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The last place I ever expected to see a political thread was on a phishnet review page, and I hate seeing it cause I thought the Phish community would be basically in agreement ideologically. However, against my better judgment I have to respond.

Jeff Sessions and the DOJ asked congress back in June to rescind the amendment protecting medical marijuana patients from federal prosecution.

The evangelical right voted for Trump, excusing his questionable Christian values, in hopes of packing the supreme court with conservative judges with the explicit goal of overturning Roe v Wade. And then you've got your various "bathroom bills" and bans on transgender people in the military.

So please don't pretend "liberal culture" isn't under attack. I'm sorry you feel freedom of speech is under attack by some Antifa assholes, but I'm far more concerned about the right's denigration of the free press, and on its attempt to remake America in its image.

Of course, everybody here is totally free to their own opinion. I hope as a Phish community we can rally around freedom of expression for all. It's what the music has always been about, and the best part of going to shows. Fascists can get buffalo billed.
Roe v. Wade is never going to be overturned. Medical marijuana is never going to be outlawed. Trump actually disagrees with Jess Sessions on that particular issue, btw. Furthermore, the left has completely hijacked the "free press." The press hasn't been free for a long long time. The press is a democrat machine, with very little exception. The pundits are all actors who pretend to be journalists. The MSM is what is destroying the soul of this country and dividing us, not our current administration. The right is actually expanding the "free press," through online independent media. The right has had to go underground and primarily use the internet to disseminate accurate information, because conservative views simply are not welcome in the MSM or even in our universities. This administration has been far more inclusive in terms of the media outlets they allow into the press core, than any past administration ever has been. As for transgenders, I think we probably disagree ideologically on this issue. I care far more about the physical safety of the children in our bathrooms and the men and women in our military than I do about the emotional sensitivity of a tiny fraction of our population.

I urge you to take the red pill and come out of the Matrix...
Hey brother, I was really trying to leave this on a positive note. And I still am. There is no liberal conspiracy to take away anyone's rights or control information. I truly believe it's made up paranoid fantasy from these so called "independent" media sources your referring to. But you'll believe what you want to believe. Have a good one, and I hope you change your mind one day. is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation.

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