 2001 Charlotte, NC 5:58 Hendrix style effects, Trey mini-kit and first baby voyage for "2001".
1996-10-31 2001 Atlanta, GA 6:50 Karl Perazzo percussion craziness, with a lovely amount of loops throughout.
1996-11-18 2001 Memphis, TN 11:40 The first version to go deep. Game changer and features some excellent blues playing from Trey.
1996-11-24 2001 Portland, OR 12:21 Crazy spaced out intro. Sigourney Weaver is floating around this version somewhere. Page stars.
1996-11-30 2001 Sacramento, CA 7:59 James Brown galore. Fish pretends to be James, tons of "Super Bad" riffs from Trey. Second jam is straight funk filth. You will laugh and dance.
1996-12-06 2001 Las Vegas, NV 10:25 Smooth Trey in the first jam gives way to staccato-filled second jam. Unique version. Blast off into "Llama".
1997-02-18 2001 Paris, France 9:06 Smooth start with a fiery peak in the first jam. Second jam is a "Sex Machine" funk face puncher. Clear dancing room.
1997-07-10 2001 Marseilles, France 14:02 Outstanding banter gives way to all time flame throwing funk upbeat ass kicking version. Zero messing around. "Super Bad" jam and "Start Spangled Banner" finish.
1997-08-13 2001 Burgettstown, PA 11:35 Big deep groove, with some sweet staccato patterning from Trey in the second jam.
1997-08-17 2001 Limestone, ME 22:52 Mike and Trey take time to paint, then come back and light the earth on fire. Last five minutes could conjure the dead into a dance competition.
1997-11-14 2001 West Valley City, UT 12:26 "FEFY" dissolves into a gorgeous intro. "C&P"-like second jam features one of the coolest Mike basslines of any version.
1997-11-19 2001 Champaign, IL 17:13 Incredible from start to finish. This has it all! Tempo changes, jazzy grooving, full band mastery, sirens, and of course danceability. Brilliant.
1997-11-26 2001 Hartford, CT 14:23 First jam is stellar, highlighted by the 5:00-7:00 mark. Second jam goes "Super Bad" stop-start and your clothes will be shed on the ground. Segue into "Cities" is great.
1998-04-04 2001 Providence, RI 16:40 Haunting intro and a grooving minimalist first jam. Trey pounces at the 9 minute mark and another Island Tour masterpiece is created.
1998-07-01 2001 Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark 16:45 Emerges from a spacey "Tweezer" and creates a mesmerizing groove. All four members are on point and create a beautiful journey into the improvisational galaxy.
1998-07-17 2001 George, WA 24:13 Longest "2001" ever, the first jam is longer than some entire versions of "2001". Second jam is as gorgeous and fiery as the scenery where it was created.
1998-08-08 2001 Columbia, MD 11:54 Trey in his full 1998 guitar mastery glory. A nice visit to Nastytown in the second jam as Mike is liquid beast.
1998-08-16 2001 Limestone, ME 18:17 First jam is cohesive funkiness and a clinic on full brand improv. "Crosseyed" and "Super Bad" with Trey on fire throughout. One of the greats.
1998-11-19 2001 Winston-Salem, NC 12:19 Alien intro that Mike destroys with a liquid nuclear bass second jam. Each member has a section where he really shines.
1998-12-29 2001 New York, NY 17:24 Possibly the best intro ever. This version has it all. Aliens, tractor beams, Trey flamethrowing, "C&P" teasing, Liquid Nitrogen Mike in the second jam. It all combines for 17 minutes of "2001" magic.
1999-07-07 2001 Charlotte, NC 22:42 Borg landing intro. A minimalist first jam and a second jam that floats in a syncopated orbit. A true mothership journey.
1999-07-20 2001 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 10:03 The standard "Train Song" > "2001" > "Misty Mountain Hop" sandwich. Power drop that wastes no time. High energy upbeat rocker. Don't get hit by Mike's laser beams.
1999-09-22 2001 Las Cruces, NM 13:46 First five minutes are a spacey, black hole, acid trip. Then Trey unleashes pure savagery. Second jam is a sweet groove with space birds and dance beeps gracing this "2001".
1999-09-25 2001 The Woodlands, TX 11:10 The Borg lands and brings along some dance party, space beats. One of the biggest "2001" grooves culminates with one of Trey's great funk riffs with about 2:00 left.
1999-09-29 2001 Memphis, TN 21:33 Alice in Wonderland on DMT. This is "2001: A Space Odyssey". The first jam will send you to another galaxy, while the second jam will blow your brains out. An all time great.
1999-10-09 2001 Albany, NY 20:08 Killer intro that creates one of the most upbeat, grooviest dance parties Phish has ever thrown down. So much goodness.
1999-12-02 2001 Auburn Hills, MI 15:34 The Space Birds are out in full force. All kinds of originality, none of the cliche riffs.
