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YOUGOTIT Peace unto the readers of this comment, and take it easy on me since it's my very first comment. I've only seen about 50 shows since my first show in '93, but have been an avid listener for 25 years now, and Phish has been a big part of my life and a source of great solace and inspiration for me. I believe that the band is a gift to us all (and it's clear that they're amazed that this turned out to be their lot in life). I think this was a well-intentioned review (of a show I didn't attend but watched from home) and that a good amount of time and effort went into it, by someone whom I admittedly don't know, but who has seen a lot of shows. The review of set 2 was solid, and appreciated. If the first set selections weren't to her liking, I'd suggest for her and any/all future reviewers, that there are a ton of folks reading, who couldn't attend but really wanted to, and might desire a more balanced assessment that doesn't include reactions like "aggggh" upon hearing Free, one of the historic cornerstones of their shows, and a song that so clearly works for them in a utility (high pressure) moment. While everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion about song selection, the role of the reviewer in a preeminent forum like this, carries weight, so perhaps an effort might be made, to minimize one's own disappointment, and instead focus on an objective assessment of the effort that our favorite band has made, in approaching each song (I for one, at this point, try to support them as an audience member for every song choice they make, whether it resonates with me or not, because I believe that they need and deserve that support). While it's true that they once put up an epic sign that said "Our Intent Is All For Your Delight", it's more than twenty years later, and we love them unconditionally, and we know that, while they're here to entertain us, we should reciprocate their efforts by letting them play what they want. How else would we ever be surprised? The people in the first few rows seem to be having lots of fun at every show, so it makes me wonder why anyone else in the room would feel differently, unless it has something to do with them and what they brought into the show. And we all bring our own stuff to shows, and the honesty required to admit in this forum that one attended a show sober, didn't go unnoticed. But regardless of whether or not, when attending a show, one uses a substance to leave the grind behind and get into the moment (seeing shows sober, is as cool as any other decision), it's true that these shows are and always have been an opportunity for a healthy escape from reality, a chance to smile and levitate and dance and rock out with our friends. We give the band the energy they need, they give it back, and then we all go back to real life, recharged and re-enlivened. I think that reviews here might do well to support that perspective. When I read the phrase "all I felt was sorrow" upon hearing Tweezer, it was a tough pill to swallow. That Tweezer was objectively good, if not great, if not transcendent, and if she got it last night instead of tonight or tomorrow night, my bet is that, at this point, "it doesn't matter". I keep going back to the 2009-2010 days when my friends and I were just so amazed and grateful that they were back, that we wouldn't have to go the rest of our lives without being able to see a Phish show. I still feel that way. And while BDTNL never really seems to stoke anyone's fire at the outset, I'd point a reader to my previous comment about supporting the band's song choices, because (a) as the reviewer pointed out, it always wins one over, (b) the meaning and origin of the song should excite everyone, immediately, upon hearing it, and (c) there's always another show. Thanks to anyone who read this. is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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