1999-12-11 2001 Philadelphia, PA 15:23 Emerges from "Ghost" and becomes a Haunted Space Halloween. Incredibly slow pace. This groove is one for the ages.
1999-12-18 2001 Hampton, VA 17:34 An average "2001" becomes great when a Frampton "Do You Feel Like We Do" jam takes over. Bob Mayonnaise on the keyboards ladies and gentlemen.
1999-12-31 2001 Big Cypress, FL 13:40 35th song in the second set is the infamous "Hood" fake out. Breakdown at 5:40 is sicknasty and Trey sounds as fresh as he did in 1983. Second jam features a reggae filth groove.
2000-06-14 2001 Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Japan 14:28 Trippy intro from "Walk Away". This "2001" is all killer and no filler. Liquid Nitrogen Mike mixes with the rest of band and spits out fire.
2000-07-06 2001 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 10:52 First minute is must hear. Second jam has enough energy and funk to look illegal and be searched at the border.
2000-07-11 2001 Noblesville, IN 12:53 A quintessential version of "2001" that kicks off an all-timer of a second set. No "Moby Dick" teases needed, Trey and Mike are killer in the second jam.
2000-10-07 2001 Mountain View, CA 12:37 Power rhythm clinic from Trey. This baby rates very highly on the danceability scale. Grab your helmet.
2003-12-01 2001 Albany, NY 8:15 Liquid '03 Mike goodness with strong interplay with Trey.
2003-12-30 2001 Miami, FL 8:34 Lots of teases and some serious funk goodness. Oh and a full "P. Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)" breakdown jam that absolutely rules.
2004-06-17 2001 Brooklyn, NY 9:02 Second jam is what good 2.0 is all about: the band is locked in and the interplay is fresh and creates an environment for dancing hippies to flourish.
2009-08-02 2001 Morrison, CO 7:12 The addition of Bill Kreutzmann leads to one of the funkiest versions of the 3.0 era. The second jam will punch you in the face.
2009-08-11 2001 Bridgeview, IL 8:40 A silky slow groover. Second jam really shines. What it lacks in energy it makes up for with jazziness and improv.
2010-06-25 2001 Camden, NJ 5:57 The version to beat from the 3.0 era. This Michael Jackson-infused "2001" is not just a novelty. Serious funk and the interplay in the last couple minutes is top notch. This section -> to the debut of "Billie Jean".
2010-06-25 2001 Camden, NJ 1:34 -> in from "Billie Jean" to complete this standout 3.0 version.
2010-10-16 2001 North Charleston, SC 8:20 Excellent high energy version with a few outstanding minutes from Page in the second jam.
2010-10-30 2001 Atlantic City, NJ 10:24 Want to know what Mike Gordon can do in the 3.0 era? Look no further than the second jam in this Cactus masterpiece. This is a dancing beast. A top 3.0 version.
2011-06-08 2001 Darien Center, NY 8:45 "Golden Age," "Happy Birthday," and "WTU?" teases worked in perfectly, along with a serious syncopated throwdown, make this one a must hear. Play this to impress others.
2011-12-30 2001 New York, NY 7:23 On the shorter side but chock-full of fresh ideas. The second jam has some sweet stop-start and Trey drops one of the sweetest tones around. No dull moments here.
2012-06-08 2001 Worcester, MA 9:37 Stellar 3.0 version. Trey's delicate soloing is inspired and fresh and Page fills in all the right gaps. Simply gorgeous.
2012-06-17 2001 Atlantic City, NJ 8:19 Second jam is a journey down slankytown lane. Slow, with some stop-start funk. Go to Atlantic City for the shady off-Boardwalk atmosphere. Stay for this "2001".
2013-10-20 2001 Hampton, VA 8:10 A breakdown truly worthy of the mothership. Mike yet again inspires greatness and Trey answers with some Echoplex love. Tip your bass player.
2013-10-27 2001 Hartford, CT 8:03 Trey changes the soundscape to this constantly. Second jam is a funk Echoplex exploration. Band takes all kinds of chances here.
2014-10-27 2001 San Francisco, CA 6:44 An Echoplex masterpiece. The second jam will blow your mind. Page annihilates the clav and you can kiss gravity goodbye.
2016-07-15 2001 George, WA 8:25 A liquid Mike funky jam gives way to "C&P" quotes and then an absolutely filthy "NMINML" tease filled jam.
2016-07-23 2001 Chula Vista, CA 9:45 A slightly extended intro features a killer mu-tron "California Love" jam. Some off-kilter playing from Trey during the second half.
2016-10-31 2001 Las Vegas, NV 11:30 The longest 2001 since the MJ version, and best since Darien 2011. Trey leads out in the second jam and the MGM turns into a DMT paradise. Things get evil, spacey, and the band quotes "Fame" while Mike liquefies the crowd. Monster version fitting of the monster 2016 Vegas run.
All versions in a jam chart are recommended, but yellow rows indicate highly-recommended versions.
A purple date indicates that you were in attendance.


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